By Also_KnownAs

Bobby felt like he'd died and found heaven. His day could not possibly get better than this. Not only was his desire becoming fulfilled - those two gorgeous men were making love to him - but even his fantasy was coming true. He was one of them! He was a muscular stud with looks that kill and a cock, no, two cocks so huge and fat that anyone who saw him would think they were dreaming.

And finally he was getting some! All the pent-up sexual frustration was being released. All the times looking at a guy and wishing to be with him, to see him naked, to touch his skin and kiss him and swallow him whole and feel his hot hardness inside, all that was happening. And, man, it felt better than he ever thought it would.

He heard Blake's voice from below. "Where may I touch you?" asked again. "Tell me what to do."

David kneeled down, then lay on his back, positioning his head under Bobby's dicks. Bobby bent himself forward. His ass opened, his hole well lubed and ready for whatever Blake could give him. "Fuck me," he said.

Then he was being filled up. Deeper and deeper. A pain like fire erupted but was quickly replaced by a different flame, one that heated his whole being. Inch after inch of one of Blake's fat pricks came into him, sliding in deeply through a slick trail of precum, a flood of it, easing the way. Slowly, pushing itself inside. He felt it move, a live thing, felt it swell and twist. Then Blake was fucking his ass, pumping him with steady thrusts, and it felt good, so good. He arched his back, felt the muscles of his chest stretch and swell. He felt so strong, so powerful. Then David was sucking his cock, hand jobbing his other one. He buried himself down David's throat, felt his new cock being massaged, grabbed and swallowed in a hot, wet tunnel. He was cumming down David's throat almost immediately, unable to contain himself. He'd never felt anything like this, a constant thrumming orgasmic rush that overwhelmed him. Then something was at his lips, something hot and hard and slick, pushing his mouth open and sliding itself inside.

David felt the power and heat of Bobby's fresh load inside him. He hungered for him, felt renewed and fulfilled. It was better than ever before, like some pure male essence that touched him and expanded inside. Whole and firm and hot. He lifted himself up, floated effortlessly under Bobby, and pushed his pelvis to Bobby's face, lubing up his pricks and pressing them toward the beautiful boy's mouth. His throat muscles closed on Bobby's cock and milked him, he could feel his other prick swell in his grip and his arm was suddenly hot and wet with more of Bobby's seed. He could feel Bobby welcoming his own dick inside. Then both of him. Bobby's was blowing both of David's huge cocks, and the thought and the feeling made him so hot, he started flooding the kid with his own powerful cum, pumping it inside from his churning balls. Blake pumped Bobby like a piston. Bobby's ass grabbed onto him and pulled him in, didn't want to let go. It was like his body needed this, needed to be fucked hard, fucked full and completely. Blake moved his other prick toward Bobby's hungry asshole, it pressed itself in beside its twin and they were alternating their strokes, double fucking the kid to ultimate sexual bliss, and Blake started to cum.

Bobby felt himself filling up with pleasure, an erotic gratification so complete and overwhelming that it flooded through him, a thick tide of perfect pleasure. He was approaching something, something immense and powerful, too powerful to contain. His body was pulsing with its power, its strength. He could feel it coming like an earthquake, like a hurricane, like a wall of flame. Bigger and bigger it grew, inflating, bulging, swelling inside until it erupted outward and enveloped them all.

Blake felt something erupt through his body from the pricks buried deep inside Bobby's muscular bulk. It was lightning fast, something like heat, a sensation he could feel as it approached, thrumming through his cocks like some ultimate orgasm, then it exploded through him, filled him beyond control, a white hot flash of sexual pleasure so intense that it blotted out everything else. He started blasting his load into Bobby, unable to keep control over his body under the onslaught of erotic bliss. His balls emptied their load into Bobby's ass and the flood pushed out, so full and fast was its flow.

David was sucking Bobby's prick, his grip sliding over the other one, when he felt it building. He could feel it along Bobby's cock inside his throat, in the flood of cum filling him, it was pulsing out of Bobby's other cock and through his hand, up his arm, it was entering the pricks thrusting down Bobby's throat, enveloping them, enflaming them, some quicksilver throbbing heat of... then he was inundated with it. An orgasm so strong, so complete, so full and powerful that his whole body, every huge muscle, shook from its force. Perfect bliss, an explosive blast of it, erupted.

It lasted only moments, but its power left all three men gasping and sweating. David fell onto the floor, filled up with Bobby's spunk, feeling so strong and satiated. He could feel his body still pulsating from whatever just happened. Blake was practically thrown back from Bobby, ejected from the combined power of his own uncontrollable blast of cum and the huge orgasmic detonation. He fell onto his ass, both cocks still hard and pumping out his load. It fountained from him.

