Jocking, The: Halftime

Snake’s Guide to Jock World


By CallMeCrazy

It didnít even occur to Kai until he was walking that he wasnít wearing any clothes. His big cock flopped back and forth as he walked. He was stumbling over himself as he walked, and finally Snake turned around to address him.

"Itís easier if you change your walk," he grunted.

"What?" Kai replied.

"Take bigger steps. And place you legs further to side. You know, have a swagger."

"Swagger? Holy crap," Kai laughed.

"Shit, dude. Iím trying to help. Watch me." And Snake walked. Or rather swaggered. Kai noted how he took long strides, stepping with confidence every inch of the way. Simply the effort he put into the walk cause his legs to be farther apart. Shrugging his shoulders, Kai could only think to himself. When in Rome . . . And he proceeded to mimic the man in front of him. Snake led him into a locker room, reeking the stench of male. He directed Kai over to one locker and gestured for him to sit down.

"Whatís this?" Kai questioned.

"Itís you locker. All your shit will be here."

"What shit?"

"Look, letís do that shit tomorrow. Itís late."

"Sleep where?" Walking over to his own locker, directly across from Kai, he reached in a pulled out a vial. He held one out for Kai, who took it tentatively from his hand.

"Whatís this?"

"It puts you to sleep. Eventually youíll be able to do it on your own, but it can be hard at first."

"Sleep where?"

"Just sit down, put you feet on the ground and sit up straight." Doing as he was told, Kai sat in front of Snake.

"Now drink." Sniffing the liquid for a moment, Kai was enticed by the aromatic smell emanating from the bottle. Throwing his head back, he did the liquid like a shot of liquor. It was smooth and creamy and Kai instantly felt tired. Remembering to sit up straight, he had just enough time to get in position before he faded into darkness. Snake stared down at the new recruit, watching as he entered complete fixation. His eyes didnít close, but he was asleep. He slapped Kai across the back to be sure, and when he didnít move or flinch, Snake sat down across from Kai, content. Not needing the vial, he simply sat for a moment before reaching the same state of catatonic rest.

Kai awoke at exactly six in the morning. It wasnít like waking up from a deep sleep, rather it was instantaneous. One moment he was asleep and the other he was wide awake. And he felt completely recharged and rested. He noted that Snake awoke at the same moment and was smiling at him.


"Itís good that you reacted to the sleep so well. This is a lot harder if you donít."

"I feel like I just had the best sleep of my life."

"Thatís what catatonic fixation is like. And do you have a lot of energy?"

"Hell yeah! My god, I wanna . . .move!"

"Well, we have plenty to do today."

First, Snake took Kai to the rations hall. Since the players didnít need to eat, it served more as a clothing department than anything else. Kai recognized the man who was in charge as Kurt, or Stud as his new persona were. The sexy man took Kaiís cock in one hand and quickly gave him a jock strap. Relieved to no longer be revealing himself to every passerby, he quickly put on the strap. The straps sat below his perky ass and the front held his dick and balls in surprising comfort. Now, Stud proceeded to measure every inch of Kaiís body, from his thigh thickness to his neck down to his finger length. At the end, he gave Kai a pair of black slide shorts and black underarmor skin-tight shirt. The shorts showed off his chiseled legs and highlighted his increased package. The shirt struggled to cover his massive pecs and overdeveloped back. Clinging tightly to his abs, Kai wondered if these clothes were really any different than being naked. The last item he was given were some athletic socks and black sneakers. The entire look made him seem like a model, or a stereotypical jock. A really bad stereotype.

Snake took Kai to another jock, one who looked vaguely familiar and introduced himself as Man. He sat Kai down in a chair and pulled a barberís cloth over him. They told him that his mop hair had to go. Man looked at the former pop star for a moment before making a decision and reaching for a razor and some scissors. Without a care, he chopped off the multi-colored locks. Then, he took the razor and shaved off all the hair. Finally, he lathered up the head and shaved him perfectly clean. The man in the mirror hardly resembled Kai, a muscle-bound skin head with a large forehead and a strong chin.

Snake led Kai around the complex, giving him the grand tour. Everything- from the field to the lockers and even the multiple machines they had to jock people- Snake beared all for Kai. And while he would answer any questions he had about the building, more important knowledge was unattainable. Who Snake had been before, where he was from, where Kai was . . . all left Snake with a blank stare before he continued as though nothing had happened. He never even acknowledge the question, it was as though he blanked out at the exact moment.

