Little Brother


By magusfan

Timmy had so stand aside, in the doorway to his house, to let Carrie pass through inside. Her small, svelte frame passing by his half-naked bulky one. Even the brush of her hand against his was enough to send his dick mad, pushing up against the fabric of his pants so that it touched Carrie’s thigh as she passed by. She smiled

“Easy boy.” And looked up suggestively at the handsome male-model stood by, smiling wickedly. Timmy smiled back.

Testosterone steamed through his blood. The presence of a beautiful young girl allowed him to feel more empowered and strong than ever before. As Carrie pushed past him, going into the living-room of the house, Timmy followed her in calmly. A swagger visible in his step, his chest swelling out and shoulders going back – emphasising the arrogance and ego of which he had now been rewarded. He didn’t even bother to shut his front door as he strutted into the room. Carrie watched him walk in eagerly, every muscle in his beautiful body moving. His handsome, beautiful face stretching to a cocky grin.

As he got closer, not saying a word, his limited innocent vocabulary couldn’t muster any appropriate wording – he let Carrie do all the talking.

“Do you want to….fuck?” she announced breathlessly.

The cocky grin didn’t falter on Timmy’s face as he questioned the term – “Fuck?”

The subservient, eager Carrie – trained through her months as Charlie’s girlfriend – bended to every single, sexual, will of her stud-like boyfriend, thought she understand Timmy’s language. If you didn’t want to fuck, but you were still horny, it meant you wanted something else. Almost without thinking she leant down, pulling his pants as she went and reaching for his massive, erect, cock.

“It’s beautiful” she gasped.

The arrogant smile only lengthened on Timmy’s otherwise innocent face. Caught between the innocence of his childlike mind, and a ravaging sexual consciousness, he didn’t understand what was about to happen. He knew that he wanted to get pleasure from her, get inside her, dominate her; but he didn’t know how. As she felt him take his magnificent dick into her tight beautiful mouth, panting with uninhibited sexual satisfaction, he understand a little better.

It was over quickly but satisfyingly. As Carrie fell away from exhaustion, Timmy stood rooted to the spot, naked with his pants pulled from the floor. His head leant back in ecstasy, his eyes closed. When he’d been little, he’d spent hours asking Jamie what it was like to be ‘grown up’. It was his target, his aim; becoming more like his older brother himself the focus of his dreams. He looked at Jamie and saw all he though he’d need to know – you get to go places on your own, and you don’t get told what to do so much by other grown-ups. But Jamie had never told him any of this. Carrie had just been the pretty girl who would tuck him in at bed and read him stories. He never realised she’d do any of this for him.

As Carrie, lay there, on the floor of the Brent’s living room, she came to her senses. She was only supposed to be there for Jamie and little Timmy. She was supposed to be servicing her own boyfriend this afternoon. Had she gone mad? As she looked up at the beautiful man stood before her; a mixture of childlike innocence in his beautiful face and demeanour, only betrayed in the rock-hard magnificence of his body and the obvious uninhibited sexual-appetite, she understand what she’d done a little better; he was hotter than any of the guys in the football team, even Charlie. But all the same.

He was starting to walk away, not even bothering to pick up his shorts which he left discarded on the floor. He was obviously in the habit of walking around naked, showing off his beautiful body, not caring who he’d offend or turn on. There was something about his arrogance, which was so very appealing.

“So who are you?”

He turned back to her. He didn’t really feel like talking any more, but he granted her a single-worded response “Timmy”, voiced in his deep, growling terms. He hadn’t like it at first, but he thought he was getting used to his voice. It was powerful, dominant and appealing, like everything else about him. The lowest voice he’d ever heard.

She smiled at him “No, that was a joke. I mean, you’re obviously not him”

He shrugged, he didn’t really care if she believed him or not. AS the front door started to swing open, he turned to that. His little brother walking in, laden with clothes from the charity shop and astonished with the sight that greeted him. Timmy smirked at his brother, he had so much to tell him.

Over the next hour, while Timmy slept upstairs Jamie told Carrie everything. He hadn’t wanted anyone to found out, but it became a little hard once he discovered that Carrie had already….done stuff to his little brother.

