Chet Blows Up


By inflated

Warrenvale Academy -a grand old tradition of solid academics, tough standards and character building. That’s what the brochure said and the pictures of ivy clad walls, the student body wearing uniforms and a state of the art weight room. The weight room caught Chet’s attention as did an extensive list of scholarships available to those who qualify. Chet Kowalski’s background did not afford him the luxury of a place like Warrenvale, he would have to qualify for a full ride to even consider hobnobbing with the social elite. His parents were Polish immigrants, working class, well intentioned but he knew that living in the Polish ghetto would definitely keep him from attaining any of his dreams. He had to get away from the people who he felt would smother him. His grades were stellar, so he figured that would be a feather in his cap. In the brochure it said that scholarships based on merit are available to those who qualify, call the school’s 800 number for more details.

Nervous Chet called the number and explained his case to the counselor Mr. Kerby. “I am sorry to tell you Chet but most of our scholarships are taken, applications are accepted a year or more in advance. There is one scholarship that has not been offered in years and if you qualify you can apply for that.” Kerby tried to give Chet some hope. “Are you saying that out of a hundred scholarships that there is only one left?” Chet sounded disappointed .

“Chet, I am saying that you are very lucky that this scholarship is available, it has not been offered for over ten years. If you qualify it provides a full ride, are you interested?”Kerby expected Chet to jump at the chance.

“What do you mean, If I qualify, I have nothing but straight A’s” “That’s only part of it, I will need to set up an interview to see if you qualify, can you meet our interviewer downtown tomorrow?” Kirby wanted to get this last scholarship filled so he could finally go on vacation.

The next day Chet went downtown for the interview and he was surprised that the location was a doctor’s office and along with an interview he would have to have a thorough physical examination.

The interviewer was the most gorgeous woman he had ever seen, and Chet seemed to hit it off with her right away. Besides the usual questions about grades, what books has he read, family background, she made comments on how Chet had a good physical build and might be perfect for this scholarship. Chet was a muscular teen, blonde hair, about 5ft 11in and 180lbs he was solidly built for his age. The interviewer, her name was Stephanie was talking about the wonderful weight room facility and how Chet had a potential to be a bodybuilder. Chet agreed that he always thought that looking like one of those guys would be the best, but he never thought of himself having the potential for that. Steph abruptly finished the interview and told him that they would need to do a full medical exam. It seemed like a don’t call us, we’ll call you sort of brush off. He wondered if he had done anything wrong. After a thorough exam, he left and Steph smiled at him saying, things look good, expect a letter on our decision within two weeks. The next two weeks dragged on, every day Chet ran home to the mailbox, and finally a packet arrived from Warrenvale Academy. The cover letter stated: We are pleased to announce that Chester Wladek Kowalski has been awarded the Milo scholarship to Warrenvale Academy. All expenses incurred at Warrenvale Academy will be covered. Details of the scholarship were listed on the contract pages within the thick packet of materials.

The Milo scholarship came with a contract agreement that Chet must continue to meet the following requirements:

1. Keep a high grade point average 3.5 or above 2. Support and work with other students at the academy along with following their honor code, standard of dress-uniform light blue dress shirt, Warrenvale tie, grey slacks, participate in the greater community of Warrenvale Academy 3.Live according to the strict diet and regimen of the Milo scholarship* *The scholarship required it’s recipient to follow one main goal; To gain as much muscular body weight that his frame could possibly support, and to work under the tutelage of Mr. Rasmussen, whose job it was to help Chet bulk up.

After reading this Chet thought it was a joke, so he called the school and they told him that yes it seemed to be a strange scholarship, but yes it was true and they will need a signed contract by him and his parent within a week. Chet did not even want to try to explain this scholarship to his immigrant parents, so he told them that it was for getting such good grades and if they signed it he would get to go to the expensive private boarding school for free.

Chet’s first day at Warrenvale was an eye-opener, the very first thing the school did was to get him and all of the other guys their uniforms. Chet liked this because now nobody could tell who was rich or who was poor, everyone looked the same. Then he met his roommate Frank, who was a rich kid not on scholarship, so Chet decided that to keep things equal he wouldn’t tell people that he was being given a full scholarship. After meeting his roommate, Chet was given a message to see Mr. Rasmussen in his office. After looking all over campus, he finally found Rasmussen’s office in the History Department. Rasmussen was huge at 6ft 230lbs he bulged in his clothes, his big pecs straining the fabric of his shirt, his huge legs stretched his pants. “Holy shit, you are huge!” Chet blurted out. “That’s nothing compared to the way you are going to be. It’s good to meet you Chet, I hope you are ready become the biggest bodybuilder the world has ever seen. That is, if I have anything to do about it, you are going to train hard, follow the diet I give you and you are going to make me look like a twerp. Blond haired guys with your genetics have the best chance of achieving maximum results and with our state of the art gym and scientifically engineered supplements you are going to be amazed at your transformation. I hope you are excited at the prospect of being huge.” Rasmussen’s enthusiasm was infectious. “Yes I am, when do we start? Chet tried sticking his chest out because he felt so skinny compared to Mr. Rasmussen.