Bobby collapsed on the floor, breathing hard and fast. His vision was clearing - it had gone black as the blast of orgasmic bliss erupted from him. He could still feel the lingering effect of the explosion, his entire form inside and out was tingling and throbbing with the pleasure he'd manifested.

Blake was shaking his head. His fountains were receding, he was soaking his bright pearlescent load back into his body. David started to laugh. "Holy fucking shit, that was incredible. Bobby, what the fuck did you do?" He looked over the boy and his eyes widened. Because Bobby was growing bigger - bigger again in front of his eyes. "Blake! Blake, look at Bob!"

Then they both watched as the 17-year-old kid started getting bigger. He was lying on his back, his 12-foot high muscle-packed body slick and gleaming with sweat, and they could see his chest rising like bread dough. He was expanding, growing thicker and meatier with even more brawn. Blake stood up slowly and looked down as the young man's legs lengthened and swelled. His thighs were huge, and finger thick veins popped up all over the muscle and started to throb and stretch under his skin, branching out along the muscle, feeding it even bigger.

A look of content pleasure was painted on Bobby's features. His lips curled into a smile and his closed eyes were calm, not pinched. David could practically hear the muscle developing, as if Bobby was made of wood that was curing. His arms and shoulders were swelling with huge boulders of power, and more of the thick veins appeared and plugged into that brawn, making it larger still, growing by the inch in seconds.

His neck was as thick as a tree trunk, but his face stayed youthful, serene, beautiful beyond words. A sudden shadow of bristles grew across his cheeks and chin and upper lip, and he was soon sporting a full beard, reddish gold. The hair on his chest increased, a full furry forest of copper curls that highlighted and accentuated his still developing muscle.

David sat forward, moving to balance on his arms and leaned over Bobby's growing form, watching the hair spread across the mountainous expanse of the kid - no, the man's chest. His nipples were bigger than silver dollars, big round deep brown caps with rounded pointed tips climbing up through the jungle of reddish hair. His stomach seemed to swell huge and round, firm and fat, then the skin collapsed down over his huge rippled abdominals like plastic wrap and sunk under his chest cavity. More of those blood veins erupted across his belly leading down his form, across his small waist and flat pelvis where they split and multiplied as they found their way onto the surface of his twin wonders which were suddenly bloating up like water balloons.

He had monster cocks. Huge, thick, masculine tools with fat, long shafts and fist-sized heads. The helmets swelled and blossomed, plump and juicy. His hips seemed to rise up, and David realized it was Bobby's ass. His ass was firming, growing rounder, thicker, a perfect bubble butt of brawn. He legs relaxed outward, but whether that was because the size of his balls were forcing them apart or because the size of this thighs kept increasing, it was hard to tell.

Bobby moaned, a deep satisfied sound that came from somewhere inside that gargantuan chest. One huge hand lifted off the wooden floor and rested on one of his new monster cocks. It curled against his touch, rubbed itself into his grasp. He smiled and opened his eyes, looking up at the ceiling, then over at David's face. He had a look of wonder and shock. Bobby's brow arched, and he said, "What's with you?"

His voice was like two mountains rubbing together. Impossibly deep, impossibly full. A sexy growl that crawled under your skin and rattled your bones.

"Me?" David smiled and sat back on his ass, shaking his head slowly. "What's with you?"

Bobby didn't seem to realize what he meant, although he felt a little strange and a lot great. The after-effects of that super orgasm or whatever it was - but now that he thought about it, that's exactly what it seemed like. What it felt like. He was already in the middle of the most powerful orgasm ever, a continuous pleasurable process so deeply intense that he could feel it everywhere, not just from his dick, when it went into overdrive and he had an orgasmic orgasm. His body delivered a mind-blowing, brain-bending, blindingly powerful surge of perfect sexual bliss as a climax to his climaxing. Anyway, he was feeling that throbbing, thrumming pleasure still, everywhere. But wasn't that normal?

He turned over to his side, looking at David, then over at Blake. As his gaze shifted across the room, he caught sight of his new dimensions and the soft carpet of burnished copper that covered him. A sudden smile found its way to his lips and he sat up.

He was bigger. He was even bigger than before. And he was getting bigger still. "Shit," he rumbled, "too cool."

