New Findings


By Diablo11d

“God damn I hate headaches!” blurted Dave. “Hmmmm, now where is that medicine?” “No that’s not it… hmm what’s this?” Dave pulled up a small baggy that had a label and one small pill inside it. The label read TrigGrow. He pinched himself and then looked at it again. He thought it was fake, just a story…

He lifted the baggy, shaking a little. Suddenly his cock got rock hard thinking about the possibilities! He looked down at the bulge in his pants. He was, not so gifted in that area, a small dick, only 4 inches hard. He couldn’t help himself and he quickly poured a glass of water and swallowed the tiny pill.

He knew all of the rules about TrigGrow. It was he biggest fantasy to have it. Take the pill with water ONLY! Then wait 24 hours until you could perform the trigger. He knew it by heart.

“I hate the 24 hour rule.” He murmured to himself. He walked upstairs and turned on his new computer. While waiting for the computer to get ready, he undressed and looked at himself in a full-length mirror. How pathetic is my little frame he thought! I’m 14 years old, 5’4”, and I way 95 pounds! My biceps are less then 12 ½’, my legs are pitifully thin, and my abs only show because I’m so skinny! That’s all about to change though, once this 24 hours is up… and this puny cock.

He stood in front of the full-length mirror, and started jerking off, imagining how big he is going to get! He pounded his dick until a small amount of cum, much smaller then normal came out. He looked at himself in the mirror again. “I’m less then a foot away from the mirror and I still can’t shoot cum onto it! I really am pitiful.” He walked to the now ready computer and started to look at gay porn and had a jerk off fest all night.

24 hours gone by, Dave was completely weak from the numerous jerk off sessions he had. He had 15 over the night and he was completely spent. Then he remembered TrigGrow and he looked at the clock. “It’s Ready!!!!”

“Let’s hope this works,” he said while standing in front of the full-length mirror. “First I need to get rid of this skimpy cock.” He took a deep breath. “Gain 10 inches to my cock, now!” ‘Is it going to work? Please let it work! Please!’ He thought.

He felt a small tingling in the base of his cock. He stared at it quickly. Eyes glaring at it, ‘Please, Please work!’

It started. An incredible pain ran into his stomach, like someone just took a giant cookie cutter and cut part of him out. He knelt on the floor, head on the ground, staring at his hips and cock through teary eyes. He finally found enough strength to wipe his eyes. When his eyes weren’t blurry anymore, the pain began to disappear! Head still on the ground, staring at his midsection, he looked in disbelief as he saw his tiny cock begin to grow! He stood up and watched as his smaller-than-his-balls cock began to grow past his balls and dangle in-between his legs. From 3 inches soft, to 6 inches soft, to 9 to10 and finally to 13 inches soft.

He stared at his new manhood, hung huge and marvelous! He still couldn’t believe it, his once small dick was now dangling in-between his legs all the way down to his knees! He couldn’t help but become horny and soon his massive member started to bone up. He stared at his dick as it hardened so hard and long and thick he was even more amazed. It hit his chest with a ‘SMACK.’ He stared at his hardened friend, at least 16 inches long and 8 inches around!

“I wanted to do this for so long!” Dave leaned forward and met the head of his member right in front of his nipples. He started to like the head of it and found a new wonderful sensation. He got ready started to wrap his mouth around the head. It’s so huge! It must be the biggest in the world! He thought. He finally got his mouth around the head and started to create pressure on the head. He went down as far as he could but he couldn’t get down even half way. He started to move his head up and down on his shaft slowly and then gaining speed. He slowly crept farther down the shaft while picking up speed. As soon as he got almost half way down, he came. It was like before though, only a little better because of his huge cock.

He forgot one rule though, when he jerk off or cum, w/e your last growth was will happen even more. He stared at his even more massive member with a grin. This time he got a tape measure. He couldn’t believe the measurements! 18”x11”! He was massive! “But that last orgasm wasn’t good enough! How big should my balls get? Hmmmm.”

“Grow 5inches in diameter to my balls now!” A small but similar pain came to him again but this time much less severe. Then they started his swell. His balls, which were hiding behind his still hard massive cock, were now swelling into existence. From small golf balls to Clementine’s, to baseballs, to large soft balls! Finally they stopped and he couldn’t help yet again to suck himself off!

He got his mouth around the warm head and started to work down on it while jerking off the lower half. He quickly felt a churning in the base of his cock and then he came. It was like nothing before! Massive amounts of cum poured into his mouth and he swallowed it all down. He kept Cumming like there was no tomorrow! In the back of his mind he was wondering how long he would cum but he was too rapped up in the most amazing orgasm in the world. He couldn’t keep up and finally he had to let go. He tipped his head back in ecstasy as globs of cum shot out of his cock. Finally he felt it slow down and he get his mouth around it for the last few drops. He stood up and noticed that the overflowed cum made a large puddle on the floor. “Man I hope this isn’t a dream.” He stared down at his balls again and noticed that they grew at least another inch in diameter.

He stared in the full-length mirror. “Holy shit I’m a fucking god! But what’s a hot god without some muscle on him? Gain 200 pounds of muscle now!” This time the pain was much more intense then before. He was in such pain that he fell towards the ground and hit his head on a chair and blacked out.

He awoke with a startle. “Oh man my head.” He started to get up and he found it a little difficult to move around. He walked to the mirror to check out his head, feeling his way through his bedroom because his eyes were still closed. He kept walking past something sticky all over the floor and made it to the mirror. He opened his eyes and remembered his last growth trigger. He was pure god. 21 inches biceps at least, a massive chest with huge, monstrous pecs, some mind blowing legs and defined huge calves. His obliques hung huge over the sides of his abs, his traps pushed high up on his neck, his lats flaring and pushed his arms up at a 40-degree angle, and a small waist made by huge defined washboard abs leaving huge crevices between each other.

He started rubbing his body and feeling all of the striations. His dick got rock hard again and he tried something new. “I always wanted to have an orgasm from pinching my nipples.” He started to pinch one nipple while feeling his body with the hand. He grabbed his pecs and felt himself up. “Oh god I’m amazing.” He kept groping himself until he blew his load without touching his cock. It was amazing, his whole body was having an orgasm, it was like he was a huge sex organ. And while his cum flew on top of the mirror, he thought vaguely, “I’m not big enough yet, I think I need to grow some more.”

And with that thought, he had the most climatic orgasm of his life, spewing his man juice over everything he owned. •

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