Playing with FanTCdude's Toys


By AbsMan420

Dane explained their evening assignment - each of them would be required to seduce and recruit a new guy. The only stipulation was that the guy had to ASK for the amp. They couldn't just slip it into his drink or shoot him up without his knowledge - though Dane assured them that that was well within bounds any other time. For tonight's exercise, it had to be voluntary on the part of their target - Dane said he wanted to show them how easy it would be. Even the most resistant ultimately gave in and joined them. Hell, all of THEM were on board, and remember, they weren't all sure that first night of the seminar.

Big Budd reckoned THAT was true. He was one of the most resistant - at first. Now he couldn't wait for his fourth amp tonight, and the last tomorrow before the end of the seminar, before they went home.

Went home.

There was a concept that hadn't completely registered, yet. And some point in time, he and his brother would have to go back home. Back to Kansas.

And there'd be no hiding what he'd become back in Kansas.

Not that he really wanted to...

Enough. Big Budd couldn't think about that now. That was tomorrow - and there was too much to do before TONIGHT to spare that any thought.

"But we still have a few more bits of business before we break for the afternoon," said Dane, stepping up to sit on his stool, adjusting his package inside his posers for maximum effect. "First, our friend, the Bartender." He motioned to the young man, so far behind the others developmentally. Far from embarrassed, however. Even at his smaller size, the Bartender carried himself like the hottest piece of shit there - and in any normal circumstance, with his over-pumped fitness-model body, he probably would be, but compared to Littleman's Men...

Dressed only in a Littleman's-brand jockstrap, his package testing even the weave of the expanded cotton pouch, the Bartender stood, flexing his tiny waist, his mind-blowing abs for them to see. Smiling, he enjoyed their cheers, hit several poses.

"You're still an amp behind us," Dane said, putting his hand on the Bartender's shoulder. "Here are your options, same as before - you could do the hit now, or wait and do a double after your successful completion of the evening's assignment. What do you think?"

To Big Budd, it was sort of like a game show - the guys started calling out from their seats. "Do it!" they'd say, or "Do the double later! Later!" The Bartender spoke like a contestant. "As much as I'd like to do the hit right now," he said, "I kind of want to go out at this size tonight - make it more of a challenge. Besides, I bet a double's gonna be fuckin' sweet!"

Dane smiled like he knew. Nodded.

"Okay," Dane said. "You can wait 'til tonight, same as the others. Sit on back down."

Before he did, the Bartender took a moment to pose for the Coach individually. The Football Coach smiled, smacked the Bartender open-handed on the ass, and said, "More importantly, I like him at this size. His ass is tighter."

The guys laughed - the Bartender smiled seductively. Instead of taking his seat, he knelt between the Football Coach's massive legs, like a submissive dog. To further the image, the Football Coach absently stroked the Bartender's head while Dane spoke.

"But a normal guy WON'T be able to take you - your cocks are too big, now - so make sure he does his amp before you try."

"What about our cum?" asked the Law Clerk, popping his left biceps, making it dance to entertain himself. "Wouldn't our cum transform them, the way it did at the hot tub this morning? Wouldn't it give them bodies like this?" He flexed his abs for them all, showing a much thicker - bricker - rack than the Bartender's. His was a cobble-stone street. (The Bartender was hotter though, thought Big Budd, though he couldn't figure out why he felt that way. After all, the Law Clerk WAS bigger...)

Dane shrugged. "I'm not sure, exactly," he said. "It's true that right after taking an amp, your cum gets sort of... energized, I guess is the right word. But it seems to create more of a FINISHING quality than a transformational one. Although this morning we saw an example of what happens when someone takes in enough of that stuff. Believe me, that was the exception, not the norm."

"Just don't fuck 'em without givin' 'em the amp," the Oil-Rigger said, summarizing for the Law Clerk like they were a married couple. "That's all. Why do you gotta complicate everything?"

The Law Clerk - like a married man - took the bait. "At least I'll ASK them first," he said. "At least they won't wake up in the middle of the night to find their roommate fucking them."

The Oil-Rigger immediately stood. "Again with that? I told you, I thought you was awake!" he said defensively. "Jesus! How many times we gotta go over this?"

"Guys, guys!" called Dane, raising his hands before him in a "stop" motion. "Can we argue about this later? We got business to take care of."

"I reckon I wouldn't mind gettin' woke up that way," called Little Budd, standing slightly to show his round, muscular bubble butt. "Anybody want to fuck me awake in the mornin', the door'll be open."


