Jascian's Toy, The


By flexicon1

I awoke to a strong hand pushing on my shoulder.


I slowly turned, bleary eyed, in the direction of the voice and hand. Seeing a strange, half naked man in my room woke me up right quick, and I bolted up in my bed.

His hand clamped over my mouth. “There’s another Earther in the next room, right? If we get caught, I could get into a lot of trouble.”

Earther? What the hell was going on?

“Promise not to yell?”

I nodded, and he pulled away.

My first good look at him took my breath away. He was six foot one, six foot two. And swollen thick with muscles I’d only seen in magazines. Totally dwarfed my slender five foot five frame. He looked around my age, twenty three or so. Although his eyes were oddly innocent, and the straight black hair falling over his forehead only strengthened the impression.

Just staring at him caused my cock to harden. I’d never seen a more beautiful male specimen in my life. Two years of medschool had taught me that this kind of perfection wasn’t found in nature. Which settled things a bit.

I had to be dreaming.

“Who... Who are you?”

He grinned, revealing perfect white teeth. “My name’s Gavin. I’m not supposed to be here, but I found a way to sneak in.”

I swallowed the hard lump in my throat. “Why aren’t you supposed to be here?”

“Because I’m not allowed to have an Earther until I turn eighteen. And we’re not supposed to talk until then.”

My head started to hurt. “Wait, you’re not eighteen yet?”

He laughed, that boyish giggle that only very young children can pull off. “Can’t you tell? I’m only ten years old.”

His words were like a bucket of ice water on my arousal and I scrambled out of bed. “That’s impossible. You look...” What kind of fucked up dream was this?

Still smiling, he walked around the bed to stand in front of me.

God, he was huge. I found myself staring at a pair of big, meaty pecs, and it took all the will power I had to drag my gaze up to his face.

“I’m Jascian. We’re from another planet. Yesterday was my tenth birthday, and my dad showed me a picture of my Earther toy.”

I understood very little of that, but I got enough to know this wasn’t good for me.


His grin grew broader. “You belong to me, isn’t that great? I figured out a way to come see you early. When my parents catch me, I’m going to be grounded for sure. But we’ll have a lot fun until then.”

I pinched myself, trying to wake myself up. It hurt like hell, but didn’t work. “What kind of fun?” I asked cautiously, stepping back and pressing myself against the wall.

He advanced, a wall of muscle closing in on me. “Well, what do you want to do most?”

Woah boy, that wouldn’t work.

I ducked around him and headed for my closet. “You’re ten, right? Would you like to play a game?” Candy Land or Hungry Hungry Hippos came to mind, but of course I’d outgrown those long ago.

He came bounding up behind me as any kid would, but it was actually a bit disturbing when it was done by one with the form of a man. “Sure!” His rock hard body brushed up against my back as he peered over my shoulder.

Oh god, let me wake up soon.

On the top shelf I spotted my chess and checker sets. Being that he was only ten, I chose checkers, standing on my toes as I struggled to reach it.

His thick, long arm reached way past mine. “Is this the one you want?” he asked, pointing to a red and black box.

I tried to not gape at his biceps. Not even flexed, and yet they were at least twenty inches around. “Y-Yeah, that’s the one.”

He brought it down and looked at it. “I’ve never seen a game like this. You’ll teach me, right?”

I walked to a clear spot in my bedroom and sat on the carpet, glad to get away from the heat of his body. “Of course. Have a seat and I’ll set it up for us.”

“I’m glad you’re not scared of me, Blake,” he said, sitting cross-legged in front of me. “I promise you’ll never have to be scared of me.”

Strange statement, but I let it slide because everything about this whacked out dream was strange. I set up the checkerboard and went over the rules with him. He caught on very quickly, making me think I could have taught him chess without much trouble.

We played for well over an hour. Game after game... he never got tired of it. He even managed to beat me a couple of times toward the end, and I just shook my head, stunned by his affinity for it.

As weird as this dream was, I found myself enjoying it. I’m an only child, and I’d always wanted a little brother. Although, the word ‘little’ didn’t describe this ‘boy’ at all. And his body was the stuff fantasies were designed for, but I... well I genuinely liked him.

Suddenly he looked over his shoulder, then glanced back at me, pouting. “My mom. She’s caught us.”

“Oh.” I surprised myself by being disappointed. “So you have to go?”

He nodded.

“When will you be paying me another visit?”

The canon balls that were shoulders slumped a little. “I don’t know. It was really hard to hack the system to get here in the first place. Knowing dad, he’s put stronger locks on everything by now. But I’ll keep trying.”

“Alright,” I said, trying not to appear crestfallen. After all, it was just a dream. If I tried hard enough, I could probably bring it back. “I hope you’re not grounded for too long.”

