Blue Faerie, The


By Hoosier Daddy

Well, Here goes! This is my first posting of the first part of a two part story. For whatever reason, I changed POV in the second half. The first part is first person, the second part is told in the third person. I hope this doesn't bother anyone too much. In either case, I do want to read your responses, so please, be gentle (etc.) H. D.

I had finished my workout and was headed for the steam room. I noticed that the little guy in the light blue sweatshirt had also had enough for the day. I had to hand it to the guy, he wasn’t ashamed of his sexuality, or should I say sexual preference. He wasn’t an annoying queen or anything like that, but he was definitely gay. I’m not.

I’m also not in the habit of being rude or cruel to someone simply because they’re different from me. He had asked me about why I did a certain exercise a certain way, if I preferred machines over free weights, and a few basic questions. Not that I was the obvious choice for workout advise. I guess I was just polite and answered his questions.

I wasn’t in the best shape of my life then and certainly not as you see me now. I had a gut that had gotten larger than I care to admit. So I was back at it in earnest, sweating like I meant it. I did mean it. After I finished each set, I’d wipe down the seat or bench or other pads like you’re supposed to and then I’d put away my plates also like you’re supposed to.

The first thing he said to me was ‘thank you.’ I asked him what for and he said it was refreshing to see someone who was considerate of others. I said “It’s what I do.” I went on with my workout and finished up with a few more casual encounters with blue shirt.

He never asked my name and I never asked his. I figure that for the most part, I’m not there to socialize. I’m there to work out. Working out is what everybody is there for, supposedly. So like I said, I was done for the day and in my baggy ole swimming trunks with my towel over my shoulders. My shower shoes squeaked on the tile floor all the way to the steam room.

A couple of guys were just leaving and the steam was still rushing from it’s jets and stopped only after the room was practically unbearable. Blue shirt came in and found a seat. You could barely see and I figured it was just by chance that he sat un the seat just below me. I like the higher bench.

“I hate when they do that. It’s against the rules, you know.”

I knew exactly what he meant as it’s one of my pet peeves too. Still, I like clear communication. “Do what?”

“They bring water in and pour it over the thermocouple and make it kick the steam on. Then when it gets too hot for them they leave. The same guys wouldn’t hesitate to call me a wuss, and here I am ‘taking it like a man’.”

I chuckled. “You’ll note that I’m sitting right under the sensor. That way they have to ask me if I mind. Strangely enough I always ask them if they don’t mind waiting a few minutes. Most of the time they pretend to be patient and polite and I just enjoy not letting them have their way like the spoiled brats they are.”

“Rowr, draw in those claws kitty.”

“Sorry, but you got me started. I hate seeing people misuse things that don’t belong to them. And I only once had to tell one of them that if he couldn’t sweat in ninety nine percent humidity and a hundred and ten degrees, he should probably go to the doctor.”

“How’d he take it?”

“He called me a cocksucker and left. Just because they pay dues doesn’t give them the right to do whatever they like here.”

“I’ll drink to that.”

Seeing an opening for an old punch line, I took it, saying “Then again, you’ll drink to anything.” We both laughed. Then I swear to God I almost choked when he says to me out of the clear blue “Could I suck your dick?”

My voice cracked and I said “What? Friend, I’m afraid your gaydar is broken. I’m straight.”

“I know.” he says. “I see so much good in you that I wanted to do something to please you.”

“Well, thanks, I guess.”

“No, I meant really please you. You see, I’m not what I appear to be.”


“There’s a reason we’re called ‘fairies’ and you’re about to find out why.”

“No, I don’t think so. Thanks anyway.”

“What if I said I could give you the body of your dreams and more?”

“I’d say why not just give it to me? Tell you what. You bulk me up like Arnold and I’ll let you suck anything you like.”

“I’m afraid there has to be an exchange. What I have in mind for you can’t happen without it. Besides, what if I gave it to you and you refused to come through with your part. Pardon the pun.”

I was a little offended even though I sure as hell didn’t believe him. “I would never renege on a promise. Besides, haven’t I given you some advise? Shouldn’t that be worth something?”

“I guess it is worth something, some proof, maybe?”

“Yeah. Yeah, you prove to me you’re a faerie, spelled with an ‘a-e’ and then we’ll talk about that deal.”

