Drawing Inspiration


By Lover_Boy

Mondays....what a drag. Art sat in studyhall, sketching. As usual, he'd already finished his Advanced Calculus homework. He'd been referred to on mre than one occasion as a "boy genius". However, despite his academic talents, his passion had always been in the world of art and imagination. Hie pecil once again deftly executed his commands. But this time, it was the angel with the body of a god that graced his paper. Art came to reality as a knock came on the classroom door.

Mrs. Fissher rose, and walked to the door opening it. The hairs on the back of Arthur's neck rose with a tingle as he heard a familiar voice murmuring something to the teacher. Mrs. Fissher motioned for the unknown person to enter, and in walked Michael. Apparently, Art wasn't the only one who appreciated the stunning looks of the boy as the quiet conversations stopped immediately. All eyes of the silent room fell on the magnificent specimen of young manhood that stood before them. Michael shifted self consciously from one foot to the other in the awkward silence, seemingly ignorant of the fact that he himself was the cause of it.

Mrs. Fissher broke the silence. "You may sit anywhere you like, Mr. Casanova. Just find an empty seat."

Arthur mused at such a fitting name for such a stud, "Michaelangelo Casanova". Barely perceptible, some of the room's occupants moved gymbags, binders, and backpacks from nearby seats in hopes that he might select the silently proffered accomodation. Art tried to look inconspicuous as Michael's face brightened upon spying him and the vacant desk adjacent to his. Eyes watched with disappointment as he made a near beeline for the space. Plopping into the seat, he beamed at Art as the room returned to semi-normal.

"Hi, Art."

Arthur felt uncomfortable for some reason. "Uhhhh, hi..."

Michael's outfit was simplistically chic and flattering to his form as he shed his black soft leather jacket. A deep red lycra shirt with long sleeves that clung to every masculine curve showcased his chest, shoulders, and arms nicely. In combination, a braided leather belt cinched with a great deal of slack around his narrow waist to hold up a semi-snug pair of black jeans that emphasized his perfectly rounded buttocks. A gold chain graced his thick neck, and a shell bracelet encircled his slender wrist. Attempting conversation rather than stare, Art blurted out, "Fancy meeting you here."

Not missing a beat, Michael replied. "I know. I knew I'd see you again, but I didn't think it'd be so soon."

Art's interest was piqued. "And what made you so sure you'd see me again...?"

Michael just smilled, and winked again, "Call it a 'hunch." He pulled out his schedule card, and held it out to Art, "Can you help me figure this out. I've never seen a schedule done like this." "This" referring to the confusing number-letter system the school used to grid work what classes a student had and when..

Art took the card. "Ahh, yes. It's a grid, like a map. Students here have the same classes every day, but in different order for each day of the week." He pointed as Michael watched with focused attention. "Like here, 'A-3'. It means today, you have Art Class third period. But tomorrow, it's 'B-4', fourth period. Get it?"

"Yeah, I think so."

"And it looks like you have the same Art Class as me every day. Gym Class too."

Michael nodded with a smile. "Cool, something to look forward to every day."Art blushed slightly at the veiled compliment.

"Looks like you're working on a masterpiece right now", he reached for Art's sketchpad, "Can I see....?"

Art clumsily flipped the portrait of Michael closed, stammering a bit too quickly. "No!...." Had he seen? At Michael's slightly hurt look, he quickly added, "It-it's not finished."

"Oh, okay. Well, maybe later when it's done. I'll show ya mine. Here..." Michael unzipped a portfolio and handed it to Arthur. "It's a bit comic book-ish, but....."

Art flipped through the pages slowly with a low appreciative whistle. Yeah, it was definitely comic book in nature. But it was refined, professional grade artwork. So polished was his work that, despite it's nature, it looked almost photographic. "This is.....excellent!"

Now Michael blushed, and Art couldn't help but find him adorable. "Thanks. High praise."

The bell rang, and everyone began exiting the room for their next class. Michael tapped Art on the shoulder, "I don't wanna sound lame, but I don't really know anyone here besides you.", he hesitated, "Mind if I sit with you at lunch?"

Art peered at him, and the hopeful, almost pleading, look on his face. Why would he wanna sit with me? "Sure. I'd be glad to have some company for once." He didn't know why this young hunk wanted his company. But he was glad.

"Great! I'll see you then."

As they parted company, Art stood for a moment watching the tight movement of Michael's ass as he walked down the hall looking at a floor map to find his way. Maybe this wasn't going to be such a bad day after all.... •

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