After the main complex tour was finished, Snake led Kai into a strange room below the lockers. It had a chair like in a dentistís office, with a collection of wires and screens attached throughout.

"Whatís this?" Kai asked.

"This is your life."

"My what?"

"Youíre a football jock. This will give you all the knowledge that you need."

"What the fuck! No fucking way, no."

"It doesnít remove your personality. Briggs wonít let anything like that happen."

"Why should I trust him?"

"Because he is obsessed with making you jocking yourself."

"Jocking? Thatís my word!"

"Look, every football player has a position, a job. You need one and you need to know how to perform in that position."

"And whatís my position."

"I was hoping that you would play on my defensive line."

"Defensive lineman?"

"End, defensive end."

"What are you?"

"Iím a middle linebacker. And . . . I want you. Will you?" Kai paused for a moment while he stared at Snake. Finally, he shrugged his shoulders.

"If I leave Iím gonna get shocked and it will be done anyway. Am I right?" Snake nodded his head in agreement. With a heavy sigh, Kai sat down in the chair and allowed Snake to pull a strange helmet on him. It was a screen in front of the eyes and speakers in the ears. Well, this is what Iíve gotten myself into. I tried and I guess I failed. Wonder why the machine didnít get destroyed. I know it should have. Maybe they built more than one when I did it, so it didnít matter. And I couldnít even protect myself, so how can I help anyone else. Fuck, and that little bastard Jamie, I will kill him personally. No matter what. I should have known, he was absurdly attentive. Oh wow, thatís neat . . . how to set up on the line. A demonstrative video. Wow, I can feel it. All of it. I just learned how to do it, no . . .Iíve always known. Now plays, it all seems so easy. I have to remember that this is new information. But somehow, they make it all so seamless. There isnít anything to fight against, because nothing feels unnatural. In the end, Kai retained every aspect of his original personality, even his desire to not be a jock and his hatred for Briggs. But he knew how to be a defensive end. He could perform any play. He knew what to do and when to do it. And when the day was done, that was all that anyone really cared about.

Kai lifted himself out of the chair and stared at Snake. Despite his huge desire to resist, part of Kai knew that obeying Snake was a good idea. Not in life, but in what to do on the field. He just reminded himself that the omnipotence should not extend off the field. Snake led Kai out onto the field and ran through a few plays with him. Nothing major, just running through the motions, ensuring that the machine had done its job.

When Snake took Kai back to his locker, he discovered that he know had some "shit." A red jersey with black side inserts hung inside, bearing number 93 along with the name "COLE" on the back. A folded pair of spandex football pants lay in the shelf. Like the jersey, it was primarily a rich red color with black stripes going down the sides. Near the lace up crock was a tiny symbol, two inter-looping Us turned on their side. On the other side was a symbol he had never seen before, the letter JCK in black.

"Isnít this the symbol of that clothing line."

"Yeah, they decided it was a good decision to sponsor us. Apparently their dreams were quite similar to our own."

"How convenient."

"It was."

"And this," Kai asked, pointed to JCK.

"Briggs new symbol for his football league."


On the top shelf was a helmet, done in mixed red with black paint creating two "horns" on the side of the helmet.

"Whatís our mascot?"

"The Rams."


There was also a pair of knee-high black spandex socks. There were a few other various items: gloves, long-sleeved shirts (for cold weather), athletic tape, a cup, and cleats. Kai also noticed his very own supply of the sleep serum Snake had provided him.

"Well, that was a busy day."


"Time to sleep." Snake sat down across from Kai and immediately went into catatonic fixation. Kai stared at him curiously. He noticed that Snakeís eyes hadnít closed, and that he was no longer breathing. He had always known that the jocks were superhuman, but he had never guessed to what extent. What is all this? Some elaborate setup? Or am I surrendering. I donít think Iíve given up. Itís just that all my hope is gone. Can I trust Snake? He seems nice, but nothing of his original personality remains. I mean, why canít he answer me questions? Stupid Briggs . . . Woah! That was not right. But I canít swear at him. They changed something . . .or maybe itís this fucking collar. Strange, I didnít notice it all days. In facts, its surprisingly comfortable. But still. I wish I knew what was going on. How did this happen? All I wanted was One Life and somehow I end up getting . . . what have I gotten? A nightmare.

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