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Justin and Reggie were on the dock when Jerry arrived with Kevin. They might have been enjoying their session with Ray, but duties are duties. And this was one they particularly relished. After all, it gave them first go at the new arrivals.

The Greeting Squad enjoyed their augmented bodies as much as or more than any other guy at IGE, but they also knew that intimidation was not a very welcoming aspect. So they agreed - silently, of course - that they'd continue to greet new company at a size and height that displayed a promise of what was to come for them as they finalized the transformation, but not so big as to seem frightening or threatening.

Justin waved his arm and hollered at the incoming boat. "Greetings, Jerry! Hello, Kevin!"

"Welcome to IGE, gentlemen." Reggie smiled broadly as he extended his hand to the men while Justin tied the boat to the dock. Both men were naked and glorious as usual, but had taken the trouble to tuck up a twin and allow the remainder to hang in mute glory, not attempting to demonstrate the advantages of two fully muscle-controlled cocks at this particular stage of the men's reception.

"Well, shit, if you aren't the most beautiful men we've seen so far - especially after only your initial treatment!" Reggie wiggled his brows at Justin as he approached, walking with not ineffective sensual grace toward where the three men stood.

Jerry had taken his shirt off on the boat and wore only a pair of kalki shorts, no shoes. He's cut his hair himself, tired of attempting to control his mane of soft silk, and it was now slightly below his shoulders, hanging long and straight. His skin was bronzed as if kissed by the sun gods, and he had a broad, bright smile on his face. Kevin was wearing an over-sized tank top (that wasn't oversized in the least on his magnified frame) and a pair of black lycra biking shorts. His wealth of red-blonde curls was tied back with a big rubber band and hung down his back in a cascade of shifting color. His face was beautiful, with wide clear eyes and a high brow. He was smiling, too, and trying to keep from getting hard as he looked at the men greeting them. Jerry and Kevin were each standing just under eight feet tall, or about a foot and a half shorter than the Greeting Squad. "Thanks," Jerry answered. "You guys aren't so bad yourselves."

"I've been working out," Justin kidded. He raised his right arm and bent it, allowing his bicep to swell huge and full under his deeply tanned skin. It looked like it was being inflated. "Does it show?" Jerry felt something of his own inflating in the face of such an awesome display of power. Justin, who never missed a thing, reached his other hand to Jerry's crotch and rubbed his burgeoning manhood through his shorts. "Thanks for the compliment, but let's wait until we're properly introduced."

"I thought that's what we were doing," added Reggie.

Justin slapped his forehead, said, "My gosh you're right!" and leaned over to Dr. Lassiter to plant a deep, wet kiss on his mouth as his fingers deftly unsnapped him and ripped his fly open so his hand could more easily crawl inside the man's shorts and start to pleasure his newest friend then and there. He grabbed Jerry's heavy dick in his grip, poking deep into his shorts to find the nozzle that he knew would be releasing a copious flow of lubing juices that would make all this playing so much nicer. He smiled down at Jerry's astonished face and said, "What? Never had a welcoming handjob, before?" He looked at Reggie. "I bet he's used to a blow job." His hand was pulling Jerry's stiff, red prick out. It was a glistening tower, pumping a heavy flow of clear honey from the tip. Justin's huge hand was slowly stroking his inches, coated with his lubrication, feeling the man getting harder and harder. "I do apologize, Jerry. How very rude of me." He bent down and applied his lips to the head, wrapping his tongue around it and sucking it inside his hot mouth, swallowing Jerry's precum with an easy hunger. His eyes never left Lassiter's for a moment.

Reggie turned his attention to Kevin, placing his hand against the ribbed material covering the young man's bulging chest. "You must be awfully warm in so much clothing," he said. His grin increased into a toothy smile as he said, "Wouldn't you be more comfortable in something a little... less?"

Kevin tucked his thumbs into his shorts, bent quickly, shoved them down his thick and powerful legs, stepped out of them, balled them up and tossed them in the water. His huge prick seemed to swell in the open air like a ripening fruit and was quickly firming, lengthening and rising between his thighs. Reggie's eyebrows rose but his smile never faltered as Kevin said, "Cut the small talk, curly. I haven't been fucked in three hours. Bring that monster over here and fill me up."