Before he knew he'd done it, Big Budd joined in the reverie. "Course, you're gonna have to get past ME," he said, smiling, reaching over and patting his brother's thick ass. They made eye-contact as Big Budd said, "Lessen' there's room in there for more than one."

During the laughter, Little Budd winked at him. Dane continued, motioning to Big Budd.

"Actually, Budd, why don't you come up here for a minute?"

To think, there was a time - barely even yesterday - when Big Budd would've been shy about standing in front of a group of guys - ANY group of guys, much less hyper-muscled, over-hung super-studs - wearing just a pair of spandex hot shorts. Yet here he was now, posing for them, teasing them - IN control, not being controlled. God, how he loved it! It was like a dream come true.

To the group, while Big Budd posed, Dane said, "The older of the Budd brothers here, wrote on his Littleman's application that he only wanted to do a small amount of the formula, to 'get back in shape,' and perhaps improve the size of his dick." He put his arm around Big Budd's shoulders, like a game-show host. Big Budd still flexed. "Well, you've had three amps now, Budd - more than halfway. What do you think?"

"I reckon I ain't never felt this good in my life," Big Budd said, grabbing his crotch and holding the base of his beloved cock while he spoke. "I can't believe it gets better than this."

Dane smiled. "For you it's about to get a lot better."

Confused, but doing nothing to hide his burgeoning erection, Big Budd watched Dane go to his equipment case and return with a pre-loaded syringe. He displayed it to the group, but didn't remove it from its package.

"I was very impressed with you this morning, when you offered one of your amps to the Bartender, remember?"

Big Budd shrugged his massive traps. "'t'weren't nothin'," he said.

"No, it was kind of you - and it deserves a reward." He held up the syringe and said, "This is a little... bonus I'm charged with giving to one person in every group I train." He pointed to Big Budd with the syringe. "And when someone does something... nice - selfless - in my book, that wins. You're Mr. Congeniality, you could say."

There was a chuckle that went through the group, but Big Budd didn't get the joke.

"What is it?" he asked, indicating the syringe.

Dane smiled and said, in a low, almost sultry voice. "Just what you asked for in your application - it's gonna improve the size of your dick a little." He flicked his eyebrows. "What do ya say?"

All his life, Big Budd had been ashamed of the size of his cock. He'd felt diminished, less masculine - neither a show-er, nor a grower. But now...

Even though he still wasn't as big as Officer Jacobs, or even his little brother, Big Budd was thrilled with his new cock, already over ten inches long, nearly as thick as a man's wrist. No... more than "thrilled," he LOVED it!

So it should be no surprise with the speed in which he responded, "Sure! I reckon I wouldn't mind a little more 'improvement.' Bring it on!"

He heard his brother cheer first, a quick "Yes!" before the others joined in.

When Dane told him to pull down his shorts, Big Budd hooked his thumbs inside the front and slowly slid the material down until his big cock flopped out, already half-hard. He waggled his hips to slip the shorts over his ass.

"You sexy bitch," Dane said. "You're gonna seduce the whole freakin' state of Kansas."

"You get my cock big enough, I'll even fuck the Oklahoma trash."

Another laugh. With Big Budd sitting on the edge of the stool, Dane tore the syringe from the package, wiping it down with an alcohol pad. "They haven't gotten this up-graded for the transdermal guns - you have to do it the old-fashioned way." With one hand, he pushed Big Budd's balls aside, exposing that tender patch of skin between ball-sac and butt-hole. With the other, he wiped that soft skin with another alcohol pad. "From a little pain," he said, "will come unbelievable pleasure."

With that, he jabbed the needle into Big Budd - a very light gauge, Big Budd hardly felt it go in. Still, far from comfortable.

While Dane emptied it, he said, "Not that bad, is it? The guns are experimental, you know - this is how most guys get amped."

"Really?" asked Officer Jacobs, in a tone that said he'd RATHER give himself the needle.

"It ain't so bad," said Big Budd, who was getting an erection - not just from them watching, either. The whole scene was more erotic than anything Big Budd had ever imagined. No, it was more like the content of the ampule was FILLING his dick, like his dick was a sponge - it got heavier as it absorbed. "Matter o' fact, I reckon it's kinda nice."

A little chuckle from the group, and Dane said, "There we go. All done. Slip those shorts back on."

A moan from the group, and Big Budd surprised himself by saying, "Aw, do I gotta?" Teasing Dane by standing inches away from him, flexing the pecs, reaching up and running a finger down his hairy cleavage. Big Budd was being so forward, so seductive - he liked it - like he'd given himself permission to be a sexual being.

