Drawing Inspiration


By Lover_Boy

Arthur sat at his drafting table in his room, sketching. The expression on his face was one of deep sadness. Alex had suggested that he simply tell Michael how he felt. But how could he do that? What if he got pissed and never spoke to Art again? What if he was totally homophobic, and beat the shit out of him? He wanted to cry. He'd been voiding Michael the past week, but he missed him so. Thoughts of his warm smile, and his smoldering brown eyes drifted through his mind. As his concentration wandered, his pencil began to scetch the now familiar lines as if they'd become second nature. Rendering the masculine curves of Michael's powerful body. Art looked down at what he was drawing. Suddenly, a sob escaped his lips. His tears stained the paper, causing the charcoal lines to run. What was he going to do....?

"Arthur, could you come downstairs, please? There's someone here to see you." His mother's lyrical voice drifted up to him, pulling him back to reality.

He had no idea who might be here, but he had to pull himself together. Wiping the tears from his eyes and straightening his clothes, he went downstairs. She waited for him at the bottom. "Who is it, mom?"

Well, I don't know. I've never seen him before. He says you're his best friend. He's waiting in the living room."

Already Art's heart was beating faster as his mom went to the kitchen, and he tread slowly toward the living room. Sitting there on the couch was Michael with Art's sketchbook next to him. His face brightened at the sight of Arthur. With a warm smile, he stood up and walked over to Art. Art tried not to look into Michael's hypnotic eyes. "Umm, hi, w-what are you...doing-here....?"

Michael held up the sketchbook with a crooked half smile, "I thought I should probably return this."

Art fumbled as he took it clumsily from Michael. "Uhhh, thankyou."

Michael shoved his hands in his pockets, and looked around for a second before continuing. "Art....is there somewhere we can talk in private?"

"Art looked at him, his heart melted at the hopeful look on Michael's face. "Sure. We can talk in my room."

Upstairs Michael sat on the bed while Art sat in his desk chair. "What did you wanna talk about?"

Michael brushed a lock of thick dark hair from his face. "Art, is there something you wanna tell me....? I mean, we were goin' along great. Then you show me your sketchbook, and all those drawings of me are in there. And now, you've been deliberately avoiding me all week. Were you afraid I wouldn't like them?"

Art looked at the floor. "No. No, that's not it at all....."

"Then what? I mean, I really miss spending time with you."

Art shook his head as he stood, walking to the door and opening it.. "I....I can't tell you. Please....you have to go...."

Michael stood, and walked to the door closing it and holding it shut. He looked sternly into Arthur's eyes, and moved his head to keep his gaze fixed when he tried to look away. "Art.....please....why won't you talk to me....?!"

Art looked into Michael's eyes now. He could feel the heat from Michael's body. So close, his sexuality was almost palpable. He spoke with a stiff voice, "Okay......You really wanna know what's going on....?"

Michael nodded slowly, sensing some deep turmoil within Arthur.

Art leaned forward slowly, and kissed Michael on the lips. It lasted only a few moments, but to Art, it felt like an eternity.

Art withdrew, and Michael drew back, caught off guard. A tense moment passed where they stood only looking deep into one another's eyes. Before Art could say anything more, Michael grabbed him, and pulled him into another kiss. A deeper one, more passionate and erotic than anything Art had ever felt.. Art's world faded away as his body felt on fire, and he instinctively wrapped his arms around Michael's slender waist and his mind began to spin.... •

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