Playing with FanTCdude's Toys


By AbsMan420

As a group, they met for the last time Sunday morning. But if they'd all had a night as... activity-filled as his, Big Budd didn't expect them to show up to this meeting on time. On the other hand, Big Budd himself wasn't even the slightest bit tired - and he'd been fucking all night long. Would he ever need to sleep again? Would he ever stop being horny?

Dane had a good breakfast waiting for them, and Big Budd didn't find anything wrong with his appetite, either. He and his brother left their luggage by the door - as several of the guys had already done - and dug in. The Football Coach and the Bartender were already there - and Big Budd was pleased to see the Bartender was still hairy, not shaved all smooth as he normally was. His hair had grown in quite nicely, not as thick as the Budd Brothers' of course, but he had a distinct treasure trail that led the eye from his chest immediately to his big cock.

The Football Coach was nearly the size of Big Budd, though his cock didn't even come close. He still wore those ridiculous polyester coach's shorts, straining them to their very limit - because they were so tight, Big Budd had no trouble seeing the jock he wore underneath - but at least his gut was gone. Still a bit barrel-chested, he at least showed a "V"-shape from his shoulders to his waist - actually, because of the size of his lats, more of a "U"-shape, but Big Budd didn't quibble.

The Oil-Rigger from Alaska showed up next, still in the leather pants and harness he'd worn out the night before. His muscle stretched the leather tight enough to BE a second skin. Big Budd always thought the Oil-Rigger was kind of hot, except for being so short - he was a man's man after all, much like Officer Jacobs. Big Budd was sure he drove a truck.

He'd gained some good size, though he was smaller than Little Budd. Still, as hairy and sexy as he was - and by the size of his cock beneath the leather pants - the Oil-Rigger wouldn't be lacking for attention. Big Budd thought it was funny to think of an Olympia-sized bodybuilder as small.

What a big cock he had, though. Maybe Big Budd would get ahold of THAT before the guy left.

Entering almost immediately after the Oil-Rigger came the Boston Law Clerk, smooth and tan and oh, so pretty. Big Budd didn't like the Law Clerk, all skin and haircut - he found the Law Clerk superficial and petty. Though they all loved what their transformations had done to them, the Law Clerk was flat-out vain. He'd confessed yesterday to having a Lasig treatment, which had permanently removed his body hair, but Big Budd would be willing to believe that this guy would've shaved anyway, regardless of how hairy he'd have become.

He constantly checked himself out in any reflective surface, looking with admiration instead of hunting for flaws. He wore only a pair of the Littleman's posing trunks which didn't begin to cover his enormous genitals, but without any hair, Big Budd found nothing attractive about him - even his generous cock. And his face was so pretty that, unlike the rest of them, he didn't look masculine at all - just like the little bottom boy they all knew he was.

And he lisped, for God's sake! What ancient stereotype bullshit did the little fag believe?

No. Big Budd didn't even want to be near him, much less inside him. You'd reckon, he thought, in all of Boston, that Dane could've found a better candidate. Although maybe Dane wanted to see if the formula really COULD make a man out of anyone. As far as Big Budd was concerned, as muscular as he was, the Law Clerk was a Littleman's failure.

Or maybe that's how they LIKED them in Boston. Big Budd resolved never to go there and find out. Easier to dislike from a distance. The guy wouldn't survive five minutes in Kansas.

As they all greeted each other, the Oil-Rigger walked right up to the Budd Brothers and said, "Whoa! This is better than the Doublemint twins!" He placed a hand on each of their massive chests and added, "Let's make us an Alaskan meat sandwich between two slices of Kansas beefcake. Woof! How 'bout that?"

Big Budd's cock twitched in anticipation. "I reckon I'm happy to," he said, stepping close to the Oil-Rigger and kissing him - having to duck his head down a little further than he liked. The Oil-Rigger was so freakin' short! Little Budd slid up behind the guy, wrapping his arms around the Oil-Rigger's tight abs. "Me, too," he added.

Again, it was Dane who stopped them. "Uh-uh-uh. No orgies, gentlemen," he said, checking his watch. "Not yet. We got stuff to do and we still got to get to the airport."