“How about right now, drink this weight gain shake and let me give you a tour of the weight room”

The first week of workouts were tough and Chet was so sore from the lifting that he thought for a moment that this is going to more difficult than he imagined. The weight gain shakes accompanied every meal and were scientifically designed to do two things, one to put on solid muscular body weight at a rate of almost 10lbs a month, secondly they created a sense of well being that motivated Chet to work harder and want to get even bigger.

Two months in and Chet had put on approximately 20lbs of muscle on his frame. The other guys at school were starting to notice, the change in Chet. He loved the fact that he was getting bigger and his uniform was getting tight in the shoulders and his chest was getting thick enough to bulge in his shirt. His pants were getting tight in the thighs, and the heavy squats made his butt very round and muscular. “Hey Chet you are getting pretty husky, it looks like you’re getting some pecs” Rich patted Chet’s chest.

“Thanks I’m trying to bulk up, I want to see just how big I can get.” Chet expanded his chest and his buttons strained a bit.

“Well it looks good on you, more power to ya” Rich added

The third month of the regimen and now there was no hiding Chet’s growth. Thirty five pounds heavier and he looked like he was pressure testing his uniform. The buttons on his light blue dress shirt were straining across his chest, his sleeves could not hide his thick arms and bowling ball shoulders, his thighs were ready to split his pant seams and his muscular bubble butt, looked like it was going to explode out of his pants. “What is in these weight gain shakes, that you are always drinking?”Chet’s roomate Frank was amazed. “Chet you are looking huge! You’ve blown up big time. These shakes are blowing you up dude, damn your chest is pretty big there Chet.”Frank patted Chet’s pecs. “I was told that it is a scientifically engineered muscle growth supplement, that’s all I know and that I’ve put on over 30lbs in the last 3 months I’m exploding out of all my clothes. I plan on seeing just how big I can get. I’m really enjoying this, I love being big and I plan on really getting big.!” Chet looked ready to pop he was so pumped. “Then you better get some new clothes, your ready to burst out of yours” Frank pointed at the strained buttons over Chet’s pecs “Yeah, I think I need to talk to Mr. Rasmussen so he can order me a new uniform” Chet made his pecs bob up and down in the tight dress shirt

Mr. Rasmussen ordered the new uniforms but they would not be in until late next week. Chet was wondering if he would be able to fit into his present clothes for another week or more. His clothes were incredibly tight and Chet was getting thicker, more muscular everyday. Most noticeably were his pecs, they were getting very thick, round and heavy. His pecs jutted out and they were straining the buttons of his dress shirt. In homeroom the proctor asked the class; “What unique trick can you do that hardly anyone else can do? “ I can whistle with my nose” one of the guys demonstrated by doing a silly song with his nose. Then Chet, volunteered that he could bounce his pecs to a drumbeat. One of the boys drummed on the desk and Chet made his pecs bob up and down in the tight dress shirt. As his pecs bobbed up and down they became more pumped and then it happened, one of his buttons burst off his shirt and hit Chad Wemple in the eye, thankfully not causing any injury. “Hey it looks like you are getting a bit Chesty there aren’t you Chet? Chad patted Chet’s pecs. “Whoah, Chesty, that’s a perfect name for you, you are getting huge, get a load of the pecs on Chesty here, Chad was cupping his hand under one of Chet’s bulbous pecs, damn dude you are getting big.” The proctor barged in “Hey Chesty, you need to go get a new shirt, go back and get another shirt to wear and be back in ten minutes. Chet’s selection of new shirts were unfortunately all the same size as the shirt he just busted out of. And his shirts were not the only problem, his pants were ready to burst at the seams, his huge thighs and bubble butt were making his pants test the limits of their fiber. He looked in the mirror and thought to himself, Damn I love looking like this, I am gonna get really huge. He put on another shirt and his pecs were straining his buttons, his shoulders and triceps were straining his sleeves. He decided to drink another protein shake before he went back to class. One week later and still no new uniforms, Chet or Chesty as everyone was now calling him, looked ready to explode. In speech class Chesty decided to give his speech telling everyone about his unique scholarship. Even the speech teacher called on him as Chesty.