He broke into a grin and his arms shot at me, his big hands grabbing and dragging me into a tight embrace. I couldn’t breathe, his hold on me was so powerful, and yet I somehow knew he was only using a fraction of his strength. “Bye, Blake. I’ll see you again for sure when I’m eighteen.”

I awkwardly patted his broad back when he finally loosened up a little. “Alright. I’ll mark my calender,” I said, chuckling.

Gavin hopped to his feet and walked at the wall. For the first time, I noticed it was shimmering. He glanced back at me one last time and then disappeared into the shimmer.

I returned my checkerboard to the closet and crawled back into bed.


8 years later...

I listened calmly to the hysterical mother in front of me. After a good five minutes and several tissues, I put one hand on the back of Tommy Smith’s head and used the other one to close the left passage of his nose. “Blow.”

Tommy blew, and out popped a cat’s eye marble.

I wiped off the marble and handed it back to the boy. “Okay Tommy, next time your older brother threatens to swipe your favorite marble, stick it into your underwear, and not your nose. Got it?”

He nodded enthusiastically and hopped off the table.

“Be sure to check in with the receptionist on your way out.”

Mrs. Smith, who had only now stopped crying, took her son’s hand. “Thank you so much, Dr. Crowder,” she said, then left the exam room.

Dr. Crowder. That’s me. And damned if it didn’t still make me feel fantastic. I sank into a nearby chair. I’d been up for two straight days. Doing my regular duties as a pediatrician, and doubling as the Pediatric Attendant in the ER while a colleague was on his honeymoon.

But finally, FINALLY, I was going to be able to sleep the night through in my own bed.

I gathered up my things and headed home. Not even bothering to change out of my clothes, I shed my coat and collapsed on the bed.

Wish I could go on a honeymoon. Lately I’ve been too busy to get laid... to even go out for coffee.

What I wouldn’t give for a vacation.

That was my last thought before I drifted off into the best night’s sleep of my life.

I woke up in a rush I don’t know how many hours later. The usual disorientation when you wake up like that wouldn’t leave me, even after several seconds, and I struggled to figure out why. I looked around me, my heart dropping into my stomach when I realized I was no longer in my bedroom. Or my house, for that matter.

The ceilings were five, six times higher than mine. There were clothes strewn over the floor, but they didn’t look normal. So much material...

It was my bed though. Which only added to the disorientation.

I slid off the mattress, my feet sinking into a carpet so deeply that the plush came up to my ankles.

A huge book was right in front of me. It was twenty five inches long and fifteen across. I tried to lift it, but it was far too heavy for me.

Wait a minute. I’m slender, yes, but not weak. I should have been able to lift it. It wasn’t that big.

I gave up the fight, and looked around some more. There was a door, but the knob was at least six feet above me.

Good lord... where was I?

The knob started to turn and I ran behind my bed. Although why I thought that would protect me is anyone’s guess.

Just before the door swung open, I heard two voices, low and rumbling, on the other side.

“Do you think he’s awake yet?”

“He should be. I mean, the sun rose long ago. My Earther toy can’t sleep when there’s light in the room.”

Earther? Where had I heard that term before?

All questions were driven out of my mind when the owners of those two voices walked into the room.

Yeah... definitely not home anymore.

They were giants. Plain and simple. Over 15 feet tall by my estimation, two young men, bulging with muscle. They were wearing tanktops stretched tautly over bulging pecs and thickly spread lats, as well as shorts that revealed thighs thicker than any redwood I’d ever seen.

Holy shit... I only came up to their knees!

The one with auburn hair was holding something resembling a basketball under one arm. Only it was a different color and much bigger.

The one with jet black hair grinned down at me. The smile seemed familiar, but in my confused state I couldn’t begin to place it. “Hey! Finally awake.”

I couldn’t do anything but stare up at them.

The auburn haired one raised an auburn eyebrow. “Can he speak?”

“Of course he can speak, Kieric,” said the other one. He crouched down and reached for me.

Even then, I couldn’t get my feet to move.

His long fingers fit easily around my waist and suddenly I was rising into the air. 135 pounds, and he was holding me in one hand like I was nothing.

With surprising gentleness, he set me on top of a dresser, bringing me eye to eye with him.

And incredible eyes they were.

I’d never seen such a pure blue in my life. And once again, I was struck by a feeling of familiarity.

“How are you feeling, Blake?”

His use of my name snapped me out of my stupor. “What’s going on? Where am I?”

“I thought you said you’ve talked to him already.”

“I did,” said blue eyes. “But I’ve changed a lot since I was ten. You can’t expect him to recognize me.” He ran his hand through his hair, bringing attention to the massive boulder that was his bicep. His hair fell over his forehead and something faint clicked within me.

“I... I know you, don’t I?”

He grinned. “You taught me a game called checkers.”