Dane laughed, too, deep in his throat. Without breaking eye-contact, he reached over and took Big Budd's growing dick in his hand, saying, "This'll be big enough for me soon enough." He pursed his lips and gently nudged Big Budd away, continuing to hold his cock.

Instead of pulling it away, Big Budd followed a new instinct, and thrust in Dane's hand, forcing Dane to masturbate him.

Dane smiled and let go. "Soon enough," he said. But Big Budd noticed Dane's burgeoning hard-on - hard to miss it in spandex.

Big Budd smirked and pulled his shorts back up over his mighty quads, gently tucking his plump, half-hard dick for the best display - he was falling in love with it. Right here in front of everybody, falling in love with his own dick. And it felt so good. So masculine.

So right.

"All right," Dane said to the group, as Big Budd took a seat, spreading his legs as far as possible. "I'm gonna give you a few hours off, do whatever you want, or..." he looked right at Big Budd, "WHOEVER you want." A chuckle from the group. "But we need to meet back here, ready to hit the bars at nine o'clock." To the Bartender, he said, "Bring your fourth amp with you." A laugh, and he continued, "Wear your recruitment gear - remember, you're representing Littleman's now. Act accordingly." Then, in a less-professional tone, he added, "That means, enjoy yourselves."

The meeting broke then, and they all stood, stretching - helplessly flexing - aware of how different their bodies felt when they were upright, so much added mass. Several of the guys spoke to Big Budd as they made their plans. With the Old Man gone, the Bartender had his own room, but it was the Football Coach who approached Big Budd. "He wants you to fuck him," said the Football Coach, indicating the Bartender, who stood quietly behind him with his head down. "He likes gettin' fucked, don't you, boy?"

The Bartender was quick to respond. "Yes, SIR. I do."

The Football Coach chuckled, adjusting his own big cock as it started to harden. He turned back to Big Budd and said, "You want a taste of that fine, tight ass of his, you come on down to his room and we'll get you hooked up. It's worth it. See ya." And he lightly punched Big Budd in the stomach, like they were buddies, then he and the Bartender departed, the Bartender always a respectful pace behind him. They stopped to talk to his brother - well, the Football Coach did all the talking - Little Budd listened and nodded, looking straight at Big Budd while he did.

Officer Jacobs approached Big Budd then and said, "You want to go find another gym? I kind of want to hit it again, get some upper-body done. Get pumped. Fuck. You know the drill."

But all Big Budd wanted to do was go play with his new cock. Hard right now - and getting harder - he knew he'd have no control over it in public, and there was so much to be done. "Hit me up when you're back," he said to Jacobs, waggling himself. "I reckon I'll be ready for ya by then."

Jacobs smirked and ran his hand along Big Budd's rod. "That's startin' to rival mine," he said, his own dick taking the hint.

"Let's see what you think after your workout," teased Big Budd, mimicking Jacobs' movement on HIS dick.

A moment between them, then Jacobs smiled, looking Big Budd in the eye, and turned away, saying, "Anybody ELSE want to hit a gym with me?"

"Yo!" called the Oil-Rigger, stepping up. He was a short little fire-plug, thought Big Budd, but damn, he had fine arms and shoulders. "I'm in."

He and Jacobs high-fived - they were so natural with each other, they probably would have been buddies even before they'd become Littleman's Men, with their working class mannerisms.

Of course, neither of them invited the Law Clerk along, which obviously stung the guy's feelings - Big Budd could read him like a book. For a moment, Big Budd considered giving the guy a mercy fuck, then thought better of it. The Law Clerk wasn't the kind of guy Big Budd liked, kind of prissy 'n fussy - not a man's man like Officer Jacobs or the Oil-Rigger - no matter what he was starting to look like. Although, even in becoming a massive bodybuilder like the rest of them, the Law Clerk kept his prim, manicured neatness - Big Budd figured that he had to be shaving his face four or five times a day to keep it that smooth.

And if the Law Clerk was even interested, he didn't show it. As the Oil-Rigger and Officer Jacobs displayed some of their manly ease with each other, as they got ready to go, the Law Clerk cast an almost sorrowful glance at them and then left without saying a word.

Big Budd overheard the Oil-Rigger say to Jacobs, "Don't worry about him - pretty boy's just gonna spend some more time with his mirror." They laughed together, deep and masculine, pulling on wife-beaters that were so small on them, they barely covered their lower pecs and upper abs.

Big Budd probably would have laughed himself, except... well, he wanted to go spend some time with HIS mirror. Where was the joke in that?