In Mr. Robertson’s class nobody was allowed to use a podium or notecards so Chesty had to stand in front of the class.

As you may have noticed, I’ve been putting on a lot of weight, almost 40lbs since I arrived at Warrenvale. You may have also noticed that I am getting really muscular. This is all part of the unique scholarship that I have been awarded. I am on a bodybuilding scholarship that pays my tuition and expenses. The sponsor of the scholarship is the Milo Institute on the Study of Muscle Growth. What’s unique about the scholarship are the terms mainly being that I have to gain as much muscular body weight as is humanly possible, with the aid of the institute. The institute will use me as a case study to recommend mass building supplements. This is only my first semester on this scholarship, at this rate I will be enormous by senior year. Mr. Rasmussen is my trainer, sometime you will see him deliver a weight gain shake in the middle of class, he monitors my diet, and trains me in the gym. He tells me to be ready for a big boost in muscular weight gain, so class I’m warning you I’m hulking out. Chesty expanded his chest, popping three buttons off his shirt, he did a most muscular pose splitting the shirt on his back, he ripped off the remains of his shirt and started posing. He was huge and he had a solid six pack.. Very interesting Chesty, you are getting huge, give Chesty a hand here for his performance. Everyone clapped and Chesty went to get on another shirt before lunch. At lunch a bunch of guys surrounded him in the lunch line, Chesty’s meal was always made specially by the cook under the tutelage of Mr. Rasmussen. “So Chesty just how big do you plan on getting, that speech was awesome, you are getting massive. Dave was mesmerized by Chesty’s growth. You get much bigger and you are going to explode out of your uniform.” Mr. Rasmussen butted in on everyone telling Chesty just how huge he was getting, Chester your new uniforms have arrived come get them after lunch, I will be in my office by then. And guys the answer to your question is He is going to be so big that he will look like he ate the guy you are looking at now. Mr Rasmussen patted Chesty’s pecs and said Chesty? Yeah I think it fits.

Chesty decided to make the most of lunch by eating as much as possible, and talking about how big his chest was getting. His shirt was at the point of bursting and it did not go unnoticed. Chesty went up to the kitchen to get second helpings and cook said, “You are blowing up like a muscular balloon son, you are looking like a superhero or something, looking ready to burst out of your clothes. When he got back to the table Tom said to him, damn Chester Kowalski you look like a muscular balloon, that Chest of yours is huge, you are blowing up bigtime.” “Hey that’s exactly what the cook said to me. You have not seen nothing yet. Chet got down on the floor and started cranking out pushup after pushup, after approximately 70 pushups, Chet stood up. His pecs were now incredibly pumped he expanded his chest ever so slightly and then two of his buttons popped off. He started posing and his shirt ripped under his arms where his lats swelled out. I guess I better get a new shirt, Chet went to see Rasmussen. Chet here are your new shirts but be ready for some major growth burst soon. You are progressing very well, I guarantee you are going to be huge son. What do think of that Chesty? He patted Chesty’s pecs. “I can’t wait, I love this, getting big is an awesome feeling. The bigger the better. I especially love having huge pecs. Chesty now had new shirts and they fit nicely, showing off his muscles, but not bursting its buttons either, his new pants still couldn’t hide his muscular thighs or big bubble butt, but they were not skin tight either. He was looking huge and his clothes were well tailored.

Rasmussen had him double the amount of special weight gain shakes, and he was lifting more intensely than before. The pumps during his workouts remained permanent after each workout. Chesty’s pumps during each workout was incredible, his pecs now looked swollen, and bulbous. His triceps were engorged with blood and now this remained permanent. The major growth burst had begun. Every day his clothes got tighter as he became more pumped or Perma-Pumped as Chesty and Mr. Rasmussen were calling it. In the hallway everyone was amazed at Chesty’s rapid growth and how fast he was literally inflating with muscle. “Holy shit, Chesty you are blowing up dude, you look freaking massive. Especially these babies, Rich rubbed Chesty’s ballooning pecs, your chest is going to explode out of this shirt too if you get any bigger. “ I plan on it, I am going to gain so much weight that you won’t believe it, and it will be all muscle. Chesty made his pecs bob up and down. How much you weighing these days, Brandon patted Chesty’s pecs feeling the weight of muscle in his hand. “I’m not sure, I will weigh myself this evening after dinner.

