Playing with FanTCdude's Toys


By AbsMan420

He tried not to think about it, but Big Budd couldn't ignore the way it felt. His balls were heavy, like they were laden with juice - like water-balloons, he thought with a chuckle. Don't laugh, that's how it felt!

The monstrously huge Dane was giving them the overview for the weekend, but it seemed to Big Budd that everybody was struggling the same way he was, all ten of the guys who'd just injected themselves with the Littleman Formula. Plenty of uncomfortable weight-shifts as they sat in their chairs - plenty of hands "casually" placed in laps so they could discreetly touch themselves while this massive, over-endowed bodybuilder stood before them in skimpy spandex shorts and spoke.

"Tomorrow, we'll work out together in the morning," he said, his eyes scanning across the room. He HAD to see it, their discomfort. "So I want you to wear the Littleman's Gear you'll find in your bag, especially the square-cut, low-rise shorts like I'm wearing." He stepped from behind the lectern and modeled for them, his package hanging well-below the elastic leg-band. It seemed to Big Budd that Dane LIKED to show his big dick - of course, if Big Budd's were that big, he'd show it off, too.

That thought started to give him an erection. (Which felt kinda good.)

"We'll work out," Dane said, absently stroking the unbelievable muscle of his torso, "get rid of some of that morning... energy, then we'll come back here and go over some of your company responsibilities. Tomorrow evening, we've arranged a little... surprise for you."

And with that, Dane DID get an erection. He adjusted it, but it was clear and evident what was happening to him. Big Budd just stared at it, feeling his own dick get hard. The... fullness... he felt in his balls took in his dick, too. It was the kind of erection you got when you had to piss so bad you couldn't stand it. Demanding.

Big Budd just stared at Dane's cock. ALL of them did.

But it was Little Budd who broke the silence. "How do you have sex with that thing?" he asked, and all the guys laughed - Big Budd, too.

Dane smiled. "Lots of practice," he said, squeezing it with his hand. Another laugh. "Seriously, I've learned some new techniques, but even if I'm gonna beat off, it takes both hands."

"What techniques?" asked the guy on the other side of Little Budd, the high school football coach with the barrel-chest - what was his name? Lidster? He was leaning back in his chair, legs spread, looking relaxed, his hand in his lap, unapologetically playing with himself.

They ALL were. None of them were even making the effort to be subtle - even Big Budd found himself touching his own hardening cock. God damn, he was horny! It had to be that stuff they'd given him. He'd NEVER felt like this before, not even on his honeymoon.

And when Dane pulled the shorts down over his Herculean thighs and showed them his dick, Big Budd was relieved to find himself fascinated by it, but not attracted to it. He wasn't queer, just remarkably curious. And the thing WAS huge. Even in Big Budd's most masculine fantasies, he'd never imagined anyone that big.

"Look guys," Dane said, naked before them, amazingly muscular and erect, his cock rising until it nearly touched the top of his abwall, "you're obviously starting to feel the effects of the treatment - see how it significantly increases your sex drive? - who's not feeling that right now? - so why don't we put aside our inhibitions and I'll show you some... self-gratification techniques for yourselves. Besides, if you go through the entire program, you'll have one of these of your own, so you should learn how to use it."

They laughed, and the more confident among them used the moment to pull their own pants down. Little Budd was one of them.

"C'mon, big brother," he said, standing enough to let his jeans drop to the floor, his own erection uncontrolled in his boxer shorts. "Lighten up. You're a thousand miles from home. No one's ever gonna know."

And for a man seeking an excuse, that was good enough for Big Budd. How would the yokels down at Benny's Hackin' Shack ever know he learned jerk-off techniques from a massive bodybuilder at a California job seminar? It certainly wasn't like he was ever gonna show them! No, he thought, I reckon a guy goes on vacation to do all the things he DON'T do t' home. (Of course, it's easy to rationalize when your erection is throbbing away in your pants.)

He undid his jeans and dropped them to his feet, glancing at Dane only to see the man mirror his brother's approving look.

Dane had them sit on the edge of their seats with their legs spread - he pulled over a stool and sat that way himself, a little above them - so there was no hiding themselves from the others. It was purposeful and deliberate.

