Blue Faerie, The



By Hoosier Daddy

The seven men in steam each felt a sharp sting like they had been slapped on the place that the stranger had touched them. Each one noticed how drowsy the heat was making them feel. All seven felt that they should be bigger, stronger, better defined than they were. All but one of them had a deep feeling that they should straighten up their act as far as gym etiquette was concerned.

Not one of them remembered what that big guy had been saying. None of them thought he had looked that big when they had seen him working out. Nobody moved to dowse the thermo-couple with cold water even though much of the steam seemed to follow the large man out. Never had any of them seen a real ‘muscle god’ in the flesh before, he wasn’t even as big as he would soon be and not even he knew it.

The chiseled man walked to the showers, his blue shower shoes squeaked as he walked into the stall. It was clear that his favorite color was the pale blue of his towel and his suddenly form fitting swimming trunks. If anyone had been watching, they might have noticed something more.

As large as the man was when he went into the steam room, he looked bigger when he came out, and it wasn’t just the gleam of his sweat covered skin. Every time he taught his little lesson, his ‘students’ paid for their rudeness by yielding some of their strength to him. The Faerie had granted him understanding so that he knew what had happened and why. He knew that this time would be more intense than any time when he had exchanged his gift with another.

Usually, his respect for others was duplicated into them or at the very least the ones who needed it would be inspired to behave better, and he would in return move a little closer towards the body of his dreams. He’d feel and look a little bigger at the time of the transfer and the over the next few hours he would gain some or all of the mass that his subjects had lost. As soon as he stepped from the steam room he knew that this time was different.

He knew that this day was the climax of all that he had gone through. He felt a little sad that no one else could see the changes in him or the others or even noticed any difference. No one believes in a Faerie’s magic unless they have encountered one. He had never gone after seven transfers at once. Instinctively he knew as well that someone in that room had was about to loose everything. Because they refused to change internally, they were about to change drastically externally.

He hadn’t undergone such a transformation before yet he knew it would be extreme. What the magic didn’t tell him yet was that he was about to gain over two hundred pounds of solid muscle. He was about to come to the end of his journey and everything that had happened through magic would be as if they always had been. The fantastic changes were going to max out and he would be as he had been in the world of the Blue Faerie.

With every second that passed, he was visibly growing larger. His arms were nearly twenty and a half inches when he finished his workout. Now they looked close to two feet in circumference and still growing.

His widening lats pressed against them causing them to swing in a curve rather than straight front to back, giving him a cocky look as he swung his arms when he walked. His legs swelled with each step, showing their strength in unbelievable striations and definition. His back changed from merely broad to downright expansive. His traps bulged up across the top of his back complimenting his bull neck.

His torso had gotten him compliments, from now on it would get him awed silence. His abs, intercostals, and obliques had been called perfect. What was beyond perfect? His chest was massive beyond anything anyone would have considered possible for someone so defined. His every movement could be traced under his skin. His veins waited just below the surface to pump his immensity into even more astounding dimensions.

He draped his blue towel on a peg and pealed off his trunks. His cock had reached a respectable size early in his adventure and now it remained just within reasonable range. It flopped free and hung and swung as he strolled the last few feet across the shower room. He had to step sideways into the stall and his shoulders pressed against the walls when he faced the streaming water. He found that he was still quite flexible but his considerable new mass made doing some things a little tighter.

He heard the water running in the stall directly behind him. Even though all the other stalls were open, they had chosen the one with the best view. He decided to give the one in the guy across the way an eyeful and turned around. The man’s face looked familiar as he stood there with a washcloth trying unsuccessfully to hide his erection. The gigantic man smiled politely and shook his head. “Don’t worry, I get that reaction a lot.” He rinsed as best as he could and resigned himself to a more effective wash when he got home.

The dark haired man let out a squeaking gasp and said nothing as he watched the giant leave. There was something familiar about his smile or maybe it was wishful thinking. He toweled off and left before the next man entered. He usually indulged in a little ‘bird watching’ in the showers but he knew there would be nothing to compare to the ‘eagle’ that had just left. His spouse would never believe this one.

He dried his thick mop of curly hair and got dressed. He walked out of the health spa and sat on the bench and waited for his lover to show up. A midnight blue Hummer with dark tinted windows pulled up with its passenger side towards him. Somehow he knew who was driving. The window rolled down just enough for the man inside to see him clearly but not the other way around.

