By johnd7102000

As Damien continued through puberty, he grew upward and outward. He had always been bigger than other boys his age, but now that his hormones were raging in his adolescent body, he started to spurt up in height, his shoulders got noticeably broader, and his ribcage expanded by many inches. He was becoming a young man, a gorgeous, muscular, totally buffed young man. His appetite shot up and he was now eating twice as much food as his brother. Like many naturally muscular athletes, Damien really didn't have an interest in lifting weights. His muscles were already big and strong from all his sports and from the pushups, pullups, dips and situps that he did as part of his training. So he didn't really see the point of spending time in the weight room, which seemed pretty boring compared to the active sports that he loved. However, to his brother David weights offered a chance, perhaps a slim chance, of putting some muscle on his body so he might be able to fight back when a bully attacked him. David knew that he wouldn't always have Damien around to protect him. In the spring of David's 9th grade year, when he was 15 and Damien was a 12 year old 6th grader, David convinced his parents to buy him a weight set. He bought a 250 pound set, which was much more than his skinny body needed, but he hoped (dreamed) that perhaps his muscles would indeed grow and that he would be able to use all that weight. Second, and more realistically, he had a hunch that eventually Damien would want to try his weights and he knew Damien would need some seriously heavy weights. David set up the weights in the garage. He had a combination bench and squat rack, a barbell and dumbbells. David started with a beginner's routine, lifting three times a week. After three months of pretty serious workouts, David had gained five pounds, to 105 pounds bodyweight at 5' 5", and had increased his bench press from 40 to 60 pounds, his military press from 30 to 40 pounds, his curls from 25 to 30 pounds and his squat from 60 to 80 pounds. He was pretty proud of himself. He was no Arnold Schwartzenegger, but he felt and looked stronger. Damien began to notice the slight changes in David's body.

One day at the beginning of summer, David was working out in the garage when Damien walked in. Damien was wearing nothing but some loose-fitting shorts that hung low on his narrow hips, exposing the top of his firm round ass and his sexy ass crack. The tops of his two buns were as tan as the rest of him, since he liked to wear his shorts loose and low, just held up by his hard, round ass muscles. His abs were shredded and the shorts were so low that David could see a little of Damien's pubic hair. Damie ad just finished running. His dark tan skin was covered with a thin layer of sweat and his veins were clearly showing as his powerful heart pumped huge amounts of blood through his muscular body after the cardiovascular workout. David looked at his brother's buffed body in awe. Damien stood 5'9" tall and weighed 135 pounds, four inches taller and 30 pounds heavier than David. Damien was the picture of a young, muscular athlete. He combined the absolute best genetics of his Italian and German heritage. His muscles were beautifully shaped, ripped and defined. His wide, muscular shoulders tapered down to very narrow athletic hips. His chest was big and powerful, his firm, round pecs bulging out from his big ribcage and his lats forming wedges of V-shaped muscle. The contrast of his small, muscular, shredded waist with his broad shoulders and wide lats was striking. That waist was small, but those abs were incredibly hard and strong. His legs were like trees, hard and strong, and his calves bulged with muscle from all his running and hard sports. This is what David was training to become (not a chance!) and his 12 year old brother already looked like a young Greek god without ever having lifted a weight. Damien's face was drop-dead gorgeous. He had light brown hair, cut short as always, beautiful clear hazel eyes, strong cheekbones and jaw, very tan skin, evenly spaced whiter-than-white teeth, and a strong, muscular neck. What a stud, thought David. David's cock immediately got rock hard as he contemplated the absolute beauty and physical perfection of his adoptive brother.

Damien walked over to David and said "Move over, bro. I wanna lift." This was not a request to share David's equipment. This was an order that David had to obey, just as he obeyed every other order Damien gave. David's weight set was now effectively Damien's. Damien was taking over. David could still lift, but he knew he was there to serve Damien's wishes - spotting, loading weights, whatever Damien wanted. Damien was and always would be dominant in their relationship and David would serve him. David had been doing bench presses, barely squeezing out eight reps with 60 pounds. Damien moved his glowing, muscular body under the bar and pumped the weight up and down effortlessly for 50 reps. Finally he got bored and stopped. "Hey, this weight's much too light, bro. Gotta put on some real weight for these muscles!" Damien flexed his pecs, which ballooned with pumped muscle. Damien and David loaded the bar with another 60 pounds, a total of 120. Damien pumped out 10 reps, hardly straining at all. "Hey, bro, this 12 year old kid is pretty strong for never lifting a weight before. I feel big and strong! Lets add some more weight!" The boys added another 10 pounds on each side. The total weight was 140. More than double what David was straining to lift. Most teenagers couldn't touch this weight in their first workout, let alone 12 year olds. Damien took a deep breath. He pushed up on the heavy bar, the muscles in his chest, shoulders and arms bulged and rippled with power. As David spotted, watching his brother's muscles gorge with blood and the fibers of his muscles strain under his tan skin, Damien pumped out five solid reps, straining a little during the last two reps. After Damien finished his set, he flexed his muscles in the mirror David had set up in the garage. The muscles of his pecs, shoulders and arms were bursting out from under his dark tan skin as they never had before. His pump was incredible. "Hey, bro, look at my fucking muscles. They're getting huge! I feel as strong as a fucking bull! I wanna do one more set with even more fucking weight!" The boys added another five pounds to each side of the bar, making a total of 150 pounds of iron. Damien lay down on the bench. As David looked down, he couldn't help but admire the size of Damien's big chest which contrasted starkly with his trim, shredded waist. His lower back didn't even touch the bench as Damien grabbed the bar with his strong hands. Damien's midsection was being lifted off the bench by his muscular, round ass and his big chest. His tight, rippling abs provided the steel-girder like link between these two muscular parts of Damien's body. Damien took a huge breath and pushed up on the heavy bar, pressing out another three reps and grunting like an animal as he forced out each rep. The last rep was tough. David had to help ever so slightly with his spot. David's cock twitched in excitement as he watched Damien's chest bulge with power as his blood-engorged pecs slowly pushed up the big weight for the last rep. When he had finished, Damien let the weight drop heavily onto the rack and he lept off the bench. His pecs, shoulders and arms were unbelievably pumped, the fibers of muscle and veins straining to push out from his tan, paper thin skin. Damien looked at himself in the mirror and flexed his biceps. His muscles were bigger than they had ever been before. David flexed his biceps next to Damien, and every muscle on his puny body was completely dwarfed by Damien's big, rippling, buffed, hard muscles. Damien's cock started to get hard at the sight of his amazing muscles next to those of his weakling brother. Damien smiled at David said "Hey big bro, I think I like lifting. Look what it does to my muscles! They seem to respond to the weights more than yours!" Damien laughed at the understatement he had just made.

