Deal's A Deal, A


By Ender

Friday at lunchtime, Andy finally caught up with Tony. Andy walks over to the table where Tony is sitting alone starting to eat his lunch. Andy says, “Are you mad at me Tony… We haven’t talked since I let you beat me at Yu-Gi-Oh Tuesday.”

Tony looks up at Andy smiles and says. “Mad at you Andy? Never…”

Andy sits down across from Tony and continues, “Cool, the all night tournament is sort of a wash for tonight but I’ve got a pretty good crew on for tomorrow and my folks are okay with it running as late as we can take it.” Andy beams, “A couple may even be a challenge for you. I’d still like you to stay over tonight. We can watch a couple of movies, play some video games and maybe some other sort of games.”

Tony had forgotten about Andy’s Yu-Gi-Oh party and was going to meet Shane to workout after school and again Saturday morning. Tony had been working out with Shane after school since he made his pact with Shane on Wednesday and he had started to spend an hour running every morning before getting ready for school.

“Sure Andy, it sounds great. But something has come up that I need to take care of Saturday morning… It will take me a couple of hours but after that I’m all yours,” said Tony.

Andy grins and says, “Say, how about I help you with whatever it is,”

Wanting to keep his plans a secret from Andy as well as Brian, Tony says, “No Andy it’s something I need to do by myself,”

Andy’s grin slackens a bit. And he says, “Okay if you say so… How about you head home with me after school and we get an early start. My mom would love to feed you another steak.”

“Gee Andy I wish I could but there are a couple of things I need to take care of before I come over that will take a couple of hours, but I’ll be over just as soon as I can and in plenty of time for that steak… Okay Andy?” says Tony.

Andy is puzzled and says, “You’re sure you’re not upset with me Tony… Since Tuesday you almost seem to be avoiding me.”

Tony smiles and puts his hand on Andy’s hand saying, “Please Andy, trust me, I’m not trying to avoid you. There are some things that I need to do for ‘ME’ and I need to do them by myself. Please be patient with me for a while. You’re still my best bud and always will be.”

Tony stands, outside Shane’s front door, wearing his workout gear and a bit sweaty and winded after running from his house. Tony knocks at Shane’s door. Shane opens the door and seeing Tony says, “Hey dude good to see you I half expected you to blow off working out today for the card party your que…” Not entirely sure of where he stands with Tony at this point, Shane decides not to refer to Tony friend as a “queer” and edits himself, “… pal, Andy, is having.”

Tony smiles and says, “Hey, a deal is a deal… you agreed to train me I agreed to be trained… So what’s on the schedule for today ‘coach.’”

“Well, frankly you’re stronger than I figured you were,” said Shane. “But I think we should stick with fairly lightweights, that don’t push you much for now. You want your body to get used to going through the movements the right way. Then once you’ve gotten to the point that lifting is as natural for you as walking we can start putting some real weight on the bar and you won’t hurt yourself with it. At that point we’ll start making you grow big time…” Shane grins and puts his hand on Tony’s shoulder and leads him into the house.

After dinner Andy takes Tony up to his room to watch movies and play games. Andy puts on a disk of “The Village.” Tony has his back propped against the headboard of Andy’s bed and Andy lay bare-chested in boxer-briefs with his head in Tony’s lap.

Tony says, “D’you remember that morph that you did of yourself…”

Andy hops up and starts flexing for Tony and giggles, “You mean this one?”

Grinning Tony says, “Well actually I meant the one you did in the computer and not my simulation.”

Andy briefly pretends to be completely dejected and then grins saying, “I know but this one is a lot more fun…” Andy pops a double bicep pose before turning serious) “Sure Tony, why?”

“Well, I was wondering if you would be willing to do one of me,” said Tony.

“Sure Tony…” giggles Andy, “that would be great fun… I’ll need a few pics of you to work with…” Andy was in his closet grabbing his camera and tripod. “… How much detail can I put in?”

