Making of Master, The


By radmuscle77

Things have been a little slow here lately so I decided to try to write up a fantasy of mine. The title may not make sense yet but it will. I will tell you this, I am a numbers person not a writer, but I gave it a whirl. Any thoughts, suggestions, comments, please post away… The real muscle growth starts in chapter 3 which I will get out next week

Just finishing my sophomore year at college, I got a call from James, my high school best friend. I haven’t heard from him since high school ended and it seems so long ago. We were the best of friends back then. The two nerds in school, outcasts, that even though we were very different people with different interests. I was the artsy type with my musicals and singing. James was the science/computer nerd, with his genetics and computer nerd stuff. The fact that we were the only two 5’5’’ 110 lbs. fags in school made us friends, but in so many ways we were so different. That didn’t stop us from sharing everything with each other, our goals, our secrets, our fantasies. James knew I had the biggest crush on Josh, the high schools star quarterback. Josh was amazing to look at. At 6’2’’ and 210 lbs of tanned sculpted muscle josh was a star on and off the field. My fantasies always revolved on josh becoming my horse-hung muscle master and me being his fuck-toy slave there to worship and abuse at his will. James on the other-hand always fantasized about being one of the hottie circuit-boy models going are fucking and being fucked by all the cute boys around.

When I talked to James, it was like we just spoke last week. We filled in each other about our lives and where we are, and what’s new. I found it really odd the way he has changed in the past year. He told me that he quit MIT and moved to Miami, and that his parents, who were genius something or others that worked for some science and health corporation, had decided to finance a sabbatical for him to find out who he really is. Then out of the blue, he told me that the reason he called was he wanted me to come and visit him for the summer down in Miami. I really wasn’t that excited to come to Miami, not my type of town, but he kept insisting and telling me that his parents had already paid for my flight down.

So the following Friday, I was on a plane from JFK to Miami to visit James. Getting off the plane I expected James to pick me up but it seems he hired a driver to pick me up, which I found odd. Then when I reached the car and found out it was a limo, this really got me nervous. I knew James’s parents had mucho dinero, but I also knew how frugal they lived. The driver decided to take me for a tour of Miami first, prearranged by James, and then dropped me off at his apartment, which was a beautiful high-rise right on the beach. As I approached, the doorman had asked if I was Mike Searyl, and after answering yes he had given me a key and apartment number stating Mr. Surac had an appointment he needed to attend to and I was to make myself at home. Also Mr. Surac had left me a surprise in the apartment to keep me occupied till his return. Up the elevator to the 27th floor, I opened the doors to James apartment, which was 3000 sq. ft. of windows looking beautifully over the Atlantic Ocean.

Opening the door to the master bedroom gave me the shock of the century. There standing in the middle of the master bedroom in long cargo shorts and sweatshirt was none other than my high school crush, Josh. I just stood there staring wide eyed and open jawed.

“Hi Mikey” Josh said in a very condescending tone finally breaking the silence by calling me the nickname I hated the most.

“Hi Josh, what are you doing here” I said meekly just staring at him. He slowly walked towards me and that’s when I noticed that josh has gotten bigger and taller since high school.

“James asked me to come here. He told me some things about you that I had to find out if they were true.” He finished standing 2” from my face.

I looked down at my feet, I started sweating, my mind started racing, what could have James told him. Then I looked up into those deep blue eyes staring at me and squeaked out “wha… what did James tell you”

I could feel his breath on my face and a devilish smile came up upon him. “mikey, mikey, mikey, James tells me that you’ve been faggin out for me since high school”

I automatically just looked straight down at my feet again, visibly shaken. I felt betrayed, that the person who was my best friend not long ago, the person who invited me down here for vacation would betray me this way.

He started walking away towards the dresser still speaking to me, “Mikey, he told me that you have been a dirty little boy wanting me to do dirty little things to you” I could feel his attitude, his superiority in his voice as he spoke to me.

“Well, Mikey is it true?” even though I was looking at the floor I could feel his eyes boring a hole into me. Then I looked up, hearing the rustle of his sweatshirt to see him stripping it off.

“Whoa” I said softly, staring at what this boy from high school had become. He was much bigger than I originally thought, at least 2-3” taller and at least 80 lbs heavier all muscle. I stared at his massive shoulders down to his perfect 8-pack and started to drool and that’s when I lost it. My eyes rolled back into my head and I had cum it right in front of him, staring at his unbelievable body.

He started to laugh a little seeing me mess myself and said, “James had told me you would lose it like that. He told me about your little muscle worship fetish among other things.” He went into the dresser drawer and pulled out a wide dog collar and said “he also told me about this. Do you know what this is mikey?”

“a…a…collar” I stammered out shaking nervously.

“Good Mikey, Good.” He said. “Now why would I be showing you a collar, Mikey? Would a person be wearing this collar Mikey? If so what kind of person would wear this collar?” he said sarcastically rubbing the collar down his chest and abs.

After a minute of silence he said “Well Mikey, can you answer me or are you too distracted by my body and I have to put my sweatshirt back on” he emphasized by doing a double bi pose and then a most muscular.

“NO!” I practically screamed “uhm… I mean uhm a slave wears a collar.” I said a little more timidly.

“Now Mikey, why would I be showing you this slave collar huh” he said emotionless “tell me Mikey, why?”

That’s when I lost it and told him everything. About how I worshiped the ground he walks on, about how I’ve always want to serve and worship and pleasure him, about how I would do anything, even humiliate myself just to be in his presence, about how I wanted him to use and abuse me as he saw fit, about how I always wanted his to be my muscle master. I finished up by hysterically crying right in front of him, hating my best friend for putting me in this situation.

And then he walked right up to me and said, “ Boy, I hope that wasn’t a load of bull shit you just gave me because you have an hour to get totally clean inside and out and shave your body smooth neck down, then meet me in the living room naked as the day you were born. Then we will see if you can earn your collar tonight.” With that he just walked out of the room. I didn’t know if he was serious. Was my biggest fantasy just going to become a reality? I sat on the bed for a few minutes and stared at the ocean.

I thought ‘fuck it, if this is a big joke so what, but if it isn’t’ •

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