He stood up, a towering mass of raw muscle. He was growing larger everywhere, every bulging mass was pumping bigger, harder, fatter with brawn. He clenched his fists and flexed his arms, watching the muscle twist and swell. He bent his arms slightly and his biceps bulged into firm, round balls of force, the veins suddenly welling up and visibly pulsing. He stretched his arms wide and Blake and David watched his lats inflate, expand out and up to meet the low, rounded contours of his growing triceps. They could see his arms stretching outward, lengthening as they filled up with more and more power. Bobby's chest was swelling out and across and down, the furry forest growing to cover his expanding dimensions. The crevasse between the globes of his chest deepened by the inch as he continued to grow.

Bobby bent his arms into a double bi, and David almost came again. So much power, so much muscle, so much man standing there. His arm muscles bulged fatter with brawn. He had a silky coat of hair under each arm, and the sexy scent of his maleness flowed outward from him. He was smiling like a little boy, his bearded face retaining all his youthful zeal and beauty while refining its edges and curves into a seriously masculine countenance. He bent his arms down into a most muscular pose, and his whole form bulged massively, his vascular power overwhelmed with veins that pulsed and throbbed, driving the size of every perfect muscle larger and larger.

Bobby could feel the thrumming pleasure of his muscular development and increasing size start to subside. He relaxed his form and closed his eyes, wanting to savor the feeling of growth while it lasted. David and Blake watched the branches of blood sink into the muscle and all but disappear, leaving Bobby a map of muscular perfection. Every fiber was deeply etched, every striation of power showing clean and beautiful under his skin.

The meaty slabs of his chest heaved as he breathed. The carpet of body hair that had been spreading as he grew now acted like a silken coat, heavy in all the right places and just a hint of hair in others. The light seemed to catch the gleaming follicles and make it look like he was glowing with power.

His head nearly reached the high ceilings of the gym, now. He looked another yard taller than either of them, at least. And so much muscle. So much raw power packed on every inch of his tall, wide frame. His eyes opened and he reached up to rub his chin, surprised to find a beard there. His fingers brushed through his facial hair and he smiled, which only made him look more handsome.

And David thought, 'Yeah, he's not cute anymore. He's goddam handsome. He's a man.'

"Wow," Bobby said at last, his huge voice booming, "if that's what losing your virginity means, why didn't I do this a long time ago?" They all laughed and Bobby looked down at Blake and David as they approached him.

"How's the weather up there?" joked David.

"Ha ha ha, very funny." He reached his hand toward David, his palm open and welcoming, his fingers wide. "Why don't you come up and find out?" David reached toward Bobby's hand, their skin connected, and Bobby gave David another shot of transformation.

He gasped and his legs nearly gave out. It was a version of that sudden overwhelming super orgasm all over again. It erupted everywhere at once, not shooting up his arm and into his system but from within and without his entire body. His DNA was exploding, refining, improving, distilling itself yet again. He felt himself expanding suddenly all over, his muscles bulging, flooded with strength and power, power beyond what he imagined were his limits only a moment before. He sucked in deep breaths, filling his lungs with the warm air in the room, and the smell of men and sex. His lips twisted into a smile as the throbbing bliss of sex swam through him as he grew larger still.

The same network of veins appeared on his skin, threading their way across his expanses like the branches of some magic tree. They erupted outward from the deep crevasse of his chest, they sprang forth from his neck and shoulders and crawled down his arm, splitting and growing and spreading, forcing his thick, heavy muscles to expand, swell, fatten with renewed strength. His biceps burned and throbbed as they swelled larger and larger. He bent his head back on his powerful neck as his shoulders grew and split and grew again. He was moaning with ecstasy, feeling his strength growing, his weight and size increasing. His legs were blooming, the muscle swelling and engorged, feeding deeply on what his changing body was feeding them.

The veins all raced toward the center of his form, like lightning across the sky, and thousands of tiny pulsing threads wound around his cocks, seeming to thicken them just by being there. Then his pricks were suddenly swelling and lengthening, his huge sex tools growing fat and broad and lush. The heads drooped lower and lower, ripening like fruit, swelling and pink and perfect. Both cocks were throbbing with blood, pushed bigger and longer by the second, rushing to match the overwhelming development of the rest of David's body.

He stretched, his arms pulling wide, bending his back. His chest was exploding with power, the top pectorals splitting away, the bottom pecs swelling and distending, forcing his thick, juicy nipples to point towards the floor. Their tips drooped like his cock, firm, fat and ready for sucking. The muscles along his arms were stretching, swelling, growing bigger and more powerful. His belly erupted with fist-sized abdominals pressing against each other for capacity.

He straightened his frame as he felt the transformation slowing. He was pulling in deep, slow breaths and his immense chest rose and fell. His skin was almost translucent, the muscle beneath so broad and huge with force. He was a muscle monster, a vascular giant so cut and defined that he looked almost skinless. But he retained that pale pink perfection of his alabaster flesh, his huge nipples now a deep ruby and dipping toward the floor. His face, though, was pure David. A young Adonis with a burr of platinum and a frost of hair across his prominent chin and high cheeks.

