High School Muscle: The Class-Room

By elysiumfields

St Dunstans High School was an All-Boys school providing education to well over a 1,000 teenaged boys between the ages of 13 and 17. It was situated near a sprawling council estate which was home to much of the schools pupils, and pretty much a breeding ground for juvenile delinquency and petty crimes.Thus,the school suffered as a result from the varied rough backgrounds of these boys and it was low on the league of the local authorities board of education. I had been a teacher at St Dunstans for nigh-on 12 years tutoring History to the 16 and 17 boys in the fifth and sixth forms who passed through my care over the years, and i had seen the gradual progression of urban culture with each new generation of boys.Nowadays,these boys often were rarely without their baseball caps,hooded jerseys,tracksuit bottoms and trainers,which suplimented the white shirt and black and red tie uniforms they were supposed to wear.Over recent years i bore witness to more aggressive and troublesome boys from when i had first started at St Dunstans over a decade ago. I was tired of having to shout over my pupils when they became loud and unruly, and some even became confrontational and hard to control. I had been assaulted twice before by angry teenagers trying to assert their authority over me,even though i was supposed to be the authority figure..Truth be told, i was tired of teaching now, and after 12 years i had decided to call it quits,and today would be my last day.The final straw had been that rumour had spread through the pupils that i was gay. I am..Though i had recently come out to a select few of my colleagues, i was fully aware that in this type of environment and especially at this school, that my homosexuality would not be much welcomed. I had unfortunately been seen by a pupil leaving a known gay bar and that was how the rumour had started.So i put in my notice of resignation to the headmaster and was eager to leave this place.. My last lesson was'nt going to be as straightforward as i hoped. As i walked in late to the class i had noticed that one of the pupils had written ''Mr Vickers is a Faggot'' on the blackboard. I swiftly rubbed off the obscenity and sat down in the chair trying to keep my calm in front of the 30 boys. Some of the boys had started giggling, and i knew full well who had written the message. Craig Bashford. A cocky and arrogant brat two days past his 17th birthday, sitting midway centre of the classroom flanked by his mates, Alan and Ben .

Craig was slouched back in his chair,sneering at me when our eyes met. His cap was tilted back on his french cropped hair,a cigarette visible tucked behind his ear and his tie tucked into the top button gap of his school shirt. He was very muscular for his age and used this as a factor in intimidating and bullying other boys and he knew that even i felt a little uncomfortable around him, and he showed it with contempt and hostility.I tried to assert my authority over him as he continued to bore into me with that menacingly evil glare. "Mr Bashord,if you are gonna write such obscene and homophobic remarks like that again,i'll have no choice but to remove you from this class and send you to see Mr Carlson."

"And how'd you know it was me who wrote it?" he replied. "Don't be foolish Craig, you have that sort of mentality to do something like that" Craig sat up in his chair "You saying i'm thick or something?" I ignored him as i directed the class to open their textbooks to study the reign of the Roman Emperor Elagabalus and the effects of his depravities on the society. Craig slumped back in his chair,muttering swear words under his breath as i continued with the lesson."Right guys,i want you to write a short essay on Elagabalus,his heretic beliefs and his similarities or differences with earlier despots- Caligula,Nero,Domitian,Commodus and Caracalla.".

Craig ignored the text book,so i just blanked his aggressive posturing out.

A hand shot up in the air. It was Jake,one of the better behaved boys in the class."Was'nt Commodus the bad one out of Gladiator,sir?". "Yes he was Jake,and he did have a penchant for dressing up as a gladiator,but don't forget that Hollywood sometimes twists the truth a little!".

I heard Alan mock Jakes question in a cocky tone,and then throw a screwed up bit of paper across to him."Settle down Alan" i snapped at him.