David reached over and felt the size and hardness of Damien's tremendously pumped up pecs, his ripped delts and his blood-engorged arms. He felt the awesome pump that the heavy weights had given Damien's muscles in just four sets. Damien's young muscles had been waiting for the chance to be challenged by heavy weights, and now that they were able to push hard on the iron, they just exploded. David's cock got harder as he took in the muscular beauty of his brother. David started kissing Damien's big pecs, delts, arms and lats. "Damien, your muscles were born to thrive on these weights. They want to push heavy weights. You are going to get so fucking big and strong that I won't be able to arm wrestle your little finger," said David in absolute awe at how his brother's muscles had responded to the four very intense sets of bench presses. "You're fucking right, bro. I rule!" shouted Damien, as his cock got even harder. David moved his hands and tongue over every part of Damien's sexy body. David smelle d the sweat of Damien's hairy armpits. He felt Damien's slab-like lats that formed one side of those muscular armpits, as well as his bulging pecs and arms that formed the other sides. He felt the round hardness of Damien's beautiful ass, the top deeply tanned all the way past the start of his ass crack. David drove his tongue between Damien's ass cheeks, smelling and tasting the heady jock sweat. Damien's ass was the sexiest part of his hot body, very round, firm and athletic. David then felt the tree like size and hardness of Damien's legs, built up from hours of running and tough football workouts. "You like my big muscles, bro? Yeah, I know you do. Worship these fucking muscles you little wimp." Damien really got off on comparing his big muscles with the skin and bones of his brother. He loved his body. He loved to have his muscles worshipped by his brother. He loved to be dominant. David loved to worship his brother's beautiful buffed muscles. He felt so weak and powerless next to the overwhelming strength of his 12 year old stud brother. He knew his natural place was to serve Damien. He loved his brother's sexy, muscular body more than anything in the world. He got even more turned on as he realized that his brother was now going to get even bigger and more muscular by lifting weights. David became frenzied in his caressing of Damien's buffed young muscle body.

Both boys were now incredibly turned on and David licked Damien's shredded abs and kneaded Damien's hard, muscular buns with his hands. Damien's ass muscles were barely holding up his low hanging shorts, and David slowly lowered them over that hard ass and huge cock. The shorts dropped to the ground and Damien's cock sprang up, big, thick and hard. David admired Damien's sexy tan line, so low that it a full third of his ass was darkly tanned and the other two thirds was cream colored. David could clearly see where those sexy shorts had hung low on his hips, almost, but not quite exposing his crotch. The hardness and flatness of Damien's tan lower abdominal muscles were unbelievably sexy. Damien's big young cock throbbed right in front of David's admiring face. David could smell the hot sweat coming from Damien's crotch. David was convinced that jocks like Damien made sweat that smelled much sexier than ordinary people like him. David started to lick Damien's big cock, running his tongue up and down t he long, thick shaft. Finally Damien couldn't take it any more. He grabbed his cock and pushed it into David's mouth. David sucked Damien's thick, golden dick, running his mouth up and down the thick, hard shaft. Damien started thrusting his strong hips, forcing his big cock deep into David's throat. Damien's cock was still growing, just like the rest of his body, but it already measured eight inches. David's hands reached up and felt Damien's corrugated ab muscles which tensed with each thrust. Damien's abs were incredibly hard and shredded. Then David reached behind and grabbed Damien's ass, which felt so hard, round and muscular as it rammed Damien's cock into David's willing throat. What a stud, thought David. He was incredibly aroused. Damien's cock and muscles started to get even harder as he became unbelievably excited, and his thrusts into David's mouth became fast and very strong. Suddenly, he pulled his cock out and pointed it at David's face. Damien made loud, deep primeval grunts as he spurted about ten times, shooting a huge amount of cum on David's face and chest. As Damien was still holding his big cock, watching the final spurts of cum pump out, David started to cum. He rubbed Damien's shredded abs with one hand and shot a huge load while holding his cock with his other hand. Although his load didn't compare with Damien's, David was in ecstasy, having an unbelievable orgasm as he worshipped the young muscle-god that was his brother.