At 5ft 11 232 lbs, Chesty had put on over 50lbs in about four months, It was the holidays and his parents would be visiting and he was wondering how to explain his transformation to them. When he got back to his room Frank had a message for him, your parents sent a letter. Inside was some money and a regretful letter telling him that they could not make it up for Christmas, they had to go to Poland to handle a relative’s funeral and estate. Good news was that his best friend Larry would like to visit and all he had to do was send him a bus ticket. Larry and Chesty were about the same size, well at least that used to be the case. In high school they both wrestled at 172lbs and were in constant competition with each other. Physically being the same size, from the same background, they were like brothers. Chesty decided to give Larry a call. “Hey Larry, this is Chet, “ Chesty did not want to tell Larry about his new nickname on the phone. “Hey if it isn’t Chester Kowalski? What’s up?” Larry knew that Chet was going to call. “Since all of our parents abandoned us for Poland, why don’t you come up here for the holidays. The food is great and they have a special menu for the few of us that stay over the holiday. I’ll pay for your ticket, My parents gave me some money.” Chesty really wanted Larry to come visit. “Sounds great what dates do you want me to book the bus” Chet and Larry worked out the details of the trip and then they got caught up on each others news. “So what’s up with you Chet? How do you like that school? Is it hard? You know at the very least you could have written a letter.” Larry wanted to know about Chesty’s school. “Actually I really like this school, its fun the people are cool. The classes are pretty hard but everyone seems to help each other out. Most of the other guys are really rich, I am one of the few guys here with a scholarship. They have a really great weight room, I have been training pretty hard. I am going to have to warn you Larry when you see me at the bus station Tuesday, you are going to be shocked. I’ve put on some weight, mostly muscle though. I’ve been bulking up.” Chesty was wondering how Larry would react. “So they feed you well over there? “ “Very well, you’ll see” Chesty was looking forward to the shocked look on Larry’s face.

On Tuesday Mr. Rasmussen, drove Chesty with the van to the bus station to pick up Larry. Larry! Good to see you, it was cold out and Chesty had on a big coat, so Larry could not really tell how much weight Chesty had put on. Chet your looking good, face looks fuller, well let’s go back and catch up on old times.” Back at Chesty’s room, Larry but his stuff on Frank’s bed because Chesty’s roommate was at home as were most of the kids. Only a few “real orphans” stayed behind during the holidays. Chesty took off his coat, and Larry shouted. “Holy shit, Chet you weren’t lying when you said you were bulking up. You sure have been using that weight room, you look like a young Mr. Olympia. Damn dude, you are huge. That is awesome Chet, what made you decide to get so big. How did you get so big, such a short time? It’s been less than 5 months since I’ve seen you. You sure have blown up with muscle.” Larry was in awe of Chet’s muscle growth. “You know that scholarship that I got? Well, it’s a bodybuilding scholarship. I get trained by a professional-Mr Rasmussen, and I am the test subject for a mass gaining supplement. I have to get as big as possible and that pays for my school here.” Chesty wasn’t sure whether Larry would believe this. “So you are getting so big because you have to?” Larry was dumbfounded. “I am also getting big because I want to. You have no idea how awesome it feels to keep getting bigger and bigger. I love lifting, getting big, eating, being too big for my clothes, having people stare at me, it’s all really awesome and I am going to be freakin huuaaage! Mr. Rasmussen’s job is to train me and put me on a diet that makes me as big as I can possibly get. He claims that I’m not even close to reaching my potential. I am going to be a fucking behemoth. Damn Chet I am jealous, not only do you get a great education but you look like Mr. Universe. According to Rasmussen I am going to make Mr. Universe look anorexic. Larry you have no idea just how awesome it feels to be getting this big. Everyone is amazed at my huge muscles. Yeah Chet, you are blowing up like a balloon that’s why we are all so amazed. I’ve never seen such a before and after in such a short time. You look freaking awesome Chet. Mr. Rasmussen is said that my training and diet should kick in with a big growth spurt, you will see just how hard I have to train to get this big. Tomorrow I’ll show you the gym.