The Oil-Rigger protested. He indicated Big Budd. "Yeah, but we never got the chance to fuck," he said. "Even at Ivan's, he was all caught up with Jacobs."

"Somebody talkin' about me?" boomed a deep voice from the doorway. They all turned their heads instinctively toward the sound.

And there stood the police officer, Jacobs, resplendent in his motorcycle-cop pants and knee-high black leather boots. He was bigger than all of them - even bigger than Big Budd - clearly the dip he took in the cum-filled hot tub at Ivan's gym had pushed him to a higher level than the rest. Would he even NEED his fifth - and final - amp?

There was no possible way to improve Officer Jacobs. Simply put, he was gigantic. All of them, Dane included, stood awestruck as the massive muscle-cop strode into the room. His saunter was so sexy and masculine that every single one of them, Dane included, got hard. In the center of the room, with all of them circling him, Jacobs began to pose. "I said," he said, putting his hands behind his head and flexing his hairy, rock-solid abs, "was somebody talkin' about ME?" A double-biceps. A lat spread. A side-tris. Jacobs was the biggest man Big Budd had ever seen - even bigger than the Old Man had been after his near-drowning in Ivan's hot tub. A transformation that had caused the Old Man to go insane.

"Go ahead, boys," he said. "Get those big dicks out and cum lookin' at me. Nothin' I like better."

Even Dane didn't protest this time. Instead, like the rest of them, he stood there mesmerized by the freak police officer and did exactly as he'd been told. All of them did. Jacobs flexed; they stroked. The big policeman enjoyed the worship, facing each of them in turn and doing a special pose featuring a different bodypart, all of which were perfectly - if not overly - developed.

He paused in front of Big Budd, and the two of them shared a smile, then he saw Big Budd's erect cock, nearly reaching the base of Big Budd's pecs, and he looked concerned. "You got a big cock," he said in his deep, rough voice.

"I reckon it's two feet long," said Big Budd. "We done measured it this morning."

Officer Jacobs grunted. "Let's see if it's bigger than mine," he said, unbuttoning his pants. They were so tight that it took him both hands to pull his own monster cock out - it had burrowed down his left thigh, almost reaching the knee.

As the group masturbated, Officer Jacobs and Big Budd pressed their cocks together - Big Budd had to stand on his toes so their bases could be at the same level - Jacobs was at least half-a-head taller than Big Budd.

But Big Budd's cock was a least a head taller than Jacobs' - a cock head, that is. As they pressed them together, Big Budd's easily peaked over the top. Officer Jacobs seemed put-off by it. He turned and faced Dane.

"How come if I'm bigger than him, his cock is bigger than mine?" he asked sharply. "What kind of bullshit is that?"

"Probably because he's had all five treatments," Dane said, shrugging. "You've only had four."

"Yeah, but I took a cum-bath in that hot tub at Ivan's gym."

"No kidding," Dane said. "Look at ya! You're freakin' HUGE! You're bigger than ninety-eight percent of the men who've gone through the process!"

Officer Jacobs indicated Big Budd. "Maybe," he said. "But his cock is still bigger than mine! What are we gonna do to fix that?"

Dane stopped masturbating, reluctantly, and went to his medical bag. "How about we give you your fifth amp," he said.

Officer Jacobs smiled. "THAT'S what I wanted to hear!"

Dane loaded the guy's final amp into the back of the transdermal gun and brought it to Jacobs, who'd begun posing in the middle of the circle-jerk again, this time his cock hanging out of his pants.

Look at it, Dane thought. Almost down to his knees and he's still bitching!

Dane went into the circle and knelt before Officer Jacobs, who stood with his legs spread wide, his hands on his hips, looking down over the shelf of his unbelievable chest. Though he watched Dane's progress, he addressed the others. "Who else hasn't had their final shot?" he asked.

Turned out to be everybody except Big Budd and the Bartender. "Go get your guns," Jacobs said. "Let's all take 'em at the same time." He nudged Dane with his foot. "You okay with that?" he asked, as Dane struggled to get Jacobs' huge balls out of the skin-tight motorcycle pants.

