Dream Come True, A

By Lover_Boy

Court's body stiffened. He couldn't move any more! He tried to look down at his body as best he could, for the oversized muscles in his neck and shoulders were seriously limiting the mobility of his cranium. He felt his shirt and jeans stretching, growing tighter by the second until he heard the sound of breaking threads. With a sudden heave, the collar of his t-shirt tore at the center, and the shoulder seams gave way. He felt the denim of his pants split as his thighs freed themselves of their fabric prison. What the fuck was happening....?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Alex sat up in his leather desk chair, soaked with sweat. It took him a few moments to get his bearings, and he realized that it had merely been a dream. He looked at the computer monitor. Once again, he'd fallen asleep browsing the myriad of muscle sites he frequented online under the screen name "Lover_Boy". Glancing over at his alarm clock, he grimaced at the display of 3:00 a.m. Definitely time for bed. Shuffling sleepily into the adjoining bathroom, he stripped of his sweaty clothes until he stood in nothing but his maroon boxer-briefs. At 6' even and 110 lbs., he would've made for a scrawny sight were it not for his wide shoulders, long limbs, and narrow waist.

His one saving grace was that he was "cute". At least, that's what he'd been told by his gal pal, Valerie. He wasn't conceded, but he had to agree. With thick, lustrous dark hair, finely chiselled features, and unearthly blue eyes, he was indeed quite handsome. Too bad most gay men wanted a body to match. Oh well. Court walked into his bedroom proper, and slunk off to dream land with fragments of that bizarre dream tickling the edge of his subconscious. __________________________________________________ ________

"Wow! That's bizarre." Valerie took a bite of her salad as she concidered Court's recounting of the previous night's dream.

"I know. I want to put on some weight, but I'm not sure I wanna be that big." As the bell rang, signaling the end of lunch period, Valerie gave him a friendly peck on the cheek, "Well, no matter what you look like, I'll always love ya. But now, we need to get to Chem-Lab. You know how Mr. Foster is about tardiness for his lectures." "Right", Alex rolled his eyes, "Boring-101."

As usual, Mr. Foster had conducted the instructional part of the class with all the enthusiasm of a piece of toast. "Today, class, we'll be working with an experimental compound for the regeneration of organic tissues; generously donated by the C.E.O. of our local genetics company, Meta-Tech. Please, handle it with caution." Valerie leaned over, whispering her impression of Mr. Foster to Court. "Pleeeease....handle it with caaaaution." Her intonation was flawless, and Court could barely keep himself from laughing out loud.

The assignment was going well until a small spider began creeping its way across the table toward Valerie. Suddenly spying the arachnid, she gave a small squeek, and lept from her seat. The force of here sudden movement startled Court as she backed into him. Losing his balance, he fell off his stool and landed on his back on the floor in a heap, jarring the table. A pressurized canister of the experimental compound on their table tipped over, and rolled off landing on Court's stomach. He grabbed it, holding it away from himself, and held his breath for a moment.

Getting to his feet, he shot a look at Valerie. "Sorry", she squeaked innocently. "Sheesh, be a little careful, Val. This stuff's unstable when it's pressurized."

He set the canister down with a metallic clink, and he heard a small click. "Oh shit!" With a hissing burst, the cap of the canister flew off, and a stream of the depressed compound jetted directly into his face. Unable to stop his inhaling gasp of surprise, he swallowed a fair amount of the liquid. Stumbling back, he moved out of the radius of fire until the can stopped spraying as Mr. Foster came runing. "Are you okay, Courtland....!?", he asked with uncharacterisitc concern. It struck Court as odd that it was the first time he'd heard Mr. Foster's voice register any emotion. "Yeah, Mr. Foster. Im....I'm f-fiiiii....." Suddenly overwhelmed with a light headed feeling, he collapsed to the floor as the world went dark. Outside the fringes of his fading consciousness, he could vaguely hear Valerie screaming, and Mr. Foster yelling frantically for someone to call 9-1-1...... __________________________________________________ ________

Court sat in the wheelchair with Val, waiting for his mom to arrive at the hospital. "Im so sorry, Court!" He was still a bit dizzy, but the doctor had determined that there'd been no damage done to his system by inhaling the compound. "It's okay, Val. Nothing bad happened. I'll be fine." "Oh, I just feel like an idiot. Jumping over a little spider. I'm just glad you're okay." She bent down, and hugged him. His mother arrived, and they said goodbye for the day. In the car, his mother was less convinced. "Are you sure you're okay, Courtland?" He looked out the window, wishing his mom wasn't always so over protective. She'd been this way since his dad had died in an accident working at Meta-Tech. He guessed she didn't want to lose the only remaining man in her life. "Yes, mom. Can we just get home? I'm starved." "Sure honey. I'll make you your favorite. How's grilled chicken, mashed potatoes, and broccoli sound...?" That lifted his spirits again. Looking at her and seeing the love in her face, he smiled. "Yeah, mom. That sounds great." Reaching over, she tossled his hair, "It's a deal, then." __________________________________________________ __________

