By Drew

Sometimes a moment of clarity is all we need...

Okay so I really was sitting in class a couple of hours ago staring at this guy's legs, and realized that rather than thinking about how hot he looked, I was picturing him with massive humongous muscular quads that inspired this story. I hope you enjoy...


Floridasunbum: So what are you into?

Platoscry: Myself usually.

Floridasunbum: LOL, seriously though what kinda stuff are you into?

Platoscry: I don’t know…all kinds of stuff I guess. What about you?

Floridasunbum: Same here, kinda into everything. Although my latest fascination has been checking out the hypno sites.

Platoscry: You want to be hypnotized?

Floridasunbum: Be hypnotized, hypnotize others, whatever…don’t you think it’d be hot?

Platoscry: Yeah I guess it’d be hot, except the shit doesn’t work.

Floridasunbum: Why do you say it doesn’t work?

Platoscry: Cuz it’s fake. I even tried it once, just to see if it worked…never did anything…some mp3 file you downloaded and listened to…just some bullshit. I don’t know, maybe I’m not dumb enough for it, or maybe its just because I knew what was going on, but I listened to it a dozen times and it didn’t do a damn thing.

Floridasunbum: Maybe you just found a crappy site or something. There’s a lot of bullshit out there that is crap man, but trust me, it works.

Platoscry: Ehh maybe for you …

Floridasunbum: if you wanted to try it again, I know a site with tons of files…and they all work, I gaurantee it. You want to give it a try?

Platoscry: Why do you care if I try it? And plus, I already told you that shit doesn’t least it doesn’t work on me.

Floridassunbum: Hey no ulterior motives man, I’d just hate to think that somebody who might be interested in something like this would miss out because of a bad experience…this stuff really works, I promise.

Platoscry: Alright, so if I try it, you can shut up about it right?

Floridasunbum: Sure, hell man I’ll shut up now, I just thought you’d get a kick out of it.

Platoscry: Alright, so what kind of stuff is this anyway?

Floridasunbum: All kinds, just check it out….here, I’ll send you the link.

That’s how it all started, a stupid conversation with some dumb ass who found my

chatroom ID. That was 6 days ago, and my life hasn’t been the same since.

My name’s Jason. At least it used to be. This guy IM’s me one night on a muscle chatroom I was on. Sometimes it was good for some idle chatter, but mainly I just got on there to see who IM’d me. Used to crack me up how many losers would hop on wanting to chat about muscles and fucking and do role plays and stuff. Hell I just used to fuck with them all. That was until that night.

I was only online because I was bored. It was midterms and I should have been working on a term paper, but instead I was sitting in my dorm room wasting time on the net. I don’t even know what the hell I was doing online. I’m in no way a computer geek or anything, I just get bored. Anyway, I had been lurking around this muscle growth site, just checking it out. Honestly I was hoping to find somebody to buy some juice off of. Not like I wanted to be huge or anything, but hell, I’ve seen the pics of those guys, and if the shits out there, what the fuck, can’t be any worse for you than a Wednesday night beer binge.

So anyway, this guy chats me up, and he immediately gets to the classic “what are you into” bullshit. Why don’t they just type “I’m a hopeless loser and I want you to get me off,” hell, it’d be a lot more fucking efficient. So he starts talking about hypno shit, and normally I woulda just fucked with his head a little bit and blown him off, but I gotta admit, that shit kinda turns me on. I don’t know why, maybe something about not really having any control over what you do…like a fucking machine or something…I don’t fucking know. And yeah, I really had tried one of those sites one time…so fucking lame. I mean in a way I guess it was kind of fun to imagine what would happen if the shit worked and all, but I knew it wouldn’t and of course, it didn’t…I felt stupid, but hell the thought was kinda hot. Anyway, so this guy sends me a link to some site…didn’t even have a name, just a bunch of numbers and stuff.