Laughing, Tony says, “As much as you want…”

“That’s great Tony, how about you strip down while I get the camera and computer setup…” Andy sets up the video gear as Tony starts to undress. “Say Tony could you take that poster off that wall and move the chair out of the way.” Tony moves the poster and chair. Andy finishes setting up the video gear. Andy stands Tony against the blank wall, and pulls out a small box of what looked like sequins, which he begins to stick onto Tony’s body.

Not understanding why he has a couple dozen small reflective disk stuck to his body, Tony asks, “Are you planning on doing a muscle morph of me or a spoof on the Beatles, ‘Tony in the Sky with Diamonds’”

A bit absent-mindedly Andy says, “Oh, no it’s some new software I just got. Just hold still and I’ll show you.” (Andy fiddled with the computer for a while and then grabs the TV remote control and brings up a copy of the computer display. On one side of the screen is a video capture image of Tony speckled with brightly glowing dots. On the other side is an isometric image of a stick figure man.) “Okay Tony, wave at the camera,” Tony complies as he does the stick figure man mirrors his movement but delayed a second or two. “It’s a motion capture system, I’ll be able to animate the morph of you… neat hagh?”

“Yeah Andy, it’s great but I really would like to get some clothes on. Do either of us really want to try explaining to your folks why you’re shooting video of me in the buff?” said Tony.

Not really listening to Tony, Andy says, “Sure Tony but first do some bodybuilder poses so I can capture them… Once I have that in the computer you can get dressed,” (Tony again complied but now he is embarrassed, he imagines his body as a huge Jell-O mold that quivers unstoppably at the slightest movement. Tony was so relieved when Andy says he has what he needed that he is back in his cargo pants and sweater before Andy can get all the tracking dots off him.

Andy starts working on the morph of Tony while Tony watches the end of “The Village” and then “Signs” but shortly after the start of “Unbreakable” Tony drifted in to a deep sleep.

The next morning finds Tony is sleeping in And bed and Andy in the pullout, where Tony normally sleeps when he stays over with Andy. Both are asleep bare-chested and in briefs. Tony wakes with a start, his head hitting the headboard before bolting upright. The headboard hits the wall and the thuds wake Andy. “Gee, Andy, I’m sorry for stealing your bed…”

After stretching, almost cat like, Andy sits up and says, “Don’t sweat it man, now I know I don’t need to feel sorry for anyone that sleeps down here… it’s really pretty comfortable… except for getting in and out… too low to the floor.” Andy kneels in the pullout and with his elbows on the side of the bed rests his chin in his hands and smiles suggestively to Tony. “You were dead to the world. So I just pulled the covers over you and crawled in here.” Andy crawls onto the bed with Tony and begins to snuggle against Tony’s side, and purrs, “If I could have roused you I would have crawled in with you.”

Tony glances at his watch… 7:25… he was suppose to meet Shane at the school gym at 8:00… he could just make it if he left right now. Tony says “Andy you remember I told you I had something to do this morning,” (Andy nods his head against Tony’s side.) “I would love to continue what I think you have in mind but if I don’t leave now I will be late… I’ll be back as soon as I can… I promise.” Tony pulled on a pair of shorts, a t-shirt and his cross-trainers and hurried out the door. Andy remains on the bed mildly hurt that Tony didn’t stay with him.

Out-side the school gym at 8:00, Shane pulls up in his car. He gets out and walks to weight room door and hears running footstep from around the corner at the far end of the hallway. It’s 8:01 as Tony runs up to Shane as he waits leaning on the door. Looking pissed Shane snarls, “Your late.”

Panting, out of breath, Tony gasps sincerely with a trace of meekness. “I’m sorry Shane, I over-slept it won’t happen again.”

His face shifting to a grin, Shane says, “It’s cool… I just got here too… You really are serious about wanting to do this aren’t you man?”

In a mix of annoyance, relief, and several other emotions he can’t immediately identify Tony snaps, “I said I was serious. Didn’t I?”

Chuckling Shane says, “Yeah little dude you did and I believe you.” Shane pulls open the door and holds it for Tony. “You know, I think I’m starting to understand what Hossler sees in you. Come on Tony lets get started making you a big dude.” Shane and Tony walk through the door and down a hallway. The door clangs shut behind them. •

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