------------- ------------

At least ten whole minutes then passed by silently. I peeked up from the previous days essay sheets and glanced across to Jake.He was leaning back in his chair almost lazily and yet slowly writing the set task. 'Thats funny!' i thought to myself,noticing his white shirt taught against his lithe athletic frame.He looked a little more leaner somehow,the shoulders perhaps a little broader and the thin fabric tight across his slender chest. Jake shot a glance up to me and i quickly returned to the schoolwork on my desk,shrugging off the odd thoughts as just a figment of my imagination in the warm summer weather.

In the quietness of the room i clearly heard Craig mutter 'Battyman', knowing full well what it meant.

I glared across to him with as much disdain as possible. "Stay behind after class,Craig. I want to speak to you about your behaviour." I tried hard not to notice the thick shapes of his pecs that seemed to look a little too thick beneath his shirt.

Craig sneered contemptively at me,then unexpectedly and un-nervingly,winked at me and blew me a kiss. I shifted uneasily in my seat as he reached up and adjusted his cap. I could not fail to notice his thickly balled bicep bulge and tense under his rolled up sleeve. Then it seemed to swell all of a sudden and i shot my glance away hoping i was just seeing things again. After a few moments i very perceptively looked over at Craig. He stared at me half sneering and half smiling.Again came that wink, and again i could definately see his bicep swell and actually grow swiftly to a larger bulge,straining the sleeve. His chest also seemed fuller as well.The slender pectorals pushing out against the buttoned fabric into thickening mounds. 'Oh my god,this can't be happening..had i took too many anti depressants or something,this morning?.

I looked around the room at the other boys who seemed oblivious to Craigs changing muscularity. Not only that..they were changing too!

Kyle,a short red haired boy was leaning forward over his textbook,resting his head on one hand. His shoulders looked like they were being packed on with gradually growing delts,and of the arm he was resting on,his triceps filling out the sleeves of his shirt,and as i watched in awe, a button pinged off the sleeved cuffs as his forearm thickened and rippled with sinewy muscle.

Charlie,a tall attractive athletic kid with jet black short hair gelled up in spikes and his left brow pierced by a gold ring.He was leaning back,stretching out his arms and yawning in apparent boredom,giving me a shocking sight of his torso growing and swelling beneath his shirt,his pecs heaving and expanding fast and his lats bulging out into thick slabs of pure muscle, gradually pulling apart his shirt buttons to reveal glimpses of his smooth tanned physique beneath.

The sound of ripping fabric brought my attention across to Alan.He had no intention of studying his textbook,but instead he was studying his biceps bulging out into swollen peaks of muscle,ripping through his short sleeves. I felt my cock betray my hidden gay desires as i witnessed the boys growing in front of me. Alan was totally caught up in seeing his biceps expand in size,and began to flex the growing mounds of muscle as they grew as big as cantaloupe melons,streaked with rippling veins across the bloated splitting peaks. He caught me staring at him,but now it was even harder to tear away my shocked gaze from him.

"You like my big fuckin' muscles,huh..Mr Vickers?"

Alan got up from his chair,his added muscle size caused himto knock over the desk that had been drawn in close to him,sending it crashing to the ground.The other boys laughed out loud as the noise of the table crashing over had made me jump. Alan stood at least 6 feet tall now,where i had previously known him to stand at a short 5 and a half foot.His shirt was seriously under pressure from his growing torso,the swelling fat lat muscles gradually tearing apart at the seams under his arms as he threw up his fat cannonball sized biceps into a double bi flex.His biceps had to be at least 0 inches now and he looked even bigger than the biggest bodybuilders. Even his grey school pants were losing the fight to contain ever growing swollen thighs and an unmistakeable bulge in his crotch that i was fast to realise was caused by his genitals growing in size too. I fought vainly to tear my eyes away from that bulge as the clear tubular shape of his engorging cock forced the fabric to tent out and the teeth of his zipped fly to break open. "Fucking queer,you can't take your eyes of his cock,can't you.." said Craig sitting awkwardly in his chair beside the posing Alan. Craigs pecs had swollen like massive boulders and with the slightest of flexes,the huge bloated mounds burst free from the thin shirt,ripping buttons off across the room. They were fucking huge,almost like breasts but hard and solid and rippling with veins, and dark stubbly hair seemed to be spreading out and growing in across the vast shapely mountains of muscle,so big that his thimble sized erect nipples poked southward and the cleft between looked tobe two inches deep,hiding his ties which was stuck between them.

