By Also_KnownAs

Chuck kneeled before Edward and looked up at the young man's face. Man? He looked still a boy. His skin was smooth and hairless. He was breathing slowly, deeply, his small chest expanding, the smooth ripples on his belly swelling and contracting. Chuck could feel the boy's fear and excitement coming off him in waves. He sensed Edward's apprehension at Chuck's size and strength, that Chuck would do things to him that hurt, or that Chuck would make him do things he didn't want to.

Chuck's hand brushed against Edward's flat stomach. He held a tingle of the Touch in his skin and allowed the boy to feel a hint of the pleasure Chuck was capable of delivering. The kid might be scared, Chuck thought, but the pulsing hardness hiding behind his briefs displayed that he was also very excited. If Chuck was any judge, all he had to do was lick the kid's prick once and the boy would cum in his face.

But that just wouldn't do.

Chuck's application of Transform was now pinpoint perfect. He knew how it worked, what he could do with it, how he could give it in doses that kept him in control of what it was doing until he gave it all over to the men in his power. And what he planned on doing with Edward was to let him taste the power, to actually feel it building inside, but not allow him to manifest physically unless Chuck willed it. He would push his control of Transform as far as he could.

So when he pulled Edward's shorts off his hips and watched his steel hard half-foot prick bounce and wag once it was released, when he licked the shaft with his hot, wet tongue and kissed the glistening coat of precum from the tip, when he opened his mouth and swallowed him whole and began to feed the kid dose after dose of Transform, he let Edward feel the power, but kept his growth harnessed.

Edward's body shook. He couldn't believe this was happening. He expected that the huge dude who appeared out of the warm dance floor rain wanted him to bottom, wanted to rip his ass open, or at least wanted Ed to suck him off and then leave him alone. But what was happening was almost more unbelievable than the man's appearance.

Chuck's touch against his skin was like magic. The slightest brush of flesh on flesh sent his brain boiling. He thought he was going to cum at any second, scared that he'd be done before he even got started. He tried to calm himself but the guy was relentless, feeling him up, undressing him, peeling his shorts off and sucking him off.

Edward was no stranger to a blowjob. He'd given plenty and learned how to give the best. He'd gotten plenty, too, from friends in their basement rec rooms after wrestling around, from guys in the locker room when eye contact had established a mutual desire, even one time at Disneyland during a class trip after hand-jobbing his friend Gary on Space Mountain Gary had returned the favor in a bathroom in, of all places, Fantasyland.

But what this muscleman knew about giving head was leagues beyond any sort of pleasure Edward thought possible. He might fantasize about having the greatest blowjob in the world performed on him, but what he was feeling between his legs was better even than imagination. It felt like two mouths were working on him. No, three! Four, six, a dozen! Lips and tongues all over his cock, and his cock was mammoth, not his average 6 inches but now a foot-long porn star beauty, a swollen rod of sex flesh bulging so big and hard that he could hardly stand up straight to support it. He felt hyper masculine, like his cock was growing bigger as the guy sucked him, like his balls were swelling and dropping and bulging with cum, and his cum was hot and thick and sweet, a flood of sex waiting inside and wanting out.

And he wanted to cum so fucking bad. It was a pain, a sweet beautiful pain building in on itself over and over. He was on the edge of orgasm and he couldn't cross over. He could feel it, physically feel his orgasm pushing hard against some wall it couldn't get through, and still Chuck sucked his dick, and still his load of cum built up, and still harder he wanted to release it, but he couldn't.

It was so good. Oh, god, so good. His body shook with it, he couldn't stop shaking.

Brian's brain was having some trouble coping with what he was experiencing, too. When Frazz kissed him, when their lips met, he felt a rush of desire so strong that he wondered where it came from. He was physically attracted to the big black man -- who wouldn't be - but what he felt in that kiss didn't zero in on his crotch, it seemed to spread all through him like lightning, like a syrup of pleasure that sank into his cells and blood and made him hot all over. Then the guys smiled at him like he knew exactly what Brian felt, like the guy had done something to make him feel that way about a kiss.