He looked over at the young man who did this and smiled broadly, giving his friend the thumb's up. "Good stuff, Bobby." They both looked down at Blake.

He shrugged. "Say when."

David's smile grew playful. "When," he said with soft thunder, and he released his male scent at Blake. Full strength, no holding back.

Blake dropped to his knees and the room shook. He started breathing heavily, his whole body inundated with the powerful orgasmic rush of power that slammed through him all at once, devouring what he had been and starting to rebuild him into something better.

His shoulders started to swell like balloons, growing fatter with brawn. The growth spread down his arms, across his chest, over his belly. Everything was suddenly developing, swelling out and growing thicker with muscle. Then the blood kicked in, sending his growth into overdrive as hundreds of tiny veins appeared everywhere under his sun-browned skin and started to pulse and swell.

In no time, the veins had grown huge, as big as fingers, bigger even than that, pumping fuel to his muscles and forcing them to grow more and more powerful, bigger, fatter, broader. He threw his head back, eyes closed, drowning in the bliss of growth and power.

His arms were hanging at his sides and Blake and David watched his chest start to swell outward by the inch. Bobby whispered, "holy shit," and all David could do was nod in agreement with his assessment. Blake's development was massive, the two globes of his upper body inflating with brawn. They could see his thighs swelling, now. The thick wedges were getting huge. They could see the fibers of each muscle under the skin as they grew. His legs were stretched, but that didn't stop the growth. He just kept getting bigger.

He slowly lifted one leg and planted his foot on the wooden floor, then he rose to a standing position, growing more huge as he did so. His neck was as wide as his head, a thick tree trunk that was spreading wider still. He clenched his fists and bent his arms, sending his biceps into ecstatic spasms of growth. The veins suddenly swelled and his arms were impossibly fat with brawn, muscle so huge and dense that it threatened to overwhelm his arms.

He turned and they watched his back widen. It had been two yards wide, and from the looks of things, it would be gaining another yard before Blake was done expanding. The muscles bulged like snakes under the skin, writhing for space as they developed. His shoulders were mammoth mountains, and his ass was smooth and round and beautiful, two muscular globes of perfection. He flexed his muscles and they magnified outward, his lats flaring thicker, bigger, wider, fatter with obvious and copious brawn.

David stepped next to Bobby, hanging his heavy arm across the young giant's shoulders, scratching his chest nonchalantly. "Big one, ain't he?"

Bobby's eyes were saucered. He thought he was getting used to the impossible - the past 30 minutes seemed like days, he could hardly remember what it felt like not to be overwhelmed with strength and surrounded with masculine beauty so amazing that his prior fantasies were wiped clean from his mind - but watching these men, and himself, further develop was beyond belief. Blake's body was transforming in front of his eyes, an act he'd missed both times it was happening to himself because he was so overwhelmed with the sexual gratification that accompanied this.

And he began to understand that they were no longer men. That they were changed so intensely, so deeply, so completely that power over the elements wasn't out of the question. He'd felt that power himself, seeming to float in midair except that what he was doing was using his augmented strength, a power so huge that there was nothing else to compare it to, and physically using the very elements of the Earth to perform seeming feats of magic. Hell, what was happening in front of him defied all logic and reason.

Blake's development was finally slowing, the veins receding, his muscles no longer inflating. He lifted his head and his eyes burned with power. "Mmmm," he moaned, a smile sliding across his lips, "now that's the stuff."

Bobby reached up and placed his hands on the overhead rafters. He knew they were 18 feet above the ground. He leaned forward, grasping onto the roof, looking exactly like a kid hanging off the bars of a jungle gym. "Well, I'm happy."

"Careful with your grip there, Bobby. You could bring down the roof if you're not careful."

He withdrew his hands quickly, looking embarrassed. "Oh, man, sorry. Sorry! I think I'd better.. um, how do you shrink?"

Both Blake and David did so, returning to the bodies Bobby saw them in when they all first met. "You just do."

"Oh," he said. And then almost without thinking, he found himself slowly receding toward the floor. His muscles compacted and his frame shut up like a telescope until his stood eye to eye with the other men, only 6 1/2 feet tall. "Um, how am I managing to compress all that volume of... of me into this?" He pushed his hand against his chest - and it was as hard as stone. "Oh."

Blake nodded. "Yeah, your muscle's all there. So's your strength. You just compress it all and become like this black hole of a man. Super concentrated power. Your muscle is so dense like this, you feel like a marble statue."

