Jocking, The: Halftime



By CallMeCrazy

Rock was living his life in peace, each day reveling in the joys of football. Every man he jocked made him feel even better. Briggs was awesome and even talked about moving Rock to his professional team, the Soldiers. The quarterback, Brock Cast, said that he was perfect. His life was perfect. Briggs had taken care of all the problems, nothing could ever stop him now.

*******I call that alternate ending one*********

*******If you want the story to continue, read on*********

Except, one day, Rock was waking on the field when he noticed that Brute seemed to be fading away. The field suddenly turned into a dark prison, and then to the capsule Kai was once contained in. He suddenly felt deflated, as though all his muscles were leaking out of him. Lying on the ground, he felt glass falling on him. Reaching his hands up to cover his race, Rock was surprised to find that they were small. Defined, but very tiny. His hair got in front of his eyes, and as he moved to throw back on obtrusive bang, he saw a man standing over him. Breathing heavily and holding a fire extinguisher.

"Kai Cole?" The man said.

"What?" Kai replied.

"Iím Adam Turner, and Iíll be your rescuer today. Dammit."

Kai just looked up at the almost beautiful man above him. It was all a dream? Briggs made a fake reality around me . . . And then Kai fell into darkness. •

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