I could not deny it now, even though i knew this was wrong and that Craig and his mates were bullies,i was drawn erotically to them and the other boys with a feeling of submissive desires. Craig definately intimidated me now with his gargantuan size.

The sounds of boys ripping out of their shirts and pants and hollering with joy,flexing and groping their huge hairy muscles,and Craig then rising slowly and almost deliberately from his chair,fondling the obscene bulge in his crotch caused by his fattening and lengthening cock, brought me back to reality.

"Boys,will you settle down.." i tried to say over their loud muscle revelry,knowing that they'd ignore whatever i said. "Fuck man,this is awesome" shouted Jake as he stood up to show off his 6 foot plus freakily muscled 300lb plus physique,pulling off the remnants of his shirt and tie to reveal his massive chest densely covered in dark curly hair and rubbing his hands though them smiling with glee. The bulge in his crotch burst open and out rose and truely freaky erect cock. At least the length of a two litre coke bottle and nearly as thick,its fat shaft streaked with veins like a rainforest tree entangled by vines.The bulbous cockhead poking out from tightening foreskin and leaking pre-cum from a piss slit that i could literally slip a finger in. 'My god,how could a 16 year old have a huge cock that looked to match his age in inches!,..and his balls..Fuck! They slopped out of his torn zipper and swung low and heavily bloated to the size of baseballs with seemingly gallons of muscleboy cum,barely centremetres above his knees.! This brought me firmly back to reality.. I had to get away from these sights.It was too much for me to handle and cope with, what with all these teenaged schoolboys hulking out and growing into massively over muscled hunks before me. As a teacher it was not right..and on my last day this was way too much for my senses to take in. I had to get away and call for help. The smell of manly sweat seemed to get steadily stronger as the boys seemed to reach the pinnacle of their muscle growth.It seemed like an intoxicant to me,and i could not controlmy erection throbbing the hardest that it had ever been,inside my slacks and moistening my cotton breifs with pre-cum. And it had made me feel weak and dizzy. I had to get away.

Summoning up strength,i swiftly and surely bolted towards the door,but one of the boys lept up with surprising agility and blocked my escape with his huge hairy massively muscled form.Josh was a heavy metal skater boy.He had been tall,pale and skinny,with long shoulder length brown hair tied back into a ponytail,and his left brow pierced with a silver bar.Now he was a huge musclebound tanned hunk,whose bulging pecs were covered in fine stubbled hair and his hair loose around his shoulders giving the appearance of an overbuilt steroid overdosed Tarzan.

Craig swaggered towards me,taking the lead in the class like he did with his gang, his cock was now poking out of his torn zipper even fatter in girth than Jakes but just as long and oozing precum from the cock tip. "So you think you have got control over me do you, Phillip?" he sneered,deliberately using my first name to show the authority figures had changed. "Lets just see how much of a queer you are.."

He grabbed hold of the front of my shirt and picked me up like i weighed nothing,then he spun me round and slammed me face down over my desk,tugging at the back of my slacks and yanking them down around my ankles,garing my pale buttocks. I knew what he was going to do next,as he forced my legs apart and stood between them. I struggled and fought vainly as Craig pulled both my arms behind my back and held both my wrists with one vice like hand. "No use struggling Phill,no-ones gonna come to your aid. Every boy in this school are like us now,so you got no-where to run...". I whimpered and struggled futilely,gradually letting the intoxicating smell of the boys sweat at least act as an aphrodisiac in the assualt which was about to come..... •

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