Little Brother


By magusfan

Timmy had never seen anything like it before in his life. At the quiet Elementary school he had attended until Friday, things happened a lot differently. As he followed his brother through the school gates of Summer Bay High, Timmy was amazed at the noise, the chaos, the sight of so many people. He was not attuned to the rowdy, unruly behaviour that surrounded him as he followed Jamie through the yard. Big kids, they seemed to resemble hardened adults more than they did innocent children: laughing, shouting, smoking, they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. It was almost scary. And no one seemed to be dressed like he and his brother. As Timmy looked around at the other guys, he saw they were wearing wife-beaters, open shirts, tight t-shirts, showing off rippling muscles. And on the few occasions a uniform was worn, it was dishevelled, untidy and unbuttoned. The rule seemed to be that you showed off as much flesh as possible. Timmy’s large left hand sub-consciously reached for the knot of his tie, fastened tightly around his throat, as if to pull it loose. It felt unnatural to be cooped up in a uniform like this, especially when everyone else seemed to be dressed so wildly differently. The only thing he liked about the uniform was it’s strong, manly, scent – a remnant of it’s previous owner. Carrie’s older brother who had been as big and buff as Timmy was now.

Jamie looked back at his brother and smiled hesitantly. Timmy could tell that he didn’t fit in here – he wasn’t like any of these guys, and his whole demeanour seemed to have changed the moment they left the house – quieter, quicker, nervier.

And the girls! Often dressed in short skirts, low fitting tops, they seemed to be really friendly with some of the guys. They were all so….hot, Timmy couldn’t keep his eyes off them. As he feasted his eyes on the proud display of naked flesh, a cheeky smile seemed to spread across his handsome face. He caught eye-contact with one of the girls, and felt her give him a similarly appreciating glance back in his direction. In his pants, his big snake began to stir. He wanted to reach for it right now and jack off, but one of the things Carrie and Jamie had tried to teach him that he couldn’t just satisfy his sexual desires whenever he pleased – especially not in public. But what else was he supposed to do? It wasn’t even as if Carrie was around to fuck.

They’d reached the doors of the school building – and as Jamie and Timmy walked inside, Timmy watched his brother visibly take a sigh of relief. He seemed to be more scared of the intimidating sights of the playground than Timmy had been. His brother could be such a dork sometimes.

Jamie looked up, concerned: “Are you okay?” and Timmy felt vibes of irritation seethe through. He’d found it a little scary at first, but he wasn’t about to admit to that. It was a scene he felt he could belong to, as one of the handsome guys in a vest-top, being fawned over by a beautiful girl. His brother’s attitude was ridiculous.

“Yeah” he answered, in sullen, almost cocky tones which seemed to create a sense of unease in Jamie.

“Okay then” and he smiled hesitantly again. “Let’s go and find that School administrator. Remember, while you’re here you’re Scott Parker: my cousin, over from New Jersey.

‘Scott’ nodded silently. Maybe he didn’t even have to be Jamie’s cousin – it’s not as if they looked similar. He wasn’t sure that being connected to someone as small and spineless as Jamie would be such an advantage among his new classmates.

************************************************** **

As he towled himself dry, Charlie smiled cockily at his attractive reflection in the locker-room mirror. He was a handsome enough fucker in clothes, but Charlie thought he was the most impressive like this, in his full glory, completely naked, his flaccid nine incher dangling impressively between imposing thighs. His magnificent muscles, large tight and cut, flexed and vibrated as he moved the towel over his body and his tanned clear skin shimmered, still slightly damp from the shower. He reached a meaty sized hand up to his strong handsome jaw. Stroking it slowly and feeling it’s strength and magnificence, as he studied his beautiful face. Beautiful was the word. His body was perfect and muscular, but he wasn’t just any bulked-up meathead or steroid-freak. His perfect, prominent features and beautiful clear blue eyes seemed to hint at a sensitivity, and deepness, an intense intelligent and understanding, all radiating from his beauty. It was all a lie of course. Sensitive, intelligent and deep –they were all just labels you’d give a ‘queer’. With the rest of his jock buddies, Charlie prided himself on his masculinity, his virility and his aggression. Football, fucking, fun was his life and it’s the way he liked it.

