Drawing Inspiration


By Lover_Boy

In the quiet classroom, Arthur's charcoal pencil moved across the medium grade tooth paper of his sketchpad. He looked up at the class's model for the day, B. J. Seeley. B.J. was one of the school's football players. And true, he'd only taken this art class out of need to fill the scheduling space for an elective. However, Art was glad. B.J. was cute beyong beliefe, and built nicely, with that rare type of build that Art loved in a man. Plump, rounded, bulky muscles that looked like overly inflated balloons beneath the skin. Dark brown hair, naturally tanned skin, with full dark lips, green eyes, and a pert butt, B.J. was a teen Adonis.

He'd never seen B.J. shirtless, but what he had showed easily through his fashionable clothes. Arthur thought of his own pathetic body as he sketched his muse's athletically sinewy form. Art was tall at 6'3", and skinny. Unkempt dirty-blonde hair drooped into pale blue eyes, further hidden by wire rimmed glasses. His normal uniform of t-shirt, baggy jeans, and flannel hung from his frame like shrouds, completing the look of typical "geek". He'd tried working out, but it had yielded little results. He had little muscle to show for his efforts. Oh well, at least he was....kinda cute.

He looked back up in awe at B.J. and sketched on, mre awed with every second until he was jostled by an elbow to the ribs. The prodding had come from his best friend, Alex, who sat next to him.

He whispered, "You can stop drooling now, Art."

"I wasn't drooling."

"No, not at all. I'm just practically swimming in the puddle here next to ya."

Art's face flushed. Alex knew of Art's crush on B.J., and constantly picked on him about it. Alex was gay too, and their powerful bond of friendship had begun in their freshman year. Alex was different. His Brad Pitt looks and swimteam body, along with his big heart and irresistable charm had made him more accepted than Art in highschool life. He was also a telented artist. Art had wanted to ask him out for a while. However, he felt Alex was totally out of his league. Art sighed, and continued his rendering of B.J. . He guessed he was just destined to be alone.

__________________________________________________ ___________

"Ya shoulda seen it, guys. Ol' Arty's tongue was hangin' out an'all. He prolly would've tripped over it if he tried to walk."

The group of Art's and Alex's friends burst out laughing. Arthur reddened with embarrassment, then laughed. Here they were, sitting at the local pizza parlour, on a Friday night before going to see Troy. The movie had been Art's choice. He liked Greek Mythology, but it hadn't been the only reason for the selection. A cast of scantily clad hotties like Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom, and Eric Banna running around on-screen had heralded it on a popular gay website as "the new 'Spartacus".

Art looked at Alex. "You're terrible! he said, trying to look stern, but not quite able to hide his amusement.

Alex made his legendary puppydog face at Arthur, feigning shame. "Oh, we're sorry, Arty. Can you forgive us...?"

"I suppose. Though you're worse than listening to a bunch of cheerleaders gossip!"

Alex plopped his head in the palm of a hand, and looked up at Arthur batting his eye lashes, "And do you wanna be B.J.'s cheerleader....?"

The group errupted with laughter again as Art stood. "Okay, okay. Jeeze, I need to get another drink."

The group kept laughing as he walked to the counter. Alex was his best friend, but sometimes he could get a little too carried away. He stepped to the counter, ringing the bell for service. It took a few seconds, and someone came from the kitchen.

"Can I help you....?"

Art looked at the menu, concidering what he wanted. then looked at the source of the voice. Instantly, he was spellbound.

The voice's owner was a kid that looked to be Arthur's age and height, but the similarity stopped there. His hair was long to his shoulders, thick, wavy, and a lustrous black. His eyes smouldered an intense greenish-brown while harboring a warm look of friendliness. A shapely, almost elven nose and supple red lips were the features of a young healthy face of blemish free bronze skin, save for a smeer of flour on his left cheek. From there down, things only got better. Broad shoulders clearly filled with muscle, and a plump set of bulky rounded pecs slightly distorted the shop's logo on a maroon t-shirt. Thick swollen biceps and triceps swelled the sleeves and Art couldn't stop his eyes from wandering discreetly over the young man's torso. B.J. Seeley had nothin' on this kid.

The kid spoke again with a note of uncertainty and a slight New York accent. "Can I...help you...?"

Barely able to tear his eyes away from the angelic face, he stammered, "Ye-yes....um, I'd like a large...ummm....Dr. Pepper."

The boy grinned widely, showing a set of perfect white teeth, "Sure thing, man. Comin' right up." He turned and grabbed a soda cup, putting his back to Art and giving him a full view of a rounded bubble butt. Alomost caught looking, he looked up as the kid set his drink on the counter. "It'll be two bucks", said the young stud.

Art rummeged through his pocket, and realized he'd left his wallet in his coat pocket. "Hnag on. I left my wallet at the table...."

The kid smiled warmly. 'Sokay, man. Forget about it, on the house."

Hmmm, hot and nice. Art searched frantically for a reason to hold the kid's attention. "So, you're not from around here, are ya....?"

The kid half smiled, "Is it that obvious...?"

"Well, no. You just have a bit of an accent. New York, right?"

"Yeah, good ear. I gotta work on that."

"No, no. It's nice." "Nice"....????, Art thought. Smooth, 'Nice accent".....

"Thanks, man. Name's Michaelangelo, but my friends just call me 'Michael'. Just moved here from NYC. My uncle owns the shop." He put his hand out to shake.

Arthur accepted the gesture a bit too enthusiastically, "Hi, my name's Arthur. Friends call me 'Art'.

Nice to meetcha. I gotta get back to work, See ya around."

He went back into the kitchen, as Arthur walked back to the table. Alex looked up, not noticing the euphoric look on his face. "Sure took a long time to get a soda."

"Huh....?" Art looked distractedly to Alex.

"Earth to Arthur. Are you ready to go....?"

"Ummmm, yeah. Lets go."

As the group walked out the door, Art glanced back toward the kitchen. Michale was deftly tossing the dough of a pizza shell, Seeming to sense he was being watched, he turned to look directly at Art. Flashing that brilliant grin, he winked. As Art started his car, his mind was filled with images of the hunky young Italian. Man, what a frickin' hottie....!!!!!! •

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