Amethyst Horizon

Derek and destiny


By will88nh

OK… here we go… my very first original story. I hope you enjoy it. while I am slow to put it to paper; it has been unfolding at a greater rate than expected….lol. I welcome comments and am anxious to start on the second chapter.

It was a nice day out; about 75°, sunny and dry. Too nice a day to be working, but a least the work day was over and being late spring there would be a fair amount of day light left. I carried my things in from the car and put my lunch cooler on the kitchen table. “Maybe I could get out for awhile after dinner and go for a bike ride… I certainly could use the exercise”, I thought, as I ran my hands over my slightly sagging stomach. I sighed, remembering when I used to be more toned. Still, at 40, I wasn’t in too bad shape. “Sure would be nice to be young, buff and handsome”, I thought. Then shaking my head to clear my mind of fantasies I started to think about dinner.

Looking in the fridge, I realized I had forgotten to take the chicken breasts out of the freezer. I looked at the time and decided I would order a pizza, so that I would still have some time to go for a bike ride like I had been thinking about. I picked up the phone and dialed the numbers for my favorite pizza shop. I listened to the recorded list of specials, knowing what I wanted to order anyway. Finally, a real person answered and asked for my phone number. After confirming my address I gave my order “a medium ham, pineapple, green pepper & mushroom.”

“That will be $14.82 including tax. We will get that right out to you in about 20 minutes… we’re not too busy right now”, said the young-sounding male voice at the other end.

“Great!”, I replied.

I hung up the phone and went about rinsing out some of the containers from my lunch. Then I walked into the livingroom and turned on the TV. I put on the weather channel and figured I would watch some of my recorded programs after the pizza arrives. Feeling the call of nature, I decided I should hurry to the bathroom before the delivery person came. Walking up to the toilet, I unzipped the fly on my jeans and pulled out my 5.75” flaccid penis from my briefs and relaxed as the urine flowed in a stream into the bowl. Relieved, I stuffed my dick carefully back into my briefs and zipped up. I heard the doorbell ring while washing my hands and quickly dried off.

Rushing out to the kitchen, I could see a tall young man with one of those insulated pizza carriers through the window in my back door. I opened the door and I’m sure my jaw dropped noticeably. There stood one of the most gorgeous guys I had seen in a very long time. I’d say he was in his early 20’s, possibly 19. He must have stood about 6’1” or 6’2” and was quite built; his pizza shop T-shirt pulling tight across his chest, revealing well developed beautiful round pectorals and a hint of nipple. I couldn’t see any abdominal muscles through is the T-shirt, but his stomach was flat and appeared firm. His blue T-shirt was tucked into his khaki cargo pants that were secured with a navy blue military-style canvas belt and were snug enough around hips and ass to show off a delicious bubble butt, but loose and baggy enough in the leg to leave mystery about just how muscular his thighs and calves were (… As if I had any doubt.) His white and navy cross trainer-clad feet rested on my doormat with the bottom of his cargo pants kind of sagging over his shoes. His arms were muscular; his right bicep flexing to display a huge mound of muscle accented by a sexy tribal armband tattoo while he held up the pizza bag squinting a bit to look at the label on the box. His face was beautiful… square jaw with a small goatee patch adorning his chin, poutty lips framing sparkling white teeth, a masculine nose and a strong brow with shapely eyebrows, the right one sporting a sexy eyebrow hoop. His medium length spiky light brown hair with blondish highlights… which I couldn’t quite tell if natural or not… was topped off by a blue baseball cap that had the pizza shop‘s logo on the front. He had 2 silver hoops on his left earlobe and a silver stud on his right, plus one of those silver cuffs wrapped around the upper cartilage of his right ear. In short, he was a jock/stud wet dream incarnate.

Then I noticed that he seemed to be grinning at me in an all-to-knowing way and I blushed a bit and thought that I probably should have retracted my jaw faster. And then he spoke…

His voice was heavenly; deep, but not overly so, it exuded confidence and a certain charm. I couldn’t quite put my finger on the accent… seemed to be an impossible combination of California and Brooklyn. I could have stood there and listened to him all day.

“245 Chestnut, 2nd floor?” he inquired, but continued before I spoke, “medium ham, pineapple, green pepper & mushroom?”

“Yeah, that’s correct,” I verified.

Suddenly I became aware of a distracting thump thump of base and turned my head to see what was obviously his car. It was a lowered and uniquely painted late model Toyota Celica with added ground effects bodywork and low profile tires and snazzy alloy wheels. It was a nice car, if a bit garish, but I guess it suited a young guy like him. I winced at the loud obnoxious rap music emanating from the open windows though.

“Cool ride, huh?” he asked, obviously proud of his vehicle.

“Yeah,” I replied with mild interest, “it’s nice. What year Celica is that?”

“2004,” he answered.