Carrie had been overcome with astonishment and surprise at first. That well-hung, horny, muscular man seemed to bear so little resemblance to the innocent, angelic little boy she had helped look after, weeks before. And yet she can remember noting something in his face, and demeanour that was so innocent and inexperienced. Something which she had now played her part in corrupting. She remembered looking at Timmy – who always displayed such playful affection - with his delicate features, clear blue eyes and blonde hair hanging around his face, and thinking how good-looking he might turn out to be. She never expected to find out so fast, and so closely.

But as she helped Jamie sort through the clothes he brought, half-listening to his resolution to ‘keep things the same with Timmy. Keep him acting and dressing like a child. Limit his food-intake so he can’t get any bigger’, she made a couple of resolutions of her own. As she excused herself to go to the bathroom upstairs, she slowly pushed open the door to his room – Timmy was lying face down on his child size bed. His oversized legs and feet yet again left dangling over each end, a testament to his maturity and development. That afternoon, as she let him make love to her for the first time – the two of them fighting for space amongst Timmy’s crowded room, pushing toys and junk to one side – Carrie promised Timmy that she was going to make him love every second of ‘being a man’.

It had been Carrie’s idea to take Timmy to school. Jamie had been adamant that he was not ready, but Carrie refused to let herself watching Jamie turn his little brother into a recluse and a freak. He was going to be treated like any other guy his ‘age’. She’d even brought over her brother’s old school uniform, which was compulsory at Summer Bay High, that they were going to have to fit Timmy into, all Jamie’s shirts and trousers were a few sizes to small. Carrie’s brother had been a been a quarterback and well-sized before leaving the school, and it seemed to fit Timmy perfectly. Jamie had to button up his collar for him, tuck in his shirt, and do his tie, but Timmy was uncharacteristically compliant as he let his brother dress him. Since the changes to his body, Jamie had noticed how Timmy was less and less willing to let himself do stuff for him. He wanted to feed himself, wash himself, look after himself. And he was like a bear with a sore-head if Jamie tried to interfere. Jamie couldn’t help thinking how ridiculous it was. I mean, yes his brother now looked like a man but he was still, undoubtedly, a child inside.

That was the reason for his main reservation of taking Timmy to school. Jamie knew firsthand the pressures of the schoolyard, and he worried for his delicate little brother, who could quite as easily become a target for the jock-bullies as he himself was. Timmy might come close to resembling a few of those football players, but that would only add to the confusion when they discovered his sensitive childlike nature underneath, and his refusal and inability to be treated like an adult. All his life, Jamie had vowed to protect Timmy from those sort of pressures he himself had to face, and now it was like he was pushing his brother straight into it. Still, knowing how excited and eager his brother was to be joining ‘big’ school, he tried to keep some of the fears to himself as he admired Timmy in his new uniform.

“You look great” he smiled, then knowing how much it would please his worshiping little brother added “You look like me.”

Timmy frowned. He’d been having a look at himself in the mirror earlier, and Carrie hadn’t stopped whispering dirty things since she’d seen him in the uniform – he even fucked her when he was wearing it. He look a lot better than his little brother.

“This collar’s too tight.” ”Leave that, you don’t want to look scruffy do you?” ”Is this how everyone else wears it?”

“Yes” Jamie lied. The school uniform at Summer Bay was largely treated with disgust and indifference. On the most part, it was either not worn at all, or its rules and conventions were openly flaunted - some of the brainless jocks didn’t even bother buttoning up their shirts at all, it seemed the scruffier and ‘sexier’ you looked the better. But Jamie didn’t want Timmy to be like that.

“What are you looking forward to most about joining school.” ”Ummm I don’t know.”

“The lessons, and the classes?” ”Yeah.” Jamie smiled, “You’ll like it.”

Timmy smiled too, but more uncertainly. In his conversations with Carrie, mostly taking place between fucking sessions, learning at school hadn’t really cropped up. They’d talked mostly about getting Timmy to know some of the other guys, so he would have a few better role-models, joining a few of the sport’s teams so he would be able to keep his fitness levels up. Timmy was even thinking more about the attractive girls there would be to fuck, although he hadn’t told even told Carrie that. But Jamie didn’t seem interested in any of that stuff, so it didn’t seem like he had to say anything. Still, he knew High School was going to be great.

“Come on” said Jamie, smiling “Let’s go, bro.” •

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