Bound to Ben

By tfwizard

I actually wrote this short story for another site. It was a special request. Since it involves male muscle growth, I thought it would be fun to share it with you guys as well. -Rex

David and Benjamin were college students, and they had just completed their last final exam of the semester. They were both 19 years old, and they had just completed their freshman year at a large state university in northern Florida.

David was fairly athletic. He was about 5 ft 10 inches tall; he was muscular and clean shaven. He wasn’t big, like a body builder, but he looked athletic enough to resemble a swimmer or a gymnast. Ben, on the other hand, was a bit on the chubby side. To make matters worse, Ben was several inches shorter than David. Ben was only 5 ft 5 inches tall, and he was at least twenty pounds overweight. This concerned David deeply.

Time after time David would invite Ben to come with him to the gym. He even offered to pay his first year of membership at the gym, just to encourage him to sign up. Ben would continually come up with excuses and not to go to the gym, or to leave early if he did. This bothered David tremendously.

David and Ben were actually cousins. Being the same age, their parents were actually brothers. David’s father was the brother of Ben’s father, and they figured it would be fun for both cousins to attend the same college, since they were from a small town and they happened to be the same age.

One evening, David was at the gym all alone, while Ben was at home while watching TV on the couch. It seemed like that was all he was interested in. David had just come out of the shower, following a grueling workout, when the cell phone in his soft bag started ringing. David picked up the cell phone and opened it up so he could answer the call.

It was Uncle Stanley from New York! David was so excited to hear from his favorite uncle. He was a scientist of some kind, and he was totally into chemistry, science, physics, and astronomy. David told his uncle how he was doing, but he also took time to inform his uncle about Cousin Ben. Ben was getting more and more out of shape. Not only that, but he was getting lazy and selfish. Along with that, his cousin was showing signs of depression, and his grades near the end of the semester were slipping. It was through pure luck that he still passed all his classes during his second semester as a freshman.

Uncle Stanley then revealed a secret to David. He told him that he had studied some magical spells as well, and he knew of a way to get Ben back in shape, through David’s help. He promised David he would come over and pay a surprise visit, since he had to be down in Florida anyway. Uncle Stanley had to visit the university in Florida, and he would take the opportunity to stop by David and Ben’s apartment on the way over.

David decided to keep quiet and not to tell Ben anything. It was very convenient for Uncle Stanley to come over, since the two cousins were roommates and were living in the same apartment.

That evening, David stayed home and worked on a paper in his room, much to Ben’s surprise.

“Aren’t you going to the gym tonight?” Ben wondered out loud.

“Nope! I got something to do tonight! We’re expecting company!” David replied.

“Who’s coming over?” Ben asked.

“Oh… That’s a surprise!” was the answer.

“Don’t tell me your girlfriend is coming over again!” Ben complained. “I don’t feel like cleaning up the living room just because your girlfriend is coming over!”

“Don’t worry, cousin. She’s not coming over tonight!”

When the doorbell rang, David immediately got up and answered the door. He was pleasantly surprised to see his uncle! Uncle Stanley was short and stocky. He had a beard and a mustache. He had white hair and glasses. David always admired his uncle because he knew he was a genius.

Ben came over to hug his uncle, when he asked him what brought him over to their neck of the woods.

“I came here to help you out, Ben” Uncle Stanley explained. “I came to allow your cousin here to help you out so that you will have an excellent summer and a fantastic sophomore year in school!”

Ben stared at him in confusion, while wondering what he was talking about.

“What are you talking about?”

Uncle Stanley allowed himself to stand right in between the two cousins. He then placed the palm of his right hand over Ben’s forehead. Suddenly, Ben froze! He couldn’t move! Stanley then placed the palm of his left hand on David’s forehead, causing him to freeze as well.

“David is so active, strong and athletic” Stanley said in a serious tone of voice “While Ben is lazy, fat and weak. I will cause the two of you to be bound from now on. David will have complete control over Ben’s body. David will be able to see where Ben is and what he’s doing. He will be able to increase or decrease Ben’s muscles, his height, or his weight. That way, Ben will change for the better, and slowly become just like David!”

Stanley removed his hands from the foreheads of the two cousins, immediately unfreezing them. They both stared at each other in confusion for a moment. David realized that he needed some time alone, so he could talk to Uncle Stanley. As soon as he wished for Ben to become thirsty, Ben turned around and walked into the kitchen to get a drink. Stanley sat down with David in the living room.

“You have control over your cousin’s body now” Stanley explained to him. “Just close your eyes and concentrate, and you can make him bigger, stronger, and more athletic. You can also give him the desire to go to the gym with you and to work out!”

After Stanley had left the two cousins, David decided to put his new power to good use. He closed his eyes and focused on Ben, who was sitting on the couch before the TV set, as usual.

David was able to feel what Ben was feeling. He could hear his thoughts as well! He decided to give Ben the desire to go to the gym with him.

“Hey, Dave” Ben said, after he stood up and walked over to his cousin. “Let’s go to the gym, okay?”

“Sure, cousin! It’ll be great!”

“I just feel a bit out-of-place, hanging out at the gym. I’ll look really stupid, when I’m surrounded by all these muscle guys!” Ben continued.

David realized that Ben was right. He would feel a little intimidated by being in the gym, considering the way he appeared right now.

“Don’t worry, cousin! I’ll fix that!” David chuckled.

David closed his eyes and concentrated on his cousin, who was standing in the living room.

Suddenly, Ben felt an odd, warm feeling throughout his body. He felt something changing! His pectorals began to fill out a little, increasing in size while pushing his shoulders out a little. His biceps suddenly increased in size, forming rock-solid balls of muscle on his arms. The fat stomach began to melt away, revealing a set of abdominals that Ben had never even seen before. His calves inflated like balloons, forming into spheres of muscle which were attached to his legs!

“Wow! Look at me! How did you do that?” Ben exclaimed.

“You’re my cousin, Ben!” David grinned, while resting his hands on Ben’s broadened shoulders. “I now have the ability to take care of you!”


“I can control your body, Ben! From now on, you’ll be stronger, more active, and you’ll do much better in school, because I will watch over you and take care of you!” David replied.

“Oh wow…” Ben responded. Ben didn’t know what to think of all this, but David suddenly made him feel confident and happy. David wanted Ben not to worry about him taking over his life.

“Don’t worry, cousin. You’re in my hands now!”

With that said, Ben and David got dressed in tank top and shorts. They both got in David’s car, feeling confident that their lives had truly changed for the better. David was happy, now that he could change his cousin at will. And Ben was feeling great about going to the gym and working out.

And they had Uncle Stanley to think for this, for they were now bound together. •

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