Project Atlas


By muscleboy82000

Project Log – Day 8

I returned to the lab to think about what I had done to these kids and how will they have any type of normal life, plus to watch some hot muscle on muscle fucking that will surely be occurring in the gym. While they may look human, I do not believe that it is fair to call them that. They are bigger, stronger, and smarter than what could be possibly considered human. I was working on updating my notes when I looked at the monitors and saw all four of them fucking and sucking. Matt and Todd were in a 69 servicing each other cocks with their mouths. Each was able to take the entire 40” length shaft into their mouths without any effort. Jason was lying on his back being hammer fucked by Josh while Jason was masturbating his dick as they were passionately lip locked and French kissing each other. It was a wonderful sight seeing the combination of love and passion with strength and animal instinct.

I went back to my work and when I looked back up and was shocked and speechless. Josh and Jason were still in fucking but they were floating about five feet off the ground. I first thought that I was seeing things because I was tired but I decided to go and check this out in-person. I ran to the gym and stood at the door in total shock that all four of them were now floating in mid air. Todd saw be standing in the door and said “is this not great”. He flew over, picked me up like I was a baby and flew us back to the group. I asked them how did this happen and Josh said that in the midst of fucking Jason, he just knew that he could fly and that all thought that fucking in mid air would be great. Matt said that we should go outside and see how high and fast they could fly. The four of then flew/floated outside while Todd still held me. Matt said that he would go first and raised his arms like Superman and flew straight up and out of my sight. Todd said that he could still see Matt and that he was during flips at nearly 20,000 feet. After a few minutes, Matt came speeding back in a blur and stopped about five feet off the ground with the rest of the guys. He was smiling ear to ear and said that flying was fantastic. Jason said he was going to see how fast he could fly and took off in a blur and was back five minutes later. He said that he flew all the way to the Atlantic Ocean, took a quick swim and flew back. Matt went over a licked Jason as said he sure tastes like salt water. I said that that was impossible and Jason said fine, they would all go and take my digital camera and take a picture from the ocean. Josh flew into the lab to get the camera as Todd sat be back on the ground. They took off in a blur as I timed them and they were back in less than fifteen minutes with big smiles on their faces. They landed next to me and Josh handed me the camera. As I called up the picture, Todd explained that they flew out over the ocean and that he and Josh dove into the ocean while Matt and Jason took some pictures. The camera had picture of Josh, Matt and Todd floating over the ocean and Matt and Josh playing in the water. Just when I thought I had seen everything, Jason flew over to the tractor, grabbed it and lifted it about 100 feet into the air. He acted as if it had no weight at all. He returned it to the ground and flew back and asked if I could find them something heavier to work out with. I asked them how were they able to fly and Josh said that they just have to think about flying and they can. I told them that they need to be careful as no one was ready for seeing 900 pound muscle gods flying around with 40 inch cocks.

They all laughed and said that they would fly only at night, for now but people better be ready to see muscle studs fucking in the sky. Josh said he had something he wanted to share with me. Something started to come over me, a warm and pleasing sensation of ultimate pleasure. Todd floated over, unzipped and pulled my pants and underwear down and the smiled. The sensation grew and became more sexual and exciting, my cock began to grow and I experienced the strongest orgasm every. It was a toe curling type and it lasted for what seemed like hours. My ejaculation was the strongest and longest one of my life and I never thought it could have been possible. It took me several minutes to regain by senses and said that was fantastic and Josh said to hold on and it started again, only this time it was better and stronger. As a began to regain myself, Josh flew over and delivered a wonderful and passion kiss and said that he wanted me to experience what they experience during sex and they wanted to thank me again for helping them evolve. Todd, Matt and Jason then flew over and each passionately kissed me and thanked me for this wonderful gift. Matt said that just when they thought it could not get better, it does. From the incredible orgasms that Josh gave me, I was totally spent and was a rag doll in Josh’s huge muscular arms. He sensed that I could not walk so he flew me up to my bedroom window and said that I should get some sleep. They have big things plan for me and things to do tomorrow. I was so wasted that I passed out as soon as my head it the bed and had the most peaceful and restful night sleep I had ever had.