“Okay, other than give you massive muscles and an equally impressive dick, what should I do to prove what I am?”

I didn’t have to think long. “Fix my feet.”


“Fix my feet. I got bunions, calluses, nasty little dog toenails. I got ugly, sore feet. Fix my feet and then it’s time for a new deal.”

“Very well. So be it.” and he turned towards me and reached his hand right up the pant leg of my baggy swimming trunks.

I about lost it right then and there. I noticed two things right off. My feet didn’t hurt anymore and my dick was hard as a rock. “Holy shit!”

He just sat there and polished his fingernails on the shirt he wasn’t wearing. “Was it good for you too, dear?”

I looked at my feet and they were perfect. I stood up and they practically bounced me across the floor. “Wow! All that from one quick grope?”

“One quick grope in exchange to what you really gave me in the gym.”

“What did I give you in the Gym that could ever be worth this?”

“Respect. You treated me with consideration and respect, regardless of my very apparent sexual tendency.”

“I had to make up my mind a long time ago on the gay thing.” I told him. “I had this friend who was very wild and I thought he was just weird like me. I mean, I knew he was my friend before I knew he was gay. I had to decide to accept him for all that he was or give up a friend. We’ve lost touch over the years, but if he showed up on my doorstep tomorrow I’d be overjoyed. Someone’s lifestyle doesn’t make them less of a person. Their choices within that lifestyle might reveal what kind of person they are already, but there are plenty of straight people I know that I wouldn’t want to be trapped in an elevator with.”

“Are you ready to exchange gifts?”

“What if someone comes in? I don’t want to lose my membership.”

“What I am going to do for you can only take place in the other realm. As far as this place is concerned, we won’t be here to be seen and when we get back, it will be as if we never left. No time will pass while we’re gone.”

I don’t know if I said yes because I wanted to feel his touch again. After all, I had the mother of all erections from his earlier touch and I did want more. Then again I could hardly believe what he did for my feet. If he did as much for the rest of my body, I’d be entering the next iron man competition. Either way, I did say ‘yes’ and what happened next was magic in more ways than one.

He wanted my touch, my response, and my seed. If I gave him this and accepted the pleasure he wanted to give me, then he would turn my desire for a better body into a reality. I had already forgotten that he had said ‘and more.’ I had no idea what pleasures of all kinds he wanted to grant me just because he saw me as a good person. If this gift was in response to my inner goodness, I must be a saint.

The steam room faded away and we lay on a hillside in the softest, sweetest smelling grass you can imagine. There was no one to be seen and we were clothed only in the warm rays of the sun. I was a little afraid, but his touch calmed me and excited me at the same time. His gentle hands touched my body and his mouth found my own.

Strangely, I felt no shame at kissing this handsome, timeless face. His gender no longer mattered. He kissed me on the neck and I moaned with pleasure. My dick tingled, a sensation that soon spread to my entire body. He caressed his way down my body and his lips embraced my dick. His tongue traced my erect shaft and I found my fingers gently tracing his ears and exploring the softness of his hair.

I experienced something people will tell you can only happen to a woman. Orgasmic waves washed over my being like an endless sea one after the other after the other. “Damn!” I looked down at this amazing being. “That was unbe-fucking-lievable. I didn’t know that was possible for a man to have a multiple! How can I repay you?”

He released his liplock from my private parts and smiled up at me. “Just be happy. We faeries thrive on the happiness we bring to others. Besides, I am quite fond of muscles, especially really big muscles attached to a really good person.

“Well I’m sorry I can’t offer you more in the muscle department.”

He laughed and said “You forget why we came here.”

“Can you blame me? By the way, does this mean I‘m gay?”

“Answer me this, mortal. If I have lived a thousand years as a man and a thousand years as a woman yet have no ‘real’ body, is this really sex?”

“This has been more than sex and you’re real and gentle and loving.”

“That’s such a perfect answer, it’s no wonder I was attracted to you.”

“I feel I could fall in love with you, and I’ve never thought of myself as gay. I loved my friend, but I wasn’t attracted to him sexually. I’m very confused.”

“It’s to be expected in this place. But trust me, your body responded to me, not the person you thought I was. You’re not gay, or bi, I’m afraid you’re just a run of the mill straight guy. ‘Run of the mill’ for the moment, that is.”