"Oh, my," answered Reggie as he watched Kevin pivot around and present his muscular bubble butt. "I love a man who plays hard to get."

"So, have you seen him?" Leo was leaning against the southern wall of the main building. The sky was violet as the sun left the sky, throwing the contours of his body into soft relief. His dark eyes were lost under the shadow of his prominent brow.

"Who?" Ray's tongue curled around Leo's ear. He leaned in close and kissed the man's neck. Ray found a kindred spirit in the ex-leatherman, two old salts who'd been around and were settled enough in their desires - even if those desires had been pumped to bursting in their new bodies - that lingering, quiet moments such as this one where they could simply enjoy each other's scent and presence were as highly charged with erotic promise as any of the fumbling thrusts of some of the unschooled "boys" at IGE.

Ray had decided to make this encounter a little more... interesting.

"Kevin, that beautiful new kid who arrived this afternoon." He gasped as Ray's expert touch did something unexpected with his balls. "A true beauty, that one. Gifted, or so they say."

"Saw him," volunteered Ray, pausing in his kisses. "Another one new to the life, if I don't miss my guess."

Leo nodded. He released a shuddering breath. How the hell was Ray doing that down there? What, had the guy grown extra hands to go with his extra dick? "Not..." He gulped, rolling his eyes into his head as he attempted to keep from cumming. "Not gay until the transformation, but from what... oh, god, oh my god that feels so fucking good. Oh, oh god." He swallowed hard, stretching up onto his toes, scraping his broad back against the rough wall. Ray grinned, bringing his gray eyes sparkling like a wolf's in the fading light up to meet Leo's dark gaze. "From what?"

Leo settled back down onto his feet. His chest was heaving and everything between his belly and his knees was tingling and throbbing. This was Ray's challenge. He told Leo, who'd been boasting of his sexual prowess and experience to all the young men here, to do everything he could to keep from reaching orgasm. If he lasted twenty minutes, he could do whatever his dirty little mind could imagine to Ray. They were only five minutes into the contest, and it was becoming perfectly clear that he was going to lose. Curiously, he didn't really mind at all. He opened his eyes and looked into Ray's, feeling like he was being brought back into this world from the paradise where Ray's hands had been delivering him. "From what Reggie and Justin said, the boy's a natural talent."

"Really." Ray pressed himself against Leo, chest to chest. His hands re-engaged down below. But what Leo failed to realize about Ray was that having an extra dick, and having two of them capable of independent movement, was a sexual boon that Ray mastered rather quickly. "Can he do this?"

"Oh. Oh, shit."

"And... this?"

"Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck..."

"And especially...."

Leo's deep tone rose to a piercing scream until he bit Ray's muscled shoulder as he came.

Kevin and Jerry stood inside the building while Leo was cumming outside of it. They'd spent the day touring of the grounds and had been introduced to most of the other men at IGE, several of whom invited them to participate in the various activities they were currently enjoying, most of which the two men happily accepted and some of which they enjoyed together. It was amazing to Kevin how quickly and easily he'd adapted to this life. Even with what he knew about how the transforming formula was designed to work on his physiology and metabolism, he would never have thought that he'd be so gay so fast.

Not, he thought, that there were probably levels of gay. A guy was gay, or a guy was not as far as he could see. If he wasn't gay, he wasn't gay, if he was then he was. Kevin never really thought about it much more than that one way or the other. He wasn't gay, he would never be gay (as far as he knew) and if someone else was, who gave a shit? He had a few gay friends at the college, and he was comfortable enough with them that when they flirted with him, he accepted it in the nature it was intended. Or at least, he never believed they actually thought they could tempt him into bed with them.

He liked girls, and he liked them a lot. Their softness, their roundness, the smell of them, everything. He loved fucking them, being in charge, lying against them, hearing them squeal. He loved being inside them, squeezing their huge, round breasts, smelling their hair. Women, he'd long ago decided, were a great invention.

