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The two men watched as the lights suddenly dimmed in the place and the water began to fall. Men who weren't already shirtless soon were. Men who had been shirtless started to unbuckle their jeans or shove their shorts off. Everyone knew what the water follies meant. If you didn't want to strip down, you weren't going to be on the floor in the first place.

And magnificent, beautiful male bodies revealed themselves in all their primed and perfect glory. Wet and slick, skin on skin, men danced and fondled and kissed with each other under the flashing lights. The music built to a new level, a loud pulse that sent hips into action whether they wanted to or not - but they all wanted to. Naked flash was everywhere. Tanned hides and black skin. White boys and Asians. Gym bunnies and models, twinks and bears. Everyone, all kinds, men and men and more men. Dozens of men to choose from.

If that was your intention.

Chuck gazed over to Frazz, his teeth gleaming in the darkness. Frazz looked back, wiggling his eyebrows. Chuck took his hand from his cock and lifted the shirt from his muscled torso, the flashing lights causing his massive strength to look even larger, with deeper cuts and fuller, rounder muscle heads. With Chuck's arms overhead, tangled in the cotton, Frazz reached over and dug his nails through Chuck's dark carpet, feeling his warm fur and the tight, hard strength it covered. His hand traveled down Chuck's rippled form and grabbed his prick, squeezing him hard.

"Oof," the man gasped, then he growled a deep moan of pleasure, firming and fattening himself against the dark man's grip. "We could just stay here, if that's all you want. I'm more than happy to oblige." His cock swelled eagerly.

Frazz laughed, an earth tremor from his mammoth chest. "It's extremely tempting, but I want to put myself to good use." He shifted his gaze out to the floor, but his hand stayed planted. "You said you were looking for more recruits, right?"

Chuck answered, "Yeah. Don't want to get out of hand with this." He followed the black man's gaze out across the room, and the wet and writhing mass of naked male beauty. "On the other hand..."

Frazz squeezed him again, increasing his strength. "Now, now, let's not get greedy. One each is plenty enough for now, dude." He scanned the crowd. "And I have bachelor number one in my sites." He smiled and started to rise from their booth. There was a soft tearing soft as he expanded in select areas to rid himself of his clothing. Then his thighs, cock and ass resumed their perfect powerful symmetry and he stood there, six and a half feet high, exuding strength and ability along every bulging line of his well-muscled form. He looked down at Chuck and extended his hand. "Shall we?"

Chuck smiled. He stood up, leaving his shirt behind, and literally tore his pants off his furry, rippled body. He was two inches shorter than Frazz, but every bit as huge. His balls dangled like eggs in a sack and his immense prick arched over them between his meaty thighs, a fat length of man meat saturated in sexual capacity. They walked to the edge of the dance floor. "Which one?"

Frazz nodded, leaning over so his voice could be heard over the pounding music. "Five o'clock. Dark hair. Tight ass. Smile to make you cum."

"Hell, Frazz, half the men out there... oh. Oh! Holy shit!" He was very beautiful - but only the most beautiful would do. He was lean and hard, doing things with his hips that should be illegal and promised a very interesting evening for whoever won his eye. He was sleek and cool and danced like sex. "Eat 'im up, Bonedog." He looked around for a long moment, then smiled as he saw his objective. "I got my own dinner to chase."

Chuck slapped Frazz's dimpled butt and headed toward his quarry. Frazz stepped into the warm rain and was immediately shaking his thang, hands in the air, smile on his face, twisting his powerful body like a man possessed by a sexual god. He could dance, and he knew it, but this new body with its amped up strength and amazing dexterity and flexibility allowed him to move like a well-oiled beast. His skin was wet and sleek as he moved through the crowd. Hands were on his body, on his ass, on his dick. Hands caressed him, tried to hold him, wanted to touch him. He twisted away, deigning to kiss this boy's mouth, rubbing his huge hand on that man's ass (digging his touch underneath for good measure), gifting those he looked at with a glimpse of heaven before he stood next to his target and stopped dead.

"Hello," he announced. He stood like a dark pillar in the midst of the fray. Others were watching him now, how could they not? There were other muscle boys out there, men with bodies honed and sculpted, but his was something else again. He seemed to be getting bigger as he stood there, his strength and beauty magnifying, his shoulders growing slowly wider, the muscles along his legs redefining themselves, lengthening, swelling. His breathing sent his chest swelling, larger and larger, but not receding.

The young man turned and looked up... and up... and up before a smile wound across his painfully beautiful face. "Hello, yourself." He looked down. "My, you're a big one, aren't you?"

"You have no idea." Water splashed off his black skin, poured down his body, drained off his cock. He was hot and wet. He held out his hand. "Dance with me?"

Chuck walked across the floor. Chuck did not dance. He moved between the bodies that moved around him, feeling their heat against his skin, feeling the water on his huge form, in his eyes, on his flesh. Warm wetness everywhere. Male beauty everywhere. And there, on the other side of the floor, standing in the shadows, was the young man Chuck wanted to meet.