A long forgotten memory floated into my mind. “G-Gavin?”

He slapped his hand on his friend’s arm, the sound reverberating through the room. It should have knocked him down, but Kieric barely seemed to notice it. “See? He remembers.”

I looked from one giant to the other. “I’m dreaming again?”

Kieric snorted. “Not very smart, is he?”

Gavin’s hand tightened into a fist and this time he put a little muscle into his punch, dropping Kieric to his knees. “Don’t ever talk shit about him again, do you hear me?”

“Sure, man,” he said, rubbing his arm as he stood again. “Whatever you say.”

I watched in shock. Why in the world would this powerful man defend me?

The anger in his face disappeared as he turned to face me again. “Blake, you’re not dreaming now and you weren’t dreaming 8 years ago. When a Jascian Alpha turns 6 years old, a Earther is picked for us by our parents. At ten we see your picture for the first time. At 16 we get a handheld that allows us to watch your daily lives. Yesterday I turned 18. And now you’re finally mine.”

My head started to spin. This was all too much. It was that kid. And he was still a kid. “That night, all those years ago. You called me your toy.”

He broke into a fresh grin. “That’s right. You’re my Earther toy.”

“For how long?”

His eyebrows drew together. “Forever.”

I suddenly felt very sick.

Kieric leaned a little closer. “Look at that! He’s turning the same shade of green as that weird outfit he’s wearing.”

“They’re called scrubs, I think. He’s a doctor, and last night he was too tired to change out of them.”

“Man, Gavin, I’ve never known anyone to watch his Earther as much as you did.”

He shrugged. “He’s interesting.”

Okay, I was flattered now, despite my crippling fear. But I had to try and get home. “Um, Gavin? Is there any chance I could convince you to send me back to my own world?”

His head tilted to the side. “You want to leave? So soon?”

“Don’t take it personally, Gav,” said Kieric. “They all want to go home at first.”

The statement didn’t bode well for me, but I decided to ignore it for the time being. “There really isn’t any reason for me to stay.”

Those dark eyebrows of his rose in surprise, then the expression was replaced by a slow, sly grin. “No reason?” He gripped his tank top, and in one fluid motion, drew it off over his head.

And suddenly I couldn’t breathe.

His body... fantastic couldn’t even begin to describe. I couldn’t even take it all in at once. Instead, I stared, transfixed, by the amazingly deep valley between his pecs.

God, what a time for my muscle fetish to rear its ugly head.

Kieric elbowed Gavin in the ribs. “I think he likes you. My Earther pissed his pants the first time he saw me without a shirt.”

He grinned proudly. “Probably because none of the men there are built anything like us, and we’re not even fully matured yet.”

I finally started to breathe again. But I couldn’t get the look of awe off my face. They weren’t even adults yet! How much bigger would they get?

Gavin stepped closer and bounced his pecs at me. “You like that, Blake?”

Seeing those two mountains of flesh leap like that made me stumble backwards. I don’t know... all that power... it just seemed violent somehow.

“Awww,” mocked Kieric. “You scared the little toy.”

Gavin chuckled and grabbed me around the waist again. I could feel all that power he was keeping in check. No doubt he could cut me in two just by squeezing.

He brought me within a few inches of that magnificent chest. “Go on. Touch me.”

Now, I’m usually pretty reserved when it comes to touching other people when it’s not for a medical reason. But the temptation was magnetic, and there was no resisting the invitation.

Slowly, I reached out, marveling at how very tiny my hand looked against his body. When my hand made contact with his smooth skin, something electric went through me, and my cock was instantly erect.

My other hand came up and I began to explore his right pec in earnest. I only focused on the one, because even both my hands could only cover a fraction of that muscle. It shocked me when I tried to knead his flesh. Not even a millimeter of give. How could anyone be so rock hard?

He flexed his chest muscles again, slowly this time. The two mountains advanced toward me.

One foot, then two. I instinctively tried to lean back, but there was no escaping the force of his body. Before I knew it, my face was squashed against him. The heat was amazing, but not enough to burn. I’d never experienced anything so erotic in my entire life.

Kieric cleared his throat. “Ahem. You want me to leave you two alone?”

Gavin drew me back to look into my eyes again. “Yeah,” he said, his gaze never leaving my face. “Later.”

I glanced at Kieric and saw he was surprised, but he left the room and closed the door without another word. “None of my friends obey me like that,” I murmured.

Some of the intensity left his eyes and he grinned. “Well, I’m one of the only people who can beat the crap out of him, so he tends to do what I say.”

“Oh,” I said dumbly.

He walked to his bed and lightly tossed me onto the mattress. “Ready for some fun?”

Every nerve in my body hummed with both fear and arousal.

I couldn’t even begin to imagine the games a 15 foot hormonal 18 year old would like to play. •

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