Oh My God! Or Should I Say Oh My Son?!


By drbigpibb

My name is Brad. Today was the day before my birthday. I was turning 8. I was celebrating today with friends and tomorrow with my mom and dad. It was raining today so we went to the movies. My Dad was driving and mom was on the passenger side and I was in the back. It was raining really hard and out of nowhere a deer jumps out into the road. My dad swerved off the rode and thee was a loud crash.

The next day I woke up into a bed that was unknown to me. There was a lot noises around me

I was in the hospital. There was a nurse standing next to me relieved to see that I was awake. I looked around some more and did not see my mother. I looked over to the nurse.

"Where are my parents?" I questioned eagerly.

The nurse, her nametag read Donna, frowned and said "I’m sorry they didn’t make it. they…" she paused "they hit their heads really hard during the crash." speaking as if I were a young child.

"When do I get to leave?" I asked while sitting up.

"Umm…" she started "I’ll go check with the doctor but I think in a few hours or so." She said trailing off to look for the doctor.

A few hours later a man in a black suit came to pick me up. He told me that since there was nobody who would take him in he had to go to the orphanage until someone adopted him.

================================================== ======== five years later from jake's point of view

My husband Jeff and I adopted Brad because we wanted child. he was 13. We kept our secret of being gay gut When we told him we were gay and not two brothers he flipped. After a while he got used to it and didn’t think twice about it. A few months after he became a part of the family Jeff decided he didn’t want a son any more and so he left Brad and me. That was 6 months ago.

My name is Jake Peters. I am 25 years old and 6’3 1/2" fairly tall for my age. I have short brown hair. Short enough that I didn’t have to worry about it in the mornings. My eyes are a dark greenish-blue that looked like the ocean. I enjoyed working out. Not to the extent that I have to go every day and do every thing the exact way I did it the day before. I am more laid back.

Brad is my son. He is now about 19. When he was 15, I sent him a boarding school like I was. I haven’t seen him since I sent him. He is attending the same school my father sent me to except I was much younger and back then I knew I was gay. I really enjoyed this "prep" school. It was all boys.

Last I remember of him is that he was also really tall. Maybe even taller then me. He liked sports. He liked going to the gym with me or even alone (it was close enough that you could walk from our house). He was very built for his age. I could only imagine what he would look like after 4 years at an all boys’ school. He was coming home for the first time since he left. In a month it will be the end of the last year of school.

Throughout that month I was doing mostly the same stuff that I was doing any other day of my life. Wake up. Take a shower. Shave. (I like to be smooth everywhere). Get dressed. Eat some breakfast. Go to work. Have lunch with co- workers. Work some more. Come home. Watch TV. Go to the gym. Watch hot guys at the park playing basketball or whatever. Go home. Have dinner with friends in or out. (I like to cook). And on occasion fuck or be fucked. Then go to sleep. Then repeat.

One day I went to the gym. Everything was normal except the gym was fairly empty. I was doing my normal thing when the bell to the door rang telling me someone was walking in. I looked up and almost died. A man standing up straight after having to bend over to get through the door was standing there. He had on white new balance shoes that barely shoed his sock. I went up to his calf muscles. They were the biggest I have ever seen. I kept going up and met his thighs or should I say tree trunks. They were massive. He had light blue short tight shorts on that was only about 6-7 inches wide. I went up past his waist and was upset to find there was a matching tang top on. I kept going up and his chest was pulling at the little light blue tang top then I went out wider. His shoulders… heck shoulders. The boulders on either of his body were huge connected to them was a bowling ball biceps and a bowling pin forearm to match. He had by far the best body I have ever seen I went up to the neck. When I say neck I mean a light post …thick. He had a strong chin and jawbones. A nose that looked as if it had been broken a couple of times. When I met the eyes I froze. He was staring right at me as I was staring at him. Noticing that I was staring at me for so long he gave me a quick flex of his right arm and started to walk over to me.

I quickly turned away. Then it hit me. That guy looked familiar. But who… then I felt a strong hand on my shoulder. I looked up and it was him. He looked down on me and said "Hey Dad!". I was confused. Then he continued "Dad it’s me, Brad, your son" •

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