He stood there alone, watching the others on the floor. His arms hung at his sides and his eyes were very large. His boner pulsed in his pants. Jesus, he thought, why can't I just... get out there? Why do I keep coming here every weekend, torturing myself, watching those guys out there. I'm such a pathetic... holy fuck, what the hell is that coming towards me?

"Hi." The voice of the huge, nude man moved through him. He was the biggest, sexiest thing Edward ever saw. He was dumbstruck, scared shitless, in awe of the man in front of him.

The huge, muscular, beautiful man in front of him. The man's face was smiling at him.Smiling down at him. He was dripping all over the floor. The water was draining off his bulging muscles, glistening off the hair that spread across his chest, and down his belly, the belly that looked like someone had sculpted it, a rippling landscape of wonderful muscle, the hair gathering into a dark trail leading down his huge body and then spreading again, wide and thick, above the biggest, baddest, most beautiful cock Edward had even seen or imagined. "Hi," he replied softly.

"Why aren't you dancing?"

Man, his voice! It was like rocks rubbing together! He could literally feel the guy's voice! "Wrong shoes," he answered.

Chuck laughed. He reached down and scratched himself, sending his huge pendulum wagging. His eyebrow arched as he cast his dark gaze down the lanky young man's frame, past the throbbing meat in his pants, to his Nikes. "I see." He scanned back up the kid's body, which was hard to see under his baggy clothing. Chuck wasn't even sure what attracted him to this, well, not much more than a boy. His face was rather ordinary, he looked thin, weak, sad. "What's your name?"

"Ed. Edward. Ed."

Chuck leaned himself against the wall, planting his hand over Edward's head. "You nervous about something, Ed?" He smiled. He was a towering mass of male sexuality, an overpowering presence, a wet dream in the flesh.

"Oh no. I always have my dreams walk up to me naked and dripping wet, smelling like sex and smiling at me." His brow wrinkled and he managed a smile. "And who might you be, and what sort of cosmic joke is this, and please tell me you're not here to ask where the bathroom is."

Chuck's fingers were scratching the deep, dark separation between the muscled globes of his chest. He was starting to realize what it was about this guy that attracted him. The look on his face, the angle of his body, the sardonic wit. The guy was like a young Todd. And he suddenly realized he was missing his old friend.

"My name's Chuck. I've been sent in answer to your prayers." He started patting down his naked form as if searching for something. "I seem to have left the instructions in my other suit, though." He leaned himself down, closer to the boy's face. "Perhaps you can remind me what it is you wanted, exactly." Then he kissed Edward's mouth, very gently.

Edward's eyes goggled. "That's an excellent start." He licked his lips, drawing in Chuck's taste that lingered on his lips. He felt almost as if he'd just had a hard prick in his mouth. He slowly raised his hand and set it against the huge man's chest. A throbbing pulse of something hot and thick hit him, almost as if the very touch sent a shock through him. He half expected that to happen, but the lingering tingle of pleasure that pulsed through his cock was a pleasant surprise. The man's skin was another surprise. It was soft, warm, silken, incredibly sensual. Edward expected the skin of any man as big and broad as Chuck to feel tight and plastic. He'd never felt anything like it. "Wow," he whispered, moving his hand across the foot-wide expanse of Chuck's meaty breast.

"Yeah, I'm something, ain't I?" He placed his own hand over Edward's, guiding the young man's touch down his body, lower and lower, across every powerful inch unto his fingers dug through the wet jungle of his pubes and found Chuck's mammoth manhood. Chuck smiled slightly and pushed a pulse of the Touch through himself and into the boy through the connection. The kid almost came then and there. "Be careful," he said softly, leaning his mouth down to Edward's ear, "what you wish for."

Edward gulped. "Oh, fuck."

Chuck's smile increased. "As you wish."

Frazz pushed his tongue down his target's throat. The kid swallowed eagerly, hungrily, deep-throating the black man's dick-firm tongue. He didn't know it, but he was already changing. He could feel it, probably, but Frazz was sifting the barest whisper of his overwhelming power into his dancing partner's beautiful naked body, and it felt like a clean, pure pleasure, a soft sexual tingle all over his body.

Strength, power, size and masculine essence entered his body slowly, quietly, infiltrating his cells, his blood, his muscle and skin. The two men stood at the center of the dance floor under the warm rain, engaged in a private kiss of such deep passionate intensity that no one else existed. Frazz bent his larger body over the beautiful boy, wrapped his body in his muscled arms, breathing against him, feeling the other man's body against his own as he slipped his secret strength through their bond.

The boy moaned, breaking their kiss, resting his head against Frazz's mammoth chest. "What's happening," he asked. He looked up into the dark eyes of the man whose arms made him feel so safe and warm. So good. So strong. "Who are you?"

"Call me Frazz," he answered with his sift thunder. "What do I call you?"


A smile lit the dark man's features. His almond eyes joined in. "Having fun, Brian?"

"You could say that."

Frazz watched Brian's bicep. "Want to have some more?" A tiny vein surfaced and began to swell.

"Lead the way, Frazz." •

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