By Also_KnownAs

Whether or not the two younger men realized what was happening to them yet, Chuck and Frazz didn't know. They acted like nothing out of the ordinary was happening, and maybe it was just the fact that what was happening to them -- as they were developing into supermen -- was so unbelievable that they simply chose not to believe it. They weren't experiencing the drastic changes that men in their situation usually realized, so maybe they simply decided to accept the bonuses and ignore the implications.

Whatever personal choices they were making to deal with what was happening to them, Chuck and Frazz decided not to press their luck. It was a turn on watching these hot young things turning into boiling hot young things without the usual explanations. It was a little like watching a fantasy come true.

Edward was still holding onto his clothes as they stepped from the room, and he couldn't have missed the look one of the guys waiting outside gave him. He probably would have been experiencing a fine blow job except that the next guy out of the doorway was Brian, and his appearance acted like a magnet to the steel of the new guys' dicks. They stiffened so fast seeing his naked form it was funny. At least it was to Chuck, who laughed out loud, and Frazz, who surrounded Brian's more powerful torso with one heavily muscled arm, dropping his touch to Brian's swollen nipple and twisting it teasingly. `This one's mine,' he said silently, pointing a meaningful dark gaze at the erect contenders, and the sheer overwhelming size of him meant no one was arguing.

"Who's got some wheels?" Chuck asked.

Brian spoke up. "My truck's out back."

"Perfect. Let's go."

Brian asked, "Can I get my clothes first?" Edward was starting to sort out his own sopping threads and looked over at Chuck as he said, "Why?"

Brian posed, a hand on one hip, his other drifting down his rippled contours. "You're suggesting we just...?"

Chuck grinned, leaning against Frazz's enormity like the wall of muscle he was. "I don't know about you two, but my friend and I weren't quite done in there. I'd love to do a little dirty dancing with Ed in the back of your pickup, and I'm willing to wager that, assuming we can fit Frazz's bulk inside your cab, he'd be more than willing to give you a few tips on how to give head in a moving vehicle." His eyebrows wiggled.

"Fuckin' A," grinned Brian. "But I still need my keys." He started walking out to the dancefloor when Frazz wound up in front of him, placing a hand against his chest. "I'll get them, beautiful. From the looks those dudes just gave you, if you go back out there, I'm afraid you'll never get back." He kissed him deeply, pulling their bodies together, muscle to muscle. He flexed his muscle dick against Brian's firm body to let him know exactly what was coming back for him.

Edward seemed frozen in place. He wasn't even blinking. Chuck wandered over and removed the clothes from his arms, balling the soggy stuff up and tossing it over in a corner. "Something on your mind, stud?"

His head shook slightly. "You want to..."

"Fuck you."

" the back..."

"Of Brian's truck."

"...while we ride..."

"Over to Jesse's place." He smiled as he leaned down to make it very clear. "I'm going to fuck you in the back of Brian's truck while we ride over to Jesse's place. We're going to be naked and sweaty in the back of that pickup truck. The night winds will caress us. And I'll stick my dick inside you and grind you to heaven. I'll pump you sweet and hard and full, and everyone will see us. And if you're very good -- and the ride is very long -- you'll fuck me and teach me everything you know, Eddie. You'll fuck my muscle ass with your big, hard dick. You'll cum like thunder. In the back of Brian's truck. Where everyone can see us."

Edward lifted his lips to Chuck's ear. "You don't have to be so dramatic, you know. You could just stand there and look gorgeous and you could fuck me forever."

Chuck laughed out loud again. "Damn, Ed, you are so like Todd it's scary."

"Who's Todd?"

"Don't get your balls in a twist, he's just a friend."

"Like Frazz?"

Chuck considered for a moment. "Sorta." He looked at Brian, who was watching them. "What are you looking at?"

Brian smiled. Ed felt something inside him heat up at the sight. "Two handsome fuckers," he said. He moved his gaze over to Edward's body and his eyes twinkled. "Damn, Ed, you are one hot little stud. Where have you been hiding yourself?"


Frazz reappeared jingling the keys. Chuck said, "just in time," and they headed for the exit.

Frazz and Chuck walked behind Brian and Edward toward the truck. Frazz's eyes never left Brian's floating ass. "Chuck?"