Now, everything was twisted 180 degrees in the other direction. He could still see the beauty of women, but he now saw the beauty of men. He guessed he always did admire the looks of some men, and he knew how much he liked being a guy, having a dick, having muscle and power and strength. Now, when he looked at men, he saw something different - no, that wasn't quite right. He didn't see something different, he felt it. He felt the same hot urgency that he used to feel looking at certain girls.

He could remember when these feelings manifested. They didn't grow gradually, they were just suddenly there, moving in to that space in his brain where he used to get horny for women. He was looking at Dr. Lassiter standing in the doorway of his bathroom. He was wearing a towel around his waist, having just been transformed for the first time. He was struck by the evident strength and size of the man, first. His body overwhelmed with muscular power. Then he looked at the face, at it's beauty, the sculpted, hard lines, the broad chin, the heavy brow. He looked at the line of his neck, woven with tendons and muscle, the pulse of his heart throbbing there. The way the man's shoulders spread wide, huge with brawn, bigger than a hand could grasp.

Then that scent hit him, strong and thick. Ultimate masculinity, condensed into that smell, wrapping him in a sort of heat that started in his shorts and moved across his scalp, down his legs, across his back. A desire, sudden and expected, to touch that man's skin, feel his hardness, kiss his lips.

And he knew that was false, it was something he should deny, but he didn't want to, not at all. He was confused, conflicted, feeling a fear about what those feelings meant, all his hidden prejudices erupting just as strong as those desires. He shouldn't feel like that about another man. He should want to hold him, to touch him, to kiss him. He shouldn't want it at all.

Kevin stood naked next to the man he'd fucked at least a dozen times over the last three days, the man who'd fucked him an equal number of times. He could sense him there without looking for him, feel his weight and size and power, smell him. Jerry - never Dr. Lassiter now, only Jerry - stood stoic and tall, saturated with strength, throbbing with it.

Kevin had engaged in another five or six liaisons that day with men whose beauty was almost beyond belief. They showed him things he knew that he and Jerry probably would get to eventually, but it took experience they didn't have and knowledge of a man's equipment he'd frankly never explored. He realized that what he and Jerry had been doing was just awkward fumbling, based solely on need and lust and without a crumb of education.

There was ass fucking like he and Jerry had been doing, plunging inside over and over, shoving and thrusting, the point being to get there, reach it, cum - and then there was what these men did. Teasing, tensing, playful, masterful, sometimes tender, sometimes hard, sometimes both or all of those things. If he'd learned earlier what he had in only the past day here, he knew a few girls back home who'd be missing him a lot more today. Practice might make perfect, but if you keep practicing the same mistakes, you end up a perfect fool.

And that was just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. He used to think that as a man he had to be rough and hard, but kisses could be soft, so soft, and gentle and wonderful. And their hands on his skin, exploring him, fondling and caressing. God, this was all great! He was learning from them, being taught how to make love, like this was some university of sex.

He looked over at Jerry and saw his smile. He watched the man talking to a guy he once knew as Dr. Carlos Martinez, but whom everyone called only Carlos. The golden-eyed man was gesturing in a manner so familiar to Kevin that he felt momentarily lost. That man should be short, old, pot-bellied. Not twelve feet high, overwhelmed with muscle, possessed of a body so amazing in proportion and ability that looking at him right now, even just speaking, made Kevin want to cum hard and full.

But one valuable lesson he was learning from every man here was control. Control when it was called for, and control over what he could do - and when he could do it.

"So it's all gone? The whole facility?"

Jerry nodded at Carlos. "Shut down. It was inevitable, really."

"Funny," Carlos said, shaking his head, "it all turned out much more successfully than we ever planned. I envisioned development on a scale beyond what any man alone could achieve. We'd break down physical barriers that had held us back as human beings and make new men. Better men. And I think we succeeded - except that if any of us charged into a war, we'd just end up fucking every man in site instead of killing them."

Jerry shrugged. "Not a bad compromise, all things considered." He looked across the room at his scientific partner, at the man he was now, and let out a long, soft sigh. "Just incredible."