After the hot sex, Damien continued his workout. He did four sets of every exercise. Somehow, he knew exactly what to do. And he did it with much more intensity than David had ever done. He warmed up for one set with a light (for him) weight and then did three sets with heavy work poundages. His muscles had already been trained from years of athletics, plus pushups, pullups and situps. He didn't need to start with a beginner's routine. He went directly to the advanced program that David had just begun after three months. Except that Damien used more than twice as much weight as David in each exercise. He used 95 pounds for the military press. His shoulders just buzzed and bulged under his tan paper thin skin as he forced the heavy bar up over his head rep after rep. His muscular arms could curl 75 pounds for ten reps. The fibers in his biceps looked like steel cords and his veins were gorged with blood as he slowly curled the weight up and down. His legs could do 10 squats with 200 pounds and he made it look easy. Damien's legs had dragged many tacklers through the field and they were fucking strong. David tried to do his workout along with Damien, but Damien required much heavier weights and he only rested about a minute between sets, so David was soon cast aside. Damien's lifting needs took priority. Everyone knows that the wimps can't keep up with the big boys. David spotted and helped load weights as Damien powered through his tough workout. David did a few sets after Damien had finished his intense workout. Damien didn't wait around to help. He flexed in the mirror and left. He was the muscle stud.

Damien really got into lifting. He knew that proper nutrition was very important in building muscle, so he ate even more food than before. He also started to drink protein shakes between meals, forcing incredible amounts of protein into his body. At the dinner table, his parents couldn't believe how much he could eat and his father couldn't believe how big he was getting. At 12, he was now much bigger and stronger than his father. Stan knew that he was now powerless to control his muscular son. One day Damien had done something that Stan didn't like and the father approached the son to discuss punishment. Damien was now several inches taller than his father and much more muscular. He stood next to his father and pressed his big pecs into his father's little chest. Then he grabbed Stan's upper arm and squeezed hard, not hard enough to really hurt, but hard enough for Stan to feel how strong Damien's forearms were. Then Damien flexed his own right bicep and lifted his father's hand up to feel it. Stan gasped as he felt the size and hardness of his 12 year old son's arm. Damien looked into his father's apprehensive eyes and said, 'You gonna do something to me, dad" I don't think so.' That ended the discussion. Of course, Damien would never have been able to get away with this insubordination against his biological father's 220 pounds of hard muscle. But against his adoptive father's 130 pounds of wimpy flab, it was no contest. Damien ruled.

'Gimme some more meat, mom. I'm going to get huge this summer,' said Damien. His parents bought him all the food and supplements he wanted. They didn't want to have a confrontation with this muscular boy who could now pulverize his father with one hand tied behind his back. And they also really liked his big muscles. They were proud of their muscular, handsome son and they wanted to help him get as big as he wanted to be. Damien worked out five days a week all summer. David was always there to spot, load weights and give moral encouragement as Damien challenged his muscles to push and pull ever heavier weights. Damien worked out with incredible intensity. His muscles seemed to get bigger and stronger with each workout. Every week it seemed that he was adding five or ten pounds to his exercise weights. Not too many weeks after Damien started lifting, the boys had to buy more plates for David's set. Damien was already too strong. He could see the slabs of muscle growing on his chest and lats, which were becoming huge. He watched as inches of hard muscle were packed on to his muscular arms. His biceps bulged with the muscular fibers and veins clearly visible under his thin skin and when he flexed his triceps, the huge heads of muscle popped out with the striations looking like an anatomy chart. His delts got thicker and wider, looking like striated melons capping his broad shoulders. His legs were becoming truly massive, the heavy squats adding many inches of thick muscle. He could hardly wait for football season. His hips remained narrow and his waist small and shredded, although his abs had become even harder and more corrugated. His round ass was rounder, firmer and stronger than ever. Even though he was consuming huge amounts of food and supplements, he never put on an ounce of fat. His genetics just wouldn't permit it. After Damien's workouts, he loved to flex his tremendously pumped muscles in the mirror. Damien loved to watch his muscles flex, the fibers and veins pulsating under his th in tan skin, and he loved to have David worship his buffed body. After each of Damien's intense workouts, David caressed and worshipped every one of Damien's growing young muscles and his stud cock. Each of these sessions always ended up in incredibly hot sex. Damien and David had a great summer.

