Beast, The

Prologue: And So It Begins


By otkuman2003

Ok everyone, this is my very first muscle growth story, well, i am going for multiple parts as I say this is the prologue. It's based off of an RP idea and with the help by a few other members of the board who gave me the support to write it. I hope you enjoy it and if you all want me to continue, then I will do so. Also any suggesstions or ideas that you might have, feel free to PM, email, or leave comments on the board, they will all be very helpful on how this series will turn out in the end. . . I now present you with the first installment of, "The Beast"

The bright moon sits up high in the dark night sky, along with the endless amount of stars and constellations, casting an eerie glow down on a small backwater town in northern California. This is where the rumors originated from, well they were rumors at first, but that’s not to be discussed at this present time. Let’s just get to the story, how this new revolutionary serum came into this world, how it came into my possession, and how it changed all of our lives… ************************************************** ******* Victoria Evans walked down the dark hallway with a bounce in her step. This red headed vixen was an assistant to a doctor working on genetic DNA fusion, you know, the combination of one set of DNA code with another set, I’m sure you all have heard of this before.

Where was I, oh yes! Victoria, this perfect woman. Any straight guy would practically do back flips just to talk to her; 27 year-old, size 36DD bust, pouty cherry lips, emerald green eyes, long legs, and a year round tan --- Yeah, you guys get the picture. Anyways, moving on…

The dark hallways had very little light, only enough to see a few feet in front of the person. Victoria walked around the maze like building, her 4 inch heels *clacking* with each step that she took in her fast paced trek to the animal facilities lab on the basement level of BUCK ENT. As she made her way around another corner, in her lab coat and carrying a metal case at her side with one hand, a bright light comes into view on the wall to her right side a few hundred meters away. As she approaches the light, she turns left into the door of the lab.

“Did you manage to get it, Victoria,” A man who appeared to be in his late 70s asked the redheaded she-devil.

Victoria smiled, the dimples on her cheeks gave off a body shuttering feeling if you saw it; kind of a cross between pleased and maniacal. “Why do you always ask such stupid questions, Dr. Osborne,” she commented on his ridiculous remark, slamming the silver, metal case onto a table next to the computer he was working off of. “I always get what I want; you should know that by now.”

The old doctor chuckled. “You sure do,” he said, ogling her breasts with his eyes.

The female assistant cleared her throat, snapping the doctor back to attention. “Do you mind? You said you wanted this stuff tonight, so I got it; let’s finish the project tonight.”

The older man blushed, “ah, yes.” He flipped open the latches on each side of the metallic case, opening the lid up. All that was inside was black padding and a small vial with crimson colored liquid. The doctor’s eyes took in the sight of it, his small eyes opening up wide. For years he had searched for a way to gain back what he had lost decades ago. His whole purpose for BUCK ENT was to compete against other leading manufacturer companies in the department of health related problems. As he started to lose his hair in his early 30s, he wished for a way to regain it; hair loss, something all men wished that they never had to experience.

He was assigned the task to make a product for BUCK ENT to compete against other companies who have claimed to create different products to treat/stop hair loss and/or grow back the hair that was already lost. This was assigned to him a little over a decade ago.

However, the small vial containing the crimson red substance was the missing catalysis to the doctors many years of research and development. With the last ingredient now in his possession, he finally felt like he had achieved his life goal that god had left for him to complete.

Dr. Osborne delicately removed the vial from the case, holding it up to the light above him…”It’s time Victoria,” he craned his neck around, gazing deep into her eyes.

She smirked, moving over to the computer terminal and began to type on the keyboard. “What specimen are we using?”

The doctor removed his lab coat, grabbing a needle filled with what appeared to be blood. “Diceros bicornis,” he grinned at her.

Her eyes went wide. “You can’t be serious?! Why not use the usual standard type?!” She looked on at him, frightened. His sagging old skin and withered body, standing up at a very unimpressive height of 5’3” slouched over.

“Do not get in my way girl! This is my moment of triumph! I will finally be able to regain all that I have lost!”

Did I mention that since it took so long, the doctor has also decided a way to change ones body as well? Well, I didn’t know that either until I, myself, actually tried it. The concepts are simple combine one set of DNA code with another. This is done with the combination of each specimen’s blood and the injection of whatever is in that vial of red liquid; the red liquid is what bonds the code together, making some sort of super DNA code.

