By Also_KnownAs

Bobby looked down at what he was now, at the two huge hemispheres of his chest. Globes of muscle sat there, fat and striated with immense power. He could feel his strength, sense it. It was part of him - no, more than that. It was him. He was strength, so much power and muscle. Muscle everywhere. Thick, huge, bulging masses of muscle. His hands released his cocks and they slapped against his thighs.

Cocks. He had cocks. He had two cocks. They hung heavily from his loins, luscious burdens thick with sex. He brushed them with the back of his hand, and they responded. He responded. His cocks moved against his touch, lifting themselves toward his hand. He lifted them toward his hand. They moved. Oh, god, they moved against his touch and his caresses were quicksilver perfection, shuddering waves of bliss erupting down their length and into his body and through him. His fingers fondled the smooth, elastic skin on his cocks, rubbing the heads, stroking the shafts. They responded with not tingles of pleasure, but full, deep eruptions of it.

But he had other new places to explore. His mouth hung open as his hands found a twelve pack of abdominals, each in perfect symmetry to the others, on his slim hard belly. Thick corded power flared outward from his waist and as he lifted his arm, the fat, firm muscles of his lat opened and widened. He could feel his muscles move, grow, expand as he used them.

Something fell across his gaze as his head lowered and he brushed in away. It was a lock of curling hair, but hair so soft and fine and glittering it looked like spun metal. It was dark golden, not dirty blonde. Like honey, dark clover honey. He ran his fingers across the side of his head and pulled his hair forward. It draped down his immensity, across his chest and onto his flat belly. It was silky and thick, a fall of soft waves and tight curls. He could feel it now against his skin on his back. It felt cool, soft, so soft. A small gasp left his lips.

He looked up, and said one word, "How?"

Blake's eyebrows rose slightly. David folded his mammoth arms across his chest, which Bobby would've sworn was impossible given the size of each. "That," said Blake, "is a long story."

"But," corrected David, "it doesn't have to be." He approached Bobby and planted a kiss on his lips. It felt wonderful, so warm and welcoming. David pulled his lips from Bobby's and said, "I wanted to do that since I walked in here, Bobby." Then he smiled his smile and Bobby smiled back. David laughed gently. "Careful where you point that thing. In some states, your smile could be considered a deadly weapon."

"Shut up," he answered.

"I'm serious. Come 'ere and see for yourself, handsome." He put his arm across Bobby's shoulders - Bobby felt a waterfall of pleasure cascade down him - and lead him over to the bank of mirrors where Bobby knew the bodybuilders posed. Before he started coming here at 4 in the morning, he would watch them peel back the legs of their lycra shorts and lift their shirts to show off the deeply etched muscles of their bodies. He swore that one day, he'd be one of them doing that.

And suddenly, this was that day. "Holy fucking...," he started, unable to finish the sentence. "How the... how big am I? Are we? And who the fuck is that gorgeous man looking back at me?"

It was true. He had been fully transformed. The thin, anemic looking young man he'd been was gone. Not all the way, but what had been replaced was nothing short of amazing.

His hawkish nose and thin lips had been improved dramatically. The nose had been broken during one of his scuffles, and it healed oddly. Whatever happened in the process, his nose was still angled and prominent, but now it accentuated his features instead of overpowering them. His lips were now full and soft, kissable. His skin glowed with a golden health. He was not as dark as Blake, nor as pale as David. His features had been resculpted, improved to an extent that he almost felt that what David said was right. His eyes were deep brown, smoldering and dark. He had the sort of eyes that, when they locked on you, made you wish both you and the owner were naked. He wanted to fuck himself right now.

Then there was the body. He was a bulging mass of beautiful muscle. Paper thin skin covered the amazing collection of incredibly, intensely shredded power everywhere. His merest move sent muscle everywhere flexing and bulging. A coat of body hair covered him everywhere, the same dark honey color as his mane, but against his tanned flesh it looked more golden blonde. The curling forest grew thick across his chest and on his forearms. He had a very full, furry triangle of curling pubes over his twin monsters, and his balls, low hangers that looked like huge eggs, were covered with hair. His pubes stretched wide across his loins, and his legs and ass were quite hairy. Everywhere, the muscle just bulged and flexed. He was hard and huge and beautiful to behold. Again, he asked, "How?"

So Blake and David told him everything. As he stood looking at his amazing reflection, watching the play of his powerful muscles bulge and flex, they told him he was essentially the same man he was, but he was the perfected version of himself. They told him what they knew about the serum, and the original formula, and how it had morphed and improved to what it could do now. They told him what he could do now, how to listen to and control his physical form, how it would alter to conform to his needs and desires, how he could look like any man, grow and shrink (but no taller and larger than he was now and no shorter and smaller than he had been before the transformation) how his sexual drive was now as augmented and powerful as his body, a practically limitless force that allowed him to be constantly horny, but one that he could control like everything else about himself.