“But I’m so turned on by you. I not only want your mouth and hands all over my body but I want to make love to you in every way that pleases you. I can’t believe I’m saying this to a man.”

“You still don’t get it, do you? Stud-muffin?” He raised himself onto his hands and knees and crawled closer. By the time he was face to face with me his face had changed. He looked even more beautiful. In fact, he looked more feminine than many women I’ve known. He kissed my lips. I remembered for a moment where those lips had just been. Then I realized that there was no taste, just the sensual softness as our tongues searched each other’s mouths. My hands reached up to explore the smooth skin that lay on top of mine.

My mind reeled when I became aware that my hands were touching breasts. His blond hair was longer and his body was suddenly her body. Her breasts were soft and round and the perfect size for her slender form. “Wow.”

“You ain’t seen nothin’ yet” She said as she mounted me.

We moved together and rolled over and even rolled down the hill and she stayed clamped onto me for hours or maybe it was days. I only know that I’ll never experience anything like that again in this life. But then that wasn’t this life, was it? When she backed off my dick I expected a sticky mess. I swear I have no idea how many times I came.

There was nothing, no splooge on either of us. What I saw instead was that my dick was about three inches longer. It was a cock like those guys in the X movies had though not so big as the guys with a cock that would shame Trigger. I had barely thought of my penis as a dick. Suddenly I had a real cock between my legs.

I laid back and sighed. When I looked up at my magical lover, she giggled. It was the most musical laugh I’ve ever heard. I smelled the blue flowers that had appeared all around us. I inhaled deeply and saw my chest rise. Only it wasn’t my chest! At least not the one I was used to. I sat up and she helped me to my feet. Her touch seemed to energize me and I looked down and saw my muscles as they began to grow.

She danced around me and my body transformed. It felt so good. I was standing in the bright sunlight feeling its rays lending me their power. She continued to dance and I wished that I could hear the music that moved her, each movement was so beautiful. I wasn’t sure if my body was responding to her dance or if her dance was in celebration of my body. Then I grasped the fact that it was both. My body was the music she danced to and my muscles grew to please her.

Soon my stomach was firm and my arms were strong. My muscles divided up the space under my skin and then began competing for it. I looked like a professional athlete and she continued to dance. Whether it was a trick of that place or some other magic to make her even more beautiful, a flowing blue dress appeared accenting her form. I was fascinated by her every step. If she was even touching the ground.

My form resembled a bodybuilder and her dance became more ecstatic. Suddenly I knew she really was no longer touching the earth beneath her feet and my mass doubled. Soon I was huge! Enormous, bulging muscles covered every limb and my chest was unbelievably thick and my shoulders seemed a foot wider on either side. I reached for her and when she took my hand we both danced. Soon we were floating higher than the clouds.

Above the clouds, under the bright blue sky, supported only by light blue, billowing, endless folds of softly shimmering blue fabric we made love. Then I asked the question I wish I never asked because I believe that asking it gave my blue faerie some mystical cue that ended our time together. “Is this real?” In slow changing seconds I saw the world fading.

“It’s as real as I am and all I’ve done for you. Do not Love me, mortal, I am not your true love.

“Will I see you again?”

“You will not see me again, but I will look in on you from time to time.”

Although I felt sorrow at our parting, I smiled as the lights faded and she danced into the distance. I knew that her joy was a part of me and my sadness could never touch her. I found myself back on the hillside with the fragrance of the flowers filling the evening air. A sheer blue scarf drifted by me and I plucked it from the air. Her scent was on it and I draped it over my face and lay back on the grass. Then I heard another voice.

“Sorry, dude, I didn’t mean to wake you. I just needed to heat it up in here!” A voice was yelling at me over the roar of the steam jets. I pulled the cloth off my face and saw the white tiles of the steam room again. “For a minute, I thought that you were dead. Then I figured that stiffs don’t get boners. That must have been some dream, man.”

“Oh, hell.” I said, draping the cloth over my crotch. “How long was I out?”

“Couldn’t have been long, dude. I went out to refill my bottle and passed you coming in. I stopped to talk to this blond bitch who wouldn’t give me the time of day. When I came in all the steam from before was gone so I dowsed the sensor again.”