The next day Mr. Rasmussen came by and announced that Chesty’s entire vacation would be serious training and serious eating, and Larry will be needed to help Chesty and to spot him in the gym. Larry did not really have a clue what this meant until breakfast was served. “Who is all this food for?” Chesty asked the cook. It’s all for you Chesty, the cook patted Chesty’s ripped abs and then patted his thick chest. Chesty always wore tight t shirts mainly because most of his fit that way and also because he really liked to show off the new growth. “Can you believe this guy? Larry patted Chesty’s pecs, he used to be my size now look at him.” Damn you are getting big. Chesty made his pecs bob up and down in the tight shirt. “So that’s why they call you Chesty? You got a huge chest” Larry put his hand on Chesty’s pecs and was feeling their weight in the tight t shirt. Damn Chesty, you have gotten huge. Chesty started flexing for Larry and the cook, he was all muscle and getting bigger every day. Chesty, the cook grabbed his arm, you need to eat all of the food I give you, that is what Mr. Rasmussen told me. Rasmussen put a muscle growth supplement in all of Chesty’s food and it had the added benefit of an addicting flavor. Chesty ate like a madman, so much food that Larry was in awe. After relaxing for an hour, all that eating wiped him out, Chesty was ready for his workout. Every exercise he did gave him an extreme pump, little did Chesty know that his pump would be permanent. It was time for weighted dips, and Chesty was feeling strong and he was looking extremely pumped. His work out clothes, consisted of baggy sweats and a tight yellow 50/50 t shirt that said bulking up on it. His second set of weighted dips with 30lbs of weight, was pumping him up beyond belief. Holy shit Larry I am so fucking pumped, this is awesome. Chesty was feeling the weight of his own pecs. Damn Chesty your pecs are huge, Larry had to cop a feel, wow you are pumped dude you look awesome.

Every day was the same routine within just one week Chesty had put on another 20lbs of muscle and he was loving it. Damn Larry, what do you think now, Chesty’s t shirt was literally painted on over his ever expanding muscles, his pants were getting ready to burst their seams. Today at the gym Chesty was getting the most incredible pump he had every experienced. He was vascular and looking ready to pop, wearing a wifebeater and a pair of shorts that he was exploding out of Chesty looked amazing. Mr. Rasmussen something is kicking in because I am blowing up like a balloon. Chesty could not barely believe his own muscles they were huge and pumped and he looked like a professional bodybuilder. Larry looked ready to faint he was staring at Chesty and what he saw he could not believe, “Holy shit you are pumped up dude, Chesty you look freaky as all hell, Larry had to pat Chesty’s pecs, “these pecs of yours look like balloons. “I need to eat so I can inflate these babies even bigger, Chesty made his pecs bob up and down in his tight wifebeater. And eat he did, lunch was enough food to cater an Italian wedding, and Chesty just kept on packing in away. Every meal seemed to get bigger and bigger yet his abs stayed ripped. By the time vacation was over Chesty was 50 lbs heavier in just one month. The other students would be coming back to school and Chesty was excited about how they would react to his incredible muscle gain. Chesty walked into Mr. Rasmussen’s office, Chesty was wearing his tight yellow t shirt that was now painted on over his hulking mass, his sweats looked more like tights they were like a second skin. Chesty how can I help you, Rasmussen was quite pleased with Chesty’s progress. I must say son you have really gotten huge, these pecs of yours are amazing. He patted Chesty’s ballooned out pecs. In fact you have made better progress than I expected, I am impressed. Lets put you on the scale, 286lbs and lets measure your height, an even 6ft. Chesty you are a monster, the institute will be pleased. Mr. Rasmussen I think I am going to need a new uniform, I’ve blown up too big for my old one. I did order you some new uniforms but I am not sure how well they will fit because you put on 20lbs more than I expected. I was hoping for 30 lbs of growth and you put on 50. He patted Chesty’s pec. “Does this mean I won’t be able to get bigger? Chesty I am simply in awe at your potential for growth, you will get bigger a lot bigger.” “That’s awesome, Chesty made his enormous pecs bob up and down in his tight t shirt. I want to be enormous Chesty started flexing. Before you get all pumped up, you better try your new uniform on. Chesty came out of the bathroom with the new uniform, and Rasmussen just started laughing, “You look like you are pressure testing your uniform. Chesty’s dress shirt was straining at the seams at the buttons the fabric itself was straining, his huge bubble butt and massive thighs made his dress pants strain at the seams, he was too big for his britches. Damn I look like a muscular balloon in this, I look like I’m going to explode. If I keep getting massive this uniform won’t last long. “Don’t worry Chesty I already ordered larger ones give it about 3 days or so and you will have some clothes that fit at least for a while. Boy o Boy everyone is going to freak out when they get a load of me.” Chesty was proud of how huge he was and he was psyched about the comments he would get about his size.