When he heard his name his heart began to pound. It wasn’t that fact that the magnificent beast from the showers was the one saying it, it was because he recognized the voice and the way that voice said his name. He raised his eyebrows and his face became blank with what those who knew him called his ‘dog whistle’ look. The big man inside the big SUV shouted for joy.

“Oh, my God! It was you!” The window rolled down the rest of the way and the two old friends looked into each others teary eyes for the first time in eight years. The drivers door flew open and in less time than it takes to tell about and the smaller man was swallowed up in the huge arms of the larger. “It’s so good to see you!”

It was like being trapped in a warm rockslide. “What happened to you? I’ve never seen anyone so fucking huge. I can’t wait to re-introduce you to my husband. You met him back in Saint Paul.”

“You’re still together? That’s great! He was such a sweetheart. How is he? Hell, how are you?”

“Busy. And we’re really happy. I’m sorry I never called, but when your father told me you didn’t want anything to do with me I just figured it was best that I moved on. I knew he was lying, but I couldn’t stand the thought of making things worse between you and him. I never got to patch things up with my father.”

“We did all right, after Dad died I made plans to move west. I remember calling you in St. Paul on my way out here eight years ago. I never expected you to leave St, Paul. Then I lost your address when my planner was stolen. How many times I wished you would call me.”

“We started a business. That took all our time for several years. Now that we’re out here we have money and time to spare. We have five girls of varying gender all sewing for us. Oh! We make or alter costumes for drag queens. You know how I love sequins.”

“Look, climb in the car and I’ll turn on the air and you can wait for your ride out of the heat. You won’t believe how comfortable the seats of this thing are.”

“If they recline I can prove to you how comfortable they are.”

The big man opened the door. “You never change.”

They both got in and he pulled the car back into the slot it had been in earlier. His friend watched him as he steered the Hummer into the space. Even a vehicle this big seemed to small for his hulking frame. He felt his friend watching every move and was aware of the new tears in his skin tight shirt and the way the sleeves had split over his biceps. He liked having his friends admiration but he knew the next question.

“How did you get so huge? I mean everywhere. I’ve seen you naked and If you had been hung like you are now I would have tried harder back then. And nobody could ever get this big in eight years. Not even with steroids.”

“You want the truth or a good lie?”

“I’ve always enjoyed a good lay - lie.”

“God it’s like we were never apart.”

“I noticed that too. Now spill.”

“I’m sorry, even with this body I don’t come on command.”

“I meant talk, and I want the truth.”

“Haven’t we always wanted the truth?”

“You’re stalling.”

“In all honesty it was Faerie magic.”

“Surely you jest.”

“I’m not kidding and don’t call me Shirley.”

“I swear I’m gonna grope you until you tell me the truth and I hope you hold out for a long time.”

“You of all people should believe in Faeries.”

“Well if one showed up it wouldn’t be the strangest thing I’ve seen today. Including you.”

“God its so good to have someone who’s sense of humor matches my own.”

“I know what you mean. But anyway, earlier, I don’t know if you saw him but there was this guy in here. I’ve seen him before. He was hard to miss. He must have weighed nearly three hundred pounds. Problem is he was a complete asshole. And I don’t mean that in a good way.”

“I know the one. Likes to drop weights and clang plates? Acts like everybody else was here for his benefit?”

“That’s the one. Well, I saw him come out of the showers today and this time his body matched his attitude. He was fat and dumpy. I knew it was him because of the way he spoke to the girl behind the counter. You know, that frightened looking one with the glasses.”

“Yeah. Hey, wait a minute you say you saw this guy before and after he changed? That’s impossible. No, it’s not! You know what this means? You’ve seen the truth and remembered. I can tell you the whole story and you’ll remember. Now I know! You’re the ‘and more!’ not just making them want to be more polite.”

“Slow down, you’re scaring the queen.”

“Sorry, You say this guy was fat and dumpy? He didn’t lose just a few pounds for humility? So he was the one.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about but offhand I’d say he lost about two hundred pounds of muscle inside of a half hour and gained back about a hundred in flab.”

“I guess he really wasn’t a very nice person at all. I’ve never seen it hit anybody that hard. Still that explains a lot.” He flexed his left arm, raising a mountainous peak and felt it with his right hand. “Not that I mind.”

“Ooh! Ooh! My turn! My turn!”

“Well, if you must.”

“I must. I must.”