He thought back to another time, not so long ago, when things were very different. He’d hide himself away in the library all day to get away from guys like him. Charles wasn’t beautiful, muscular, streetwise or popular – he didn’t really have any friends, apart from Jamie of course. He was weak and agitated, overweight and drastically under-sexed little nerd. The kind of guy Charlie sneered at now, if he gave him a second thought at all. As he fingered the class ring on a bulging finger, Charlie’s thoughts reached an unusually high level of introversion and contemplation. In a second, Charlie felt the fear and unhappiness of that solitary figure. He didn’t really deserve any of that shit he got, he was basically just a nice guy – he had to be, he couldn’t afford any of the masculine arrogance that Charlie now exuded. As he took another admiring glance at his reflected face, he looked hard. There were similarities definitely. Charlie kind of came across as the much better looking older brother of the little nerd he had developed from. Perhaps it was possible still to see some of the old Charlie within. Beyond the arrogance, the hardness, the masculinity.

Maybe he could have done this without the pills? No chance. What those pills did was more than a few simple workouts and dietary advice. They were magical. Literally everything about Charlie’s body, and mind, had been transformed. He was taller, more muscular, bulkier. He even smelt different, better. Charlie wouldn’t be anywhere or anyone without those pills. He must have taken over thirty of those little fuckers. The packet had been full then, now it was empty. In the end, the pills didn’t even seem to change anything anymore - the truth was there didn't seem to be anything else that needed changing. He'd reach optimum levels of fitness. But he kept on taking them anyway. Every week, every Monday morning at 8, as regular as clockwork. He didn’t know that if he stopped it, he might change back, the changes might start reversing – that was a thought just to scary for words. And so he carried on until there was only one left. He could have just taken that too, but something stopped him. Something small and puny and weak and frightened. Jamie would never get anywhere near the impressive levels that Charlie had, through one pill; he’d never come close to rivalling his friend’s status as star player on the football field. Those pillsdidn’t just bring on a second puberty. They had to fight against the body as well – undo the changes of a previous adolescence. But it would have made a difference nevertheless. Changed something and given him a bit more hope, maybe even a girlfriend. It was Charles that had made him do it. Fuck Charles, he’s all gone now. Charlie took another admiring glance at his reflection. Perfect smile, perfect teeth, perfect skin, perfect face, perfect body. All perfect. Except wasn’t that a little spot, just above his lip?

“Charlie…?” He’d recognise that voice anywhere. As it echoed around the locker-room, Charlie turned his head in Carrie’s direction, standing in the doorway. His body still rooted to the spot, facing it’s own reflection. He brought a hand up to his lips and as his arm moved, the massive bicep flexed impressively. Something was up with Carrie. She hadn’t rung him all weekend, and when he’d eventually rung her – she’d seemed different. More distant, and she hadn’t been very keen to come over. Charlie thought that maybe Jayne had told her about what they’d got up to Friday lunchtime. No that couldn’t be it, Carrie had known all about him and other girls. She’d come back to him, no matter what. And Charlie liked the stability and standing of a long-term girlfriend. One who was hot and beautiful and popular, and would let him fuck any other girls he wanted.

“Sup baby. I’m getting so fucking horny standing here, waiting for you. Come over and give me a service.”

“Getting horny looking at your own reflection? Figures”

“What the fuck’s that supposed to mean?” ”Work it out.”

Something was definitely up with her. But Charlie wasn’t on hanging around to find out what. Without a shrug, he turned away from her – swaggering over to his clothes and possessions. He was getting sick of Carrie’s moods anyway. She turned him on like crazy, but so did the rest of the cheerleading squad, and the rest of them weren’t loaded with questions and arguments and depth. She was his first girlfriend and it had been a few months. Perhaps it was time he ‘moved on’.

“What are you doing?” ”Towling off.”

“Charlie, I need to talk to you.


“Stop doing that, listen to me.”

”You want me to stay naked?” He smirked. Carrie liked to pretend she was better than any other girl, but she was exactly the same. He could always make her horny and begging and submissive.

