Little Brother


By magusfan

This will be the final part, for a while, at least. But I may take things further later on. All comments gratefully recieved.

Samuel Wiseman brushed the long overflowing blonde fringe away from his eyes as he stared at the computer screen. Everybody always laughed at him for the overgrown hair, not exactly flowing but long enough so that hung over his ears and barely touched his shoulders. Secretly they thought Samuel could actually look quite attractive if he only cut it down a bit and took a bit of pride in his appearance in general. He was small skinny and seemed insignificant but he had a baby face with large expressive blue eyes and perfectly formed features including a snub nose. Maybe when he grew up and got a haircut he’d be pretty decent. If he ever grew up, that was.

Anyway, Samuel was interested in any of that. He was fourteen, but a late-developer and puberty was still a good few years off yet. It made him stand out in a classroom of developing kids with muscles, statures and egos that seemed to grow every day. Good natured, sensitive, and kind, Samuel had nevertheless become a bit of a loner at the Junior High school he attended, where he seemed to have more in common with the girls than the guys, who would sooner crack a crude joke and throw a football around than spend their lunchtimes in a stuffy swotty computer room. He had a few friends among some of the girls in his class, and a few crushes among them too, but it wasn’t as if Samuel was in any position to do anything about it. The bad hair, often eccentric demeanour and unfashionable clothes were just a turn-off in a world of pubescent teens who devoured fashion and hated difference. Samuel had very little in common with the guys of his class anymore, who prided themselves in labelled clothing, well groomed appearances and increasingly cool attitudes. He didn’t exactly get bullied but it was made pretty obvious that no one wanted to know him either.

On the computer screen, an enlarged image of a grey-white pill appeared. Samuel leant in to give himself a closer look. That looked about right. Checking around to make sure no one was looking – the room was virtually empty anyway – he dug into his bag and pulled out a small clear plastic packet filled with tiny pills. Unsealing the bag, so that a single pill was held within his fingers, he held it up the computer screen - perfect match; so this is what Charles had given him. He looked up at the name again, printed above the image on the screen “MGS medication.” Sounded intriguing. There was a blurb underneath; phrases such as “advanced form of puberty” and “sex drive” caught Sam’s eyes. Just what was in this stuff? Suddenly he was alerted to his senses by an angry IT technician. One of the computers had broken down and he wanted everyone out. Nervously Samuel closed the window he’d been looking at and picked up his bag - the single pill still within his tiny grasp – and ventured outside to the wilder world of the playground.

As he walked tentatively along the side of the school yard he stared down at the pill. Not exactly streetwise, Samuel had always just presumed they it was some sort of party-drug his older brother had given him. It made sense in a way, Charles was always out partying with his friends in the evenings these days. Often he’d bring girls home with him, back to his room. It didn’t really settle well with Samuel’s parents who were devout Christians who expected their children to study and prayer hard alike. But there didn’t seem to be much they could do about his muscle head of a brother anymore. At least they could be grateful one area of Charles’s school-performance had improved: his play on the school fields. Because his brother liked to wander around with not much clothes on anymore, Samuel had been able to witness first hand the improvement to his brother’s fitness levels and physique. He’d always been a bit chubby, but it had all melted away now to be replaced by impressive and intimidating muscles. Charles certainly had changed A LOT over the last few months. He didn’t even like being called ‘Charles’ anymore, only Charlie and he’d never dream of speaking disrespectfully to their parents before. They used to have a lot in common but Samuel would do his best to keep out of ‘Charlie’s way as often as possible these days in the same way he had to avoid his tougher, testosterone-fuelled classmates. He never even ventured near his older brother’s bedroom, now littered with posters and magazines of scantily-clad girls and a musky masculine aroma. Samuel was three years younger than his older brother, but he had never felt any more different. He knew he didn’t match up to Charlie’s ideals anymore. He had many girlfriends, was a regular on all the school sports teams and a tough ‘bad-ass’ attitude which Samuel shyed away from. He knew his brother had given him the pills to make him a bit more like him: “take one every fucking week” was all he’d said, but Samuel had just presumed they would bend his mind in some way: reminiscent of the anti-drug videos and school-campaigns that he was used to. Maybe it had just been his brother’s idea of a cruel joke and so they had remained in the unopened packet for what was coming up to six weeks. What did the computer mean – “advanced form of puberty”?

“Hello Dear” Mrs Abraham the school administrator smiled pleasantly down at little Samuel. It was ironic that he got on with the teachers better than he did most of his fellow teachers. Mrs Abraham in particular he knew well: he had to go to her every lunchtime for his asthma medication: handed out in a single blue pill that only the staff had access to. As she handed him the pill, with the customary glass of water to wash it down, Samuel smiled back. The bell started ringing: time for Physics class, his favourite and he wished her a pleasant goodbye.

But as he stumbled along to the Science lab, he started to feel a little unwell. He didn’t even think he would make it to the bathroom as he hurried quickly in, locking himself in a cubicle. He reached down in pain. His belly just wouldn’t stop rumbling. Maybe there was something faulty in the medication. He looked down in his hand – the blue pill was still there, but he could have sworn he swallowed it a minute ago. His stomach was in such agony: as he reached down he could feel something odd there. It didn’t feel smooth anymore, more…bumpy. And it was like his stomach had shrunk! No, it was just his hands seemed bigger. What was going on? The pain that had been in his belly was moving to other parts of his body: his legs, shoulders, arms, face - and sweat started dripping through Samuel’s body: suddenly his clothes seemed incredibly tight and restricting – he could hardly breath. With difficulty he pulled off his tiny t-shirt, he couldn’t even squeeze his head through the hole anymore, and gasped down in panic. His stomach was bumpy! Hard ridges of bone, or was that muscle, now folded themselves symmetrically down his stomach. And there seemed to be large mounds of muscle suddenly surrounding his nipples. He was turning in to some sort of freak!