Carlos smiled and petted his twins. "Thanks. Oh! You mean the..."

Jerry's eyebrows rose. "Actually I was thinking how much I'd love to fuck you, now that you mention it. And since when did you develop a sense of humor?"

"I wasn't aware that I had."

"Of a sort." Jerry's head tilted. "Have you been working any more with the formula as it is now to try to figure out what it's doing and how it's doing it? I haven't seen any equipment around, and what with everyone being so damned horny all the time, I was wondering if you'd had any time to do anything."

"We have some equipment, nothing as elaborate as we had at the facility. We use it to temper the samples we've been sending out with the invitations. I was using the original genetic template to reduce its potency and eliminate some of the transferring properties, mostly. Haven't been doing much pure research, no." He found his hand was absently fondling his balls and he smiled. "As you've said, everyone's so damned horny all the time."

"Think we should?"

"Probably. On the other hand, it seems to be doing pretty well on its own, don't you think?" He displayed a personal sample of just how well Transform was working by performing a double-bi pose so overwhelmed with power and saturated with masculine beauty, Jerry found his augmented dick throbbing with need. "Look at me, Jerry. Just... just look at me." Carlos moved his hands down the bulging contours of his huge body. The ultra sensitive skin magnified his caresses. He could feel his own massive muscularity, feel the innate power coursing through him, the super masculinity of his transformed body. "I mean, how much better can this possibly get?"

"There have to be drawbacks, Carlos."

He shook his head. "We thought about all that before injecting Todd way back when, remember? The military raised all those 'what if' questions and we had to come up with answers. Yes, there have been a lot of unforeseen alterations to the affected subjects - the men here, me included. You, too, soon."

"You keep talking about those side effects but other than the enormously increased size of the men, I haven't..."

"The saturation level of masculine properties created some odd but, I think, really useful physical capabilities and manifestations. In particular, an additional male sexual appendage."

"You're shitting me."

"No," he answered, allowing his thick and lengthy twin from its hidden confines, "I'm not." Jerry's jaw fell open. Kevin said, "Holy shit." Carlos continued. "It started with Michael. He was already augmented in some way by his father, and our formula pushed his masculine sexual prowess farther, far enough that his body manifested a second penis to accommodate him. He passed this along when he shared himself with us. And, um, well these aren't like the sexual appendages you're used to at all. They're uh, they, well, they sort of... move." And they did.

They straightened themselves and stood straight out from his body. Then the left one started to undulate like a wave while the other one actually tied itself in a knot. Then they were rubbing against one another, one lengthy wonder twisting around the other in a sinuous dance of evident sensuality. Carlos lowered his hand to the twins and the other two men watched something so sexually charged and unbelievably hot that they found their own pricks throbbing. Carlos slowly ran his touch up and down the shaft of one cock while the other lubed his grip. Then he had both his pink wonders in the palm of his hand and they slipped and slid against each other in a pool of his warmness. They seemed to swell and harden, they could see the pulsing veins along the shafts and the helmeted head bloomed with pleasure. Even as they grew firm and long, he continued to make them move independently. His hard-ons were hard, but not stiff.

It was amazing to say the least. Carlos had become a living, breathing sex machine. A man of seemingly limitless strength and capacity and desire, with a lithe, limber and powerful body that could perform miraculous feats, conforming to any wish and functioning at a level of sexual, sensual and erotic facility so far off the scale that he was inventing a new scale every few seconds. He and Jerry had been designing the ultimate soldier. What they got instead was the ultimate sexual animal. They succeeded in dramatically improving the male capacity for strength and stamina, but in their toying with the other masculine traits to nullify or rechannel their otherwise destructive tendencies, they'd created a man whose hungers for pleasure and gratification and whose abilities to satisfy those same hungers was seemingly inexhaustible.

"Oh, man." Kevin was grinning from ear to ear. "I want me one of those!" Carlos looked up. "I hope you won't be overwhelmed with two. They come as a set." Then he lifting his hand from himself, wiped his gleaming lube across his bulging chest and the two men watched his body reabsorb it until he was clean and perfect again. With two fat cocks hanging in luscious glory between his legs.

