Chet Blows Up

Leg Day and then some


By inflated

Chesty woke up earlier than usual due to extreme hunger, at his bedside was a large weight gain shake with a note telling him to drink up and get psyched for the hardest workout of his life. Chesty guzzled the shake down and stood in front of the mirror in his underwear, thinking damn I am massive. He caressed his pecs, made a bicep and started posing in the mirror. He smelled breakfast cooking so he quickly put on a pair of skintight sweatpants and a 3xl red underarmour shirt. He liked the stretchiness of it and the way his ridiculously enormous pecs were showcased by the shirt. At 360lbs he had nearly doubled his weight since he started attending Warrenvale. It was simply amazing how much Chesty had blown up. Even his face was muscular, his thick neck looked great with his blond crewcut. He liked to keep his hair nice and short during the summer. Chesty was standing in the mirror in complete awe with himself, in his hand he had a picture from early freshman year. The change was amazing and Chesty wanted to show the grad students just how much muscle he had put on. The delicious smell of breakfast was too much he had to get to the cafeteria. On the way to the cafeteria he stopped in the office that the grad students were in, " Hey good morning, you gotta see this" Chesty showed them the photo. David said" Holy shit, you really have blown up, damn these babies are immense, David was cupping both of Chesty' pecs, lifting them up and down. What really blows my mind is that Rasmussen say's we are going to witness you get bigger, a lot bigger." One of the other grad students chimed in This guy is already ridiculously muscular, and he is going to inflate even more. He also had to cop a feel of those enormous pecs. Chesty's pecs were so big that nobody could resist feeling his chest. Chesty started laughing a hearty laugh, I love this I am going to be freakin enormous. He made a double biceps pose. I need breakfast, see you guys there."

At breakfast it was the same series of compliments and lots of groping Chesty's enormous pecs. "I hope you are hungry because you have a lot of food to eat, the cook added, I guess all of my cooking has helped pack on the muscle. You are ballooning up nicely Chesty." That I am, my weight has hit 360lbs, Chesty made his pecs bob up and down to put a show on for the cook. "Well from the look of how much food we will have you eating, you should blow up to 400lbs in no time at all, the cook brought Chesty the biggest omelet he had ever seen. Chesty eat up this omelet has a dozen eggs in it." Chesty ate another massive meal accompanied by a couple of mega shakes. After breakfast Chesty relaxed for about an hour and a half before he was told to get dressed for his leg workout. His shorts which would have been loose on most mortals, were already snug in the legs and his massive bubble butt stretched the shiny material, his 50/50 yellow t shirt looked painted on. Across the front of it, the t shirt read "I AM CHESTY" Rasmussen grabbed Chesty's pecs and examined them as if he was a doctor, these pecs of yours are incredible Chesty. I did not expect them to be so overwhelming, your overall growth has been much better than myself and the supplement company have expected. I hope you do not mind getting so massive that it is almost absurd, how do you feel about all this added weight on your frame Chesty?" "I love it, this is the greatest feeling being so big. I have a constant pump going, Chesty did the most incredible side chest pose that any of the graduate students had ever seen, you could hear the overwhelming sigh of amazement coming from them. "I don't think that t shirt can contain all of you, David was in awe at Chesty's sheer muscular bulk and how he filled his t shirt to capacity. How does it feel to have all of your clothes being so tight? " "I have gotten used to all my clothes fitting snug, I think if something fit loose it would feel weird. I guess I would just have to get even bigger so that would fit tight too. Having pecs like these, Chesty grabbed and jostled both of his inflated pecs, it becomes hard to have shirts that fit. I am always popping my buttons on my dress shirts. I love it, there is no better feeling, I feel big, heavy, and inflated it is so cool. "I hope you are ready for a killer leg workout, Rasmussen wanted to start the training and end the chit chat. Chesty your legs are going to be sore for a few days after this one."

"I am ready, if it means bigger legs then bring it on, Chesty loved the workouts as much as the growth that they helped create. I want to be bigger, much bigger!"