Dane smiled tightly. "That's why we're here," he said. Officer Jacobs' cock kept smacking him in the face.

So, like they'd done when they'd given themselves their very first amp, all the guys did it at the same time - Dane did Officer Jacobs, kneeling before the behemoth. Jacobs muscles were so large - hell, his arms alone had to top thirty inches! - that Dane wondered if the cop was gonna be able to do anything without assistance, dressing himself, washing his back, tying his shoes. Jacobs was definitely gonna require a slave.

And if Dane weren't already so gainfully employed, he'd gladly volunteer for the position. "While we're waiting for this to hit," he said to the group, "let me tell you the last few things I'm required to." They stood there gently stroking their cocks while he spoke. "So you won't have to travel with it on your flights, the company has already delivered all your start-up supplies to your homes - you'll find them waiting for you upon your arrival. Also, your instructions and quotas and company expectations will be there, too. Pardon the pun, but we're expecting big things from you."

The guys chuckled, wagging their dicks at each other like teenage boys in a locker room celebration. Dane continued. "You're allowed to take on staff members. I mean, some of you have gotten so large that you may require a personal assistant - that's okay. Just remember, you're only allowed one staff per five P.I.F.'s."

"'P.I.F.'s?'" asked Big Budd. "I reckon I don't know what that is."

Dane smiled. "Paid In Full's," he said. "Five guys who've completely paid for the treatment. Although," he added, looking up at the mass of Officer Jacobs, "you are allowed to take on a personal assistant at any time."

Jacobs smiled and gently touched Dane with his foot, pushing their host back onto his ass. "You applying for the job?" he asked in his deep, rough voice.

Dane winked, whacking his dick. "I'd love to," he said, "don't get me wrong. But I already got a job. Not that you'll have any trouble finding someone. Besides, you don't want them to completely go through the transformation, anyway - they'll end up just as helpless as you. Read the manual. You'll understand."

But understanding was short. Once the buzz hit, the part of their brains that dealt with logic and forethought dissolved into lusts and needs. It could almost be called madness, Big Budd thought, watching them succumb to their growth and their desire for sexual contact. He understood - the same thing had happened to him last night, when HE'D taken the final amp of the formula.

The fifth amp didn't cause as much growth as the others - it was more of a "finishing" dose. It... hardened them, perfected them. It eliminated their flaws and refined their strengths.

It made them want to fuck.

Officer Jacobs wanted to fuck Dane - maybe as punishment for not giving Jacobs the biggest cock, Big Budd didn't know - but he wanted Big Budd to fuck HIM at the same time. "I wanna know what a cock as big as mine feels like," said Jacobs, "so fuck me with it."

Little Budd sidled up behind his brother as Big Budd got in position behind Officer Jacobs thick and massive ass. "You reckon I can fuck, too?" he asked. "You've done ME enough times so far."

"I reckon I wouldn't mind that," said Big Budd. "I wouldn't mind my hot little brother up my ass."

"Yee-haw, dog!" Little Budd hollered, already working the head of his fine dick into Big Budd's ass-crack.

"Let's all fuck each other at once," said Jacobs to the group. "Instead of a circle-jerk, we have a circle fuck!"

It took a little bit of doing, but they made it work. In a tight, muscular circle, their inside shoulders touching, Big Budd fucked Officer Jacobs, who fucked Dane, who fucked the Football Coach, who fucked the Bartender, who fucked the Oil-Rigger, who fucked the Law Clerk, who fucked Little Budd (after some protest - apparently, the Law Clerk had never engaged in ANY kind of sexual activity before - he'd been a "pose & jerk" kind of guy - but once he had the Oil-Rigger's beer-can cock inside him, and once he got himself inside Little Budd, he became the same kind of muscle pig the rest of them were), and completing the circle, Little Budd fucked his brother by standing on his toes to reach Big Budd's ass.