Outside it had gone quiet: everyone was in class. He had no shirt on, but if no one was out there, perhaps it was worth venturing outside: the cubicle seemed really cramped. The pain, which had now reached his groin, was dulling now but he still felt very weird. Cautiously he tiptoed outside and stared with horror and astonishment at the reflection which greeted him in the mirror opposite. The figure moved as he did – but Samuel was almost certain it wasn’t he. The upper body was swollen with muscle. His shoulders were huge and looming – now the widest part of his body, which tailored down to a skinny stomach and waist. His arms resembled tree-trunks and his face! Samuel reached a tentative, sizeable hand up to his jaw, to touch it and feel it and make sure it was his. The skin was rougher to the touch than he remembered but it was still almost recognisable as his – except there was anything petite or babyish about his facial structure anymore. Samuel was almost taken a back at how handsome he had become. The chin and brow were broad and enviable, the nose was strong and the lips full. He opened them to utter a word of amazement – “What..the” and stopped immediately. It was a low booming voice that seemed to bear little resemblance to his own – his voice hadn’t even broken yet! If he hadn’t felt his body grow and develop himself, watching and tracing the developments and still recognising it as part of his own, he could have sworn he had just been ‘transported’ to somebody else’s

‘Down below’, his pants, underpants, shoes and socks were starting to feel very tight and all Samuel could do was rip them off in panic. Large feet were revealed, chunky legs and thighs, and finally has he pulled down his underpants he got the biggest shock of all.

“Whoa” he voiced instinctively, suddenly enjoying the power and deepness of his voice, as he stared at his incredibly thick flaccid penis. As he opened up a sizeable hand to witness the blue medication pill he was supposed to have swallowed five minutes ago, he suddenly realised his mistake. So this is what “advanced puberty” meant.


Jamie Parker had come home earlier than usual from a pretty uneventful day at school. He couldn’t help noticing that Charlie Wiseman hadn’t been in class, not that he was ever acknowledge by his former friend, apart from to be made fun of. He wondered how hard the beating Timmy had given him had really been. He shuddered to think of his little brother handing out hard beatings; seemingly so far away from the gentle little boy he had been. He hadn’t seen much of Timmy at school either. He couldn’t help wishing that they’d been put in the same class so it would have been easier to keep an eye out. Jamie worried about far he was letting himself get carried away with his new body.

There was no sign of him at home either, as Jamie settled down with a sandwich in front of the television. Suddenly he heard voices from the hallway. Through the doorway he could see that it was Timmy, still dressed as scruffily and revealingly as this morning and he had someone else with him – a girl Jamie recognised from this morning. Michelle wasn’t it, or Melissa? She smiled distantly at Jamie. Timmy only smirked, but not at his brother. He was more interested in the Melissa’s large cleavage and tight body, moving his massive arms round it in lust. He was whispering dirty words in here ear and she smiled gratefully. What had happened to Carrie? Timmy barely acknowledged his brother as the pair went upstairs. Jamie watched them go up uneasily.

The phone rang. Perhaps his aunty, and Jamie rushed to answer it. He hoped his aunty wouldn't be able to hear Timmy from upstairs.


“Oh hi Jamie. It’s me Carrie.”


“Is Timmy there?”

From upstairs Jamie could hear noises starting. Melissa was almost screaming, but the loudest noises of all were from Timmy - low and uninhibited manly grunts of pleasure from his brother that also vibrated around the house – he didn’t care who heard.

“He’s…not back yet. He went to school after today. He’s still there now…doing extra study”

Upstairs, the noises were only getting louder and more frantic.

“Okay. Could you tell him I rang. Get him to ring me back.” ”Sure” Jamie answered uncertainly. The grunts of pleasure Timmy was achieving from Melissa ringing in his ears.


Jamie heard the low thudding footsteps of his brother before he saw him, as he came back downstairs into the kitchen. Shirtless – only in a pair of ratty boxers. The moans of pleasure had eventually climaxed in groans of combined pleasure and satisfaction and after another half hour Timmy had eventually surfaced again - Jamie presumed that Melissa must still be upstairs Meanwhile his brother moved across the room, walking with his shoulders, the same wide swagger Jamie was getting used to watching him exhibit. He barely even seemed to acknowledge his smaller brother as he walked past him, heading straight to the sink and Jamie virtually had to climb out of the way as Timmy strutted past with his intimidating sized body. His masculine scent and presence almost overpowering him.

Once at the sink, he continued to stick his head under one tap – lapping up the cold water that came through, whilst balanced on the kitchen counter. What was the matter with him? Couldn’t he just get a beaker?

“Honey, are you… coming back to bed?” It was Melissa, a sheet wrapped around her skinny, otherwise naked, body. Her voice was high, preppy and almost whiney, but her question was voiced suggestively so that not even Jamie could miss the intended connotations. Timmy looked over proudly - his large arms hanging motionless to each side: “Fuck yeah”, he finally answered in his manly tones, grinning cockily. He swaggered out of the room, grabbing Michelle in his arms – she screaming with pleasure and amusement as the sheet slipped from her naked body.

It obviously wasn’t the right time for him to return Carrie’s call. •

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