Frazz said, "What do you want to do?" and Brian's eyebrows shot up. 'Me?' he thought, 'he'd asking what I want to do?' So he said it out loud.

"You're asking me?" Frazz's hand was on his back, moving downward, pulling them together. Brian could feel Frazz's huge prick pressing on his belly. Jesus, the guy must be 6-foot-6, at least. His cock felt hot, firm and anxious. Frazz nodded and squeezed Brian's ass, his hand easily holding one whole cheek and he kneaded the flesh hungrily. Brian gasped and closed his eyes as another sudden rush of passionate sexual pleasure erupted all through his body. He could almost feel it settle into his chest and start to grow there, like a fire inside. He could feel Frazz's powerful muscles pressing against his own firm, young flesh. The guy was huge and hard everywhere. And it felt like he was getting bigger. "Fuck me," he said at last, "Fuck my ass."

Frazz's left brow arched, and his smile arched in chorus. A dimple appeared on his sculpted cheek and his eyes seemed to flash. "You're not scared?"

Brian shook his head. "I want it to hurt," he answered. "I want to feel how big you are. I want you to split me wide open and ride me. I want to take you on." His hand had found its way to the root of Frazz's thick cock and he tried to squeeze it. His eyes saucered when he felt how firm it was already.

Then it was like Frazz sensed what Brian wanted, and his grip found the fat dick suddenly more pliable. Frazz just smiled. "I'll fuck you," he said. "I'll fuck you like you've never been fucked." His face leaned down and he whispered a rumbled promise into Brian's ear. "I'll fuck you so good you'll cream buckets, kid." When their eyes met again, Brian felt like the guy was going to eat him alive. And now Frazz's thick, giant cock was buried inside him. When they started, he thought his ass was on fire. Pain exploded like a bomb as the fat inches entered. He couldn't believe how much precum the guy manufactured. He'd stroked himself to hardness in no time and there was a stream of clear honey pouring from him like the guy hadn't fucked anything in days. He let Brian - not made him, let him - stroke that huge prick at the end when he was read and Brian had never felt anything living that was so hot and hard. He'd used "steel hard" before to describe himself, but Frazz actually was. His chocolate pole stood up straight and true and thick. Veins covered the surface and they seemed to visibly pulse with blood. The helmet was so big Brian could imagine himself gagging on it. And the precum that coated the prick and his hand was slick and smooth.

All he wanted was to feel that cock inside him. He wasn't sure how much he could take, but he wanted it all. And it looked to be 11 inches long and thicker than any prick he'd ever seen.

The pain enflamed him but his ass accommodated Frazz's monster with surprising ease. After only a few slow fucks, the pain seemed to dim and was replaced by a shimmering sexual pleasure so deep and intense that he felt like fainting or dying. He wanted it to last forever.

And it wasn't very long after their coupling began that Brian started feeling like Frazz wasn't lying. He felt his load building, his prick stiffen and his balls catch fire. They felt leaden and heavy, as if they were inflating, and he was ready and willing to start creaming buckets any second. His whole body trembled and he'd never felt so strong and powerful in his life. He felt like he did after a workout, like his muscles tingled and pulsed, like his body was growing muscle with every pulse of his heart.

Frazz slid inside Brian's firm ass and slowly pulled out. With each thrust, he was feeding the guy more Transform. His prick was coated in the slime of his precum and he allowed a shimmering throb of the Touch through the tight skin of his cock. He'd shoved himself inside without restraint, letting Brian feel how big he was (but not how big he could be) and letting the kid feel the pain of a truly huge prick, just like he wanted.

Power was what he fed him. Strength and power. Frazz didn't have Chuck's innate control so he was having a little trouble parceling out what he was giving the kid. He watched the form bent over in front of him carefully, seeing the muscle want to grow and bulge. Brian was becoming more defined, he could see it. Slim bulges appeared on his shoulders. His latissimus flared outward, stretching wider. The triceps swelled. But it was happening slowly, slightly, cunningly. He was giving his strength on top of strength - the growth would come. Frazz looked over at Chuck to see what was happening with the scrawny kid, Edward.