When Damien showed up for the first seventh grade football practice at the end of the summer, the coach and the other players couldn't believe what they saw. Damien arrived at the practice wearing just his low hanging shorts and sneakers. He now stood 5' 10" and weighed 170 pounds of deeply tanned, rippling, shredded muscle. He had gained an inch in height and 35 pounds of solid muscle over the summer. And he was still 12 years old. He looked like a man among boys compared to the other seventh grade football players, most of whom hadn't even gone through puberty yet. His chest measured 44 inches, his arms 16 and his legs 24, while his muscular waist was only 28 inches. He looked like an incredibly muscular high school senior, not a seventh grade boy. He could now bench press 260 pounds, military press 170, curl 140 and squat with 325, all for several reps. He was more than twice as strong as any other player on the team and outweighed most of them by 50 pounds, all solid muscle. The other players gathered around Damien. "Jesus, Damien, you really got big this summer. You're incredible. Can we feel your muscles?" said one of the players. "Sure," said Damien, "feel how fucking big and hard and strong these muscles are. They've gotten huge and they're going to kick ass!" Damien was proud of his muscles and he was completely aggressive and uninhibited. He liked his muscles to be admired. They deserved to be admired. They were buff! Practically the whole team came up and felt Damien's incredibly massive and shredded biceps, triceps, delts, pecs. lats, abs and legs. Damien did a number of muscle poses, showing off every muscle in his body. If Damien looked like a young Greek god at the beginning of the summer, he now looked like a young Greek god who had just won the Olympics. He was a total muscle stud. His shoulders were incredibly wide and muscular, his delts looking as big and hard as cannonballs and striated with cords of muscle. His arms were massive and muscular. Even relaxed, they were thick and incredibly cut - the fibers of the biceps and triceps showed clearly along with the big veins running under Damien's thin, tan skin, veins that provided the surging blood that fueled his huge muscles. His biceps bulged with every little move of his arms, their steel-spring strength ready to crush any resistance at Damien's will. Damien's triceps bulged out from the back of his arms with tremendous mass and power, power that would easily push away any player who tried to tackle him. His pecs now stood out on his big chest like huge mounds of muscle. The cleavage between his two huge pecs was deep, and the hard fibers of muscle were clearly defined on each side. His lats were like giant slabs of veiny beef, forming a striking 'V' between his very broad shoulders and his very narrow hips. His lower back muscles formed big, solid ridges and his firm, round ass proudly bulged out, the two muscular globes holding up his loose, low hanging shorts. His abs were incredibly shredded and deeply tanned, his low tan line going almost down to his pubic hair. His legs had grown immensely over the summer. Before, they were the legs of an athlete who did a lot of running and rough sports. Now they were the legs of a powerful young bodybuilder-football player, big and muscular and incredibly strong. His calves bulged out, showing the diamond shape of his powerful, fast, strong muscles. As the other players were taking in the size and hardness of Damien's rippling muscles, Damien said "These muscles are going to fucking annihilate our opposition this year. I'm three times as strong as I was last year and I'm just going to tear those motherfuckers apart. I can't wait to run right through the biggest guys they can find. These legs are so strong that their pathetic tackles won't faze me in the least. They're going to need two or three big guys to bring me down. On defense, I'm just going to blow by those fat linemen, blasting any of them who are stupid enough to get in my way with these big, ripped arms, and then I'm going to fucking crush their fucking quarterback, hitting him so fast and hard with these big shoulders and arms that he'll wish he never picked up a football. I can fucking hardly wait for the first game!" Damien was aggressive and confident as usual. And his new big muscles made his aggression even scarier than before. The other players could tell that his 12 year old muscle-stud body was capable of doing everything he said. The coach smiled. He could see a league championship this year, maybe even the state championship. Damien was an incredible young man, something a coach gets only once in a lifetime, if he's lucky.

During the first practice Damien proved that he was not kidding about his strength and fitness. The team did some pushups and situps. Damien did over 200 pushups. Finally, he got bored and asked one of the other players, who had stopped after 15, to get on his back. Damien pumped out another 50 pushups with the 120 pound player lying face down on his back. That player couldn't help but put his hands on Damien's bulging pecs, delts and triceps as Damien pumped out rep after rep. The player could also feel Damien's hard round ass pushing up into his crotch. The player got an immediate hard-on. Then the team did some situps. Damien was still doing situps - he had done over 500 reps - when the coach told the players to stop. Damien's abs were corrugated like a washboard, totally shredded and hard as a steel plate. At the end of the practice, the players put on some shoulderpads and practiced tackling. The coach decided that it would be good defensive practice to have the whole team try to tackle Damien. So he gave the ball to Damien on the one yard line and told all the other players, offensive and defensive, who were lined up downfield, to tackle Damien as he ran down the field. Damien tucked the ball under his big arm and started running downfield. His massive legs thrust up and down like the pistons of a locomotive, powered by his huge quads and the big, round glutes of his firm ass. Besides being very strong, Damien was very fast and coordinated and he could have easily weaved in and out of the defensive players. But today, he decided he was just going to be very strong. He wanted to test his new weight-trained strength. He just ran straight ahead, daring everyone on the team to try to tackle him. Several players dove at his legs and tried to bring him down, but they made absolutely no impact on the piston-like power of his muscular legs. They tried to hold on, but were forced to drop off by the brute force of Damien's massive legs. A few other boys tried to tackle Damien at the waist. They wished they hadn't. Damien just pushed them aside or ran over them with his big body, his big feet stepping right on the torsos of the unfortunate boys who happened to fall under his pulverizing legs. Finally, a few brave boys tried to tackle Damien up high, trying to jump on him and drag him down. Damien either batted them aside with his arms, hitting them away like irritating insects, or he simply carried them downfield on his shoulders, finally ripping their arms away with his powerful hands and forearms. Over 30 players tried to tackle Damien as he ran down the field, sometimes in groups of three of four. Damien never missed a step and never slowed down. He just plowed through every player in his way. He crossed the goal line after his 99 yard run and held the ball high in the air. He turned back towards the other players, flexed his big, pumped arms and smiled. Most of the other players were still on the ground, trying to recover from being flattened by Damien. Damien felt enormously big and strong. Damien felt great.