Dane suggested, because they were all different heights, to go to their knees, which they did, each with their own knees inside the legs of the man before them. Someone should have filmed it, Dane thought. Although from above, it probably would've looked more like a Busby Berkely porn movie. It would've made an excellent promo tool - especially if he'd shown pics of these guys BEFORE he'd transformed them, when they never even would have considered such a configuration.

All they knew now, under the influence of the Littleman's formula, was the ecstasy of being men.

Muscle and cock.

What else was there? What else did there need to be?

They found their rhythm, alternately thrusting and relaxing, until the action of the fuck was almost unison. And still they grew, next to each other, inside of each other. They were one continuous chain of hairy muscle and cock. Powerful and uncontained, they became the kind of men they were destined to be.

And then they shot - separately and together. One into the next. Even Big Budd screamed, joining the animal chorus, and he'd already gone through the final transformation, but cumming into Officer Jacobs' strong, welcoming ass while staring at the width of his muscular back and the mountainous peaks of his traps was too much. Not to mention his brother's over-eager cock ramming Big Budd's hole. I'll be damned, he thought, sex like this DOES just get better and better.

He wanted to make sure every man in Kansas knew this feeling - why, he'd transform them all once he got his chance!

Of course, he'd have to get out of HERE first, and this multi-man orgasm hadn't even taken the edge off. Thanks to the formula, their appetites had barely been whetted. Big Budd remembered last night, after he and the Bartender had had their fifth dose, they fucked - almost mindlessly - for hours and hours before they'd regained their senses.

They broke into pairs and separate piles - they began new activities. They flexed and marveled and worshipped themselves. They sucked and fucked and ached to explore their limits, even though there WERE no limits anymore. They were machines. Fucking machines.

Even Big Budd couldn't resist the spell. When Officer Jacobs lay on top of him and they kissed, Big Budd instinctively wrapped his Quadzilla-sized legs around the larger man's waist. They pressed their cocks together - Big Budd's was still bigger. A bit.

"God damn it," mumbled Officer Jacobs.

"Just fuck me," said Big Budd.

It was their goodbye fuck, and on some level, they all knew it. Not that it made any of them particularly tender - specifically Officer Jacobs, who never seemed to have a sentimental side anyway - but they all wanted to leave an impression.

They certainly left their mark on the Law Clerk. What a pig he became - what a whore. At one point, now that he'd tasted the joy of sex, he begged everyone to fuck him, he CRIED for it. So they did. While the Oil-Rigger held him down, they passionlessly fucked him one after the next, then let him clean their cocks with his mouth while the next guy did the same. Big Budd thought it was the best party game he'd ever played, better than "Pin the Tail on the Donkey." He hated that pussy little Law Clerk - it felt good to fuck him. And fuck him hard - and for a guy the size of Big Budd, "hard" was pretty intense.

"What a fag," his brother said to him, conspiratorially, after both he and Little Budd had fucked the guy and gotten sucked clean. "I reckon he don't hold a candle to the Budd Brothers!"

Big Budd kissed his brother - deeply. He tasted like old cum.

It was about then that something beeped in Dane's computer bag. Turned out to be an alarm in something he called his "Palm Pilot" - Big Budd had never heard of such a thing. "Holy shit," Dane said, separating himself from the pile and walking to his bag. "It's noon already."

"Three hours have gone by?" they all wondered. "Where does the time go?"

Their renewed erections answered that question.

Unfortunately, they had to check-out and get to the airport. Even hotels of this size needed the turnover - not that any of the Littleman's guys saw anything wrong with turnover anymore. All that mattered was the satisfaction of their cocks, little else.

So the dressed, sliding on their skimpy Littleman's gear, or their skin-tight leathers or uniforms. Every one of them required assistance to dress, to help force the material over their giant quads, or to lace or tie something in the back - Big Budd realized that that was what Dane had meant about needing a personal assistant. Big Budd didn't want to have to count on his brother for everything - Little Budd needed his own life. Better to find some stooge who WANTS to do nothing but serve. Even in Kansas, there had to be some of those - why, Big Budd reckoned he'd drive all the way to Topeka to find one if he had to.