Chuck's attention was similarly engaged by Edward's gluteus. "Yeah?"

"How long can we keep this up?"

"You know me, Buddy. I can keep it up forever if I want to."

"No, I mean, these guys have gotta start figuring out something's up. Now we're off to the pad of some guy named Jesse and if he knows Brian, he's bound to see what's... developed."

"Yeah, he's turning into one fucking hot little piece, ain't he?"

"But, so, if this Jesse guy..."

Chuck shrugged. "So what?"

"I thought the object was to keep this all secret."

Chuck nudged Frazz and directed his gaze down where Chuck's second prick was suddenly hanging free and easy, his twin monsters making love to each other as they walked. "There's no way to keep this a secret for long, Frazz." The twin disappeared and Chuck was left with just one of his massive pricks, which now swung like a pendulum as he walked. "Don't sweat it. If things start getting funky, just follow my lead." He grinned. "I think we're in for a very interesting evening."

Edward's stiff prick was nestled between Chuck's ass cheeks. They were laying in the back of Brian's truck, back to front. Edward had never felt anything like what he was feeling now. He could smell Chuck, the scent of the huge man was filling his lungs and floating in his head. He smelled rough and hard and so, so male. He was like the essence of male, like there was no one else who was the man that Chuck was.

When he penetrated his muscled ass, a tingling sexual charge erupted up his prick and through his whole body. That dark, tight hole was like some magic cave where his cock was never so happy. He didn't even need to fuck the guy -- just the feeling of himself inside his ass made him incredibly happy and more satisfied than he ever felt before. His body was vibrating, like there was an electrical charge passing through him, but the electricity was raw, powerful sex. His balls churned and felt hot and hard. He could feel his body against Chuck's bulging back, his hands caressed the man's silken skin, and every inch felt energized with muscular might and sensual power.


The voice resounded in his head, his name made him harder inside Chuck's ass. "Yeah?"

"Who's Jesse?"

Chuck squeezed against Ed. He moaned. "Bri... Brian knows him. I only... oh, Jesus... fuck..."

Chuck smiled. He was transforming the kid in slow, throbbing waves. Power on power. He couldn't see the guy's body, but he could feel it. He could feel it getting stronger, getting bigger. "A high school kid?"

Ed shifted his hips, pushing himself further inside, if that was possible. "Not sure. College I think. What I he... hear is... oh, fuck, that's so good. Shit, yeah! Oh, fuck!"

"You won't cum yet, Edward. Don't worry."

"Holy shit. Oh man, oh man, oh man."


Chuck felt Edward's teeth in his shoulder. He was biting hard. "He's got a brother, I think. I think... oh, unnngg, oh shit. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Brother... Joseph. Joe. Fuck, oh fuck me."

"Jesse and Joseph. Cute."

"Very cute. Fucking... fucking amazing." Edward's body shuddered. Chuck was saturating him in male scent and the Touch, double-barreling the kid into sexual overload. "S'what I heard."

"You've never seen him? Jesse?"

Chuck felt the soft warmth of Edward's hair brush his neck as he shook his head. "I... shit... oh, fuck me, fuck... oh, Jesus on a pogo stick! Oh, fuck!"

Brian was having some trouble concentrating. Frazz felt like a vacuum on his prick. He felt huge inside his warm, wet mouth. Gigantic. Bulging, bursting, fat and hard and hot. He wanted to cum, but couldn't. He wanted to cum very much.

"Before I saw you two guys," he said softly, "I'd have sworn that Jesse was the finest piece of ass on God's green earth." He was talking about their host, trying to keep his mind centered as he drove, trying hard not to lose total control while the amazing chocolate-skinned man blew him six ways to Sunday. How such a huge mass of muscle managed to get himself in a position in the cab's front seat to apply such a concentrated effort on his prick was beyond him. He had to be some sort of contortionist, as well as about the strongest, biggest and baddest motherfucker Brian ever met.

"Jesse is about 6-foot-6 or something. Fucking... uhhh, ummmm, oh... fucking huge dude. And hung. Dude is hung with a hose that could almost... shit, oh... almost put yours to shame. Shit, oh shit, that's good. Man, that's so, so good. And then his brother. His brother's name... brother's... oh, good fuck, yessss.... Joseph! Joseph. And if it weren't for Joe, Jesse would be the most beautiful... most beautiful... Joe is fucking unbelievable, oh yes. There. Right there. Oh, damn!"