The first day of school all of the guys were coming back, and he knew that they would freak out when they saw him. So what did you do over your winter break, Dan had to be sarcastic. Well I got huge, what do you think. I put on 50lbs over the holiday. Holy fuck Chesty you’re freaking huge muscle ballooned out and massive. Damn you look like you are going to explode, Dan rubbed Chesty’s pec your pecs are huge. I love it I am so freaking massive, you have no idea how great it feels to be this big. My muscles feel like they are stretching my skin, all my clothes are tight, everyone is always commenting. This is awesome, I can’t wait to get even bigger. Chet made his pecs bob up and down in the tight shirt. Charlie came up to Chesty, “Fucking balloon! You blew up over the break how much weight did you put on? You are massive dude get a load of these pecs you are going to pop your buttons Chesty. Charlie had to cop a feel. “They are pretty big huh, Chesty made his pecs bob up and down again. That’s nothing compared to how I big I am going to get, you ain’t seen nothing yet. I am still too skinny for my liking. Too skinny? Are you crazy, you are inflated with muscle, you look like a balloon. “This balloon has not even started to inflate yet, I definitely plan on being over 300lbs.” Well Chesty, you look like you are going to explode, Dan patted Chesty’s pecs again, Damn that is awesome man! Chesty was proudly grinning because he loved all the attention he was getting.

Chesty walked into class and everyone gave him a standing ovation. Chesty stood in front of the class and made his pecs bob up and down in his tight shirt. Hey everyone, I need money and I am taking pledges for every additional pound I gain. Who wants to help support me in my quest to be huge? “Chesty’s roommate pledged 10 dollars a pound, not to be outdone Jacob Vanderbilt pledged 25 dollars, amazingly Bill Carnegie pledged 100 dollars for every pound that Chesty gained. Collectively Chesty’s home room pledged over 1000 dollars for every pound that Chesty gained. After class everyone rushed to the gym to weigh Chesty and to cheer him on. By the end of the day everyone in the school pledged just over 5000 dollars for every pound that Chesty gained, many people upped their pledges; Chesty’s roommate upped his to 100 dollars and Bill Carnegie had to be the highest pledge at 500 dollars a pound. These guys all had tons of money so it was no skin off their back, but for Chesty this meant more money than his family had ever seen. The student body agreed that Chesty would be weighed on the 15th of every month and people would have to pay up with cash on that day.

Talk about motivation, Chesty loved getting huge but now he would be making a shitload of money as well. 5 days later and Chesty was already 6lbs heavier and more than 30,000 dollars richer. His new uniforms still had not yet arrived so was truly straining his buttons and his pants were ready to burst their seams. Bill Carnegie walked up to Chesty, “Holy fuck dude, you are going to break my bank account. You are already looking bigger, you really need to get a new uniform you look ready to explode out of that one. Bill was amazed at how massive Chesty was getting. Yeah my pecs are too big for my shirts, my legs are too big for my pants. I hope that my new uniform arrives soon. Bill patted Chesty’s pecs damn your chest is massive. Your pecs are like balloons. I look bigger because I am bigger. You think my pecs look like balloons now just wait because my chest is only semi-inflated. I’m going to see just how big my pecs can get. I am going blow up so big you won’t believe it, and not just my pecs. My legs are going to be monstrous, my arms are going to blow up. I am going to be so wide that I can’t fit through the door. I am going to be freakin huge. During his workout Chesty was getting one of those miraculous pumps, Holy shit I am pumped, damn I am blowing up like a balloon. Chesty was exploding out of his T shirt. These pumps are going to be permanent you will be perma-pumped. Chesty wore his workout clothes to study hall he was pumped up as massive as he had ever been. He looked ready to explode, his gympants were painted on and his t shirt was skintight and made his pecs look like balloons. Chesty’s arms were veiny and vascular pumped up beyond belief. Even his face was looking muscular. Chesty lumbered up to the other guys, Holy shit Chesty, can you get any bigger? I know, can you believe how big I’m getting? Look at me I’m massively huge. My pecs feel like overinflated basketballs. Damn dude! You look ready to explode, you are looking freakin swole Chesty you are massive and you are ripped. I am going to need to get some new clothes because I am getting bigger and more muscular every day, you think I look big now, wait a few more months. I am bulking up, I am going to be huge and ripped. Chesty don’t you have a mirror? You are huge and ripped. Well then I am going to be huger and still be ripped. I am going to see how much weight I can pack on. Chesty you are blowing up like a balloon, I don’t think that these pecs could get any bigger, they are huge. Bill Carnegie patted and rubbed Chesty’s pecs. Bill you think my pecs are big now. Just wait these balloon pecs are going to inflate bigtime, you guys are paying me big money to pack on the mass, and I plan on bulking up in a major way.

