Boat Race Muscle

By elysiumfields

I rushed down the southern embankment close to Barnes Bridge spanning the River Thames,hoping to catch the last stretch of the Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race.Surprisingly,even though it was a gloriously warm and sunny day,the crowds,though numbering in the thousands along the length of the race,where thinned and stretched out along the banks leading up to the finishing point,and thus i managed to get perfect view from the rivers edge just as the two teams of 8 crew,spurred on by their cox's, sitting so low in the boats that they could just barely be seen, came cutting through the water,cresting literally neck and neck towards the winning point.

I peered through my binoculars at the two crew,seeing the strain on their faces and their lithe muscles aching with each frantic pull of the long oars.These boys must have gone through some serious training prior to the race to cope with stroking through the hard waters of the Thames,and i could see the results under the tight lycra singlets they wore - light blue for Cambridge and dark blue for Oxford..

Lean muscled physiques,oars,strong powerful arms and broad shoulders to pull hard at the oars,along with firm muscled chests,thickly muscled thighs and wide rippling backs..Yes,they definately kept in shape.I could see clearly as they came closer,still head to head despite each effort both teams tried out.

Only a few hundred yards now.. 'My,these guys are certainly well built!' i thought ,admiring them as they started to go past my vantage point. I could not take my binoculars off of them,noticing their rather thickly muscled torsos straining seemingly pumped from their exertive fight.'And look at those biceps!' i exclaimed inwardly,catching a glimpse of bulging biceps that looked the size of coconuts on the curly blonde haired guy at the front end of the Cambridge boat.'He must of hit the gym pretty hard toget guns like that!' i thought.

I lost sight of both boats as the view was blocked by a small group of spectators,giving me chance to refocus the binoculars as i saw the teams again,now coming up to the finishing line and causing the crowds cheering to rise in pitch. Cambridge was in front by just a fraction but i could not be sure. When i raised my bino's again,i nearly dropped them!. The Cambridge team looked as if they were sitting a little higher in their boat,but i soon began to realise that impossibly,they seemed to have grown in height,but the poor cox squatting just in view at the end of the boat now looked dwarfed by his team mates.

I glanced around at the spectators around me trying to gage any reaction to what i was seeing,but there was just normal cheering and waving.

Another peer through the bino's and i was astonished to see that not only had Cambridge grown,that they also seemed to be swelling up with bigger muscles with every stroke of the oars.Their light blue lycra singlets were definately becoming packed with more shapely and thicker pecs, and their arms becoming rippled with sinewy muscles,short sleeves burgeoning with fatter bloating biceps and forearms bulging powerfully.

One glance across to Oxford and the same was happening to them, and neither team seemed none the wiser to their sudden inexplicable growth.Only the cox's seemed left out.

I peered up at the sports coverage helicopter buzzing above and whether they or any of the thousands of viewers were noticing what i was seeing too.! A rise in the cheering indicated that the teams were reaching the finishing line. I raced along the embankment,like many others were doing, running as fast as i could to keep up with the rowing teams. The added muscles were also increasing the strength and stamina of both teams,and the boats cut faster through the water,almost like speedboats. I reached the end line just as both teams looked to have crossed dead level.

Both teams carried on rowing,such was the sudden pick up of speed in their rowing before they realised that they even crossed the winning line. The crowd grew a little more dense here,and i could not see either Oxford or Cambridge clearly,but what i did see, it seemed to me that they nolonger showed the exertion that i had earlier seen on their faces.Eventually i broke through the crowd to see the teams. gliding back towards the boat house not far away.There was no slumping back in exhaustion,panting and red faces.Both teams just sat in their boats almost emotionless and every once in an often i could see them flexing a bicep or puffing out their big bulging pecs.They had apparently reached the pinnacle of their incredulous muscle growth,sitting ungainly in boats that now looked like child-like canoes.Biceps way bigger than coconuts,more like bloody watermelons!.Thick swollen pecs so big that they looked as if they had stuffed pillows under their near bursting singlets.Wide rippling lats that made their backs seem three feet across.

I was starting to get an erection at this sudden display of huge obscene muscle..'Holy fuck..this definately turned me on sexually!'.

After quite a while where the judges were trying to fathom who had exactly won,and with me getting steadily sexually aroused by the sight of 16 burly university students unable to resist flexing bloated biceps and groping their pecs and then feeling up their team mates muscles,almost as if they were getting horny just as i was getting,..the announcement came,that for the first time ever,both teams had tied dead equal. There was some consternation from the supporters of either team at the result,but no alarm bells ringing about their sudden muscle growth,which totally baffled me as to why i seemed to be the only only one to notice.

The rowers themselves did not seem to care less. I watched as they rowed up to the sloping jetty of the boat house,and clambered awkwardly out of the boats. The poor cox's,small like racing jockeys to begin with,now totally dwarfed by the huge guys.

Now i caught sight of the handsome young guys in all their muscular glory. With the massiveness of their huge muscles,they did not look too much increased in height but still stood at impressive 6.5 to 7 feet. Yet it was their obscene oversized muscles that was the real size to them...and there was something else.!

The crotches of their singlets were literally bloated by impossible bulges caused by a truely shocking growth in their genitals. I could see the definate outlines of huge fat juicy cocks looking as fat as my forearm and pressed out towards their hips or very close towards their knees. And their balls looked bloated and full like ripe grapefruits heavily laden with gallons of hot man cum.

The sight of their overfilled freakish bulges nearly made me cum right there on the riverbank in my pants,and i had to support myself against a tree to let the orgasmic feeling subside. I fought to keep myself under control as i watched the two teams be presented with their joint trophy and then go through the necessary interviews. Eventually,the teams headed for the boat house,deciding to share changing rooms.I noticed some of them touching each other erotically,groping each others firm round butts or flexing biceps or even kissing.And i nearly came in my pants again.

'Shit,..i wish i was in the changing room and showers with these guys!' as i watched 15 guys go in to the boat house. Then i felt an immensely muscled arm wrap around my waist from behind, and i was lifted easily off the ground,carried towards the boat hose under the strong thick arms and the bulging lats of the 16th rower like i was loot claimed by a rampaging Viking invader.. I glanced nervously up into the beautiful face of the blonde Cambridge rower i noticed earlier.

"I saw you react to us when we got out of our puny boats..and i want you to be our sex slave..."

My cock grew painfully erect and i could no longer hold back my orgasm, creaming my pants with slimy cum... •

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