They told him about the Touch, and the sex scent. They told him about the process, how his cum could now transform another man. How he could touch a man, the merest brush of his fingers or the softest kiss, could start another man instantly changing, growing, becoming more than he ever dreamed. How the sex scent could do the same thing, that if he wasn't careful and learned to control it, he could walk into a room - maybe that gay bar he was thinking of earlier - and without moving a muscle, without speaking or touching or fucking anyone, he could become aroused and start releasing the stink in a thick, invisible haze and turn the entire room into a freaky fuckfest of masculine muscle as powerful and huge and beautiful as himself.

They told him about IGE, about Michael and Carlos and Todd and the rest. How beautiful the men there were, what was happening there and told him he should go, for no other reason that to become more aware and comfortable with his new, improved body and abilities. They told him he was stronger than anyone else on the planet, other than themselves of course.

They told him how they'd come to this place, how they saw him and followed him, because David found him beautiful and because Blake's gaydar said he was a likely target. They told him how they'd agreed ahead of time that to avoid any trouble, they were going to look for a gay man who would want what they could give him, would welcome it and understand it. They told him that not everyone who'd been changed started out liking men - in fact, that David had been straight - but that the change altered that and maybe they weren't in a position to make those kind of choices for someone else. David had objected, saying he wouldn't go back for anything, but Blake insisted.

They told him why he had two pricks, and how they had been changed, were now truly extensions of his powerful form and not just sex tools, how the muscles of his cocks allowed them to swell and grow and flex, to become rock hard but still pliable, and that he could cum at will if he wanted to. And they tried to tell him he could fly.

He didn't believe that until they showed him.

Then they told him why they were there.

"Boredom, I guess," admitted David. "At least in part. And also curiosity and, what, hunger, Blake?"

The darker man nodded. "Chuck - he's one of the other members of the team - Chuck disappeared about three days ago, and it didn't take much to figure out where he went. Then the suspicions were confirmed when these two guys showed up at IGE and told how this guy came into a bar and, well, did to them what we did to you." Blake looked slightly sheepish. "They said he told them that he was going out to see how powerful he could be, how much bigger and more beautiful, that he was going to look for men to transform and be transformed by them. And, frankly, it sounded like a hell of a lot of fun to me. And so I went to David and..."

David was already smiling. He hung his arm across Blake's shoulder and finished the story. "Blake comes up to me - I'm fucking our friend Steven at the time, you have to understand - Blake comes up to me and says he wants to discuss something. Okay, so, I'm fucking Steven's ass and I say, 'Blake, could this wait about, oh, ten minutes? I'm fucking Steven's ass.' And he agrees, because that's the kind of guy he is, and about ten minutes later..."

"Because that's the kind of fuck he is," added Blake.

David rolled his eyes. "Anyway... Blake says to me, 'Let's take a few days off and get back into the real world and have some fun.' And I'm like, 'What kind of fun?' And he's like, 'Let's go find some beautiful man and have our turn being the ones who get this started instead of always coming in on the tail end of things,' so to speak."

"Right, because I was so totally turned on by the stories of what this was like, making a guy go freaky huge, and I wanted to make it happen. To see it happen. Start to finish."

David agreed. "We both did. Usually, this process is controlled. I mean, it's pretty obvious why, right? But there was no way a guy like you'd ever get the chance to change like we did. For me, it was an accident of sorts. I was changed by a rainfall of transforming spunk. Literally. Quit laughing, I'm telling you the truth, Bobby! I could smell the smell, you know the one you smelled it yourself. And I followed that stink like a dog in heat until I found this place where the guys were fucking each other's brains out in the sky above."

"Holy shit!"

David grinned. "I know! So they were basically cumming constantly and it was falling to the ground and I stepped in it and, whammo, new David." He flexed his form, and the huge muscles bulged.

Bobby looked at Blake. "And what about you?"

"Strictly by invitation. That's how it worked. Someone who was transformed recommended someone else. Someone who turned them on, was a great fuck, whatever. Then they'd get sent a package that sort of took them to step one. A little taste of what they could become. Literally, because it was a tiny vial of Transform that I drank. But for whatever reason, my body took to the stuff like a fish to water."

"Before Blake, I was two feet smaller than I am now." He looked over at his friend, "And I never said thank you, did I?" He kissed Blake deeply, squeezing his ass. "Thank you." He slapped that ass, then, and Blake wiggled his brows.