Project Log – Day 9

I woke to the sound of the phone ringing. It was my mother and she said that Dad and her were on their way back and would be home mid-day tomorrow. I tried to talk them into staying but she said that they had a great time but wanted to get home. Nothing I said would change her mind and knew I had lots of work to do before they got home and I also needed to develop a plan to explain why four huge muscle studs were living in the barn and what I did do to the four college students to become these studs.

I took a long hot shower and thought of what I would do. It is not like you could hide these four muscle gods. After showering and dressing, I headed out to the lab to see what the guys were up to. I found Jason hard at work in the lab. I saw the keys on two of the computers moving as he kept looking between the two monitors. Jason said that his fingers were just too big for the keyboards and it was easier to mentally move the keys. He said that he has been research any similar type events of human mutation, mainly in ancient history and found good information in Egyptian, Greek and Mayas history about gods changing normal humans into large and strong humans to help them build temples and fight wars. He said that he read a couple of Mayas scrolls that talked about strange creatures descending from the heavens and causing changes in some of the men to help build cities and protect them from evil. He showed me photos of the scrolls on one of the monitors and it was in a very strange writing that I had never seen before. Jason said that the scrolls have never been translated but he could read it as if it was in English.

I asked about the other guys and he said that they were in the “bedroom” actually sleeping and that they had a very fulfilling evening with a smile on his face. They ordered a truck load of “food” for them as they made that last batch this morning. He said that Todd did some energy consumption projections and that they were going to need between 20,000 and 30,000 calories a day to keep them healthy and well fueled. Todd has some ideals on some new “food” for them but will need some time to work out the details.

I heard the sounds of passion and sex coming from the bedroom and Jason smiled and said that we should go see what the boys are up to. We walked in to find Matt on all fours taking Todd’s mammoth cock up is muscular ass. For the first time I stood back and just watch Todd’s 40 by 18 inch tool being rammed into Matt’s. Todd’s dick was covered with a good amount of pre-cum and it helped to show off the muscularity and definition details. The amount of veins and ridges must result in a wonderful feeling as the cock is pushed in and out. How I wish that I was able to take one of their dicks. Matt’s own dick looked to be so large and so hard that it was close to exploding when Todd yelled that he was coming. Matt’s eyes rolled back into his head and began blowing his load. In a blur, Jason went for Matt’s cock and began to take the studs load in his mouth. He was able to swallow every drop and it took nearly ten minutes for them to finish coming and regain their senses before ending the session in a hot three-way kiss.

I asked where was Josh and Todd said that he went home to get his brother. Last night they went out for a late night flight and spent the evening crisscrossing the country, they flew near their hometown when Josh said it was time to get his brother and shot off into the dark. I was shocked because someone would most likely see him, mainly his parents, and how were we going to explain his new appearance. Just then, Josh walked in and said that he flew to his house but was scared of what his family would say if they saw the new and improved Josh. I said that I did not want to give anyone else MS-5 before we have determined that it was completely safe. They all laughed and said that just look at them should be enough but Josh said he understood but we need to move quickly as his brother is getting worse. I said that I know and that I needed a couple more days to make sure the process is stable. I then told them that we have bigger problems that my parents are returning tomorrow and I need to find a way to tell them about the experiment and what it did for you guys.

Todd said that they seem to do their best thinking when working out and lifting heavy but they need some new stuff to work out with I thought for a minute and said that I had an old high school buddy, Freddie, that ran a salvage yard and building Demolition Company and he should be able to help. Freddie, his brother and I had some fun times together during high school and I am sure that he will help us out. I am sure that we can encourage him to keep this quiet but I may need some help from you guys. Matt said that he would take one for the team and do whatever was required to help Freddie with getting us access to a decent weight set. I thought the guys would hurt themselves from laughing. I made the call and arranged for the guys to visit the salvage yard after it closes at 6pm and he best part was that the yard is surrounded by a 12 foot privacy fence and is out in the middle of the country.