Big Budd, who had always been a little ashamed of the size of his package, his little nut-sized nuts and - at his MOST erect - a dick that wasn't even as big as a bun-length frank, felt proud of himself instead. He was simply glad he HAD a cock - that he was a man. He sat with these other men with his one hand wrapped around his ball-sac, tickling that delicate spot between package and asshole, like Dane had shown them, and the other fiddling around at the base of his cock.

It felt so good - it had never felt this good.

He was so glad he was a man!

Some of the guys orgasmed immediately - Lidster, the football coach, among them - but it hardly took more than a minute or two before the majority followed. Little Budd himself screamed and arched his back, shooting a load that to Big Budd never seemed like it would end.

"Yeeeeeeee-HAW!" yelled Little Budd, standing and flexing like a man who'd just successfully rode the worst bull on the circuit, his energy uncontainable.

The guys laughed and cheered. Dane yelled, "Bring it on, cowboy!" and shot a load himself from that giant dick of his, soaking the hair on his chest and coating his hand.

Big Budd was last. He was still sitting there pounding away on his cock, the other men, like his brother, standing with their new-found energy. "C'mon, brother," said Little Budd, turning to face him. Little Budd still sported his erection - it hadn't gone down at all. All of the men, as a matter of fact...

"C'mon, brother. It feels even better AFTER you shoot!"

While Big Budd beat, the guys started chanting - "Shoot. Shoot. Shoot." - cheering him on, Little Budd right next to him in his ear, pumping his fists like he was at the rodeo.

No embarrassment. No inhibition. Just a man being a man with other men.

Big Budd rolled his head back and let go, shooting an orgasm like nothing before in his life. A Male-Pride Orgasm. A Fraternal Orgasm. He screamed while he shot.

The guys cheered, high-fiving each other and punching fists.

"Beautiful," said Dane, standing there as hard as before, wiping the cum off his chest with a small towel. "Now you're feeling it."

A typical orgasm would exhaust Big Budd, let alone the size and severity of the climax that rocked his body now. But instead, when he finally finished shooting, instead of the wave of exhaustion that usually afflicted him, he felt a rise in energy - in his sense of well-being - a spike in his self-confidence and sexuality.

He stood, unable to contain himself, and flexed like he was the "Incredible Hulk" from that there TV show, roaring while he did so, lost in masculinity.

He DID feel better!

"See what you have to look forward to?" asked Dane, passing out hand towels to them all from a stack next to the projection screen. (They had the hotel's logo on them.)

The men wiped themselves off, their hands, their stomachs, the few blotches on the floor. While cleaning up, Big Budd made eye-contact with his brother. Little Budd winked and said, "Good for you" before they both pulled up their pants and sat down.

Strangest of all, Big Budd WAS proud of himself. Look at me, he thought. Look what I was man enough to do. His cock was still hard in his jeans - it made him feel confident.

"I suggest you don't go out tonight," said Dane, pulling his stretchy shorts back into place, adjusting his package so it was held up front. "I mean, I know you're probably thinking, 'my first night in the big city,' but you're gonna find this stuff gives you these... unpredictable moments, like we just experienced. You don't need that happening to you in a restaurant or some taxi cab. Not yet."

The guys laughed, though it was clear none of them seemed like they would really mind.

"Anyway, hang in your room, enjoy these moments when they occur - and they will occur often - as your body goes through some initial changes - and try to get a good night's sleep. You'll need your energy for tomorrow, trust me." He smiled. "Last thing, right before you go to bed, give yourself another dose of the formula. Only ONE, though," he said, looking right at Little Budd. The other guys laughed. Little Budd laughed himself, saying, "Aw, shucks!" and dramatically snapping his fingers.

Big Budd chuckled at that. His brother was blooming right before him, finding his own in these strange new circumstances, a regular celebrity. Big Budd was proud of HIM, too.

Yeah, Big Budd would give himself the second dose, but he'd stick to his original plan and stop after that. He didn't want to be a freak - though he had to admit that he liked the way he felt.

And if he liked how if felt at his size, how must it feel to be DANE?

But it was easy to be a freak in California, he reminded himself - things were quite different in South-Western Kansas.

Still, he reckoned, when in California...

"You all have a good night," Dane said. "Try to get some sleep."