I got off the chatroom, and told the guy on there I’d check it out. I don’t even know if I really planned to or not. Well, when I got back from the gym, I saw the chat box was open. I thought the guy im’d me again, but I guess I just never closed the window. So when I clicked on it, I saw the link he sent me was still up. I was feeling horny and all, I mean I just got through lifting and shit and I guess I had some hormones flowing through me or something, so I figured what the hell…not like its gonna be anything real or anything, but at least it might make for some good jerk off material.

When the link opened it pulled up a fileserver of some kind – just a series of filenames and a description below each. Some of them were stupid shit like making somebody orgasm when they heard a certain word or something, and some of them were like self-help bullshit, weight loss, quit smoking, etc. But there was this one section, fantasy days or something. I looked at the description on it. Something like “make your fantasy come true, everybody dreams of something, we all have secret desires and secret wants…some of us don’t even know we have them, some of us don’t want to know. The listener of this file will be made to realize his true fantasy, he will discover it in his mind, he will lust after it with all his being, and when his conscious mind accepts the reality of his fantasy, he will become that fantasy. Warning, this file is very powerful, and the effects are permanent – not for beginners!”

Okay, if that wasn’t a dare I never saw one. I clicked on the file and it sent me to a download page. The instructions told me to save the MP3 file to my computer, and then to play the file while I slept, and that when I woke up it will have taken effect.

What a load of crap…hell it didn’t even say what the hell it did…made your fantasy come true…what fucking fantasy? A new car, maybe a fucking A on this midterm…I don’t even think I have a fucking fantasy…oh well fuck it, I was about to go to bed anyway.

So I download the file and get ready for bed. The great thing about having a private room this semester is I don’t have to deal with a roommate. My roommate last semester fucking listened to music every night when he went to bed…used to piss me off, well that and I can jerk off all I want before bed without some jerk busting in the room. I figured I could handle having music on for one night. I was tired as shit from working out, and I always fell asleep after I jerked off anyway. So I load the file in media player and it starts up. It’s not even music, just some weird background noise – ocean waves, a rainforest, goofy shit like that. I figured maybe I’d fall asleep before the talking starts. I don’t know how long I was awake, but all it ever did was just make nature sounds…felt like I was in some sort of hippie spa or something. So anyway, I did my usual, thought about getting laid, jerked off, and fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning and that goofy file was still playing…and still nothing but a bunch of nature sounds. I guess that’s how I was able to sleep through it. I figured it was just a scam, I jerked off listening to some goofy relaxation tape. Good Going loser. So I actually thought I’d give it a go. I tried to imagine what my fantasy was…I was supposed to suddenly realize it right…I sat there for like 20 minutes, I couldn’t think of shit…and fuck I had to go to class anyway, so I did my morning jerk off and headed for the shower.

I went to class at 10, and that’s where shit kinda got weird. It was just my Anthropology class, but today we had the first day of student presentations. All of the geniuses in the class had volunteered to present on some topic of their choice or something…basically it was a way for the majors to kiss ass to the professor. So this one girl who sits a few rows over from me gets up to give her little spiel, and I notice she’s not sitting by herself like usual. Stupid bitch must have brought her boyfriend with her...because obviously he has nothing better to do than to listen to her ramble on about fucking anthropology. When she gets up, her boyfriend stands up to let her out, and damn he looks fucking hot. Definitely fratboy, business major type – pretty face, perfect hair, but damn man what a body. I mean he’s not like a he-man or anything but he’s definitely looking good in those jeans, pretty good shoulders on him too, and at least a decent chest.

So I’m sitting there checking out this guy and thinking I wouldn’t mind fucking the shit out of him when the weirdest thing happens. I could care less about whatever his girlfriend was ranting about in the front of the room, so I’m just totally checking him out instead. He’s at just the right angle where I can totally eye fuck him and he can’t see me. That’s when it happened. So I’m totally staring him down, and I notice his legs. Even though he was a fairly skinny guy, you could definitely see some tightness around his calves, and his hamstring gave just a hint of shape to his pants leg. I follow my eyes up his thighs and right to his crotch…now it wasn’t like porn star or anything, but it was definitely substantial enough for a good look.

