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Since Chuck's departure, the men at IGE had all been "upgraded" by the Team. There was no longer a wall that prevented the transforming potential from fully manifesting. Blake's addition to the population and his body's improvement of the capabilities and transferring powers made it possible to share with everyone the full potential of what being a transformed man meant.

What Carlos found interesting, since he'd more or less designed this process, at least in its infancy, was that although every man received presumably the same advanced formula of Transform in one way or another - some had it literally fucked into them, others were changed with a touch, a caress, a kiss - and they were all improved to their perfected forms, every man was his own man. They were essentially capable of exhibiting the same size and strength, but each body accepted and manifested the changes according to that man's original form.

Carlos was sunning himself on a broad glade of glass, the sun warming his skin as the breezes cooled him, looking across the landscape at the various masculine figures all around him. His golden eyes glittered and a smile lit his Hispanic features as he observed the results of what he had started so many months ago.

There was Stephen, standing under the spreading branches of an oak. As the shadows and sunlight shifted and filtered through the tree's fluttering leaves, the man's muscled form fell into relief. He was talking with someone... it looked like, yes it was Leo, the man whose invitation brought Blake into their midst. Leo was one of three completely bald men at IGE, the other two being the dark god Jeremy, whose chestnut skin clung so tightly to his brawn it looked like he was dipped in chocolate, and one of the newcomers, Teddy, who seemed to find much sensual pleasure in his smooth pate.

Stephen was very tall and quite hairy, possessing an overall muscularity that didn't overtly bulge in any one area, but seemed to bulge everywhere. He was just big, while Leo had exceptionally broad shoulders, a barrel chest and thick, fat thighs. His butt, Carlos noticed with a raised eyebrow, was also fairly pronounced, riding high and firm on his small hips. And that signature mustache on his upper lip which fairly well hid most of his mouth, except for the pouting pink of his lower lip.

Stephen was furry everywhere, with a soft brown carpet that coated his powerful form sometimes so thickly that the skin could not be seen, only the shape of the man's muscle. Leo had body hair as well, as black as the night on his pale pink flesh, but more patchy, growing very thickly in some places but with only a light dusting in others. He had a broad triangle on his wide, huge chest, starting just below his collar bone and cascading down to a thin trail that traversed the cobbled real estate of his belly until it erupted wide and heavy again above the roots of his twin monsters. His butt was exceptionally hairy as well, growing into a very dark forest the deeper one went until his sweaty curls looked like ocean waves against the red pucker of his asshole.

Yet both men had the same amount of Transform flowing through them, giving each equal capabilities that theoretically would alter their genetic structure with like muscularity and height and breadth. But he guessed that Stephen had a good foot and a half on Leo in height, while Leo probably gained that difference back in the width and thickness of his shoulders and upper back. He heard the men laugh, both now gifted with powerful rolling baritones but Carlos could easily differentiate the men's voices.

The human animal was a magical creature, indeed.

He looked to his left and saw one of Chuck's recruits, Ray, planting a lingering kiss on a short-haired man's mouth. Carlos squinted slightly and shaded his eyes, recognizing the huge, freckled taper of Reggie, or one half of the Greeting Squad as Reggie and Justin dubbed themselves. It was unusual to see one without the other, but just as that thought occurred, Carlos noticed movement behind Ray's wide-planted legs and realized that Justin, the olive skin of his hands grasping Ray's hips, had his face planted between Ray's muscular butt cheeks and seemed to be doing an excellent job of eating the man's ass. Ray's hands were doing an equally expert job of kneading and teasing Reggie's beautiful butt while their cocks were twisting and writhing against each other in some highly-charged dance of erotic bliss.

Carlos lay back on the grass and cast his gaze upward, where he could make out at least three pairings of the result of his DNA dabbling floating in the sky of blue. He could easily recognize Teddy, Chuck's other newcomer, by his almost bull-sized upper body. He was even bigger than Leo in that respect, his torso a bulging map of power so thick and huge that he looked like a top about to keel over sideways. Maybe that was why he enjoyed being in the air so much. Ray and Teddy, needless to say, fit right in at IGE. After getting Chuck's full treatment, they were both bulging examples of the miracle of Transform.

Ray had been around long enough to be able to teach some of the guys at the complex a thing or two about pleasuring a man. Carlos figured that owning a gay bar, a guy gets an education in the things other guys like, the things they look for, the things that turn them on before they get turned on. A look, a smile, a move, he knew them all intimately and used them all expertly. His eyes had a depth of wisdom in them that surpassed what anyone else pretended to know. When he kissed you and you looked into those eyes, you felt like you alone existed on the Earth in that moment. His hands were lethal, finding those places you needed to be touched, stroking and fondling and caressing exactly as necessary, entirely as required. He became a sort of Big Daddy to a lot of the younger men - even though physically he looked no older than anyone else.