And they all collected their things and went to their respective rooms - Big Budd had the foresight to take his mostly non-eaten plate of food. Everybody seemed in good spirits as they shouted room numbers to each other - they were all on the same floor with the exception of Dane and Dr. Troy, if HE was staying at all. He'd slipped out right after they'd given themselves the shots.

"Well, how 'bout that?" asked Little Budd when they'd gotten back to their room. He started sorting through the company stuff they'd been given, the clothing bag and the notebooks. "What did you think of THAT?"

Big Budd couldn't help but smile, even as tight-lipped as he usually was. "Unbelievable!" he said. "I ain't never done nothin' like that in my whole life! Never!"

"Did I tell ya it was the right way to spend the inheritance money? Didn't I?"

But all Big Budd could say was, "Whoa..."

Long about nine-thirty, they felt the onset of another wave. "Here it comes again," said Little Budd, playing with the Littleman Briefs, stretching them over his fist. This had been the fifth time since they'd gotten back from the meeting that Little Budd had excused himself to the bathroom, that distracted look in his eye, picking at the crotch of his boxers. Within moments, Big Budd heard him jacking away even through the closed door.

But oddly, instead of embarrassment, the sounds of his brother masturbating caused an erection for Big Budd. The way Little Budd was opening himself to this experience was almost erotic for him, seeing his brother have what he himself so badly wanted, but seemed unable...

Look how obvious Big Budd's erection was inside his jeans. Before today, he'd always thought his dick had been small, but now he couldn't help but feel good about it - he was just so grateful to have it.

And this stuff would make it grow - and feel even better!

In the bathroom, Little Budd tried to stifle a yell as he orgasmed, but failed miserably. A few seconds later, he opened the door and stepped out, a dizzy smile on his face. He'd been shirtless since they'd gotten back to the room, and though he knew it was too soon, Big Budd could swear his brother looked a little bigger, a little more muscular.

"You know," Big Budd said, smirking, "I could hear every sound you made in there."

Little Budd snorted, a smile breaking out on his face. "Oh, yeah?" he said. "And what'd you think?"

Big Budd showed him the erection inside his jeans, holding his hands out to his sides, not even aware of his own inhibitions.

They laughed together.

Big Budd pushed him out of the way. "Listen," he said, shutting the bathroom door. "See for yourself."

He didn't go out of his way to be noisy, but the idea of his brother listening turned him on to such a degree that he was almost savage with himself. His dick was so hard, it felt like it was getting bigger from the intensity, from the inside out.

THAT was what made him cum!

It felt so good - as he looked at his reflection, speckled with the volume of his cum, all he could think about was how good he felt. How much he liked this. How manly he was.

And every time he came, it got better. Maybe THAT explained the same dizzy smile on Big Budd's face that he'd seen on his brother. He tucked himself back in - though he was beginning to wish he could be free enough to just hang out in his underwear, like Little Budd was - and when he went back into the main room, Little Budd was sitting on the edge of the bed, ALREADY hard again. "You was right," he said, smiling. "I could hear every freakin' stroke."

They tried to watch TV - they tried to think of other things, but it was impossible. There was a World's Strongest Man marathon on ESPN2 (like any typical weekend), but they weren't able to focus on it for long. Every time they looked at it, they'd think about being that big themselves, which turned them on, and they'd end up excusing themselves to the bathroom, to masturbate while the other brother listened.

At one point in time, just to get out of the room for a few minutes - to get away from the scent of old cum that filled the place and the thoughts that this might be a little more queer than he was ready to deal with - Big Budd went to get some ice, leaving Little Budd watching TV, erect in his underwear and preparing to jerk off again.

As he shoveled the cubes from the machine, dressed only his jeans and socks, the door across the hall opened. Normally, Big Budd would've been a little embarrassed to be caught in public without a shirt, but when he saw it was Officer Jacobs, the cop from the Littleman Group - the guy who'd sat on the other side of the football coach - Big Budd actually felt relieved.

Officer Jacobs wore less than him, only a pair of boxer briefs, his powerful arms covered in tattoos. The cop had been in good shape to begin with, and Big Budd couldn't help but notice his ample dick, half hard in his underwear.

Officer Jacobs had the same contented smile that Big Budd had seen on both his brother and himself. With his close-cropped hair and his trim moustache, Officer Jacobs was the kind of lawman that Big Budd sometimes fantasized himself being.

