Beast, The

The Plan


By otkuman2003

Be forewarned, those expecting growth, will be a bit disappointed... There was growth in the Prologue. This chapter is used as a set up for what is to eventually come with this possibly VERY LONG series... I will start Ch02 soon, I will not make all you people wait, because I myself do not like to wait for the growth, I love to have it right away. But now as I have decided to write among the other talented authors among this site and other sites, I now understand that with out a good story, what you have is crapped. Also as I have said previously, I am straight, but do not fear as I will get to some very interesting concepts for your enjoyment that I am sure you will all be begging for more once we reach that point. Anyways, I now present you all with the first Chapter of "The Beast."

“That stupid fucking old man,” Victoria said, practically yelling as she entered the main office on the top floor of the main office of BUCK ENT. She walked in quickly, heels clicking loud as she made her way towards the desk located towards the back end of the room. She slams the metal case down and clears her throat, beginning to talk in a more sexy tone. “I got what you wanted, sir.”

“Excellent work Ms. Evans. Your reward will be great.” Mr. Buck sat in his office chair, his back facing the beautiful red headed vixen. “Now, did it work?” He spun around to face her.

Now Mr. Buck is a well to do good looking man. Well, man would not be the right words to use here. His father died when he was only 16, allowing him to take over the enterprise at a very young age. Now only 7 years later, Buck is a 23 year-old young stud, according to Victoria.

It wasn’t the height that really made him who he was; Buck being only 5’6” in stature, he was shorter then his own sexy assistant. But he made up for it everywhere else. The man hated his height, so he started to work out at a very young age, so he had a body of an athlete, not too big but big enough to make the competitors back down at auctions. Currently Buck weighed a hefty weight of 175lbs of muscle, for a guy of this size that is quite impressive. His looks were another added benefit; Buck was a smooth guy, literally. Not one hair on his body, except for the usual genital region and underarms that most men have to begin with. Buck hated that too. He wanted to look more manly, masculinity defined. The chicks dug it, but he just felt left out with his peers because of his smaller height and less physical developments from puberty.

Buck’s other features includes his big, squared jaw, hypnotic blue eyes, jet black spiked hair (the kid in him still shows), and his napoleon attitude, which we will get to a little later. Anyways, where was I (sorry for the interruptions, you all will no me soon, but for the time being, I felt you all should no how I actually became involved in this mess).

Victoria, the slut that she is, was already leaning on his desk, her bust almost falling out of her too tight top. “Of course it worked, sir. Well, for Osborne, it didn’t work as well as he thought it would have.”

“So, then I assume that he is no more.” Mr. Buck sat back in his chair, arms sitting on the armrests; a wide, sly grin on his face.

“That is correct sir. Now, do you want me to help you with anything else,” she said, winking at him.

“Not at the moment; in due time we shall have our fun. But for now, I think it is time to set our small plan into motion.”

“Oh, I can’t wait until then.”

“Now, Victoria, tell me how this all happened…”

************************************************** ********

Time passed and Victoria recapped over all the events that happened with Osborne only a few minutes ago. When she was finished, Buck sat staring at the metallic case. He then began to laugh maniacally out of the blue.

“Are you ok, sir?” Victoria asked, a bit confused from this sudden outburst of laughter.

“Of course; actually I have never felt better. That stupid fool, thinking he could handle something so powerful.” He looked back up at Victoria. “And you do have more of the Ability Serum, correct?”

Victoria giggled, reaching into her blouse, pulling out 3 vials, each a different in color. “Pick your poison.”

Three different serums, each unlocks something different in a person’s body. Let’s do a quick review over these three super serums.

So far only three different types have been made, each a different color so the user knows which serum does which effect to the body. As you all know, the red one has already been used. The Crimson Ability Serum centers on the person gaining the personality and the physical traits of the species the drug is used with (No wonder Osborne became so huge and aggressive). The second serum, the Emerald (green) Ability Serum, focuses solely on the person only gaining the personality traits of the “beast.” The last serum, the Golden Ability Serum, is for the user to gain the physical traits only. More then one species and serum can be used, which can create some super hybrid beings of power, but I am sure you have already all figured that one out as well.

Buck looked at the three vials held between Victoria’s fingers, hypnotized by their brilliance in color. To get his attention back to the question, Victoria snapper her other hand’s fingers in front of him.

Mr. Buck flinched back into reality, “Uh, yeah. Sorry about that; I want fast results now,” he reaches out, pulling the bright red vial away from his assistant.

Victoria sat up on his desk, crossing one long leg over the other. “Mmm, I can’t wait sir. To think how much more of a stud you will be.”

Buck pulled her backwards, to the opposite side of his desk, embracing her long and hard. “No worries Victoria. With this new power we hold in our hands, BUCK ENT will become the major monopoly for all health products. Plus, once I use this, the company will have a strong bodied person to lead us to global domination.”

Victoria pulled away from him, sliding off the desk and unlatching the metal box. She swung the lid open and pulled out a syringe, sliding it across the table.

The syringe went straight to the palm of Buck’s hand. He looked at her, raising a brow, “What’s this?”

“Just a little something to release that big beast in you, sir.”

Buck picked up the syringe from the table. He opens up his desk drawer and pulls out another syringe. With the empty syringe he sucks up the fluid of the Crimson Ability Serum. He uncaps the DNA syringe, moves it to a vein in his arm, jabs it in, and empties the foreign sample into himself. He begins to move the second syringe closer to the vein, his heart pounding hard in his chest. Thoughts flooded his mind, ‘is this the right thing to do? Messing with Mother Nature, what will it lead too?’ His hand starts to shake as it drawls ever so closer.

He looks up; Victoria is gone from her previous spot. His eyes moving around the room, from one corner to the next, but there is no sign of his female assistant.

Then, a flash of pain hits him; the chair spins around. There in front of him, one hand and mouth on his face and lips, the other emptying the contents of the needle into his arm. Buck stares straight forward in horror, not knowing what to expect from the sample Victoria pulled from the case.

Victoria and Buck end there lip lock; “Grow for me, stud." •

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