"So you guys... you're lovers?"

Blake and David both laughed. "Fuck, no!" David looked at Blake. "I mean, I do love the guy, and I've certainly made love to him..."

"Is that what you call it?" Blake teased.

David punched his arm playfully. "But I'm not in love with him, if I can use a cliché. I love all the guys. Do anything for them. But I haven't found someone that clicks like that. If I was to pick one? It'd probably be Steven. There's something about him that just keeps bringing me back to him. Maybe that's love, but I'm not sure yet."

It was a little weird to watch these two huge men play like they were. The gibes and soft punches and ass squeezing. They were just kids - like he was. "But some do? Fall in love, I mean?"

Blake nodded. "Like we said, it doesn't change who you are, so if you're in love with someone before, you're in love after. Jeremy and Jeff, these two IGE guys, if their love was as strong before as it is now, there'd be nothing that could ever separate them. And there's Michael and Carlos. They just seem to be made for each other. But even when it is love, there's no jealousy - why would there be? Fucking is fucking, but love is love. We all share, we love each other, but there are special bonds, sometimes. Kisses mean a little more, the heart pumps a little harder when they're around, stuff like that."

Bobby's demeanor changed slightly. "So, you're not in love with anyone, either?"

"Uh oh," smiled David. "We've got a romantic on our hands." Blake only shook his head, remaining silent. Bobby nodded, but his smile grew just a little more beautiful. David looked between them, one eyebrow arched, then he said, "Uh, so, Blake's under the impression that you're a virgin."

Bobby almost stumbled. Blake looked decidedly uncomfortable. "Um, well, technically, yeah." He looked at Blake again, locking eyes with him. "You can tell? Is that part of..?"

"No, Bobby, I could tell that no matter how I looked." He tilted his head and a cascade of darkness fell across his gaze. "How old are you?"


"Just came out?" Bobby nodded. Even though he now stood twelve feet high and could probably demolish a house with his bare hands, he felt small and embarrassed all over again. "And it wasn't good, I take it?"

"Parents threw me out. Well, I left, but they made it clear there were no objections. And high school, back where I was, it was a nightmare. Redneck jungle."

David smiled broadly. "Damn, but you have the cutest accent. I love that little spice in your voice. Is that Arkansas?"

Bobby smiled. "Tennessee. Thanks. I used to try to hide it - like everything else about me, I guess. Anyway, I hitched up here and work out at the Texaco on I-17." His brow wrinkled. "But I guess I don't anymore, do I?"

Blake shrugged. "Could if you want to, I guess. Not sure why you would, exactly."

David said, "You're changing the subject."

Bobby actually blushed. His whole, huge body seemed to join in. "I'm trying to, yeah."

"What for? Don't you wanna fuck?" His voice was a deep chasm of desire. A dark pit of masculine fire. "As I remember, you were as hard as steel when we walked over. I wanted to swallow you then and there, buddy. I wanted to fuck you so good you'd walk funny for a week."

Blake shook his head. "You're so tactful, David. Bobby, what we did to you, it wasn't very fair of us. No warning, didn't really give you a choice."

"I'm not complaining," he answered quickly.

"What I'm trying to say is that you don't have to do anything you don't want to. You never do."

"But if you allow yourself," said David, "you'll be amazed at what you can do." He approached Bobby and stood very close to him, their bodies almost touching. "But I won't touch you without permission." He stepped even closer. Bobby felt the heat of his body, but there was no sex scent now. Only the scent of David, the very personal essence of him. He wasn't forcing anything, he wasn't using his capabilities at all. Just the two men, standing very, very close. "May I touch you, Bobby?" His voice was soft and deep. Bobby felt a thrill when he heard his name.


"Where may I touch you? Tell me what to do." Blake's eyebrows rose, but neither man saw that. David was showing impressive restraint.

"Kiss me," Bobby asked him. David leaned forward and pressed his lips to Bobby's. Still, no other parts of their bodies were touching. Both men had their eyes open, Bobby was leaning into the kiss, wanting it to go deeper. David asked, very quietly, "Where may I touch you? Tell me what to do."

"Put your hands on me. Put your hands on my chest." David's palms were rough and warm. His thumbs rubbed against Bobby's nipples, bringing them to erection. They swelled under his touch.

Blake wasn't going to let this happen without him. He circled behind Bobby, standing as close as David, the roots of his pricks feeling the fur on Bobby's ass. He leaned in, placing his lips to Bobby's ear, and asked, "Where may I touch you? Tell me what to do."