"Wait'll I get loose with those in effect! Damn, I can't wait!"

"You've made quite an impression already, Kevin. You're the talk of the town, so to speak."

He looked honestly surprised. "Me?"

"Everyone's curious about you."

"Because I'm such a clumsy fuck?" It was the first thing that came to his mind.

Jerry almost choked. Carlos said, "No, not at all. And I hadn't heard that remark, actually - in fact, quite the contrary. I hear words like 'eager' and 'stamina' and 'impressive' attached to your name more often." Kevin shifted slightly on his feet, looking a little uncomfortable. Being judged on one's fucking abilities was a new experience, and he doubted that Carlos was being totally honest (although he was), but he said nothing. "What I'm referring to is, and please forgive my bluntness, you shouldn't be here at all."

Both Kevin and Jerry said, "What?!?"

Carlos nodded. "The sample I gave you, Jerry, should have only transformed you to the extent that I assume it did, at first. We've been removing the capacity to allow initiates to transform others until they come here and get the full treatment. We didn't want to unleash something of this potential in the wild. Not that you would have gone out and started pumping men full of the stuff, of course, but we couldn't take the chance that the sample might not reach its intended target. I mean, this is the U.S. Mail we're talking about. Not the most reliable service I can think of."

Jerry said, "Makes sense. But then how does that explain...?"

Carlos shrugged. "And so the curiosity, you see. Kevin, you shouldn't be here. According to what we understand about Transform, Jerry shouldn't have had any affect on your genetic structure." Kevin shifted, looking down at his much-improved body. "And yet..."

"And yet. And Jerry told me that you, in turn, were able to more fully transform his body after your own metamorphosis."

"Definitely," answered Jerry before Kevin could speak. "But since we'd seen this before in the lab, I assumed it was part of the process."

"And it would be, except that we don't allow it until a man has been fully transformed here. Oh, we can't remove all of it. I would guess that there are a few lucky gentlemen out there who met our eager membership prior to their arrival here and are feeling a nice little jump in their workout results and probably feel a lot more randy than they're used to. But they aren't being made over in the space of a few minutes into hulking muscular brutes with their eyes on every man in range and their libidos on overdrive. They aren't being transformed, and there's no reason that Kevin should have been either."

"Then what?"

Carlos looked at Kevin. "I don't know, but I have a theory." Jerry laughed softly. "Same old Carlos."

"Some things, as they say, never change. Underneath this amazing collection of masculine pulchritude and boundless strength, I'm still Dr. Carlos Martinez." He sighed pleasantly. "I'm just one hell of a motherfucking sex riot now. But as I was saying, I have what I call the Trigger Effect Theory."

"Good name."

"Thank you. In short, it appears that the Transform process is augmented and altered when it is introduced into certain men. In others, they realize some of the changes but not all. In still others, they are gifted with the transforming effects in full but do not add to them, they don't absorb and morph the formula and pass its strengthened or altered effects back. But in some cases - Blake would be one, obviously, and it appears that probably Chuck and certainly Michael are, too - in those cases the men's genetic structure absorbs and alters the effect in some way to varying degrees and they are able to then transfer the newly reformatted formula to other men."

"But I've been fucking the population all day." Kevin's student brain was still around, and it was twisting itself around Carlos's theory. "If I'm a trigger, shouldn't I have had some effect on those men? And why haven't I been fully transformed, yet?"

"A fully transformed man has total control over the transforming capability, just as they have total control over every other physical aspect of their new bodies. You would not have been transformed unless, or until, someone was authorized to do so."

"Okay, but if I was transformed by Jerry, and Jerry shouldn't have even been able to do that..."

Carlos nodded. "Good point. It shouldn't have mattered. Unless... Jerry, you haven't been among our happy little group, have you? You and I have been talking the whole time Kevin was out meeting and greeting." A light dawned. "You're the trigger!"

"Me?" "Your body must have been able to alter the formula, reintroducing the transforming capabilities into it. So you were able to transform Kevin with an augmented version of the serum, which he accepted and added to and gave back to you. Kevin isn't the trigger... you are." •

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