3 weeks later and Chesty was 25lbs heavier and 125 thousand dollars richer, he had more money than his father could ever imagine, at 6ft 317lbs he was the biggest guy in the school and no matter where Chesty went he was the most muscular person there. His ego was almost as inflated as his muscles. When he sat in his desk at school he would bounce his pecs up and down for the entire hour long lesson, everyone was distracted but the teacher could not figure out what it was that they were all laughing about. In the cafeteria Chesty shouted to the cook, “Henry I hope you have a lot of food back there I am growing boy. Yeah Chesty we don’t want you to waste away Henry patted Chesty’s pecs you are one big boy, how much you weighing? Last time I weighed myself I was 317. I am still way too skinny. Yeah if you get any skinnier you are going to explode out of your clothes. Come on what do you mean by skinny? Dave chimed in and grabbed Chesty’s bowling ball shoulder. Look at this guy he calls himself skinny. Chesty stood there looking absolutely huge and ready to explode out of his uniform. He knew that he was far from skinny, he stuck his chest out making his buttons strain over his pecs. I am probably not going to get a lot taller but I plan on making up for that in width. Hell I’m only 317lbs! I plan on being a much bigger than that. Chesty was already looking like a balloon, especially his pecs, his huge legs and beachball butt were amazing too. I am going to inflate myself with muscle. Bill Carnegie walked up, damn you are freakin massive, he grabbed one of Chesty’s pecs could your clothes get any tighter? Yeah, Chesty chuckled my muscles are blowing up I hope that my new clothes arrive soon because I am ready to explode out of this shirt. It looks like you may have gotten too big for your britches too. Chesty’s pants looked like they were going to rip, his legs and butt were so huge yet his waist was fairly small at 32in I love being big that is why I want to see just how big I can get. That why I eat enough to feed a small town and I train hard. This afternoon I train chest, I could use a spotter, you want to help? Damn Chesty that will be cool, what time? 3pm, be ready to load up weights, you will get a workout just by helping me. Sure see you there, Bill patted Chesty’s pecs.


Chesty came into the gym wearing a pair of sweats that looked painted on his legs were so thick, and a tight 50/50 light grey t shirt showed off his enormous pecs, shoulders and arms. Across the front of the shirt was printed “I AM CHESTY” Lets pump these babies up, Chesty made his pecs bob up and down in his tight t shirt. He started with dips with every set his pecs became more and more pumped. Once Chesty started adding weight on the dips his pecs were getting ridiculously pumped. Oh my God! They are swelling up like balloons. Chesty exclaimed. Holy Shit, your chest is inflated dude. Bill had to cop a feel, because Chesty’s chest was unreal. My pecs are getting the most awesome pump I have ever had. Mr. Rasmussen walked up to Chesty, this pump is permanent muscle growth so get used to looking like you are inflated. I am more than impressed with your progress, you are a natural and these supplements are really working well for you. This is awesome I am blowing up, Chesty’s shirt was now so damn tight it looked ready to explode. Chesty did another set of weighted dips with a 40lb weight hanging from his belt. Chesty looked in the mirror, so Bill what do you think? My pecs are getting huge. Time for bench press I may need a spot, Chesty piled the weight on and pumped out rep after rep, each rep you could see his pecs and shoulders inflating a bit more. He sat up, looked down at his chest and shouted holy shit my pecs are enormous! Load up that bar some more, Chesty pumped out rep after rep with enormous weight, now his pecs were pumped so huge that Bill had to laugh, Oh my god, those are the biggest pecs I have ever seen you have a bigger rack than Dolly Parton. Your chest is massive. Bill was patting Chesty’s pecs. Ok Bill let’s see if we can pump these babies up even bigger, time for dumbell flys. After 4 sets Chesty was pumped he looked like he was ready to explode out of his shirt. I AM CHESTY! Now this is a Chest he expanded his chest in Bill’s face and made his pecs bob up and down. Bill was laughing with awe damn Chesty, your chest is humungous. Holy shit, look at the time we have to get to study hall. Thankfully, I can wear this to study hall.