“But the diceros bicornis species is known for its-“

“Do you think I do not know that Ms. Evans,” he stopped her before she could finish. “I have always planned to use the diceros bicornis species. The black rhino is a powerful beast, one that will make a perfect hybrid human with its massive size, overly powerful strength, and its territorial temperament; it fits in perfect with the male society of the world. Males thinking that they own it all; now they can, starting with my transformation. I am the first step in this new evolutionary stage.”

The doctor uncapped the needle, injecting it into a vein in his arm. He proceeded to move over to where the much younger female was standing, still in shock of what the doctor would eventually become. “Hand over the vile.”

Very shakily she began to move the hand with the vial out to meet the doctor’s hand.

She was however moving a bit to slow for the old man, who had waited many years for this one moment. The doctor quickly grabbed it from her hand. “Thank you, my dear Victoria,” a pleasant look on his face.

The doctor took a few steps back, pulling out another needle from the pocket of his pants. Uncapping the top, exposing the pointed tip, he stabs it into the vial, removing all of the crimson liquid. He tosses the empty vial at a wall; it shatters into thousands of tiny shards.

Osborne completely ignores Victoria now; his only focus is the needle, which he holds up to the light, entranced by its brilliant color. “Thank you,” was the last words out of his mouth, as he pushed the needle into the vein in his arm, releasing the substance throughout his entire body.

The substance flowed through his blood stream, reshaping the code that made him who he was; redefining everything about him, both body and mind.

Within a few minutes, it begins:

Osborne lets out a grunt of satisfaction, his back arching back, arms spread out wide. The sagging skin on his body begins to pull up, returning close to his withered body, and then hardening. Wrinkles begin to fade away; muscles begin to return that he once had. His arms firm up arms swell up and begin to bulge in size; his biceps becoming almost comparable to softballs, but with an indestructible firmness. His forearms become thick and meaty. His veins begin to pump a new kind of blood throughout his body; they appear like snakes growing under his skin, laid out on top of the expanding muscle.

His shoulders elongate, making way for his expanding chest; what once sagged now is hard and firm, as youthful and powerful like a college football jocks. His descended ribcage pushed out, forming a tight 6 pack, then reshaping again to become an 8 pack. A perfect v-shape formed, descending down into his already growing lower-body.

While the top was reshaping, so was the lower half. The doctor’s legs were already swelling huge, his thighs swelling huge, calves were not that far from catching up.

Osborne was beginning to become a very powerful muscle beast, that is, until the other thing happened; He never actually did stop growing.

A massive euphoric bliss overcame the old, muscled up doctor. He reached down, grabbing the mid section of his pants, completely tearing them off of his body. There to behold was his small penis, unused for years, beginning to get hard and grow within the confines of his briefs.

He grunted as it continued to fill up the insides of the material, getting thicker and longer, engorging more and more with the combined DNA of the two different species, until the underwear gave way. A giant erected cock and massive testicles were released from the cotton material; the cock slapping hard against Osborne’s abs and the balls hanging down low between his muscular thighs.

Osborne stared in awe at the giant piece of meat he now possessed, it was his meat, his possession; pretty much his territory.

Osborne grabbed hold of it with his hand, he couldn’t believe how this was happening. The cock and balls and the muscles of his body continued to grow and expand as he began to stroke his cock furiously in an almost rage like style.

Then it happened, as his balls began to churn, as seed began to rush up the long flesh like tube to greet the air outside, Osborne clutched at his chest.

In the distance, Victoria began to laugh at the old man. “You stupid fool; the stuff only works if you already have a body for it. You already being such an old man never took into accounts on the impact it would have on your organs such as your already half-working heart. Guess you won’t be able to see your dreams fulfilled, grandpa.”

Osborne was shocked, all of his research and experimentation, only for it to be credited now to this bitch. His life long dream of living a youthful life has now began to fade away. He looked on at Victoria, anger filled his eyes, but there was nothing he could do as orgasmic bliss enraptured his entire growing body. The cock that now reached up to his massive shelf like pecs erupted hot, volcanic semen from the massive bulbous head. Osborne fell backwards, hitting the floor, cock still shooting massive globs of hot semen into the air, as he passed into the other life.

Victoria reached into her lab coat and picked up her cell phone, turning around to the empty metal case. She hit one of the buttons on her phone, speed dialing a call. “Yes, this is Victoria,” she said a bit more energetically. “Of course, I have it.” She closed the case and latched it the way it was originally and began to walk out of the room into the dark hallways of the basement maze.

She stopped at the door, “Of course. I will be right there,” with a swipe of her hands everything went dark, “Mr. Buck.” •

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