"All right then, we will start with squats. Rasmussen had the grad students load 180lbs plus the bar as a starting weight. Chesty you are going to do 3 sets of 20 reps this is the starting weight. I know you are a lot stronger and this weight seems pathetic to you. Chesty started laughing. Rasmussen patted Chesty's bouncing balloon pecs, Soon you won't be laughing 20 rep squats will kick your butt. Chesty started cranking out the first set after the 12th rep Chesty was breathing heavy. By the 15th rep Chesty's legs were getting pumped. He finished the 20th rep with a bit of difficulty and his legs and glutes were looking pumped. "Take a breather, because you have two more sets, with progressively heavier weight. Chesty your legs are pumped your shorts look ready to explode. " Rasmussen had them load another 90lbs onto the bar. Chesty was ready for the next set and David would spot him, cranking out rep, after rep Chesty was experiencing the perma pump again, his legs and glutes were literally blowing up with each rep. The last five reps out of twenty David thought he had to spot, but Chesty kept on cranking them out. Now his shorts were straining. After the last rep Chesty took a look in the mirror. "Damn! I love this my legs are enormous and my bubble butt is going to explode out of my shorts. Rasmussen slapped Chesty's huge butt, "The next set is going to pump you up beyond belief, you are blowing up better than I had hoped. One more set, Ok boys add another 90lbs to the bar. That means you will be squatting 405lbs for 20reps. Are you ready big guy?" "Damn right I am, I want to get bigger and bigger and bigger, Chesty stuck out his chest a bit more each time he said bigger. I want to blow up even more." Chesty started cranking out the squats except this time it was a lot more difficult. Veins were showing in his neck and forehead, by the fifth rep his legs and butt were pumping up as if he was a balloon hooked up to an air compressor. The tenth rep seemed impossibly difficult, going down on the 11th rep his shorts exploded his huge glutes were getting extremely pumped. His big butt split the seam, but Rasmussen ordered him to keep going. Chesty's legs were blowing up almost completely round. The final rep was slow going, he needed both Dave and Rick to spot him. Chesty was breathing heavy, standing in front of the mirror in just his tighty whities. And tighty they were, his butt was bigger than a beachball, his glutes were pumped up beyond belief. Chesty's quads were just ridiculous. "This is so cool, I am so pumped up. I feel inflated, blown up like a balloon. I am never going to find pants that fit. "You still have to work your calves, and here is another pair of shorts. I knew that this was going to happen so I brought a bigger pair with some stretch to them." Rasmussen was pleased with Chesty's progress. Chesty put on the light blue shorts they were basically painted on, his enormous bulbous chest and beach ball glutes complimented each other. Rasmussen commented to the grad students "As you know most of the strength needed for squats comes from the gluteus maximus, Chesty's gluteus has responded particularly well to the heavy squats by pumping up beyond belief." Everyone was ogling Chesty's massive legs. Dave commented, "His gluteus sure is maximus, I have seen biceps get pumped up, or pumped up pecs but I have never seen someone's butt blow up like a beach ball before, its amazing how massive and muscular it is. Chesty you have got some major muscle booty going on." Chesty was loving all the attention and the feeling of being ridiculously massive. Calves were never his favorite exercise but he knew that he had to do them. Once again the grad students loaded the weight up on the calf raise machine–700lbs was what Rasmussen recommended. Even Chesty thought this sounded a bit extreme, but listening to Rasmussen was paying off so he started doing one set of 50 reps. The first 15 reps were easy and his big calves were pumping up nicely, more and more they were perma-pumping by the last rep it looked like a rugby football was inserted into each calf they were big, bloated, and veiny. "How do you feel Chesty? Rasmussen cupped his hand on Chesty's big pec. You are going to be really sore tomorrow." "Right now I feel great, I have never felt such a pump in my life. I look and feel really big, my muscles are so massive. It feels really awesome, like my muscles are stretching my skin. I am huge and I love it. I hope that it is time to eat soon because I am starving,I think I could eat enough to feed an army." "That's good because we are taking you to my favorite restaurant, so shower up and get dressed I bought you some new clothes hopefully they will fit.