David had watched the whole experience. He had come to the practice with Damien and stood at the sidelines watching his muscular brother flex his muscles, pump up with pushups and situps and then overwhelm the entire team with his brute strength. Damien now outweighed David by 60 pounds of solid muscle. While Damien had gained 35 pounds of muscle during the summer, David had only managed to gain five pounds, to a whopping 110 pounds, from the workouts he managed to get in after Damien had finished with his powerful, intense lifting. But David didn't mind that his little brother was now immensely bigger and stronger than he was. The bigger, more muscular and stronger Damien got, the more David wanted him. And the bigger, more muscular and stronger Damien got, the more he got turned on by his muscles. He got the most turned on when he saw his big, strong, rippling muscles next to the puny squishy flesh of weaklings, like his brother. Damien loved being a muscle stud. He loved being much bigger, stron ger and more muscular than other boys. After practice was over and Damien had received much further admiration from his teammates and the coach, Damien and David walked home together. Damien was still pumped from the practice and he was really looking forward to having David worship his muscles and having hot sex. David had also gotten unbelievably turned on watching his brother kick ass in football practice. As they walked home, David said "Damien, you were unbelievable. You are fucking twice as big and strong as any of those other football jocks. You are totally hot. I can't believe how lucky I am to have you as my brother. I've been thinking about this for a long time. I want you to fuck me in the ass when we get home. I want to feel those big muscles pounding that thick, hard cock into my little tight ass. I want you to totally take me." Damien's cock immediately got as hard as a steel pipe under his shorts. "Bro, are you sure you know what you're asking for? These fucking big hard muscles and this fucking big, thick cock will just pulverize your wimpy body and asshole if I let them go. I don't know if you can take 170 pounds of muscle pumping an eight and one half inch dick up your sorry little ass. Are you sure you want this?" Damien's cock got unbelievably hard at the thought of his muscular, young body ramming his big cock up his brother's ass. When David nodded his head, Damien shouted "Big bro, you've got a deal! I'm going to use this huge body and these big, strong muscles to completely overwhelm you and then I'm going to pump this thick hard cock all the way up your wimpy little ass as far as it will go. I'm going to feel like a fucking stud, which of course I am." At that, Damien wrapped his muscular 16 inch arm around David's little neck and flexed his big bicep. David placed his hand on Damien's big, throbbing cock and squeezed. The boys hurried home.

The brothers immediately went to David's room and shut the door. David jumped onto Damien's back and felt the size and hardness of Damien's shoulders, arms and pecs. "Do some squats, Damien. Pump up those big legs," said David. Damien pumped out 25 quick reps with David on his back. David jumped down and felt Damien's big, hard legs and ass, those huge muscles that had just run over every other football player on Damien's team like they were third graders. "Do some pushups, Damien. I want to get on your back just like Bobby did." David got on Damien's muscular back and Damien pumped out 50 fast pushups. David felt the huge muscular mass of Damien's pecs, delts and arms get unbelievably hard with every rep. He wedged his hard cock into Damien's round hard ass, feeling the power of those hard muscles. Doing pushups with David on his back was child's play for Damien. He never even started to get tired. "Do some crunches, Damien. I want to feel the incredible hard ridges of your abs." Damien start ed doing crunches, easily doing about two per second. After a minute he had done 120 and his abs were cut like by a knife. David ran his hands over Damien's abs and felt their corrugated hardness. Both Damien and David were incredibly turned on by Damien's display of muscular strength. David said, "Remember when you were eight and I was 11 and you beat me in wrestling for the first time? I'll never forget the feeling I had when I was completely overpowered by your buffed young muscles. You were incredibly strong. I felt like a total weakling being beaten by a superior young god. You were a fucking muscle stud even at eight years old. Now, even though you're only 12, your muscles are unbelievable. Your muscles are as big as an 18 year old's. I want you to totally thrash me, just like you did when you were eight. I want to feel the power of those big muscles. I want to feel how fucking strong you are. I want you to fuck me with your big cock." Damien's cock got rock hard at the thought. "OK, you little wimp, you asked for it. I'm going to thrash your pathetic body with these big muscles. These muscles are going to show you who the stud is in this family." With that, Damien picked up David and threw him violently on the floor. Damien dived on top of David's little 110 pound body with his 170 pounds of solid muscle and pinned David's arms to the ground with his right hand. "Try to get up wimp," said Damien. David struggled as hard as he could, but Damien's one arm was much stronger than both of David's arms. Damien then toyed with David, letting him get up and then forcing him to the ground again. He held David's arms down with one hand and rubbed his sweaty armpit in David's nose. "You like the smell of my sweat, David? I sweat a lot when I'm working out these big muscles and when I play football. Smell the sweat of a muscle stud, bro. I'm so fucking strong I could crush your ass with one arm.' Damien used his big arms against David's legs, challenging David to try to extend a leg while Damien held it with his arm. Damien's muscular 16 inch arms were twice as strong as David's legs. Damien pushed and pulled David's arms and legs, just as he had done to exercise his growing muscles when he was eight years old. Only now, Damien was so much stronger than David that it seemed like David was putting up no resistance at all against Damien's incredible strength. Damien said, "I want to arm wrestle you, with my little finger against your whole arm." David remembered that he had once predicted that Damien would be able to beat him doing this, but he was hoping that his hand and arm would be stronger than Damien's little finger. The boys got into arm wrestling position, with David's hand grabbing just Damien's little finger of his right hand. David said "go" and he tried to force Damien's finger back, but the muscles in Damien's arm and hand were just too strong and his finger wouldn't budge. Then Damien smiled and his huge bicep, pec and delt started to flex at Damien's will as he easily pushed David's arm down, using only his little finger. David was awed at Damien's amazing strength. "You want to see strength, bro' I'll show you strength." Damien picked up his brother. He grabbed David with his two big hands and lifted David over his head. He then pressed David up and down 20 times. This was nothing for Damien, who could military press 170 pounds for several reps. Next he curled Damien with his strong biceps. Damien reached over and felt Damien's huge, corded biceps tensing at each rep. Damien put David down, flexed his biceps and rubbed his left armpit in David's face, letting David smell the jock sweat that he had produced in football practice and during this light workout. While smelling Damien's heady sweat, David felt the size and hardness of Damien's right bicep. "Smell that sweat, David. Feel those muscles. When those big muscles work out, my body sweats the way a muscular jock sweats. Strong, powerful sweat, just like my strong, powerful muscles. You can't do that David. Your little body just can't sweat the way I do. Those little muscles just can't pump up the way mine do. You've got to deal with the fact that your little brother is a fucking musclestud and you're a skinny nerd. I fucking rule your ass." Damien rubbed his big hairy armpit in David's nose. David's cock got harder. "Worship this big, strong body, you little wimp," ordered Damien. "You like these big muscles, don't you big bro? You want to get fucked by these big muscles and this big thick cock, don't you, big bro. You've always loved my muscles. You know that I am your god. Worship these big muscles and this huge cock that rule your pathetic excuse for a body."