"Well, a warm marble statue." David rubbed Bobby's ass. "And all your feeling's still there, still as stimulating as ever." He twiddled with Bobby's hole before passing his grip back across his butt, squeezing gently. "Notice how your skin feels soft?"

Bobby pressed his hand to his arm. It was almost exactly like feeling a rock covered with soft suede. The hairs on his arm were also soft as usual, not coarse like he expected. He flexed his hand, bent his arm, watching his body behave normally, the muscle flexing and stretching to accommodate. But when he touched himself, he was hard steel. "Weird."

"Only slightly, when compared with... other stuff." David glanced at the ceiling and arched his brow. "Anyway, Carlos kind of explains it this way; the transform stuff breaks down barriers between your head," he said, rapping his knuckled on Bobby's skull, "and the rest of you." He ran his hand down Bobby's killer body, brushing his fingers on one of his dicks and passing the Touch to him. "Everyone has control over certain physical attributes. You can jump when you tell your legs to bend and thrust, you can lift a glass to your lips without missing and your throat and mouth drink. That's all pretty standard. What this junk does is give your brain total control over everything, on top of which it retools your DNA, sort of cleans you up and leaves the good parts, then turns those up a few notches." He looked at Blake. "Did I miss anything?"

He shook his head. "That's pretty much it. Control gets easier and easier. Even the physical morphing and changing your looks." Blake looked at Bobby, tilting his head slightly and squinting. "Speaking of which, you keeping the beard?"

Bobby reached up and felt his face. "Dunno. What do you think?" He turned his head back and forth.

Blake was making a face and shaking his head. "It's not really you." He shrugged. "On the other hand, I was never very fond of facial hair on anyone. Except Tom Selleck."

"And Kevin Klein," added David. "Dude looks funny without his mustache." David ran his hand over Bobby's head and grabbed up a wealth of his curling locks. "I'd rethink this look, too." He glanced at Blake, "no offense, but I like a guy with short hair." Then he shrugged, mimicking Blake. "Just a preference."

Blake placed his hand against Bobby's chest and combed his fingers through the copper carpet. "Keep this, though. This is very nice." His hand traveled up Bobby's broad chest and wound around his neck. He pulled the 17-year old over and planted a lingering kiss against his lips. When he pulled back, he said, "Oh yeah. Definitely lose the beard."

"You said we could look like anything we want to?"

Blake and David both nodded. Blake said, "Haven't found any limits so far. Hair color, eye color, skin color, body hair, facial hair, nipple size, muscle size, vascularity... we get all the options. But we stay essentially the same." As Bobby watched, Blake very suddenly morphed into a different look. But even as his eye color darkened to hazel, and his skin lightened, and his hair became as blonde as David's, and he grew slightly taller and slightly more slender, as his chin grew prominent and his ears shrunk, when dimples appeared on his cheeks and his nose widened, he was still, essentially, Blake.

So Bobby went through a few changes in the mirror until finding a look he liked. The guys told him he'd be able to change appearance without a mirror pretty quickly, once he became innately familiar with his new body. All he'd have to do is picture the appearance in his head and his body would conform.

He kept a lot of his new-grown bulk, he liked the intimidating factor of it, and decided that the beard wasn't quite him, but he liked David's 8 o'clock shadow, the ruggedness of it. His hair was conservatively cut, less military than David, more male model than Blake's surfer dude locks. "You really have a Brad Pitt thing, don't you Bobby?" He only smirked at Blake and wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. "You will only realize you already are your deepest fantasies when you become your truest self."

David's features twisted up. "Who the hell said that?"

Blake smiled a tiny smile. "Michael."

"Oh, well, fuck, of course he'd say that." David was air-jerking while he rolled his eyes. "Michael already is every guy's fantasy."

Bobby perked up. "Even compared to you guys?"

"Don't short change yourself, Bobby, you're not exactly a slouch yourself. But, yeah, Michael could make a dead man cum even before the change. He just has... something. It's more than beauty and strength, it's something deeper. When he looks at you, you wish he'd never stop."

"So, he's perfect?" David shook his head. "Nah, the guy takes himself way, waay, wa-hay-hay too seriously. That remark is pretty typical of him. If he'd just stand there, you know, looking great and just, you know, fucked your brains out - then, yeah, maybe he'd be perfect." He laughed.

"Michael's the guy with Carlos, right?" David nodded, scrubbing an itch on his scalp. "So they're the ones I should thank for all this?" He bent his arm and watched his muscle swell. Again, David nodded. Bobby lowered his arm. "And how does a guy thank another guy for giving him everything he ever dreamed of and more?"

"Personally?" volunteered David, "I'd fuck his brains out." •

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