Deal's A Deal, A


By Ender

Well, I not really happy with this part, but I need to get the transition out of the way so I can stop obsessing about it and get on with the story...

In the showers of the gym locker room two and a half hours later, Tony stands motionless under a jet of steaming water looking down at nothing in particular, as water splashes on his head and shoulders and streams down his aching body. Muscles that he didn’t know he had were screaming. But the grin on his face told the real story… He is in complete ecstasy. Slowly the noise, heat and steam began to penetrate the stupor and rational thought starts to return to Tony’s mind.

A couple shower nozzles down from Tony; Shane is starting to soap himself up, chuckling, “Man, you are a machine… a real natural to be able to zone out like that and you’re a terrific training partner, that was the best workout I’ve had since you… forgave me for being an asshole…”

Tony says to himself “Right, I’m at the gym, with Shane.” Tony almost imperceptibly turns his head towards Shane. “I asked him to help me get in shape and this was the first time Shane let me lift any serious weight.” Tony starts to stir; flexing his muscles that are mostly hidden under a layer of flab, as the memory of the pump the weights had caused in his muscles returned. Tony’s cock started to inflate and was soon at full mast.

Shane laughs when he notices Tony’s erection and that Tony was uncomfortable about it. “It’s cool, after a workout like that any guy would get a major woody, go ahead and service it… that’s what most jocks do.” Tony looks over toward Shane who grins back as he was stroking his sizable endowment. “Yeah, Tony,” Shane continued, “if you can keep that intensity, eat right and have at least half-way decent genes you should be able to do ‘most anything within reason without ‘hocus-pocus.’”

As his mind continues to clear, Tony thinks to himself, “Zoned-out??? What an understatement… I was in a coma.” He wasn’t really too clear about most of the last couple of hours but he was sure he wanted more. Tony finishes showering and while getting dried off he notices himself in a mirror and is surprised that the muscles in his arms chest and shoulders appear larger and fuller than the last time he looked. He walked over to the mirror and flexed for himself.

Shane laughed when he noticed Tony grinning, flexing and feeling his muscles, with his cock back to fully erect. “Before you get too turned on, I should warn you that you’ll be back the normal with in an hour or two… when the blood drains back into the rest of your body.” Tony looked sheepish and Shane continued, “It’ll take a few weeks before you’ll start to see any real difference.”

Tony tries to convince Shane to workout with him Sunday but Shane insists that Tony needs at least one day rest after their workout Tony freaked at Shane’s suggestion of working out with the other jocks after school, "If the other guys got know you the way Brian and I do they wouldn't give you such a hard time. They really aren't bad guys. If he got to know you even Travis might accept you.”

Tony replies, “Right… ‘To know me is to love me…’ Maybe some of them would accept me, but Travis and his crew are so homo-phobic, there’s no way they will ever tolerate me. I suspect they might have some latent gay leaning but are afraid the of the idea”

“Yeah, Travis and his clique are a bunch of hyper macho jerks a lot of the time, maybe it would be better not to get in his face, at least for now,” said Shane and he agreed to work with Tony after the other guys left.

Tony headed back to Andy’s and got there near four hours after he had left. Andy had finished working up several morphs of Tony. Andy had created a range of muscle stud looks. One reminded Tony of the ultimate muscle god Brian had allowed Tony to make him for their “date.” Tony thought it was odd that it also reminded him a bit of Deez. Tony was less than impressed by a few of Andy’s other views of an “improved” Tony. One was reminiscent of the “Incredible Hulk” with impossibly thick musculature that in the real world would make movement impossible. The one that caught Tony’s eye was not the biggest or most massively muscular. What it did have was symmetry definition and hardness. Part of what drew Tony to it was the incredible leanness it was the same sort of leanness that Mike had wished for himself but coupled with dense chiseled hard muscle. Tony grinned to himself, “That is what I want to see looking back at me from the mirror and it is should be with in reach if I work hard for it.”

At Andy's card tournament Tony’s performance was not up to his normal standards. He was distracted by the wonderful ache felt in his muscles. After falling asleep between rounds several time, Andy sees that Tony was tired and not really in to the game, so he suggested that Tony head up the bed and that he would follow after seeing the other players off. By the time Andy finally comes up Tony is fast asleep and couldn’t be easily roused. Frustrated Andy crawled into the bed with Tony, curls up against him and drifts off to sleep too.

Tony continued his workouts with Shane. The weeks of workouts, cardio and watching what he ate was starting to show on Tony’s body. His weight hadn’t change but guy he saw in the mirror stepping out of the shower was starting to look a bit more like a jock. His body was still sleek with a layer of fat but that was beginning to thin. Tony surveyed his progress in the mirror and grinned. Tony’s belly had flattened and the first faint trace of abs was starting to become visible. Tony ran his fingers up and down his stomach and could feel the ridges of his developing abs under the skin. He had lost nearly 6 inches in his waist and the flab that looked like breasts was melting away to be replaced by firm pectoral muscle that didn’t jiggle any more. Tony’s hand drifted down to his erect cock. As the layer of flab melted away and his muscles tightened it revealed he had an additional 2 inches of manhood. He had just begun to stroke himself when he heard, “Tony, if you don’t get a move on you’re going to be late for school.” Tony’s mom was calling to him from the kitchen, “Your breakfast is getting cold.”

Tony headed for his bedroom to get dressed. Tony jumped into his pants, zipped the fly and cinched his belt down to the last notch. As he slips on his shirt, Tony felt his pants start to slide from his waist to his hips. The 4 additional notches he had punched in his belt made his pants seriously bunch at the small of his back. By the time he finished buttoning his shirt, his pants were around his ankles. He needed to add another notch to his belt, but not having time to do it right Tony quickly tucked his shirttails in to his pants. With the added bulk his pants now didn’t slip below his hips, Looking in the mirror Tony shook his head. He had taken to letting his un-tucked shirt conceal his shrinking waist; but with his shirt tucked in, the changes in his body were very apparent. He was still rather pear shaped, although now the pear was inverted. He frowned, shrugged and jogged down to the kitchen and wolfed down a bowl of oatmeal and a protein shake, grabbed his lunch bag, let his mom kiss him goodbye, and sprinted out the door. •

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