Regaining his youth wasn't particularly important to him. He liked the life he'd lead, had no regrets, and was very comfortable having left behind the uncertainties of youth. But the rebirth of his body, or at least its 100,000 mile overhaul, left him feeling like a man with a mission. And that mission was education and sharing everything he knew.

Sex moved up a notch after he had been with you. He slowed down the guys that moved too fast, taught the hungry ones the utter pleasure of waiting, teasing and carrying out on whispered promises - or threats. He used words like he used his hands. He could talk a man into cumming by telling him what he was going to do to him - and then he'd make them cum even harder by doing it. And he did it for a long time. Stamina was never a problem with Ray.

If Ray was a man with a mission, Teddy was a kid in a candy shop. He was in constant motion, fucking and being fucked almost non-stop since arriving. With their arrival yesterday, the population at IGE was now up to 22 men, all gifted with the full, seemingly unrestrained powers that Transform released. And today their number would be increased by two. Carlos's partner in crime, Dr. Lassiter, was due to arrive. And he was bringing with him another young man whom Carlos remembered from the lab, a boy (as Carlos remembered him) named Kevin.

Carlos ran down the list of men in his head, closing his eyes as his body luxuriated in the sensual pleasures it seemed to find everywhere, at this moment enjoying the soft whisper of the wind against his naked skin and the scent of the firm, moist earth and soft green grass under his back. There was Todd and Chuck, the first two, himself, Jeremy and Jeff his native American partner. There was Leo, who brought Blake. And Reggie and Justin.

He smiled thinking of those two, who always seemed to be together but never just together, preferring to share their seemingly psycho-sexual connection with others. It was like the two of them had some silent ability to know exactly what to do in any given situation, what to say to make someone comfortable, where to move, when to push or retreat, how to share so intimately and equally that they were almost like one person. Having them greet new arrivals, a task they took on themselves using that same alient form of agreement, was a natural. Reggie and Justin had never met before coming to the compound, but there was an instant connection in them immediately and they'd been inseparable since.

Then he thought of the "accidental" Team members who'd been drawn to this new form by the Scent, the powerful masculine aroma all transformed men gave off which elicited the same reaction in any man who was exposed to it, but never quite smelled exactly the same from one man to the next. David, Stephen, Sam and of course Michael. Carlos found his brow momentarily furrowing as he wondered where Michael was just now, and almost the moment the thought entered his head, a shadow fell across his vision.

Then he felt lips pressed to his own and the singular scent that was Michael filled his senses. He leaned forward and pressed his mouth to Michael's, making the kiss of greeting become something more passionate and welcoming than perhaps Michael first intended. But the other man fell into Carlo's trap willingly, and the kiss became an embrace as the two men lay together on the sunny hill and shared their love openly.

"Hello," said Michael softly, when the kiss finally broke off. His hand reached up and gently moved aside a long lock of Carlos's silky hair. Every touch of their flesh was magic.

"Hello, yourself. Where have you been?"

Michael smiled and twisted onto his back, looking up into the blue sky. "Here and there. Nowhere in particular." A breeze ruffled the grass around them, tingling Michael's skin. He wrapped one arm behind his head and closed his eyes. "This is nice."

Carlos moved his head onto Michael's chest and settled his muscled bulk on his lover's amazing and beautiful body. He felt Michael drawing breath, felt the tight hardness of his muscles, the silken smooth perfection of his naked flesh. Michael started drawing lazy circles on Carlos's chest with a light, drifting finger. Carlos reached down and fondled Michael's dicks, feeling them welcome his touch and rub eagerly against his hand. "Yes," he agreed.

"You anxious?"


"About Dr. Lassiter's... about Jerry's arrival."

Michael felt his lover's shoulders shrug against him. "Not particularly." He sighed. "I'm looking forward to it, more than anything. I think he understands why I left. At least, I think he does now." He turned over, folding his arms across Michael's broad body so they could talk face to face. "Why did you ask that?"

Michael smiled. Carlos was always so inquisitive about everything. "It's unlike you to be so pensive. I saw you out here alone, so quiet, and you seemed to have something on your mind. I'm sorry if I interrupted."

"You have permission to interrupt any time, Michael. I prefer your interruptions to anything else I could possibly be doing." He rubbed his thumb against Michael's erect nipple, bending his head slightly and sucking it into his mouth, teasing it with his tongue as Michael's face screwed up into an expression of sexual pleasure. Carlos pinched the cap between his teeth and tongue and then released the swelling pleasure point, licking it for good measure.