“Standard 180 hp GT-S engine?” I asked, already fairly sure of the answer.

“Modified. Special head and manifold, low friction exhaust. Pumps out 225 hp,” he responded with a proud grin.

“Wow, not bad,” I remarked.

“Cost me some green, but it’s a fuckin’ sweet ride. Just picked it up last week.”

“Congrats,” I replied. Then turning my attention back to my supper, “ How much do I owe you?”

“Oh yeah… $14.82, including tax,” he responded.

“OK,” I agreed as I reached into my back pocket and pulled out my wallet. I opened my wallet and thumbed through the bills… a ten and a one. Shit! I thought. I forgot to stop at the ATM.

“Um…,” I started, rather embarrassed I was short on cash, “I forgot to stop at the ATM and I don’t have enough cash… Is there any chance I could put it on a credit card?”

“Sure,” he said, “I… ah… just need to call my manager first.”

“Gee, I’m sorry. I just spaced it today,” I apologized.

“No problem, dude,” he reassured me, “they just gotta handle the credit card info in the shop. I’ll call ‘em and explain. People do it all the time.” He chuckled. “Don’t sweat it, man.”

I directed him to my kitchen phone.

He dialed the number to the shop, then apparently keyed in a code to skip the recorded announcements, and spoke, “Hey, it’s Derek. I’m at 245 Chestnut. The dude needs to change his order to a charge… yup, unhuh.” Derek chuckled a bit and it appeared his manager was doing the same on the other end of the line. Apparently they were all too familiar with my little predicament. At least I learned this hunk’s name, I thought to myself. Derek then handed the phone to me. “My manager, Matt, will take your credit card info.”

I apologized to Matt, who also dismissed my apology as unnecessary and then gave him the info from my card. Matt then asked to speak to Derek again and I handed the phone to Derek.

Derek nodded while speaking to the manager. “You’re all set,” he said to me. Then he went on to have a short conversation with his manager that I never quite made out; all the while absentmindedly rubbing the little crystal-like bead that was in the hemp choker he wore around his neck.

It was interesting, now that I think of it… he wore one of those hemp chokers with a few beads in it… you know, the ones that look so sexy on young guys at the beach. But this one was different. Instead of the usual wooden or metal beads, there was one central bead which appeared to be made out of some kind of crystal, like amethyst, judging by the color. That was flanked by two slightly smaller beads which looked like onyx. I could almost swear that the crystal bead glowed dimly. It must have been the light reflecting off it.

Derek hung up the phone and turned to me. “So, you know cars?” he inquired, both trying to change the subject and seeming impressed by my earlier comments.

“Yeah. I know a fair amount,” I said. “I read a lot. Always been an interest of mine.”

“Cool,” he acknowledged

The he reached in his pocket and retrieved his keys. I thought he was going to depart then, but he lifted his arm up a bit… showing off his sexy bicep again… Mmmmm… pushed a button on his key fob. The racket that was coming from his car outside ceased. I was glad to have relief from that drone, not too mention appease my neighbors.

We went on to talk about cars a bit. We talked about his Celica, my Subaru he noticed in the driveway, cars in general. I mentioned how I had always wanted an Acura Integra/RSX… he thought that was really cool… but didn’t think I would go back to the impracticality of a coupe.

I looked at my pizza and the kitchen clock and was hoping this jock would get the hint that it was time to leave. Not that I minded talking with him… or looking at him… but I WAS getting damn hungry.

“Hey,” Derek said to me, “my boss said it was a little slow at the shop so I could take off an hour or so off. I thought maybe I could hang with you.”

I didn’t know what to say. It certainly was nice having him around, but why would he want to hang around with guy like me? I was maybe twice his age, couldn’t imagine we had much in common… besides a general interest in cars anyway… but he sure was hot! Hell! I’d just assume eat him than the pizza. It was at this point that I felt the familiar tightening in my shorts and had to concentrate to keep my erection down.

I was hoping Derek didn’t notice, but he just flashed that impish grin and walked over to the refrigerator and opened the door. “Got any beer?” he asked.

“Um… no, don’t like the stuff, myself. Look… um… it’s been nice talking with you and all… but… well…”

While I was trying to make a coherent point that he should probably leave now; Derek turned around with two frosty green bottles of Heineken in one hand, his other hand on his choker and a big smile on his face. “I guess that’s one thing we can work on,” was his strange response.

My eyes wide with surprise, I was wondering where the hell he got those bottles. “where…,” I started to say.

He just handed me a beer and commented on what a warm day it was and how great a little refreshment would be with the pizza. I twisted off the top of the cold green bottle without much thought and brought the neck to my lips, taking a swig. It did feel good going down my throat, much better than I remember beer tasting. In fact, it was damn good! We then sat down at the table and ate pizza and drank our beers. •

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