Chuck didn't know if there was anyone watching or not. He imagined they were. Who could resist seeing him and Frazz putting on a show? He felt eyes on him and realized it was Frazz, looking over at him while plowing the beauty's ass. He returned the glance, smiled and nodded. The guy was getting bigger. He could see it. His beauty was being honed like a diamond, carved to perfection.

Chuck was similarly fucking Ed's rosy butthole. Edward's feet were planted on either side of his head. He was deep inside the kid, and looking back at him he could see that his body had changed in the few minutes they'd been together. His thin frame was filling out. He looked fit, not thin, but certainly not muscular either. The ripples of his belly were more pronounced, his formerly hairless torso now had a dark whisper of fuzz extending upwards from his pubes and surrounding his small nipples. His chest was now constructed of two clearly forming squared hemispheres hanging off his slightly larger, more rounded shoulders. His face seemed to have a shadow of fuzz along the jaw and over his upper lip. His eyes were a deeper blue, clearer than before. The changes were all evident if one were paying attention, but probably not to anyone standing on the other side of the glass walls.

At least not yet.

He twisted his prehensile dick inside and Edward groaned. His voice seemed deeper, now, but maybe it was just that his groans were. They'd been at it for about 15 minutes now and Chuck was still holding onto Edward's ability to cum. The boy looked almost beyond pain, held at the edge of releasing his ample load as his body amplified its strength and slowly changed itself into a man of such powers and abilities that Edward might think it was all a dream. And Chuck knew he'd picked correctly. He could feel Edward straining toward that goal. He wanted Chuck's muscle. He wanted power and growth and beauty. He wanted to strut and fuck and fly. It was like a fire inside him. His balls rested against Chuck's groin underneath his red, shiny dick. Edward didn't know it yet, but he was a full inch bigger than he had been when he walked in this room. His balls were hot on Chuck's skin, churning and ballooning with his powerful cum.

Chuck smiled and looked down at the kid's hard prick and allowed a spurt of growth into it, watching it stretch and bulge and suddenly he had yet another inch of dick to play with. Edward was leaking a wealth of precum that spilled down into Chuck's dark fur and across his asshole. They slid in a puddle of their combined lube, and Chuck closed his eyes and released a whisper of male scent into the room.

Edward shuddered again and pulled his arms wide. A shit-eating grin was on his face. Chuck watched Edward bend his arms and pull strength and size into them. The biceps balled up into small mounds and Chuck, seizing the opportunity, fed them with power. They swelled, veined with blood, growing fatter before his eyes. He let loose a flood of the Touch through their connection and watched Edward swoon. His prick looked painfully hard.

So Chuck released him, and watched the fountain of cum fly from his 8-inch cock. At the same time, nozzles in the ceiling started to rain down more of the warm water on the quartet signaling that it was time to get cleaned up and get out for the next session. The water cascaded along Edward's growing body and in the deluge, Chuck released more transform and watched the kid's chest swell. The shadow of whiskers along his jaw darkened, and his face resolved into a more masculine, more handsome version of what it had been. He opened his eyes and shouted as he came. His cum was hot and thick, splattering on Chuck's body where it disappeared, his body's absorption of the transforming cum hidden by the rain falling on them.

As the rain began, Brian straightened his body back against Frazz's and he started to cum, too, shooting his load out in a thick, constant stream that seemed to him to last for minutes. He came buckets, emptying his balls and feeling the ecstatic bliss of his most powerful orgasm ever throughout his entire body. He felt strong, energized, and vitally alive. His hands caressed his body and he thought he could feel power there, and muscle that hadn't been there before. The feeling made him cum even harder, if that were possible, and he felt Frazz flooding his insides with a powerful rush of cum. They came together, and it didn't occur to him at the time that he was now almost as tall as his black lover, almost a half-foot taller than he had been.