Fit is a matter of interpretation, if straining to the bursting point means that his clothes fit well then they did. His white broadcloth dress shirt made his pecs look even bigger than they were, and his black dress slacks were painted on, his quads and butt were ready to burst his seams. "Damn, son that is the biggest shirt we were able to find and you look ready to explode out of it. You have gotten a bit too big for your britches too. Rasmussen was really pleased with Chesty's progress. The owner of this restaurant is one of the biggest investors in the supplement company that has been responsible for your massive muscles. I think he is going to be amazed when he sees you.

I would like you to meet the young man that has been the guinea pig for our mass building supplements. Jacob this is Chester Kowalski. Wow you are one massive young man Chester. I have never seen muscles like this before you are almost beyond human. Thank you sir I am trying to see just how huge I can get. Chesty's clothes were straining to contain his over inflated bulk. Well Chester you have done better than we had hoped, Jacob looked to Rasmussen, I am amazed at how pumped up Chester looks, his muscles look like overinflated balloons. Chester you have made incredible progress.

You can call me Chesty, everyone calls me Chesty. With pecs like yours you definitely live up to your name, Jacob patted Chesty's huge pecs, you are going to bust your buttons with those pecs. Chesty made his pecs bob up and down, it was like two bouncing basketballs. His buttons did look ready to pop. I am sure that you want to eat we have a delicious meal for you and it has been engineered by our company to help you put on even more size. All of the food that you eat will completely feed your muscles unlike normal food that normally is less than one percent efficient at adding mass. This food tastes good and is 100% geared to pack on muscle. How it works is that every meal you eat your body will pump up the way it does in the gym but it is just from eating and it stays pumped. Do you think you are ready for even more size on your frame? Jacob cupped his hand over Chesty's huge pec. Oh boy am I ready, the bigger the better, let's eat.

Chesty was loving all of the food and amazingly he was getting pumped, his pecs were the most noticeable. The more Chesty ate the more pumped he felt, his shirt was getting ready to explode. Whatever this supplement was made of it was making him pump up like crazy. Chesty got up to look in the mirror and to take a breather from his voracious eating. "I am feeling pumped up!" "Go take a look in the mirror Chesty, you look even bigger than before, Jacob knew that this was going to work because he engineered the supplement himself. "See he looks like someone has inflated him with an air hose." Chesty looked in the mirror and started laughing because his butt had forced his pants to split their seam. "I think my bubble butt has gotten even bigger than when I was pumped up from squats. Chesty was reacting to the supplement in an amazing way. Whatever Jacob put into the food was not only causing him to blow up like a balloon it made him feel like he was high. The more he ate the better he felt and the bigger he pumped up. As Chesty was devouring yet another helping, his big balloon pecs broke free of his dress shirt. His buttons shot across the room. Chesty laughed a husky laugh, "I didn't think that these babies could get any bigger but Oh baby my pecs are are puffing up. This feels awesome." Chesty made a bicep and ripped his sleeve, his biceps were now as big as cantaloupes. Chesty had to ask the question that was running through his mind, "If I eat this food for every meal how big can I get?" Jacob patted Chesty's chest, "You are blowing up because you are overtrained, your body is catching up. Eventually there will be diminishing returns when your body just will treat this as it treats normal food. How big we would have to see, if you want to eat all of your meals here you are more than welcome. Our goal is to make you get as big as possible, if you want to see just how big you can get we would be happy to accommodate you. I am already amazed at your size. It is nothing short of incredible. Your pecs have to be the biggest I have ever seen or even imagined for that matter. Let's have you eat here every day until the gains slow down how does that sound to you Chesty?" "Anything having to do with getting bigger sounds good to me," Chesty made his giant pecs bob up and down.............. •

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