I was totally checking out his package, and just when I thought to myself “damn I’d love to fucking stick my head right between there,” it happened. All of the sudden his legs just start to expand! I look at his jeans, and they go from loose, to tight, to fucking ready to burst. Then they do. Right as I’m staring at this guy, his thighs and hamstrings go from normal to fucking massive bodybuilder…his jeans just shred under the strain! All of the sudden his cock I was checking out is like crowded out by so much muscle I don’t see how he even managed to stay in the seat. And then they start growing too. His fucking crotch just starts swelling, and in like seconds the whole front of what’s left of his jeans just falls away. He’s got like these two huge fucking spherical balls, and they just keep growing! It looks like his got two big shiny flesh coloured cantaloupes or something between, or make that on top of his legs! And then his cock! My god, it’s fucking laying across his stomach at first, and then it just starts getting thicker and thicker…I don’t even know what it fucking looked like. And then it starts growing longer while its getting thicker…and like it got too heavy to lay the way it was, it like flops right over on top of the two humongous orbs that used to be his balls. And then it just keeps going! It didn’t even look real the way it was growing just getting longer and longer. Eventually it was hanging over his balls, and finally came to rest dangling (if something that thick dangles?) over his now pretty much fully pressed together thighs and hanging between his knees toward the floor. It wasn’t until then that I looked up to see that his upper body had grown to match the enormous stature of his lower. Hi was amazing. His waste was still the 27 inch pretty boy trunk he had before, but now it was nothing but a wall of abs, fucking ridiculous abs, like you could lose half your hand in the creases between them, and those were surrounded by some ridiculously defined obliques that seemed to draw a weird line straight from his enormous cock to his fucking bat-wing lats – like his upper body just terminated into a point sitting on his much wider lower body…his massive thighs somehow transitioning into the highest, biggest muscle ass I had ever seen…and his pecs! It was like someone had layered a bodybuilder ten times his size on top of him. They were unreal, like two massive slabs of..of..damn I don’t even know what. They looked like they started just below his collar bone, but then it was like they somehow climbed up his neck or something, like they were squishing themselves up into his face. And they may have been, they must have stuck out like a foot in front of him, hell the crease between them must have been 10 inches deep! You couldn’t really tell because the meet from both of his pecs just seemed to be pushing in on each other. Hell I’ve seen fucking women with silicone who’d have killed for cleavage like that. But this was different, it didn’t look feminine…nah these weren’t like tits, this shit was al muscle. Hell it even hung different. He had muscle on top of muscle it looked like, about halfway down his pecs you could see this line where it was so obvious the two muscles of each pec were fighting for their place within their respective slab...fucking unreal! And then there were his nipple…they didn’t hang down, they were right on top, like 2/3 of the way down his pec, pointing out there for everyone to see…and hell you had to see them, they mush have been an inch in diameter themselves, and with probably double that on the areola! And that wasn’t all of it, the muscles still continued down, and fuller than ever, it was like some sort of giant teardrop folding in on itself. Hell he probably would have had an 8 or 10 pack of abs if you could have lifted up all the pec muscle hanging over them to see. And so wide! His fucking pecs were wider than his chest, it’s like they just jutted out from the front and the sides, fighting for air with his beach ball sized biceps. Holy Fuck! Was that even possible? It was ridiculous, I don’t even think he could have ever moved his arms, and they were already pretty much stuck in place sitting on top of his ridiculous abs. Hell the only thing that must have kept them attached to him had to be his shoulders. They were so wide I think he was taking up both seats on either side of him. And they were just as wild, his delts looks like a collection of bowling balls or something all balanced on top of his arms, and joining those to his massive neck that had to be half again as wide as his head, were the most massive traps imaginable! They started at his delts, and instead of running of in the usual triangle shape, they seemed to almost fall back over the top delt muscle, only being pushed back my that boulder’s incredible mass, and then as they ran up to the very top of his neck, they just seemed to bunch up even more. It was whacked enough that they connected to his head like behind his ears, but that wasn’t even the end of it, hell they rounded out even bigger than that, bunching up around his skull and even looking like they were going to crowd out the back of his neck for space. Hell how could he even move! Hell, would he even need to move! Holy Fuck…this was just too much!