Bobby sucked in a breath. His cocks writhed under his constraints, wanted so badly to be caressed and fondled. "Kiss my neck," he instructed, "move your hands onto my stomach. Feel me. Feel my muscles, my power." Blake's touch, softer than David's, landed on Bobby's hips and crawled around his body. Blake kissed his neck softly, licking his skin, sucking gently. His hands caressed Bobby's rippled belly, feeling its tight, firm brawn and the silken hair all over him. David kissed his mouth again, playfully darting his tongue inside. "Where may I touch you?" he whispered. "Tell me what to do."

"Hold me," Bobby said. "Grab my dicks. Grab me in your hands. Stroke me, David."

Blake's fingernails dug into Bobby's pubic forest. His touch was knowing, gentle but insistent. Bobby felt the firm flesh of Blake's cocks pressing between the hairy globes of his ass. Blake licked his ear. "Where may I touch you? Tell me what to do."

"Oh, god," Bobby said. Blake smiled. David's body pressed against Bobby, chest to chest, brawn to brawn. Their nipples rubbed each other as David's rough grip grabbed onto Bobby's twin pricks and traveled up and down the shafts. He squeezed them to firmness. They wound around his hands like snakes and bathed his touch with thick strands of lubing precum. David kissed Bobby harder, his expert handling of the cocks educating Bobby in exactly how wonderful they were.

Blake's hands moved around Bobby's body, allowing David to press himself, his muscle, against Bobby. He shoved his hips forward and his muscled cocks squirmed between Bobby's ass cheeks. "Where may I touch you?" he asked. "Tell me what to do."

"Fuck me," begged Bobby. "Fuck my ass, Blake. God, oh god, fuck me hard."

Blake's hands moved between Bobby's legs and pried them wider, adjusting the boy's stance as David continued masturbating him. Blake kneeled down and sniffed Bobby's balls, stuck his tongue between his legs and licked his tight, puckered hole. Bobby couldn't control his man scent, and it was thick and rich and powerful down here. He shoved his firm tongue against the entry, teasing it, teasing Bobby with the hot wetness of his mouth. If he was going to be the first to break the boy in, he was going to do it right. His hands grabbed Bobby's ass and spread his muscled cheeks. He dug his face in and starting rimming Bobby like an expert - which he was. To prepare the way for what was to come, when he would thrust his own immensity inside and fuck the lucky kid into heaven.

David's kisses became more needy, lustful, filled with passion. Bobby's hands, which had been clenching at his sides, came up and wrapped around David's huge form. He felt so huge, so powerful, slick with sweat. He rubbed his fingers through the rough burr of David's hair, the strength of his squared jaw. Their tongues danced and wrestled inside their steamy mouths. It felt wet and hot and good, so good. He could hardly breathe, but he didn't care. He was gaining control of his powers, becoming more aware of what he could do, how powerful he truly was. He could feel everything magnified, feel David's coarse touch on his cocks, his amazing cocks, and Blake's hot breath against his ass. Blake was licking his ass, digging his face between Bobby's cheeks, shoving his tongue up his hole. It felt amazing, incredible, better that anything he imagined. He opened himself to Blake's mouth, then felt something else, something harder and more insistent at his back door, and realized they were fingers. Fingers kneading his tightness to blossom, to open, to welcome what was to come. He gasped in his kiss and felt David bite his lips. Their eyes met and some knowledge passed between them, both knowing what was happening to Bobby.

David loved this part. He'd been hot for Bobby's ass since setting eyes on him, and learning that he was a virgin sent him into overdrive. But Blake told him that this wasn't going to be another IGE conquest. He couldn't bend the guy over and plug in. And David could see that, he understood that. Bobby was probably scared shitless as it was. Wanting something so badly, but scared to ask for it, or even try it. Blake said this was how to do it. Put Bobby in control. Let Bobby go just as far as he wanted to. And he would want to, and his transformed body wouldn't let him deny it.

Blake said, "Let me do him first. Prepare him. I can be gentle and you..."

"I'm gentle when I need to be."

"You're gentle when you want to be. That's different."

"No one ever complained before."

"I'm not complaining now, believe me. But this is different. Even those guys Chuck did, you saw 'em. Experience was written all over them! They dove into the deep end before they knew there was water in the pool. But this kid, I mean look at the dude. Guaranteed, that guy hasn't been near another dick besides his own. Ever. He's not the sort that'll drop his drawers when we walk in the room. He'll be cautious and, frankly, you could hurt him."

David gazed down from their perch overhead as the gym doors shut out the night behind the little guy. Damn, he was so cute! "Okay. You first." •

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