Frazz wrapped his strong arms around the young man and released his pent-up sexual power into Brian, feeling an equal charge of masculine power coming back the other way. He bit down onto Brian's shoulder and felt the muscle swell under his mouth. His hands cupped Brian's chest and he made the globes bulge with growth. He rubbed against Brian's hard nipples and shifted his hips, driving himself in for a final deep fuck as he released more of his own transform into the beauty. The guy's body shook against him, shuddering with pleasure and power. He watched Brian's abdominals swell and bulge in the mirror.

Edward's face resolved into one of heightened male beauty, the jaw squaring and firming, the chin becoming more prominent. It looked almost as if the warm water that cascaded over them was melting away the young, slightly sad looking boy he'd been and delivering a young man of increased strength and obvious sexuality. His cock was still streaming its load, and it was swelling and lengthening itself as he came. New veins appeared to climb across its expanse and feed its growth. Chuck's arm surrounded Ed's body, across his chest, slightly hiding the swelling growth he was pumping into the guy's frame. Chuck could feel the cleavage of Edward's chest manifest more strongly as his muscles developed. He shook his dark mane from his eyes and looked into one of the mirrored walls, watching his protege grow, watching his body redefine itself, and he saw that Brian was enjoying a similar fate under Frazz's expertise.

He mouthed the words, "slow down" to his chocolate-skinned friend, and Frazz smiled and kissed Brian's neck. Brian was looking way too fine by far, his innate beauty and powerful young body pumped full with Transform and starting to clearly demonstrate the increased male capabilities and sexual prowess he'd soon realize at full power. His body was exploding from the inside, and from the outside the guy was becoming so incredibly handsome and sensual that Chuck doubted he could control himself once they left this room.

The water stopped falling. Frazz reached down to stroke the last pumps out of Brian's amplified tool and Edward wound his arms up and grabbed the back of Chuck's head, twisting his head around to kiss the hairy giant's lips. His own balls had emptied themselves and his enlarged cock was subsiding, growing limp between his legs but hanging visibly longer with a thick shaft and fat, full-lipped helmet. Edward's body had been similarly improved, now much more muscled but nowhere near as huge as Chuck or Frazz. Still, had he taken the time to look on his reflection, he'd have noticed immediately that his body was not the same one he'd had when he walked in that room.

Brian, however, did notice. He couldn't help it. His amped body now capable of complete sexual recharge and immediate re-engagement even after the fullest, longest fuckfest, his eyes were drawn to the rounded perfection of Edward's ass as the guy he'd seen around but hardly noticed before bent to retrieve his sopping clothing from the corner of the playroom. Ed's butt looked primed and ready for pumping, two globes of tight, firm beauty with a dark hint of hair erupting outward. Hair Brian swore he hadn't seen there before.

When Edward straightened and turned, wringing his pants out, Brian watched the other young man's muscles bulge and flex as he twisted the jeans around. Edward's biceps looked like baseballs, tight round masses of evident power. His shoulders bunched and bulged. His neck was corded with more muscled beauty and his whole body looked much better wet than it hinted at dry. He was beginning to see the guy in a whole new light, and he whistled a wolf call at him, wiggling his eyebrows. "Fuckin' a, Edward, why the hell have you been hiding that body from me all this time?" He scanned the tightly muscled form of the guy from toe to head, and then almost did a double take when he saw Edward's chiseled features, and the sudden shadow of facial hair across his high cheeks and prominent chin. "Jesus," he whispered, and his hand went toward his crotch.

Edward paused in his laundering to look across at Brian, seeing now in the bright light the results of Chuck's carefully applied transforming powers and what they'd made of the guy. Brian's innate beauty had been pumped up a notch higher. His body was noticeably taller, and his muscles were noticeably larger. The fine, athletic build he'd honed through what were undoubtedly hours of gym work was now a collection of powerful, bulging masses of perfectly tuned power that glowed with straining might under his smooth, wet skin. Edward stood frozen for a moment as he stared at what he saw, at the dick-hardening physical magnificence of the other guy's form.