Little Budd had their room key, and wanted to throw on one of the Littleman jockstraps before heading down to be with the Football Coach again - Big Budd wondered why is brother got off on that. "I reckon I don't know exactly," said Little Budd while he changed back in their room. "I mean, I like him. He makes it like back when I was in high school and havin' fantasies about the coaches, and stuff. The other guy, the Bartender and me, well, we work together - you know, like a team - to please him. We don't even need to talk to each other to know what to do. I don't know. It's just cool."

He came out of the bathroom wearing only the jock - his equipment filling the specially-made pouch. Big Budd hadn't really had the chance to look at his brother until then - hadn't really SEEN what an incredible piece of meat his brother was becoming.

Holy shit - his brother was hot!

Big Budd's dick twitched, flopping between his heavy quads - Little Budd couldn't miss it. "You're getting' pretty big there, too" Little Budd said, not even realizing his pun, picking at his own piece beneath the cotton. "I bet we're right on near 'bout the same size."

Big Budd smiled, wondering. "Only one way to find out," he said, wrapping his hand around his shaft, almost unable to resist masturbating himself.

Little Budd stepped up next to him, lowering the waist band of his jock and letting his own dick roll out, hanging well-below the base of his balls. Facing each other, they held their cocks side by side, comparing thickness - nearly the same, Little Budd was a hair thicker, about the width of a beer can.

But then they were hard. Comparing cocks with his brother turned Big Budd on immensely. Big Budd was thrilled when the head of his dick rose above his navel - hell, his erections had never reached the band of his shorts before, and now it was above his navel!

They pressed their cocks together - Big Budd had to stoop just a little so they could match height, press the base of them together. Little Budd held him by the lats, steadying himself as they compared.

Big Budd had him in length. For a second, it seemed like they were the same. Then Big Budd flexed his ass, thrusting, and even more blood just seemed to fill his dick. It felt like the rubber of an over-filled water-balloon, stretching - tight. And then his cock just... grew - stretched beyond the confines of its former self.

And with it, an overwhelming wave of desire and lust - as his cock grew bigger, so did his need. Big Budd welcomed it like the possession of a spirit. He laughed - he nearly cried - with joy. He rolled his head back and flexed a double-bis. His brother kept them pressed together, thrusting against each other.

"I love my cock!" yelled Big Budd, which allowed it to grow even more. "I... fuckin'... LOVE... my... COCK!"

"I reckon you're bigger than the fuckin' Coach, bro!" said Little Budd, who hadn't taken his eyes off it, running his tongue over his lips. "Fuckin' hot..."

Then, without warning, Little Budd knelt down before his big brother, grabbed that big new dick at the base - leaving plenty of it exposed (Big Budd used to be able to cover his erections completely in his hand) - and easily slipped the head into his mouth. It didn't choke him, disappointing Big Budd a hair, until Big Budd remembered the snake-like jaw the Littleman's formula gave them.

The formula that made it so they could take each other's super-manly cocks down the throat or up the...

Yeah... THAT'S what he wanted to do - what he NEEDED to do - he knew it as soon as he thought of it.

He wanted to fuck.

With this new, ever-improving cock, he wanted to fuck.

And fucking his little brother would be the next best thing to fucking himself. "C'mere," he said, pulling Little Budd's head off his head, leading him by the scruff of the neck toward the bathroom - where the biggest mirrors were. He liked how big his quads were getting, how he had to change his stride to accommodate them, and how that change made his dick sway back and forth like a tree limb.

In the bathroom, the entire wall over the sink was mirrored, so he and his brother could stand next to each other in the mostly unflattering light of fluorescence and still have room to see themselves. Nearly shoulder to shoulder, almost wedged together, they both stood nearly shocked to see their reflections. Not just the amount of muscle and hair and genital growth - which was unbelievable in-and-of itself - but that were nearly identical.

Other than Little Budd being a couple of inches shorter, they could be mistaken for twins. With the changes the formula had made in their appearance, the stronger jaw lines and prominent foreheads, they looked more alike than they'd ever had as youths. They both resembled their father - though he'd been a ratty-looking, forgettable thing - but now, thanks to the Littleman's formula, they not only looked more masculine, they were infinitely more handsome.

"Well, dog my shit, look at us!" Little Budd said, standing in a "relaxed" bodybuilding stance, his arms by his sides - or as close as he could get, the size of his lats kept them out at an angle.

But Big Budd wasn't interested in a side-by-side. Moving behind his brother, he made Little Budd lean forward onto the counter, then he kicked Little Budd's legs apart like Officer Jacobs before a frisk, holding his brother at the waist.