At that, David moved his hands and tongue over every part of Damien's buffed body, from his huge, pumped ham-like arms, to his big wide totally ripped delts, his bulging striated pecs, his massive slabs of lats and his incredibly shredded abs. David sucked on Damien's erect, hard nipples which protruded proudly from his massive, round pecs. Then David pulled down Damien's low hanging shorts, exposing his ass and cock, which popped out like a steel pipe. David immediately started licking Damien's big balls and sucking Damien's hard cock while his hands felt the hardness of Damien's firm round ass and the tightness of his ass crack. He ran his fingers into Damien's ass crack, feeling the tightness of the muscle as Damien flexed his powerful glutes. David felt the power and size of Damien's legs and calves, the legs that had plowed through 30 seventh grade football players. And he smelled the wonderful pungent sweat that was being produced by Damien's hot crotch. David sucked that big cock and worshipped the rippling muscles of his 12 year old stud brother. Suddenly and without warning, Damien pulled his cock out of David's mouth, spun him around and pushed him against the bed. David's little white ass looked small and tender next to Damien's hard ab muscles and big, hard cock. Damien's cock was throbbing with excitement. Damien spit three times into David's white little ass and then immediately straddled his brother, his pumped muscular body ready to fuck the shit out of David's tight little virgin ass. Damien grabbed his cock and guided it into David's welcoming crack with his right hand. David groaned in pain and pleasure as he felt Damien's big cock head penetrate forcefully into his tight little ass. Then Damien started thrusting his hips with the incredible power of his abs and ass working together like a muscular pile driver. His whole 170 pounds of ripped, hard muscles forced his thick, eight and one half inch cock deeper and deeper into David's ass with powerful thrusts, until finally it was all the way in. David moaned in a combination of pain and pleasure and with each moan, Damien pumped harder and harder. "Feel that big dick up your ass, bro. Feel this big body completely dominating you. Feel the power of these muscles ramming my big hard cock up your ass. I feel like a fucking muscle god! I am a fucking muscle god!" Damien got hotter and hotter as he pumped his big cock into David's ass and saw his big muscles bulge with power as they completely overwhelmed his brother. "Fuck me hard, Damien. Let your muscles and cock just go wild on my little body. I want to feel all of your fucking force and power. I want you to take me." Damien's natural aggression started taking over. He felt like a wild animal, the dominant young lion among all the lions, able to fuck anything he wanted. He looked down and saw his bulging pecs and his shredded abs pulsating with power with each great thrust of his cock. He saw the muscular fibers in his big forearms writhe like snakes as he held on to his brother and forced his cock deeper and deeper into David's tight ass. He saw and felt the tremendous size and thickness of his young cock, as it pulsated with incredible pleasure inside David's tight ass. Damien loved the feeling of superiority and power he got as he wildly fucked his brother. Finally, Damien reached a frenzy of sexual excitement. He yelled out with extreme lust as his cock exploded inside David's ass, pumping spurt after spurt of jism deep inside David, jism that contained millions of Damien's genetically superior sperm. Damien's young nerves felt ultimate spasms of sexual ecstasy as his hard, stimulated cock pumped in and out of David's ass releasing its huge loads of cum. Damien had never experienced such ultimate ecstasy in his life. As David felt Damien's huge cock cumming inside him, he was overcome with sexual excitement and shot his load all over his bed. The feeling of his muscular little brother's cock deep inside him and the feeling of his brother's big, strong muscles completely overpowering him brought David to an unbelievable climax. After David climaxed, Damien pushed David onto the bed and lay on top of him with his big body, his cock still inside David's asshole and still very hard. Damien's cock slowly got softer. But after only about a 10 minute rest, Damien's cock started to get hard again and he started thrusting his hips up and down and his cock in and out of David's ass as David lay on the bed. David couldn't get hard again after such a short time, but he reveled in being able to service the physical superiority of his brother, whose vibrant, healthy, muscular young body was capable of two or three orgasms within an hour. Damien came again, pumping his big hard cock deep inside his brother's prostrate body with his powerful muscles When he had finished his wild fucking, he fell on David, covering David's skinny body with his muscular torso, leaving his cock inside his brother's ass for a long time. Damien felt great. Damien loved to fuck.