“No, I want you too….I…” ”Spit it out Carrie. Christ, what the fuck is the matter with you?” ”I need to tell you that…. it’s over. Me and you. Starting from now”

Charlie dropped the towel.


The day went past in a blur. New people, new places, new experiences, new self. Scott Parker, fresh from New Jersey to stay with his cousin Jamie. As he had been introduced to his class, Timmy had felt the admiring glances of his classmates. Girls who had been chatting disinterestedly as he walked into the class were now propped up and paying attention. Scott smiled warmly back. The jocks at the back of the classroom were sizing the new kid out. He looked like he had a good body, might be a decent player on the football pitch. The girls liked the look of his body too. Scott felt acknowledged and accepted, albeit tentatively. He just wished that he wasn’t wearing this stupid uniform. The guys at the back of the class looked so cool and Scott just felt like a big dork. At least they hadn’t placed him in Jamie’s class. By the end of the day his tie and blazer were gone. His shirt untucked and unbuttoned so that a slither of his beautiful hairless physique was on show underneath. As he walked over to his brother, standing waiting for him at the school gates at the end of the day, a couple of his new buddies walked with him. They wanted him to hang around for the practice after school, introduce him to coach.

Jamie looked over anxiously. He recognised a few of the guys Timmy was with. They’d been in the gang that had chased him to the locker room only a few days ago. Timmy’s speech to his little brother was quick and blunt. He didn’t want to say anything which would show him up in front of his new friends.

“I’m hanging around school. Going to football practice.”

His new jock friends kept their distance behind, so that what Timmy’s words remained just out of hearing. But Jamie couldn’t help feeling intimidated by their presence as they laughed loudly over a shared joke, probably at his expense.

“Timmy, you can’t. You have to go home now, and you can’t walk back on your own.” ”Why not?” ”It’s dangerous.” ”I’m not a little kid anymore.”

Jamie found it hard to argue with that, but he did. "Yes you are Timmy. These changes, they're not real. It's not the real you" “Fuck off Jamie.”

Jamie didn’t even know where Timmy had learnt language like that. It shocked him to hear it, somehow he still expected his little brother to act like the sweet little boy he had been a few days ago. Now there was a hardness and an edge about him as he defied his older brother

Suddenly the jocks were around the pair.

“What’s the hold up man? What you wasting your time on this little shit for?” ”He’s my….cousin.” ”Man.”

Jamie was virtually trembling in fear, but he knew he couldn’t let Timmy hang around with these dumb assholes much longer. He started to raise a final objection – “Timmy…”

But one of the jocks cut him short “Fuck off little squirt. Scott – our main man here is coming to football practice with us. Why don’t you run off and do your homework like a good little queer.” More laughter. Timmy didn’t say a word, but there might have been a smidgen of a smile forming on his full handsome lips.


“Baby, I’ve been waiting for this all day.” Her voice was high, eager and breathless. They’d been kept apart all day and finally she was giving Timmy what he’d longed for. As he fucked her long and hard, she just let herself melt away in pleasure. The hard long football practice of fifteen minutes before had certainly worked up Timmy’s appetite. He’d been the new star player. Quicker and stronger than a lot of the guys on the team. His technique was clumsy, but that would be trained and perfected. Timmy liked the sense of superiority and strength he’d gained through the game, and finishing off the practice by fucking Carrie just seemed to prove it.

And suddenly it was over. He pulled away, his big naked body dripping in sweat, his aroma of virile young male inescapable. Deep pants as he regained his composure. His face and body a deep red. He felt fulfilled proud and manly; he didn’t need to look into Carrie’s eyes to acknowledge how good it had been for both of them. She just kept her eyes closed, still submerged in the ecstasy.

“What the fuck is going on here?”

She opened her eyes quickly to see Charlie, standing behind her handsome stud. Anger and astonishment on his handsome face. Timmy didn’t even turn around straight away, but slowly and certainly – moving only his head. He recognised Charlie from the practice before. He’d been one of the guys he’d shoved to the floor in his manly eager and enthusiasm at the game.

“What the fuck are you doing with my girlfriend, asshole?” •

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