He was hot, Big Budd thought. For a man.

"Hey, what's goin' on, Budd?" he asked as they shook. "Gettin' some ice?"

Big Budd found himself adjusting his package while he spoke - his cock was getting hard again. "I reckon I just needed to get out of the room for a second. It's pretty intense."

Officer Jacobs nodded and flexed quickly. "Yeah, but it's fuckin' awesome!" he said. "Don't you love it?" Then he pointed to Big Budd's obvious erection. "I see that you do. Why don't you come in... take care of that." He pushed the door open so Big Budd could see beyond and enter. After a second of hesitation, Officer Jacobs added, "Don't worry, Budd. You got nothin' to worry about. We ain't fags."

So Big Budd went in.

The room was exactly the same as Big Budd's except the King-size bed had been torn apart, as if from use - the same smell of old cum permeated the air. Sitting on the sofa on the far side of the bed was the football coach, Lidster, wearing only the scanty little posing trunks that had been included in their company stuff. Of all the men, Lidster was in the best shape overall, though Officer Jacobs gave him a run for his money. Barrel-chested and strong, the coach sat with his legs spread and his erection barely concealed by the stretchy material. It pulled the waistband low enough that Big Budd was aware of Lidster's pubes. Big Budd found himself jealous of the Coach's lack of inhibition.

"Hey!" Lidster said in way of greeting. "I was wondering who you were talking to out there."

"I reckon they're makin' you share a bed, too," said Big Budd, motioning to it.

Coach Lidster stood up, adjusting himself in the trunks - his casualness was sexy. "Ah, it's no big deal," he said. "I'm just worried that it won't be big enough for the both of us by the end of the weekend." Both he and Officer Jacobs laughed, so Big Budd joined in to be polite.

"No shit!" said Officer Jacobs, flexing for himself in the mirror over the desk. "I swear you guys, I'm already bigger!"

"Is this shit the most amazing thing you've ever felt in your life?" asked Lidster. "I swear, I don't think I'll ever need Viagra again."

"Take your pants off," said Officer Jacobs to Big Budd. "Stay a while."

"No shit," said Lidster. "No reason to keep yourself all hidden. You're among friends. Might as well be comfortable. We're all goin' through the same thing."

"Hey," said Officer Jacobs, turning from the mirror to face them, his own erection evident, "speaking of goin' through the same thing, you done your second amp yet?"

Big Budd undid his big, silver rodeo belt buckle and opened his pants, thrilled by the feeling of sudden liberation, and slid them down his legs, surprised by how tight they felt going over his thighs, leaving himself there in just his tightie-whities. Boy, he'd never stood around with muscular men in their underwear at home in Kansas - or had been able to admit how much he liked it. "No, we ain't done it," he said. "We was waitin' on bedtime, like they done told us."

"It's almost eleven o'clock, Budd," said the cop. "That sounds like bedtime to me."

Coach Lidster put his hand on Big Budd's shoulder - there was an odd tingle Big Budd felt when they made contact, like electricity, almost. "Why don't you call your brother up and have him come over here?" he asked. "We'll all do it together."

"Yeah!" said Jacobs. "GREAT idea!" He picked at his uncomfortable erection with his tattooed arm. Yeah, Big Budd had always been attracted to manly lawmen.

Little Budd was so enthusiastic about the idea that he showed up at the Coach's room before Big Budd had even hung up the phone. He, too, had put on some of the Littleman's Gear, the spandex hot-shorts, and he wore them with the giddiness of a prancing pony. He also wore his CAT-diesel trucker's cap.

"Now this is what I call a party!" he said, his smile growing wider as he walked into the room. His cock started growing, too.

The four of them sat around the room - Coach Lidster on the sofa, Little Budd next to him on the sofa's arm, Big Budd on the edge of the bed and Officer Jacobs leaning against the bureau - and loaded the transdermal guns, pressing the vials into the back until they felt the seals break. They were all of them erect in anticipation.

"We should hit the other nut this time," said the Coach, pushing his cock out of the way to separate his balls. "Treat everybody equally."

"Yeah," laughed Jacobs, the cop. "Give 'em their Muscle-Mirandas! 'You have the right to take a hit of this shit and grow to inhuman proportions!'"

They laughed.