“Oh, what about the little , um, guy?”

“Nobody here but us chickens, dude. There was nobody in here when I came in but you and Big Willy. Maybe you were dreaming about that blond.”


“If you ask me, bitch like that probly needs a major log like yours to fuck some of that attitude out of her ass.”

The steam shut off and the next words I said seemed louder than I planned. “Look, I never met the woman but I don’t appreciate hearing any woman talked about like that.”

“Whatever.” Then he paused. “Sorry, she just pissed me off, that’s all.”

“Better to be pissed off than on.”

He chuckled. “I s’pose so. I’m Glen by the way.” He held out his hand.

Although I really didn’t care for the prick, it would be rude to snub his offer. “Nice to meet you, Glen. I’m -” But I never got to finish. Glen dropped my hand like he was bit. I felt a small tingle. Later, I felt that tingle again and knew what it meant.

“What the hell was that? I never heard of static in the steam room before.” Glen took a drink from his bottle. “I don’t feel too good. I think I made it a bit hot.” He swung the door open and he walked out. Before the door closed again I heard him say to himself “Man I gotta lay off the nachos.”

Actually, I thought he looked pretty well built when I saw him before the steam got too thick. The door closed and one word came to my mind. “Wuss.” I wiped the hand I had shook his on the cloth that I was still holding in my lap. It was a small blue sweatshirt. A shiver ran down my spine. This was too weird.

Absently I reached down and scratched myself. It felt good yet something wasn’t right. I couldn’t arrange myself right. Then it struck me what Glen said: “major log!” “Huh?” I grabbed myself and couldn’t believe what I was feeling. I remember the first time I saw a quarter pound hot dog and thought “Now, that’s what I’m talkin’ about.” What I was feeling between my legs was at least that big.

I sat there and sweat for a while remembering what I had experienced. I’m sure that any one of you would say it was just a dream, but how does that explain the bulge in my shorts? I swear to you I was never hung like this before that day. When I showered, I was astounded to find that not only was my dick bigger, but I was less flabby in the gut. I know now it’s hard to look at me and think that I was once fat, but I was.

I thought about what had happened that day: all of it. I tested a theory I came up with and I found out it was all true. I got stronger and the other guy got more considerate. Whether you guys believe it or not, it happened. Of course you don’t believe it. Now ask yourselves why would this guy spin this incredible yarn to a bunch of strangers in a steam room? Well, here goes.

I’ve found that this is the best time for me to work out. Best because of you guys. When I come along behind you, the seats and benches are sloppy with sweat. Even though I don’t have a problem lifting at least as much as almost any of you when you leave your plates on, I do have a problem knowing that at other times the people coming along next might be smaller, or weaker and you don’t give a damn. If you can’t put the weights away, you shouldn’t pick them up in the first place. One of the men grunted disapprovingly.

I also tested you by asking about why you did the exercises you did and sometimes I got a civil answer, sometimes not. Then there’s those of you who can’t bear to be without your cell phone even with the signs all over the gym. So whether it’s some stupid phone going off or it’s some jerk dropping weights it’s harder than hell to concentrate.

And of course every one of you is an expert on heating this place up like it is now.

One of the guys got up and pressed on the door. The door didn’t open.

Sit down. This will be over soon. Maybe you shouldn’t have made it so hot.

I patted him on the back, consolingly.

There! Now I have touched each of you. Now it doesn’t matter whether any of you believe me or not. Now you will have one chance to regain what you are about to lose. You won’t know why, but what you will know deep inside is that so long as you remain the rude and arrogant jerks that I’ve seen you are, you’ll never be able to rebuild the bodies that made you so proud.

The Faeries do thrive on what you’d call good vibes. And they do watch us and interact with us and once and a great while they reveal themselves to us. Like I said you won’t remember anything I’ve said in the past few minutes but when you make them happy, they’ll make you happy.

Still, I doubt that any of you will ever receive the kind of happiness I received, and no one will ever believe the ‘and more’ I obtained and keep on obtaining from my friend, the Blue Faerie. Now it’s time for you to pay for your disrespect and inconsiderateness. Isn’t it nice the way the steam looks like it’s glowing with a pale blue light? •

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