Jocking, The: Halftime

Locked Out, Boxed In


By CallMeCrazy

"And why not?" Adam tried to stare down the obscenely large police officer. His uniform stretched to accommodate the bulk of his bodies, constricting against tight muscle.

"Iím sorry," the man replied in a deep, gruff voice. "But this road is off limits."

"Why?" James sat in the car, afraid that Adamís outlandish behavior would end up getting him arrested.

"Because." Adam frowned at the answer, analyzing the situation. The road to the town in Nebraska was cut off, and he could find no other way in. The officer guarded large, cement road blocks, which Adam doubted he could move even without the officer present. Finally, after a moment of desperate plotting, Adam stormed back to the car. The engine puttered a few times before the car began to back away from the obstacle. Slowly, it turned towards the highway it came on, and was soon out of sight. The officer stood perfectly erect, moving not an inch from his position.

"Well, I havenít seen you in a while."

"Youíre whole taking-over-the-school routine really put a blip in our relationship."

"That so?"

"Yeah, how did it work out for ya?"

"All done."


"And Iíve gone global."


"Sailorís mouth."

". . . you!" Kai felt a strong hand grip his soft hair and slam his head against the table to which he was chained. The sharp crack caused Kai to wince in quiet pain.

"You will never speak to me in such fashion again."

"Shove it up your ass, you cock-sucking, dog-fucking asshole!" And again Kai felt extreme pain. Tears welled up in his round eyes, but he refused to let one shed, to let Briggs have any joy in the torment.

"That will happen every time to address me in such manner." Kai glared up at the older man.

"And how in the world will you ever make me?" Briggs just smiled, the same annoying I-know-something-you-donít look for which he was so known. After a moment of silence, he pointed one finger over Kai. Adjusting his head, he now noticed that a large half cylinder was suspended above him. It fell at the that moment, encasing Kai in the plastic prison.

Briggs knocked and the tube and waved hurriedly. Kaiís mouth opened and closed in violent mannerisms but Briggs heard nothing.

"Oh, Iím do apologize. I had them sound proof it." Kaiís eyes fumed like burning hatred. More violent gestures, but no sound.

"And," Briggs continued. "If I canít beat you, youíll just have to join me." Frozen in fear by the last words, Briggs walked to the control panel without a inch of protest from the captive.

"Now, letís play . . . ."

Despite the jockings that Kai had witnessed, he never really knew how the entire experience would feel. It was with the first snapping in his feet that he understood that no words could ever describe the pain. Every tiny bone and ligament in his foot was ripped and broken, stretching forward against the constrains of skin and structure. His slender toes stretched forward, becoming harder and more square, the nails losing their delicate appearance in favor of a harsher and dirtier look. The foot pushed forward, growing and growing in size.

The intense, burning sensation of the experience was amplified by the fact that Kai was partially immune to the changes, something which attributed to his discolored hair. For Kai, it made the pain overwhelming, and not passing out during the sensory overload proved nearly impossible.

"In case youíre wondering," Briggs paused the changes as he spoke to the exhausted teen. "Iíve been working on a very special formula just for you. Itís much, much more powerful. Unfortunately, I was informed that it could make the experience even more unbearable."

Although Briggs was unable to hear it, Kai informed him that something couldnít really become more unbearable, that was one of the requirements of the situation. He was silence when Briggs continued the process. Now, a fiery, bubbling sensation began at his ankles. Had he been able to see, huge veins began slowly crawling up his calves. The thin bone which was attached to cut muscle began to expand, preparing to accommodate a larger size person. The muscles began to fill with fluid, forcing the tiny muscle to exercise and grow. As it was filled with thick veins, the muscle grew to the size of a melon.

The feeling spread into his knees, wearing them in from years of contact sports but increasing their power and stamina. They spread upwards, circling through the cut quads. The thigh muscles inflated instantly, turning thin cuts into massive weapons. It would be nearly impossible to walk without the two meaty legs bumping into each other. The veins floated on top of the muscle, constantly pumping the muscles full of raw, masculine energy. The muscles were so developed that they were constantly flexed, never moving from their rock-solid position.

The thick veins climbed further up his body, causing the muscle to sink in around his thigh bones, giving him the look of intense and sadistic dedication to his body. The fluid pumped into his ass, inflating the muscular mounds with layers of perky fat, causing him to thrust into the air. The erotic motion caused Kaiís flaccid cock to stir, sticking straight into the air. As blood rushed into the engorged member, so did the thick fluid. The average-sized dick got harder and harder, pushing forward to a perfect nine inches. It thickened to the size of a water bottle. The blood loss caused Kai to lose focus, all he could concentrate on was the immense sexual pleasure he was receiving. As the growth continued, he pressed his cock further and further in the air, gyrating to a throbbing beat created by his sexual desires.

His already developed abs improved with the changes. A once defined six pack caved in, forming an impossibly deep eight pack, thick veins shooting through. The veins continued to travel, entering his laterals. Once cut enough to give a small but visible V-shape, they now shot to side, forcing his arms to hang at an angle. Pounds of thick muscle crammed into back, every moment further stretching to some insane goal. Already large enough to rip his old clothes, the muscles refused to stop until Kaiís back resembled some extreme steroid abuse version of Michelangeloís David. The fluid entered his chest, and his once shapely pecs shot forward, inflating like balloons. Rounding out their shape, the muscles expanded in all directions, growing out so far that Kai could barely look down over their bulk. His nipples, hard from the stimulation, faced down on the now massive muscles.

The shoulders were next in the incredibly painful and yet exhilarating experience. Shooting out at both sides, the muscles became like two large balls, easily demonstrating their impressive size through any shirt in existence. The veins traveled down his arms, and the once fragile arms were in for a make over. The biceps, once tiny and cut, quadrupled in girth, gaining the permanent pump the rest of the body possessed. The forearms grew much like the arms, becoming the size of an average manís calf. Thick veins covered all of the arms. The thin and smooth hands grew, gaining a new roughness. His fingers became thick stubs, used to intense physical labor.

At last, the veins made the drive into his neck. The once graceful singerís light voice dropped from a vibrant soprano to a ridiculous, steroid-deep bass. The neck became nearly as thick as his head, harsh veins visible throughout. At last, his face began the change. His once angular face, an image of aristocratic beauty, gained a stronger, more chiseled look. The jaw became perfectly square, giving him a true jar head. His nose broke and reformed, looking quite worn. All of his skin obtained a bronze coloring. His eyes retained the bright green color, but the rest of his face became the true image of masculinity. He had gone from a 6'4 165 pounds singer, to a 6'9 435 pounds athlete.

And then something very strange happened. Just as the fluid began to change his hair color, the entire system froze. Briggs stared at the machine, only slightly annoyed. The hair was the only visible sign it left after all, he could hardly expect it to go away.

"Well, that was interesting." •

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