And they paraded out of the hotel in a completely different way than they'd entered two days ago. Huge, muscular behemoths, they held their heads high, their chests out, their dicks half-hard in their own particular confinements. Big Budd was proud of who he was, what he looked like, what he'd become. He was no longer the same fearful, repressed red-neck he used to be, that was for sure and certain - he was so much better now, so much more a man.

The shuttle bus to the airport was a quiet ride, lacking the same kind of high-school giddiness that accompanied them to Ivan's gym yesterday. They knew they were saying goodbye. They sat quietly, certainly unable to resist playing with themselves and each other, but without the driving hunger that possessed them at the hotel. Officer Jacobs and Big Budd made out the entire way - Big Budd was surprised that the big cop could be so tender, not that he minded. The massive, brutal top was a fantastic kisser.

That was how Big Budd came to San Francisco and never saw the city. Not that he minded a bit.

Dane's last gift to them was to upgrade their flight agenda. Instead of going commercial, the Littleman's Group had booked private planes to take them home - one flight going East, taking the Budd Brothers to Kansas, Officer Jacobs to Chicago, the Bartender to Maryland, and finally the Law Clerk to Boston, the other flight heading North, stopping off in Seattle to drop off the Football Coach, then up to Anchorage, for the Oil-Rigger.

They were also able to enter the airport through the VIP wing, avoiding the general public. Big Budd was a bit upset about that - he WANTED to be stared at in his Littleman's spandex shorts and sleeveless flannel shirt, cowboy hat and boots. He WANTED people to look at his freaky cock and his gigantic balls. He wanted to show off.

I reckon there'll be plenty of time for that in Kansas, he thought, as he boarded the small aircraft.

Of course, the seats were MUCH bigger here than on a commercial jet - so were the passengers - and the Flight Attendants were EXTREMELY attentive, though none of them were able to take more than the head of Big Budd's cock in their mouths, not that it stopped them from trying. All in all, it was much more comfortable than their initial flight to San Fran, so Big Budd got over himself.

At one point, Big Budd sat on Officer Jacobs lap, and the cop fucked him so hard that the pilot came over the loudspeaker and said, "We seem to be hitting some unexpected turbulence. But don't worry, I'm sure we'll be out of it soon." Officer Jacobs laughed, saying "Doubt it," and fucked Big Budd all the rougher. Big Budd was certainly gonna miss his dominant cop. Of course, he could always make another one out of the Sheriff in his home town.

That would be first on his agenda once they got back to Kansas.

And then, as if on cue, the plane began its decent into Wichita. Excitement mixed with sentimentality for the Budd Brothers. And even though they all swore to keep in touch, Big Budd knew he'd never see any of these guys again. As he accepted high-fives and handshakes, only Officer Jacobs kissed him before he exited the plane, and the Budd Brothers silently watched it take off again from the tarmac before they make their way to their truck out in long-term parking.

Big Budd got his wish in the Wichita airport - as the two gigantic, muscular, hairy Budd Brothers strolled through to get to the parking lot, the gasps and stares they got lifted Big Budd's spirit.

Kansas had never seen ANYTHING like them!

The two of them could barely fit in the cab of Big Budd's truck - and it was a freakin' Dodge Ram! - which turned the brothers on so much that they sat there and masturbated before leaving the lot - Big Budd's erect dick reached the top of the steering wheel. God, it was good to be home!

"You gotta admit now that you're glad we spent the inheritance money this way," said Little Budd, trying unsuccessfully to put his own cock back in his cut-off jeans.

"I reckon I am," said Big Budd, leaving his out and draped across his thigh. "I reckon I am."

He reached over and put his muscular arm around his brother's wide shoulders, hugged him a little closer, and they drove the three hours back to the cross-roads town they were gonna put on the map.

They only stopped to fuck three times along the way.

Neither could wait to start their Littleman's foothold - it was gonna be a helluva ride. Big Budd started to get hard again thinking about it. In anticipation, he gave the truck a little more gas to get there faster.

He wanted to be at Benny's Hackin' Shack by Happy Hour.

That's when the action would start. •

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