My Brother's Friend Nico


By kenstaff

Pete had his pants down around his ankles sitting in the living room easy chair, while the big buff blond stud was standing in front of him with his pants down and his t-shirt lifted up and over his head, resting on his neck. The guy was so unbelievably muscled and hot I got an instant boner in my shorts that awoke with such force, it refused to be confined by the fabric of my old ripped jockstrap and torn jeans as it ripped through my crotch and stood at attention, pulsating in heat, as if it was applauding what I was watching. The young blond hunk was flexing and posing for my brother! right in our living room! His huge beefy pecs were framed by the tight t-shirt that hugged his broad round shoulders, stretched so much it looked as though it would rip any second. His left nipple was pierced with a large shiny metal hoop, making my stiff cock ooze with pre-cum that ran down the plump head and trickle down the shaft of my solid 9" dick. My eyes couldn't leave the computer monitor as I watched this amazing teenage football muscle stud give my brother Pete this unbelievable flex-off show.

I was so enthralled as I spied on the show that this huge young muscle was giving to my brother downstairs, I completely forgot about Nico... and what he was up to. I wanted to rush downstairs and show off my own hulking muscle body to this young stallion but I was too stunned to see that Pete was jacked over watching his high school football team-mate flex and pose for him. I had never seen Pete's dick and was quite surprised to see how big it was. I knew that brothers shared similar cock size and shape, a hereditary trait from their father - but I had always thought I was the largest endowed as my basket had always shown an impressive bulge, even when I was completely soft. I guess Pete was a shower, not a grower! His dick easily put my large manhood to shame, I couldn't tell from the cam's view but he must have been a good 11inches... and so thick, I was almost jealous!

The blond hunk was staring at Pete's humongous hard drooling meat as he continued his inspiring muscle show, one incredible pose after another. With his jeans around his ankles and his T up around the back of his neck, the sight of his well muscled huge body kept me exhilarated with excitement. Each movement from the hulking football star made his nipple-ring sparkle as the light reflected off the dangling hoop, beckoning attention to the massive size of his bulging pectorals. I was so glad I had purchased the high definition spy cams, as I expected to get the best view of the young hunks off Pete's football team that was technologically possible, but I never expected to see this! Using my free right hand, I clicked the mouse to zoom in on the blond stud's massive quadriceps but at that moment, he sat down on the sofa to face my brother. Dang! I thought to myself as my left hand frantically worked my self-lubricated cock, I could make out that they were talking as my brother continued to jack his monster sized dick and he must have said something funny because the blond hunk laughed. He then bent down from his seat and started untying his boots... Yes!!! I thought... he was going to take off his pants! My brother then bent over and removed his shoes as well and I could see that the two were going to really get into this big-time.

At that point I remembered... where was Nico?! As my brother and the stud were removing their boots and jeans, I clicked around to the various spy cams I had placed in the house but I couldn't find the Italian stud - the reason I had worked out so intensely over the past year and the sole reason I had stayed so discreet and hidden from view - to catch him alone and impress him with my new muscle physique. Where could Nico be? I went in circles as I clicked all over the house, from the basement weight set in the rec room to the bathroom, Pete's bedroom, kitchen... no Nico. I was beginning to get nervous as paranoia started in. What was Nico up to? I began to make plans on how I could get downstairs without being seen by Pete and the blond jock, they were so into showing off to each other that they wouldn't notice if I slipped past the living room entrance but what if Nico was right there, in a blind spot from my spy cam's view? I would be caught. What did I care? I would join in the muscle fun! but what if Pete freaked out and put an end to the night? I would kick myself for ruining a once-in-a-lifetime show! I thought it best to stay put... for now.

I returned my monitor's spy cam view to the living room just in time to catch the blond hunk stand up - his pants had been removed but he had put his black boots back on, loose and untied and his white socks where pushed down, resting half way between his massive bulging calves and his ankles - at the top of his studly boots. I didn't even notice the drool dripping from my mouth as it hung open, gaping and salivating at the sight of him standing there. The tight white t-shirt still stretched behind his neck, as his mid-section teased a frenzied jacking Pete, as his crotch bulged out from his tight white boxer briefs. The blond stud's humongous legs were so beautifully framed by his masculine black boots and jock white socks that I had to squeeze the head of my dick to stop myself from jizzing all over my keyboard. As I put pressure on my dick to stop my surging orgasm, I wiped the drool from my chin with my shoulder. The unbelievable muscle show from this hunk and the thought of him turning my brother on as he flexing had gotten me so worked up I was in a sweat. Luckily I had caught myself before orgasm and my dick's throbbing was beginning to subside so I let it go and ripped off my wet t-shirt and wiped off my forehead before cleaning up all the pre-cum that had been dribbling down my cock onto my seat. I couldn't take my eyes off the monitor as i managed to get my shoes and pants off. I was left sitting in my dark bedroom in only my socks as I watched Pete play with his massive tool while the blond hunk revealed his stunning muscle routine. His cock must have swollen to full size now and it made the crotch of his white fitted boxers stick so far out that it looked like they would burst away and hang from the tip of his cock. The thought made my dick slobber again but I didn't bother to clean it up, I couldn't take my eyes away from the screen. I didn't care if I was getting my chair completely drenched in pre-cum I had to keep watching and I saw that my brother felt the same way... as he had flipped open the lazy boy and stretched his legs over either side of the chair. I couldn't help but notice my brothers legs had gotten bigger. It made me wonder when the last time I even noticed Pete's muscle progress. I had been so busy thinking of Nico and planning my next voyeurism session that I hadn't even noticed how big he was getting. All this time Pete had been growing muscle, I wonder if he and his massive teammates had shown off for each other before? My mind raced as I fantasized about them after football practice in the showers lathered up, flexing their hulking teenage muscles for each other. I shook my head back to reality - that was a fantasy in itself - before I missed out on the show going on downstairs.

My mind flashed back to Nico... where could he be? how could he be missing out on his buddies? did he go home? was he watching from somewhere out my spy cam's view? I couldn't help but wonder where the handsome young Italian jock was... little did I know that all along - he was doing some hidden spying on his own - watching me. •

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