The big man turned towards his friend and leaned in keeping his arm flexed tight. He saw in his face the look of a mind well boggled. “Well?”

“I don’t know whether to feel it or throw a saddle on it.” The dark haired man leaned over and spread his hand over the top of the bicep, trying to gauge its size while he squeezed. For a moment, he lost his balance and steadied himself by placing his other hand on the shelf of a massive pec. He almost forgot to breathe. He sat back in his seat and put his hand on his own chest, feeling his heart pound. “You want to talk about ‘larger than life.’ I’ve never seen an arm that big. How big is it?”

“That’s a personal question.”

“I’m serious. Besides, that, I would offer to measure personally.”

“Ask me nice.”

“I would but my ride should be here any minute.”

“There you go, dashing my hopes again.”

“That was a pleasant diversion, but what are your stats. Nobody gets that big without measuring.”

“True in most cases. As you well know, I have never been ‘most cases.‘ This is no exception. I really don’t know how big I am. What I do know is that I think -. No, I’m sure I won’t be growing as fast ever again. I had something to do and running into you was the final step. Don’t ask me how I’ve known all the details about what has been going on with my body, but I’ve been allowed to understand every step of the way but only after the fact.”

“I am not even going to pretend that I understood a word of what you were talking about. But I can tell you that I have missed you more than I ever knew. It’s so comfortable talking with you. I’m never going to let you slip away again.”

“I have my friend and confidant back in my life. I haven’t had anyone that I could talk to like I can talk to you since I moved out here.” He reached out his hand and brushed the curls away from his friends face.”

Then the phone rang. “Shit, I thought you were going to kiss me.”

“I might have. You wanna answer that? It could be the phone.”

“Yeah, It’s Kris.” He pressed the talk button and held the phone to his ear. “Hi, babe. What’s up? Don’t worry about it. I ran into an old friend and we’ve been talking. I was getting concerned though. It’s all right.” He looked at his friend, still finding his size hard to believe. “You mind giving me a ride home?”

“No problem. I can’t wait to see Kris again. What happened?”

“A flat. Kris couldn’t get the nuts loose.”

“I think I can handle that.”

“I bet you could at that.” Again he spoke to his Lover on the phone. “We’re on our way. And don’t worry about the car.” He paused as the Hummer pulled out of the lot in the direction he pointed. “I said don’t worry. Somehow I don’t think not having a jack is going to be a problem either. Tell you what. Why don’t you order some pizzas. Make sure that one of them has pineapple, mushrooms, and jalapeno. Yes! It is him! Oh, Honey is it ever him. I didn’t recognize him even though I stared right at him. You are not going to believe - Oh! Brainstorm! Is your sister still seeing that contractor? The one with the great ass? That’s great! No, I didn’t mean it’s great he dumped her a month ago. I mean it’s about time she met a nice guy for once.” He looked over at his big friend, “You aren’t seeing anyone are you? Turn left up here at the light.”

“No, I ‘m not seeing anyone. I’d love to meet Kris’ sister. And pizza sounds great.”

Again he spoke into the phone. “You heard? Good. Simple, tell her he has no personality but he can lick his eyebrows. Well, you do the math. I ran into him at the gym and didn’t even recognize him, hello! Tell her he works out and it shows.” He raised an eyebrow and looked over his friends form. “Does it ever!”

“Thank you.”

“I know she will, we have similar taste in men. How I fell for you I’ll never know. Of course he’s still straight. Look if we don’t hang up you’ll never get the pizzas ordered. Five. Sure why not? Whatever you want, Lover. We’re celebrating! Love you too. See you in ten. Yeah, I’ll show him at the next stoplight. Bye.”

“I hope you don’t mind. Chris is a great lady.”


“No, not Kris, Chris. They’re twins. My Kris and his sister Christine. We used to say she was smart and had a fantastic sense of humor, but we found out guys thought that meant she was fat. So now we just tell them she can suck-start a Harley.”

“My kind of woman.”

“I have a picture. Good, the light’s turning red.”

The photograph was a professional portrait of Kris and Christine. She looked a lot like her brother. In the photo, he sat in a high backed chair, wearing a light blue sweater and she stood behind him, her long blond hair falling over the shoulders of the flowing light blue gown she was wearing.

The light turned green and the car behind them beeped. He had to pay attention to the road yet wanted to see the picture again. Somehow it reminded him of sunshine and soft grass. He knew he had seen her before but for the life of him, he couldn’t remember where. •

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