When Damien started school as a seventh grader, the other kids just couldn't believe how big and muscular he was. He liked to wear tight white tee shirts and shorts that showed off his big, buffed muscles and his clear tan skin. The shirts could hardly contain the size of his shoulders, lats and chest, which bulged under the tight cotton. He had to pull the sleeves of his tee shirts up, because they wouldn't fit over his huge upper arms. His biceps and triceps rippled under his dark tan skin, which looked even darker in contrast to the white tee shirt. When he walked into math class, both the boys and the girls stopped talking and gazed at Damien. Even the teacher stopped what he was doing and stared at Damien. Damien smiled and flexed his muscles ever so slightly to show that he knew what they were looking at. When he sat down, the boy behind him, Jimmy, marveled at the width and cannonball size of his shoulders, the slablike mass and V shape of his lats, the massiveness of his traps and the columnar thickness of his neck. None of the other seventh graders, even the eighth, ninth and tenth graders, looked anything like Damien. Only a few juniors and seniors could rival Damien in size and muscularity. Damien's tan legs looked huge as they strained his shorts with their size and hardness and his calves bulged under his tan skin, the definition of the diamond shaped muscles showing each fiber in bold relief. Damien's arms hung from his muscular shoulders like big, thick hams, the triceps bulging on the back of his upper arms. Jimmy stared at the thickness of Damien's powerful upper arms. Looking at them from the back, they were thicker than Jimmy's flexed arms were from the side. Damien's skin was deeply tanned and every time he moved his arms, the muscles popped out. Somehow, Damien sensed that Jimmy was checking out his body. He flexed the triceps of his arms several times and the heads of his triceps popped out under his tan skin showing every fiber of the huge muscles. Jimmy gasped as he took in the incredible size and muscularity of Damien's arms. Damien stretched his arms overhead, and his lats strained the fibers of his white tee shirt as they flared out like massive muscular wings. Then, Damien flexed his biceps right in front of Jimmy. Jimmy had never seen a flexed 16 inch arm and he just about creamed in his pants as he gazed at the incredibly huge, ripped, shredded biceps and triceps of his young classmate, who was so close and yet so far from Jimmy's longing eyes. Damien was clearly bigger and more muscular than the nerdy male math teacher, who showed Damien great respect. Damien had sauntered into the room after the bell had rung and calmly took his seat. Normally the teacher would have said something about being late, but the teacher just stared at Damien's muscles and said nothing. Damien owned that class. Damien owned the whole school.

After school, lots of the girls came up to Damien and asked to feel his muscles. These girls had always dug Damien's good looks and buffed muscles and now they were beside themselves seeing how much bigger and more muscular their handsome young heartthrob had become over the summer. Damien flexed his muscles and the girls ran their soft hands over the incredible size and hardness of Damien's buffed body. They felt his ripped, veiny arms, which were incredibly massive and hard. None of the girls had ever felt a muscle that big and hard before and they became fluttery at the thought of all that strength. They felt Damien's huge, ripped delts, his bulging, striated pecs, his slab-like lats and his shredded, corrugated abs. Several of the girls fondled his round, hard ass, which Damien flexed for them. Damien was still incredibly good looking - light brown hair (cut short), clear, dark tan skin, with not a pimple or blemish on his entire body, bright hazel eyes, strong cheekbones and jaw, perfect white tee th and a strong muscular neck. The combination of these good looks and his big, rippling muscles made Damien irresistible. Damien loved to show off his muscles. A few of the girls, including Christine, the most aggressive, moved their hands under Damien's shorts, felt his hard lower abs and then wrapped their fingers around his big thick cock, which by now had gotten very hard from all the touching of his muscles. Christine whispered in Damien's ear, "Meet me behind the gym in a half hour." Damien nodded and winked.

