Jocking, The: Halftime

In The Eyes of Kai


By CallMeCrazy

It was time to sleep, and I was really getting good at knocking myself out without the vial. But Snake told me they had something else planned this evening. He took me, along with Man and Stud, out in a big van. We were suppose to wear our black tights and even the face coverings for extreme cold. Snake drove around the city for awhile, and it seemed like we had just gone for a drive when they saw this guy walking alone by the road. He was probably in his mid-twenties. Wearing a patterned sweater over a button down shirt. Why he was walking alone, I have no idea. The guys saw him and immediately said yes. I didnít know what was going on. Snake pulled the car up next to the guy and Man and Stud grabbed him and pulled him inside before he could even struggle. The guy fought, a little, but the two guys were too big for him. The held him down in the back of van while Snake drove like hell back to the stadium. Man pushed the little guy out on the ground and for just a moment he tried to run, but Stud grabbed him under his shoulders and put him in a headlock. Man lifted up his feet and they carried him, quite unceremoniously, into the building. The guy had no chance against one of the two jocks, let alone their combined strength. I look over at Snake, unsure of what was happening. He signaled for me to follow them inside.

Man and Stud took him down into one the jocking chambers. They tore off his preppy clothes and tossed him onto the ground. There was a table in the back with syringes and food and a few other strange items. I heard Snake lock the door behind me, and in a guttural voice he said, "Letís go." Instantly, the three began attacking the dude. Helpless, he let himself be tossed and punched between the gang. Snake heaved him toward me, and instinctively I caught the man. Staring into his heavy, brown eyes, I realized how serious this whole thing was.

"Fucking hit him!" Snake commanded me. I just stood there, holding the helpless. I shook me head, there was no way I could do this to him. I couldnít treat another person like that. Snake charged over and smacked me on the head. He grabbed the man and punched him in the stomach, hard. The guy lost his breathe and tumbled into the floor. Man and Stud began kicking and punching him. The guy could hardly scream. Snake ordered me to hit the guy. I refused. And then he got pissed off and told me that I was a defensive lineman and I had to obey the linebacker. I told him to fuck off.

But he kept yelling at me, telling me what to do. Calling a dumb, fuck-witted asshole who needed to learn his place. And he hit me again. He punched my hard abs and bashed my head again and again. Telling me what to do, ordering me. It was intense psychological trauma. I started screaming for it to stop. Fuck, I would do anything.

And he told me to do what he said.

But I wouldnít, I had to fight, there was more at stake than the one guy. And he hit me again. And the names he called me . . . for some reason it made me feel lower than scum. All I wanted was some approval, someone to tell me that I was alright. I begged for him to stop, to let me alone.

And he told me to do what he said.

And again I refused. I beating continued. So involved in my own attack, I didnít remember the other guy was in the room. All I wanted, no needed, I needed this abuse to stop. I needed Snake to smile at me and tell me what to do. Thatís what had been happening all along, wasnít it? I did what I was told. And everything went well. Nothing bad happened. I donít deserve this. I bet the other guy does. Itís his fault Iím getting beaten up anyway. Fuck, this is all too complicated. I just want this all to stop.

And he told me to do what he said.

And I said alright. He told me to say that I was a dumb, fuck-witted, muscle head.

"Iím a dumb, fuck-witted muscle head."

Then he said to say that Snake knew everything and I should always obey him.

"Snake knows everything and I should always obey him."

Football is life.

"Football is life."

Say youíre a dumb, obedient, dick-headed football jock.

"Iím a dumb, obedient, dick-headed football jock."

Snake told me to hit the yuppie. And I said okay. He helped me to my feet, and smiled. Somehow, life felt so much better. Obeying Snake was so easy. It would make life so simple. So what if I gave in a little? I was still Kai Cole. It feels good, and sometimes thatís all that matters.

I swaggered over to the helpless little bitch and punched him right in the face. Then I threw myself on him and punched him over and over. I was in a rage, and this bastard was going to pay for it. I donít know how long I attacked him. But the moment Snake told me stop I got off him stood at Snakeís side. We all took the syringes off the table and injected him with them. There was a total of twenty injections. The man was barely still alive. But with each injection, he seemed to recover. His wounds turned into battle scars. His face obtained a more square shape to it. His body was inflating with mad muscles. The arms becoming like a bodybuilders legs. His huge pecs were impossible to see over. And his neck was somehow thicker than his head. Tree trunks would envy this guys legs. His cock was now a thick and hard nine inches. It was thrusting into the air, jacking off to some invisible force. Man, Stud, Snake, and myself were totally enraptured by the changes, and I found myself getting dizzy as blood rushed into my hardening cock.

It was incredible, a sense of unity and power like I had never known. My his were bucking in the air, my dick pushing itself as far as it could. The others behaved in a similar manner. Waiting for some unpredictable moment.

I knew what pleasure was the moment the yuppie came. Big wads of thick goo sprayed over the room. I found my own cock spurting huge wads of cum, which a little thicker and stickier than usual. The others had all experienced intense orgasms at the same time. The man who got up was a football jock, I knew. He must have been a kicker, given the humongous quads and calves he possessed. Snake looked him in the eye and said, "Come on Flex, letís get you suited up." The newly formed Flex swaggered out of the room, having no trouble adapting to his new size. I was almost envious, until I remembered that he adapted so quickly because he was a different person.

I followed behind the other jocks, both excited and terrified. Unknown to me, I had finally perfected the jock walk that had been so challenging.

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