Big Budd's balls felt heavier in his hands, or maybe it was his imagination. Maybe he just WANTED them to get bigger so badly that he was making stuff up - but it really, truly did feel like it. For sure, his dick looked bigger - but as turned on as he was, that wasn't a surprise, either. He discovered himself WANTING this stuff to work - how different he felt from this afternoon, when there seemed to be reason for caution.

So he put it in his left ball. This time, since they knew it wouldn't hurt, none of them displayed any hesitancy. Crooked their little fingers, pulled the little triggers, and in it went - Big Budd could literally feel the introduction of the formula into his ballsac.

There were moans and grunts and a little "Yeah!" from Jacobs that Big Budd imagined was the sound the officer made when he took down a perp. It felt so good, even at this stage, this buzz in his balls, that if Big Budd hadn't been hard, he would be now.

He leaned back on the bed as the rush of the formula flowed over him like a wave - it was so quick this time, not like before. "I reckon I feel it already," he half-whispered, his cock growing to it's most vertical. "Oh, my God!"

All of them seemed to be in the same condition. "Me, too," said the Coach. "Must be because it's already in our system. Like pot."

"Who cares why?" said the Officer, turning back to the mirror. "It's fuckin' great!" He flexed for himself again, admiring his body and his rock-hard erection. "I've never felt like such a man! I LOVE my fuckin' cock!"

"Mine's gettin' bigger," said Little Budd, displaying his cock for all of them to see. They studied it while he spoke. "I swear to you boys, it's bigger! Look at it!"

Lidster stood up. "Oh, yeah?" he asked, holding his own. "Is it as big as mine?"

Little Budd half-smiled and stood next to him. "I dunno," he said. "I reckon we should compare. Hey boys, who's got the bigger dick here?" He pressed his hip into the Coach's, so their erect dicks were closer to the other.

Officer Jacobs cast a cursory glance. "Coach's," he said to Little Budd, "but you're gaining on him."

That didn't satisfy Little Budd. "What do you think, bro?" he asked, pulling his dick in an effort to stretch it, perhaps. He had a pleading look in his eye, but that didn't change the truth.

"Uh... I don't know, bro," Big Budd said, clearly uncomfortable - he could barely keep himself from playing with his own. "They both look good to me." (What did he just say?)

The buzz. The buzz!

Coach Lidster smiled. "Let's put 'em right up next to each other, so he can see better."

Coach Lidster and Little Budd faced each other, pressing their cocks together - yeah, thought Big Budd, unable to stop looking, Coach's was bigger. But not by much. How do you tell that to your little brother?

"See?" said Lidster. "No contest."

"Not yet," said Little Budd, smiling devilishly.

But Officer Jacobs distracted Big Budd, who turned his focus to the tattooed lawman rather than his brother's cock. "What about me?" said Jacobs, sweaty and erect. Pumped. "Somethin' wrong with MY cock?"

Big Budd glanced down at it, throbbing in the Officer's boxer briefs, between those muscular thighs. Big Budd smiled. "Nothin' that I can see," he said, a little dizzy from the buzz.

The corner of the Officer's mouth curled up. "Seein' might not be enough," he said. "Maybe you should feel it. REALLY check it out." He pulled his boxer briefs down, exposing himself.

And before Big Budd realized what he was doing, he reached out and touched the lawman's dick. Jacobs' breath hitched at the contact, giving Budd a feeling of confidence and power - look at the effect he could have on another man. And his fantasy man at that.

Big Budd wrapped his hand around the solid shaft.

Officer Jacobs stepped closer to him, reaching out and taking Big Budd's cock in HIS hand - through the material of Big Budd's underwear. Jacobs smiled hungrily. "Feels like this is gettin' bigger, too" he said - just what Budd needed to hear. "Hot..."

Big Budd was aware of the bodies of his brother and the Coach falling to the bed, embraced and active, but he couldn't tear his eyes away from the gaze of Officer Jacobs as they pressed themselves together.

Big Budd had never kissed a man before, but when he felt Officer Jacobs' scruffy facial hair, when he accepted Officer Jacobs' tongue in his mouth, when their muscles and their cocks came together, Big Budd knew he'd never want anything else ever again. He surrendered to urges he only vaguely knew he'd had.

He allowed himself to grow and change.

All of them did. •

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