At the appointed time, Damien walked to the isolated area behind the school gym. Damien had taken off his shirt, and was wearing only his low hanging shorts. The shorts were so low that the tan top of his sexy ass and ass crack were clearly visible and his ripped, hard lower abs were exposed almost down to his pubic hair. Damien looked beautiful. Christine was waiting for him. Christine was blue eyed and blond, one of the cutest girls in the whole school. She was very mature for her age, with full, round breasts and a fantastic sexy body. As Damien approached, Christine ran up to him, threw her arms around his big chest and kissed him, thrusting her tongue deep into Damien's mouth. She was obviously hot as hell, having been thinking about Damien's beautiful face and body constantly since she fondled his muscles and cock a half hour ago. She immediately started caressing Damien's body with her hands and tongue, feeling the size and hardness of Damien's buffed delts, lats, pecs and legs. She wrapped her little hands around Damien's upper arm and Damien flexed his bicep into a big hard ball of muscle. He flexed his bicep several times and Christine sighed at the absolute power that arm contained. She ran her hands all over Damien's corrugated abs and his firm, round ass, feeling the incredible hardness of Damien's young muscles. She kissed his nipples and felt the striations of muscle in his big, round bulging pecs. Then she took off her own shirt and pulled down Damien's shorts, exposing his hard 8-1/2 inch cock and big hanging balls. She moved her mouth down towards his cock and balls and began licking each ball tenderly. Damien started to squirm with pleasure. Then, Christine started to lick Damien's big cock, which had become incredibly hard. She kissed his big cock and licked his balls with her tongue, while at the same time caressing Damien's abs and ass with her tender hands. Damien reached down and grabbed Christine's firm, round breasts, which turned her on even more. Christine and Damien both reached a pinnacle of sexual excitement. Finally, Christine said, "Fuck me, Damien. I want to be fucked by your incredible body and cock. I want to be yours." Damien didn't need anything more. He picked her up with his big arms and ripped off her panties. Then he put her on the ground and straddled her with his big, muscular body. The size of Damien's massive body dwarfed Christine, and Christine reached up and felt the huge size and hardness of Damien's big muscles. She was completely overcome by Damien's awesome muscularity and strength. Damien guided the head of his cock into her cunt and rammed his big thick cock deep inside her, the muscles of his body pulsating with force and power as he took total control of his woman. Christine moaned with pleasure as she felt the huge size and thickness of Damien's cock inside her and felt the massiveness of Damien's muscles with her hands. Damien pumped his cock in and out of her tight cunt, powerful thrust after powerful thrust. Then his cock exploded, the spurts of jism blasting deep inside Christine, spurt after spurt after spurt. Christine moaned in pleasure and squirmed under Damien's muscular body, her orgasm spreading spasms of ecstasy throughout her sexy young body. When they had finished, Damien kept his semi-hard cock inside Christine and they relaxed together, touching each other's sexy bodies and savoring the pleasure they had just experienced. Then, after about 10 minutes Damien's cock got hard again and he began fucking Christine with just as much passion as the first time. He pumped that big cock in and out of Christine's now sore cunt ruthlessly, again and again, until he had come again. He was in total control and knew what he wanted. He wanted to fuck. He fucked Christine wildly, his natural aggression completely overpowering her. Christine was exhausted and overwhelmed. Damien was so much more dominant and aggressive than any boy she had ever met. He was so much more muscular and virile. He just wouldn't stop until he had satisfied himself, completely and utterly taking her as his possession. He was a totally dominant male and Christine loved it. She came with a fantastic second orgasm that tingled throughout her body. She really got off on Damien's beautiful face, his big, buffed muscles and his giant, throbbing cock. When he was done fucking, Damien collapsed his big body onto Christine and smiled. Damien loved to fuck. Damien was a stud and he knew it. Christine was the first of over l00 girls that Damien would fuck before he graduated from high school. Damien was totally irresistible to women. Damien could fuck every girl he wanted, and he wanted to fuck all the cute girls. All these girls would love being fucked by Damien's massive, muscular body and big, thick cock just as much as Christine did. Damien was the man and he knew it.

On Friday, Damien played in his first football game as a weight-trained 170 pound 12 year old running back and linebacker. Damien's team won the game 72-0. Every time the quarterback gave the ball to Damien, he ran for a touchdown, his powerful legs plowing easily through all tacklers. The defensive players were just too weak to bring down his powerful body.. He outweighed them all by 40 to 70 pounds, all of it strong, rock-hard muscle. After the team was ahead by 50 points, the coach decided to let some of the other players carry the ball and catch passes. Damien blocked for his teammates, and he just mowed over the defensive players, leaving big holes for his teammates to run through. If Damien had carried the ball every time, the team would have won by over 100 points. On defense, Damien was so dominant that the other team was paralyzed. He blitzed so fast and powerfully to the quarterback after the snap, brushing away the defensive players as if they were 10 year old girls, that the other team didn't have a chance to get a pass off. When the opponents tried a running play, Damien pulverized the ball carriers with such force that they couldn't play for several minutes. When they did come back in, they were so terrified of Damien that when they saw his huge, muscular body coming at them, they just dropped to the ground rather than have Damien tackle them with his brutal, crushing power. But whenever he could, Damien let them have it with all the overpowering force his muscular body could deliver, which was devastating. Damien never showed any mercy. Damien was totally aggressive. Damien loved football. •

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