And then he did move! Just like nothing had happened! This huge fucking god, not more than a fucking god, a fucking monster…this unimaginable mass bends down just like its normal, and then gets up! He walks over to me, his amazing mass moving to navigate itself in my direction. His muscles nearly rumble as that rub against each other as he amble in my direction. It’s amazing to see that much muscle, and to see it move, unimaginable! And he does it was such grace, like its not even there…so fluid, so…as I’m fathoming the wonder before me I realize he has come to stand right in front of me. He reaches out his hand to me…even his fingers a muscular dance of movement…and my god, are those forearms or fucking heavyweight bodybuilder thighs!

I hear him say something, but I can’t process it…I can’t even think. I think I’m in shock or something, and suddenly I somehow shake it off. Like coming out of a daze, I suddenly hear his voice:

“Hey man, you dropped your pen.”

“Oh, oh sorry man, ugh...thanks…”

“Ugh, no problem…”

He hands me my pen and gives me a weird stare as he walks back to his seat. Only, it’s not him. Well I mean it is him, just it’s the regular him. What the fuck just happened? One minute I’m fucking in shock from seeing this guy explode into the freakiest beast I could have ever…or even never… fucking imagined, and the next thing I know, everything is normal and he’s handing me a fucking pen. I didn’t know what the fuck was going on.

So anyway I just sat there for the rest of class all freaked out that I was going nuts, or just wacko horny or whatever the fuck, and waited for class to end. After it was over I just fucking booked it back to my room. I thought I must have fucking gone insane or something.

I just wanted to go to fucking sleep and forget about all that crap. I didn’t care if it was 11 in the morning or not, I just wanted to fucking crash out and forget about being fucking crazy or whatever that was.

It was fucking bright as hell in my room, so I closed all the blinds, and headed for my bed. I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep with everybody coming and going in the dorms but I didn’t care, I was going to try anyway. Just then I remembered I had that stupid relaxation file; at least the nature bullshit would drown out the dorms. So I turned it back on, tossed my clothes across the room and hit the fucking sack. You could tell my head was messed up because I was asleep in minutes…I thought maybe I got sick and had a fever or something.

My solution for being freaked out didn’t work worth a shit. Right away I start having a super real feeling dream. You know, one of those where you feel like you know its going on, but its like you can’t seem to convince yourself it’s a dream so you can wake up. So right way I’m having this dream, only it’s not even a real dream. It’s just a bunch of images, and I totally know what they are. I’m seeing it all again, I see his thighs growing, his calves knotting up like fucking cubes under his skin, his tiny waste, that massive ass lifting him up, and those pecs, covering his trunk and climbing toward his face…face?

It hits me like a ton of bricks in this dream, the face is different. It’s not that guy’s face. This guys is hot, hit jaw is perfect and wide, his lips full and thick, and his eyes piercing blue/green against his dark skin…strong cheek bones shaping out a face with it seems no fat, but instead tons of muscles, all working together to fill out his face, striations connecting his jaws to his head…pure muscle, but blended together into a beautiful, sexy enchanting face. It’s like his whole look just says sexual ecstasy; like this beastly pile of muscle is just relishing in his very being.

But then I look into his eyes…it’s like nothing I’ve ever seen, but…somehow…familiar…it’s like…like I’m looking in a mirror? I don’t know why, but it is, a total familiarity. And then I know, somehow in my dream and in my conscious mind I know – even though this guy is somebody I have never seen, somebody I never even could have dreamed of, I know. I’m looking at me!

