Jocking, The: Halftime

My Life In Daylight


By CallMeCrazy

Kai woke at the crack of dawn again and was not alone. Snake come to at the same moment, and Kai noticed that this time more people were around. All the jocks in the room activated at the same moment, and the others began their routine.

"Put on the uniform," Snake commanded. Kai turned and stared at the clothing for a moment. He then realized that during the night more had been added, including immensely wide shoulder pads with a neck roll attached. First, Kai inserted the cup into his jock strap. It slipped in quite easily, protecting his privates with causing any discomfort. He pulled on the shoulder pads, noting how well they fit over his frame. Snake helped him pull on the tight jersey. Considering how tight the shirt was, Kai was surprised to discover that the jersey was even more revealing. After pulling up the socks, Kai reached for the skintight pants. Running one hand gently over the stretchy material, part of his mind was strangely entranced by the pants. Pulling one leg through, then the other, Kai slowly hefted the pants around his massive thighs, and still he had to pull the back over his gorgeous ass. He tucked in the pants and pulled the belt tight.

Kai stared at himself in the mirror and found a true jock staring back at him. A well built man, with a chiseled, if somewhat large, face. It was at that moment that he noticed his brown, blonde, and red hair had returned with a vengeance. The sexy bangs again hung over his eyes.

"Weíll get that taken care of," Snake said, acknowledging Kaiís hair growth. Man did the exact thing as the day before, shaving the entire top clean. He also applied some black stuff to repel the sun. Kai let the series of operations be performed with a word. Part of him felt the need to be quiet and obedient while another was constantly screaming. But the screaming part realize it needed to choose its battles. With the quick edition of some shoes, he was ready.

Kai stepped into the daylight with other players. Silently, they divided up by their positions and proceeded to run through drills. Kai had been given the knowledge of all of them, and ran through perfectly. It was so mindless in fact, that Kai sank into a mental state not unlike the fixation. It scared him, but somehow it didnít seem worth fighting. He was still thinking, not calling himself some crazy nickname.

Getting on the line, Kaiís newly accentuated ass bounced in the air. He held himself in place with one arm. It was no trouble at all to be perfectly still until the quarterback snapped the ball. Being an end, Kai was big and fast, and he enjoyed throwing his weight around. Sometimes, when an audible was called, Snake would walk up and place a hard hand on the perky butt. Somehow, Kai always knew what Snake wanted him to do.

And that was his day and his life. Kai went through the motions everyday, losing track of the days and time itself. He always kept his eyes open for some opportunity, but all he ever got was the chance to tackle some guy, or rush some quarterback. Each day his hair was shaved again. His life in daylight seemed quite normal, pleasant even. Uninspiring and unassuming, but simple. But the daylight is only the outside of a darker world that exists at night. •

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