Big Budd still couldn't believe the size of his own cock, as he pressed it against his brother's hole - huge. "You reckon you can take this?" he asked, his voice so lost in lust that the answer wasn't even really important, not that he was sorry when he heard an affirmation. "It's purty big."

His little brother was aware of the stalling, the hesitation, the last vestiges of fear. "Will you just fuck me?" Little Budd asked, an edge of anger in his voice. "Will you just fuckin' put that big fuckin' cock inside me?" Instead of waiting for the thrust, Little Budd pushed his sphincter back onto his brother's dick and greedily swallowed it.

He could take it, all right. There was some little bit of stretching as he opened himself to being impaled - he'd obviously never had anything quite so big enter him - but he was right, he COULD take it. Whatever this formula had done to them, it made them able to suck and fuck each other with dicks that wouldn't even begin to get in a woman's vagina anymore. Somehow, it took away the interest for that, anyway.

No, his huge dick inside Little Budd, the tight fit of this muscular, perfect ass, the rough, masculine overtones of the thrust, the scent, the hair, the muscle beneath the hands, their reflections, Big Budd's desires turned to a new configuration. Man, muscle, cock - all he wanted.

Fucking his brother was like fucking himself. They made eye-contact in the mirror, these twin men, and Little Budd, dripping sweat and grunting in effort, smirked and said, "C'mon. Harder."

Big Budd took it as a challenge. He fucked like he never had before, with a reckless abandon that he'd never felt with his wife, with a power that would break a normal man, with a cock that continued to grow while out of sight. Big Budd's big new tool was a sensitive log, each thrust another step closer to ecstasy.

And then, the orgasm.

Little Budd first, beneath him, then, feeling his brother's climax from inside, Big Budd shot, too, blowing an incredible load deep in his brother's loins. It went on and on, this indescribable bliss. As the cum leaked down the inside of his brother's thighs, Big Budd wondered if it would end - if it HAD to - but the orgasm went on and on, until he was almost exhausted from it.

But even as it ended, even at the onset of sweaty, heavy breathing and relaxed contentedness, something happened - another wave, another surge. Almost as quickly as he came, Big Budd was ready to go again. The hunger started, the craving, the need came back.

He wasn't just ready to fuck again, he NEEDED to.

He pulled his cock out of his brother's hot, muscular ass - rather, he pulled a MUCH BIGGER cock out of his brother's hot, muscular ass. Big Budd's dick hung more than halfway down his thigh, hell, just inches above his knees.

It was gorgeous. And it was all his.

"Holy shit," he said, as they stared at it, twitching back to life.

Little Budd smirked. "And you didn't want to spend the inheritance money this way," he said, laughing, reaching out and running his hand over Big Budd's rock-hard abs.

"I was wrong, okay?" When Little Budd reached up and pinched his nipples, Big Budd added, "You keep that up, I reckon I'm gonna have to fuck you again."

So, of course he kept it up.

As a matter of fact, they'd fucked three times and blown each other off (just to see if they could choke, they'd joked) twice before Officer Jacobs and the Oil-Rigger, still pumped from their workout, knocked at the door and joined them.

At first, there was some confusion over which brother was which, but Jacobs knew the difference, saying, "I'll take the bigger one," motioning to Big Budd, after the Oil-Rigger had said, "Take yer pick."

Big Budd's cock was the same size as Jacobs' now, though Jacobs was more muscular, which gave Big Budd hope that he could ultimately triumph - he resolved to be the biggest Big Budd he could be. At one point, while Big Budd fucked the Oil-Rigger's tiny, tight butt, Jacobs came up behind him and entered Big Budd as quickly as hugging him, Jacobs' big cock a welcome visitor in Big Budd's butthole. While Jacobs fucked Big Budd who fucked the Oil-Rigger, Little Budd squatted down and fitted himself on the Oil-Rigger's respectable tool, then took his own cock in his mouth and sucked himself off while the three of them chain-fucked.

And the orgasms, one after the next, and the never-ending hunger, and the instant recuperation, and the continued growth, and the intensifying masculinity.

They welcomed it - they reveled in it. They fucked and fucked until someone saw a clock and was coherent enough to make sense out of it.

It was almost eight-thirty. They only had a half an hour before they had to be downstairs to meet before going out and earning their fourth amp.

At this point, ALL of them wanted that fourth amp! No hesitation anymore. Just need. They'd do whatever they had to to get it.

Though disappointed, they broke to prepare. •

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