"As you wish," he answered.

"Actually, I was thinking about this place. The guys, here. Their uniqueness."

"Yeah, I seriously doubt you'll find men like this anywhere..."

"No, I meant from each other. There's still so much I don't understand about this process, how it's working, why it's evolving. And what will happen."

"What will happen?"

Carlos nodded. "When you consider how far we've progressed in a matter of weeks, consider where we might be in a year from now. How will the process have altered us by then? It seems to me that we've unleashed something in the male of the species with this process, this formula. When you think about it, finding Blake wasn't too difficult at all. Consider how many men there are on the planet, and we were worried after less than two dozen recruits that the process had found its zenith. But Blake proved that assumption wrong. We were worried for no apparent reason." He smiled. "I'm not concerned, just curious."

Michael returned his smile. "How unusual." Carlos went on as if he hadn't heard the sarcasm. That made Michael smile even brighter. It was one of his favorite things about Carlos, that when his mind was on-track with something, pushing it off was nearly impossible. Luckily for their sex life, that characteristic extended into everything. Carlos was looking in the distance, watching where Ray and Justin and Reggie were moving into some new position. Hips started thrusting, and there was a definite grunting and moaning coming from their direction. It sounded feral, untamed, almost animalistic. "I was thinking how different we each are."

Michael laughed, bouncing Carlos with his chest. "And thank god for that."

Carlos flicked Michael's much-tortured nipple with his finger. "No, I mean physically."

"I reiterate, thank god for that."

Carlos sat up, looking down at Michael, taking in the whole of his perfected body, it's massive muscular growth, the appearance of the skin that covered his powerful brawn, the soft glistening glory of the curing hair on his groin and under his arms, the swell and bulge of his biceps and shoulders as they bunched, the smooth muscled power of his chest and the jewel-like beauty of those nipples he was playing with. "You're so beautiful."

"I return the compliment most sincerely." And he meant it. His eyes drifted down the dark, ruddy skin on his lover's body. The unnatural perfection of his form, the way his muscles flexed and bulges with the slightest movement, the innate power manifested everywhere, the bulging strength on his belly and the massive, overhanging brawn across his chest.

"But you don't look like me, do you see what I mean? Yet we share so much at a genetic level, as if we were brothers."

"I'm not sure where you're going with this, but if you start using words like incestuous I think you can count me out."

"No, no, I don't mean that at all. In fact, you may have hit on a point I was missing. What I meant was that since the transformation process is passed between us, we hold pieces of each other inside. At least, that's what I was thinking. But I couldn't account for the reasons why we all appear so different even as the size and strength of our bodies increased at the same rate." He stood up and started to pace. Michael, having seen this many times before, turned on his side to watch. He loved to listen to Carlos when his brain was in gear, and he loved to watch the man move. The combination of smarts and the sensual, strong strides always made him hot. "We know that we are the sum of all the genetic material through our lineage. I have this form taken through the blood of all my mothers and fathers going back literally hundreds of years. Thousands. But it comes down to me, in the end. I am that sum, but I am also my own man."

"Mmm hmm." Michael's eyes watched the ass of the man flex and bulge. It was sleek and powerful and round and beautiful. Deep depressions on each side accentuated its smooth, firm power.

"And the transformation process was aimed at only the masculine aspects, to heighten their capabilities and then accentuate them. And also to allow me to have full control over my body, to be able to manifest any need or desire as easily as I instruct my legs to walk, or my eyes to blink."

"Yep." Michael sat up and stretched his legs in front of him, leaning back on one arm while the other began to stroke one of his pricks to ripeness. He stretched his frame, feeling his strong body flex and pull, each muscle growing tight along his belly. He tensed his ass and made his pricks - both of them - swell and harden. He twisted their sensitive muscled flesh around his touch.

"But there are feminine aspects, too. The mother and the father, and Transform wasn't designed to infiltrate those features, so they stay intact, or as intact as the process allows."

"Uh huh." His gaze lingered on his lover's legs, their flexing power, so thick and firm with muscle. The soft, slight hairs that covered them were shining under the sun's bright glare. He knew how soft they were.

"So perhaps it is those aspects that lend us our individuality. That's why we each stay essentially the man we were, but become a perfected version. And there are Triggers, so to speak, men in the population whose bodies are somehow more attuned and welcoming of the changes and, in fact, in their transformation they themselves transform the process, refine it fuller, unlocking more powers and capabilities than Jerry or I ever considered possible!" He stopped, having come to a conclusion. "Of course! It was there all... what are you doing?"

"Jerking off. If you can't tell, I must be doing this wrong."

Carlos could feel himself growing suddenly firm and hot. "Do you need some help?" •

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