Josh and the boys said that since we have some time, they should help me come up with a plan for explaining them to my parents. As the boys ate again, another 3000 to 4000 calories, I explained that Dad was chemical engineer whose patients brought in multi millions and year and mom was a fashion designer before they semi-retired and bought the farm. Todd suggested that I just tell them the truth and get them over the shock as soon as possible. Jason said that we needed to get my mom busy as they needed someone to design some clothes for them so that they could go out in public since some people may not like to see a naked muscle god with a huge cock. I said that sounds like a plan except that you guys need to stay out of sight until I tell them or you will give both of them heart attacks.

A little after six, Josh stood up and said time to fly. He came over and grabbed me and said hold on tight as the four of them took off for the salvage yard. It felt wonderful being held tightly in the arms of a muscle god as he flew to his new gym for a massive workout. In only about two minutes we landed in the middle of the yard and the guys had smiles are their faces with the amount of “stuff” to lift. Freddie came over and was speechless as I explained what happened and the need to tell no-one. Todd and Matt did a little muscle flexing and Freddie said no problem as long has he got to watch. I told the guys that I wanted to run some test first. I asked Freddie that I needed something weighing more than 30 tons and he said that the crane in front of use weighs about 50 tons. I started with Josh and he went over to the crane. It took him a couple of minutes to figure out how to grab it. Once he found the spot, he reached down and lifted then crane over his head and performed 10 squats and 10 overhead presses. The ground shook as the crane hit/landed on the ground and Josh yelled and flexed in satisfaction. He smiled and said that the crane was finally a proper workout. Every muscle on Josh’s body was enlarged with blood from the pump and covered with a film of sweat. From the excitement of the workout, Josh’s cock was growing to its full 40 plus inches. I thought that Freddie was going to faint. While Todd, Jason and Matt each took their turn and said the same thing as they completed their lifts, Josh allowed Freddie to feel his muscles and put on a little show. Once everyone was finished, Josh said he was ready to continue his workout.

Freddie pointed to a large pile of junk and cars about 50 feet tall and said that the boys could lift, crush and destroy anything in the pile. The guys took off like kids in a candy store as Freddie and I stood back and watched. Jason grabbed a small car and crushed it like a soda can. Matt grabbed an 8 foot I beam and twisted it into a piece of modern art. Josh picked up a big block V8 motor and began to crush it between his hands. You could hear the metal cracking and popping and it became smaller. The smaller it became, the more effort Josh applied and the more the motor compressed until it was the size of a beach ball. He tossed a glowing ball of hot steel to my feet and went off to continue to lift and crush everything in sight. The guys began lifting and crush at such as rate that they became insane with power. They were on a mission that could not be stopped. The sounds of tearing metal, imploding cars being compressing in odd shapes, the groans and moans that they guys emitted were the ultimate in pleasure and sexual. The boys continued their fun for several hours until the entire pile was finished and neatly stacked. When they finished the looked like incredible with their long hair frizzed out like some 80s’ hot rock star, cocks hard from the excitement and bodies covered with enough sweat and dirt to highlight every muscle, ever ridge, ever crevice. All that Freddie could say was Oh My God. The boys came over and gave both of us long and passionate kisses. Josh said that wish to properly thank us for allowing them to experience the true pleasures of their new bodies and the strength and power it had. Todd and Matt moved in and pulled are pants down to exposure our gentiles and I began to feel the same feeling from the last time the boys thanked me. I closed my eyes and told Freddie to relax and enjoy. It was a great experience again as the warm electrifying feeling building within every fiber of my being before finally exploding is the most gut retching and satisfying orgasm. I blew with such force that I thought that my balls were going to shot out of my cock and it took 10 minutes for me to recover to the point to speak. Freddie was still out of it with a broad smile on his face. Matt came over and cupped by head in his massive hands and began to kiss me with lots of his muscular tongue. Josh said that it was time to go so Matt scooped be into his arms and the four super studs began fly home. It felt like being a baby and being held by your mother, so warm and safe. During the flight, Matt kissed be on the cheek and said that I should really take the formula soon so that we can play together. I just leaned back into the valley between is mammoth Pecs and enjoyed the time being cuddled by a muscle god because tomorrow I will need to explain to my parents why I mutated four college students into huge muscle gods. •

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