Just then I awaken like someone had just shot a gun next to my ear. My eyes pop wide open. What a weird whacked out dream I think. I realized I was holding my breath and I open my mouth to exhale. Only as I’m blowing the air out of my tensed up lungs, something weird happens. I feel my chin rub up against something. I didn’t even realize I had been looking straight up at the ceiling, but as I try to look down I realize I had, and I realize why. I go to lift my head and I can’t and as I point my eyes down I know why. I look down to see my chin impacting two massive mounds of flesh. As I look up from the tip of my nose I follow them, blocking my view and pressing back against my neck. I instinctually go to move my arm to get at whatever it is, and as I do I see it. Holy crap…see the mountain above me rumble with movement and I feel it at the same time…these are my pecs! I realize I had only just twitched my arm, not expecting the weight of what I felt, and then I see.

I managed to lift myself up in bed, and finally take a bit more of a gander at what had become of my frame. I couldn’t even see al of me. Nor could I reach all of me. It felt like I could barely move my head, like someone had stuffed pillows all around my neck or like my head was in a vice. But I could move my arms…if that’s what you could even call them. They were massive…they didn’t even feel real, just heavy and tight. I could see them clearly enough. At least I could see my biceps, I couldn’t turn my head enough to see where they met my shoulders, but I knew by their angle that it was somewhere well to the sides of my twin-sized bed!

I could see enough though. I had pulled my body up to enough of an angle that I was able to at least see a pair of enormous thighs terminating just above and kind of overflowing around my knees. And there it was…lying like a python between two mammoth bundles of calve muscle…the cock I had seen grow earlier. I realized exactly what I was looking at…it was the body from my dream, the body that guy had had, only…it was bigger, and…and it wasn’t that guy, and it wasn’t a fucking dream!

I freaked out! I couldn’t fucking move. I mean, I knew I could move, I just couldn’t seem to get this fucking mass of flesh to move for me…my whole body must have weighed a ton or more.

Just then I heard something familiar, and then I realized what it was. That file! There was no way I thought. It was still playing…nature sounds, the ocean. But it was just a relaxation mix. Stupid fake bullshit. It had to be fake, and this had to be a dream!

But I knew it wasn’t a dream. And at that very instance, I knew it wasn’t fake. Somehow either in that class, or in my dream, my conscious mind had realized what my fantasy was!

But how could this be my fantasy. I could barely fucking move! I never dreamed this! But just as I was thinking that I somehow felt like I had dreamt it; like I had been dreaming of it all my life. Like somehow my subconscious always knew that THIS was MY fantasy!

I realized it had been true. The file was real. The fantasy was real. And it had worked. It had all worked. I managed to lean over enough to reach my laptop on the nightstand, nearly ending up on the floor once when the weight of my massive pecs suddenly shifted on my frame. I caught my balance and was able to retrieve the computer. On the screen the MP3 file was still playing. I stopped it and closed out media player. Behind it was revealed the website I had been looking at the night before, and the description of the file I had listened to. Even though the screen was full of text, my eyes saw only one thing:

“Warning: The Effects of this File are Permanent.”

That’s how it happened. That’s how I became who…or rather what I am. I can’t really say I’m me anymore. Apparently that was another part of my fantasy I hadn’t realized. Somehow after it happened I felt different. I mean I know I felt different physically…I guess I’d have to. But, I changed…at least I think I did. I’m pretty sure I did.

I know I’m in my dorm room. And I’m sitting on some guy’s bed, but all I know is that his name was Jason. Yeah my name was Jason…at least it used to be, I think.

I can’t seem to really think about him…or maybe I don’t want to. Actually, all I can think about it my body – my muscles, my massive cock and how I can suck it all day long. And having sex, and getting fucked by some other muscle freak.

I’m not dumb. I can still think about stuff…sometimes…and do stuff…usually. I got on the computer, didn’t I. And I can move again too now. I’m not fast, but I can. Of course I couldn’t get out of this room. But that’s okay. That Jason guy went on the innernet and found somebody who’s gonna come get me. And he left some food in here too. But it’s gone now.

He found a place where I can fuck all day long. They feed me too. He was nice…I think. They’re coming to get me tonight…and then I can fuck…floridasunbum said so. And I can trust him because that Jason guy trusted him…and he said it’s a whole camp with guys like me…with muscles, and cock, and mmm….hmmm…I love my cock….mmmm…tastes sooo… •

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