At dinner that night, Court ate an unusual amount of food; uncharacteristically wolfing down a second and third helping of the bounty his mother had prepared. His mother usually cooked a lot, knowing he wouldn't eat much and the leftovers easily fed them for the entire following week. Tonight, however, she was relieved to see him with a healthy appetite for a change. "You must not have eaten much today." Court spoke around mouthfuls of mashed potatoes, "Not really. And all those stress tests at the hospital helped work up an appetite." He finished his meal, and sat back in his chair, contented. "You want help with the dishes, Ma?" "No, no. I'll do them in the morning. You've had a long day. Go upstairs and rest. I'm going out with Freddy tonight." Freddy was a co-worker of hers at the local grocery store. He liked Freddy, but he knew no man would ever be able to stand up to the loving memory she held of her late husband. "Okay, Mom. Have fun." __________________________________________________ __________

Within minutes, Court was in front of his computer, browsing the usual muscle sites. He'd been at it for about a half hour, posting here and there on the message boards. Things were slow, and there wasn't much new to read or comment on. As he switched off his computer and headed toward the bathroom, he was overcome by a tingling sensation from head to toe. He stood for a minute, wondering what was causing it as it suddenly turned from a tingling to a warmth. The heat intensified, and he began to sweat profusely. His mother had left about twenty minutes ago, and he was alone in the house.

He started to walk toward the phone on his night stand to call 9-1-1 when the tingling returned in earnest and mixed with the rising heat of his body. The feeling was so intense that he could no longer stand, and he sat on the edge of his bed. He pawed at the collar of his shirt which suddenly felt like it was constricting around his neck. The feeling faded, gradually being replaced by another feeling of strangeness. His jeans and t-shirt hadn't felt this snug before. The new feeling was strange. It was like the feeling of an erection, but it consumed his entire body. He looked at himself in the full length mirror across from his bed. Was he imagining this...??? No, his shirt was getting tighter!

He looked down at himself now. The veins on his arms were starting to become more visible than usual on his thin limbs. His collar was becoming tighter as he looked in the mirror again to see that the cords of muscle in his neck were swelling. His shoulders now were not only broad but pumped up and rounded, his delts and traps showing through noticeably. His chest had grown to fill some of the space provided by his wide shoulders and stuck out, causing his nipples to be visible through the cotton fabric. His biceps and triceps became voluminous inside the short sleeves and his torso had visibly widened due to a swelling of his lats.

His jeans had begun to snug around his thighs as he saw that the beginnings of meaty quads had started to develop themselves. Abbruptly, he became aware of a tightness in his crtch and looked down. His eyes widened as his formerly modest package had plumped out and become astonishingly more packed. His mind raced to think of a reason for this, even as he felt his body continue to swell, and realized that the only answer could be the compound he'd ingested earlier today.

Vividly, the feeling of the "body erection" intensified and a lous moan escaped his lips as the growth accelerated. He stood, looking in the mirror now in awe at the sight of his own metamorphosis. His neck swelled thicker as his traps mounded up, the two groups of muscle pushing against each other and causing his collar to become unnaturally stretched. His delts ballooned, the striations making the three individual muscles show through the fabric. His biceps and triceps exploded outward from one another filling in more and more space on his upper arms and swelling the sleeves of the shirt. His pecs were growing rapidly into a thick shelf of muscle and would've obscured his now brick-like abs if his inflating lats hadn't filled what little slack there was in the fabric. His legs had completely filled out the denim of his jeans and his package had doubled in size, becoming uncomfortably tight.

His neck now began to swell outward, curving out from his head and forming a nearly solid lump of muscle with his traps. His delts swelled to the size of bowling balls, now crowding his cantelope-sized biceps, and massive triceps for room. His pecs were growing in leaps and bounds, inflating like uncontrolable balloons as his now eight-pack continued to thicken and define themselves into packed masses of hardness. As he watched his lats spread lide a cobra's hood, he marvelled suddenly at the sight of his waist which had increased some but still remained amazingly petite. His quads were now visibly pressing against one another for room in his jeans as his cock now filled the entire front of his jeans and he watched his balls suddenly burst out into his pant legs.

Court's body stiffened. He couldn't move any more! He tried to look down at his body as best he could, for the oversized muscles in his neck and shoulders were seriously limiting the mobility of his cranium. He felt his shirt and jeans stretching, growing tighter by the second until he heard the sound of breaking threads. With a sudden heave, the collar of his t-shirt tore at the center, and the shoulder seams gave way. He felt the denim of his pants split as his thighs freed themselves of their fabric prison. What the fuck was happening....?!?!?!?!?!?!? In the corner of his mind, the dream of the previous night flicked through his memory.

Suddenly free of restraint, Court's entire body heaved over and over; each heave packing on more mass. His barely-in-one-piece boxer-briefs were just short of bursting when he felt his mobility return ever so slightly. As he looked in the mirror, he saw his height increasing. He grew taller until he estimated himself at nearly 7'. With one last burst of power, his body finally bulged out, and his boxer-briefs gave way to allow his mammoth cock and balls freedom. His massive meat flopped out, and dangled to just below his knees. The growth stopped, and Court stood, dumbfounded, gazing at himself in the mirror. His clothes lay in tatters on the floor, and he could only describe himslef as enormous. He sat on the bed, and explored his new body with his hands for a few moments.

With a twinkle in his eye, he picked up the phone and dialed Valerie's number. A groggy voice came over the phone, "Hel-hello....?" "Val, it's Court...." "Do you know that it's one o'clock a.m. ....?" "Val, you're not gonna believe what's happened....!" "Suddenly thinking it might be bad news, her reply was sharp, "WHy? What's happened....?" Courtland looked at himself in the mirror again, and smiled a broad grin at his reflcetion. "Valerie, I gotta tell ya. It's a dream come true....!" •

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