It wasn't just that his body was beautiful, or that his muscles looked so amazingly formed and developed, or even the perfection of his face - it was all of those things put together in a package of such amazing balance and obvious strength that for a minute Edward thought he was dreaming what he saw before him. And, amazingly, even after just having been fucked into heaven and cumming the biggest load of his life, he started to feel hot and bothered all over again. It felt like his heart was using all its strength to pump his cock hard and full, like all his blood was rushing into his prick at the sight of the man across the room from him.

Edward felt a hand on his shoulder and looked up at Chuck's smiling face. "See something you like?" he asked. His voice seemed to drip with sex. It was a deep, masculine rumble that promised hard, hot pleasures and invited thick, muscular participation as it coated him in sensual delight and invaded the pleasure centers of his brain. He'd never heard anything else as sexy as that.

He gulped. "What happened?"

Chuck shrugged as he pushed Edward and his collection of clothing toward the doorway. He was smiling a sideways grin, thinking that the clothes in the guy's arms wouldn't fit him anymore, anyway. He thought, looking at the kid, that he'd managed to add about 40 pounds of muscle onto his frame in the 15 minutes they'd been together, distributing it evenly about his formerly thin body and turning up the masculine drives a few notches along the way. He probably shouldn't have added the facial hair, but he couldn't resist. Edward needed something sinister for his boyish looks, and the shadow accentuated his incredible features perfectly.

Frazz seemed to have overdone it a little with Brian, in Chuck's opinion. There was no way to disguise that the kid was bigger and taller than he was before. Plus, Jesus, look at that face! Brian could make any guy - and that would probably now include straight guys, too - cream their jeans if he just looked at them. If he then proceeded to put on a little strip show, pulling up his shirt to reveal the rippled perfection of his belly, then further on to show off his thickly-muscled chest and its almost obscenely large nipples, all while his biceps bulged and his thighs and calves flexed and that fat length of manmeat hung like a coiled snake in his Calvins... Frazz was building himself someone so amazing to look at that Chuck wondered that Michael wouldn't feel a little jealous.

Edward had a more traditional handsomeness to him. Chuck could already see it. There was a big, brute, hairy man hiding inside his slim body. He'd be a handsome beast, probably with a dick that could choke a horse, with big, blocky muscles all hard-angled and meaty. But Brian would be nothing short of perfect. His genetic make-up was built on a foundation of human sensual beauty, and Transform would only continue to intensify it. He was sex on two legs - or three legs by tomorrow morning, it looked like. Fuck, what a pole between his legs! "How you feeling, Brian?" he asked, feigning nonchalance.

Brian practically growled. Or purred. He was looking rather feline, what with the flexing perfection of his naked muscles. And he moved with an effortless grace and overt sexuality, his hips almost swaying as he walked. "Fucking unreal," he announced. His voice now hinted at the power it would contain, the power to seduce and charm and enchant the target of his desire. If he realized what changes he'd attained, he wasn't acting surprised. Chuck wanted to fuck his brains out then and there.

This was turning out to be more fun than Chuck imagined. "You got a place we can go?"

Brian paused and turned. The full frontal assault of him was like opening your first gay porn magazine and seeing a beautiful naked man for the first time. Chuck had been straight before being Transformed, but he was amazed at the depth of the carnal emotions he felt in that moment. He tingled like a virgin, feeling very anxious indeed. Chuck thought that Brian knew how to use his body, was innately comfortable in his skin, and knew that others wanted to look at him. That self-confidence came off him in waves, and his smile was like cumming. Or maybe it was just that he wasn't yet aware of his appearance and affect on others, and Chuck found that pretty fucking hot, as well. "I know another place, yeah." He looked at Edward, "How about we show off these two at Jesse's?"

Edward smiled to hide his shock. He'd never been invited over to Jesse's before. He wasn't in that league. "Sure," he said. "that'll be fun." •

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