Frazz's head came up. "Something wrong?" Brian's huge prick throbbed at his cheek. His eyes and teeth glowed in the cab's darkness. He kissed the cock gently, sucking against it's hard heat.

"Sorry," said Brian, regaining control of the truck. "You're very, very good at that."

Frazz raised his head and kissed Brian's lips. "Thanks." He could feel Brian's heightened strength, his increasing size, his muscular growth. He saw that his face was even more beautiful, even more amazing. Before he reapplied his mouth to Brian's painfully hard dick, he reminded Brian, "We were discussing the two most beautiful men on the planet, as I recall." He swallowed Brian whole.

"Yes. Right. Fuck! Yes, anyway, Jesse says he's 22. Joseph is supposed to be something... oh, golly. Fuck. Oh, man. Okay, that was really nice, right there. Um, Joseph is supposed to be only 16 or something, but if you put them together, you couldn't... oh my god. Fuck! Fuck! Shit! Fuck! There it is! Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah!"

Frazz never spilled a drop.


"What?" Edward sounded groggy. His was soaking in sex.

"We're here."

"But I haven't cum... aaaahhhh!"

Chuck allowed the kid to release his second flood of the night. "Yes," he said, "you have."

They stood on the sidewalk in the warm night air, four naked men. Ed now stood only slightly shorter than Chuck's 6-foot-4 height, so Chuck compensated by allowing himself to stretch a bit taller. Edward's body was showing definite signs of improvement. His chest now had a slight stubble of hair erupting from between a set of pecs that were more definite than the flat chest he'd had. His shoulders were wider by inches, and his face had taken on a more masculine appearance, with a heavy brow and a prominent nose. His lips looked slightly fuller, but perhaps it was just that his cheeks were higher and his eyes narrower. His cock, still slightly firm from the extended fuck session in the truck bed, was thick and long.

Brian had similarly grown and expanded, his chest showing definition that hadn't been there before. Two rounded hemispheres of muscle hung from his larger frame, with those juicy big nipples dangling off the edges. The caps were huge, too, sticking out from his muscled melons like little dicks. His rippled collection of abdominals was growing very discernable, even in the night's shadows. He brushed the hair from his eyes without seeming to realize that it was longer than it had been, and darker. His plain brown hair was now shiny blue-black, as were his lashes and arched, narrow brows. His body was a collection of smooth, rounded muscle that collected in thick wedges and fat balls. A split was forming on his shoulders, and the muscle of his thighs and arms was becoming very clearly defined and separate. He looked like a junior bodybuilder, now. Power and strength seemed to come off him like a heat.

"Looks dark," volunteered Frazz. He'd allowed his form to grow, too, attempting to keep the young guys off balance.

Brian started up the walk. In the darkness, it was hard to tell how much larger he was, and how much more attractive. He still moved with a feline athletic grace that made the other three men breath a little faster. Chuck realized that Brian was giving off male scent, now. He could smell him like sex. It was coming off him as the air drifted past, leaving the other three in a fog of his growing strength. "I didn't see him at the Wet Bar," he said, his tone soaked with power. "Maybe he went out."

He knocked as the others approached. Chuck's arms wrapped around Edward and he bathed him in a cascade of the Touch. His head lolled as the pleasure washed over him and he started to rub his prick. Brian looked over and laughed slightly. "Just hold on, Ed. We'll get you a new playmate soon enough."

"Something wrong with his old one?" Chuck was smiling, too, though.

"If I know Jesse, there'll be plenty to go around."

A voice from the other side of the door asked, "Who is it?"

"Brian," he said quietly. "I've brought a few friends. I think you'll like them, Jess. Open up."

The door opened. Out of the threshold strode a man whose presence seemed to hit Chuck and Frazz like a lightning bolt. From the look on his face, he felt the same way. "Who... who are your friends, Brian?" He looked at Frazz and Chuck, then saw Brian and nearly staggered. "And where the fuck did you get hold of some Transform?" •

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