Chesty walked into study pumped to the extreme he literally looked inflated with muscle. His pecs were ridiculously huge and balloon like. Bill followed behind announcing to the room, I think Chesty here is getting even bigger. Look at the size of this dude’s pecs. Chesty you are swole man, you are massive dude. Bill tried to cup his hand around one of Chesty’s pecs but they were just too big. You guys are going to owe me a lot of money because I am going to gain a lot more weight. Chesty made his pecs bob up and down in his tight t shirt, damn I am blowing up bigtime. Jeff shouted, you look fucking inflated, you are going to explode out of your clothes your pecs , your legs, your arms, shoulders you are freaking massive Chesty. Damn! Even your butt is huge and muscular it looks like a freaking beachball. Mr. Rasmussen says I’m in a ballooning phase and I should gain mass quite rapidly. Chesty did a side chest pose, his pants were so tight that they looked ready to tear open. Ballooning phase? Dude you are a balloon! Your muscles look inflated! Rick was in awe at Chesty’s massive muscles. Chesty proclaimed to everyone in study hall. Inflated Muscle Balloon? Damn, I love being this big, but I still want to see just how big I can get. Chesty the inflated muscle balloon has just begun to blow up. I am going to be so massive you won’t believe your eyes. I already can’t believe my eyes, Jeff is right you look like you are inflated, you are huge, it looks awesome. No wonder none of your clothes fit. I wonder how you are going to fit into your uniform, you’re looking pumped up, damn you are thick Chesty. Carl asked Chesty to make a muscle. Check out these guns, Chesty started posing, first with a double bicep, then a side chest, then a lat spread. His t shirt was ready to explode from the pressure exerted on it. His sweatpants looked like tights, and his huge thighs and massive bubble butt did not go unnoticed. Chesty those sweats of yours are splitting at the seams, how are you ever going to fit into pants.

Back in their room Chesty and Frank were changing back into their uniforms for dinner. Chesty came out of the bathroom with his light blue dress shirt and grey slacks on, they were literally painted on. He looked like he was pressure testing his uniform. Chesty you look like you are going to explode out of your clothes, dude. That is awesome Chesty, you are too fucking muscular, damn you are huge. Frank saw Chesty every day but he was still in awe at how Chesty was going to explode out of his clothes. Chesty was loving it, he loved getting bigger and although the clothing issue was a minor inconvenience he liked the attention he got because he was so damned huge. I feel like I am going to pop, I am getting so massive. He made his balloon like pecs bob up and down. Frank look my pants have almost 4 inches of room in the waist but I am ready to explode out of them. If my butt gets any bigger I will not be able to buy pants. Frank added his two cents, Chesty your butt looks like a freakin beachball and your thighs are enormous no wonder your pants don’t fit. Your growth is amazing. Well Frank, according to Mr. Rasmussen, I am still skinny compared to how big I am going to get. How can you get any bigger Frank patted Chesty’s balloon pecs. In order to get bigger I have to eat, lets go eat, its dinnertime. When Chesty got in the food line everyone started commenting, Hey Chesty, leave some food for us, You know he’s a growing boy. He is growing all right, Chesty you have blown up like a muscular balloon, you look massive your muscles look inflated. You know what? I feel massive and inflated, do you think I need a new uniform. Bill patted Chesty’s pecs and pointed at Chesty’s pants. Actually Chesty, your clothes are a bit tight but you can carry it off. After all its all muscle. Guys you have no idea how awesome it is to be this beefy. Mass! That’s what its all about, I am on a neverending quest to inflate my muscles. I feel really massive and I am going to get even bigger. Lou came out from behind the counter, Chesty, If you want to inflate these babies anymore then you have to eat even more. Lou cupped Chesty’s pec. Have a seat and I will have the cooks bring you your special diet. Chesty sat down with Bill, Frank, Aaron and Jeff. Lou brought a huge tray loaded with food and two large protein shakes. Thanks Lou I’m really hungry. You guys make sure that he eats everything especially these protein shakes they are specially engineered to cause extreme muscle growth. Each one of these shakes has as much protein as 15 filet mignons and they are geared so your body will assimilate all of that protein and turn it into muscle. I bet they taste like shit, Aaron added. Chesty drank one of the shakes, In fact it tastes great, Lou can you make a few more. Eat your food and in the meantime I will ask Mr. Rasmussen if it ok that you have more of these. Chesty wolfed down his meal because he really liked the idea that those protein shakes were Rasmussen’s secret formula for making him huge. How the shakes worked was the energy was stored in his muscles allowing him to get an incredible pump during his workout, but unlike a typical pump from a workout this was permanent. Chesty lifted up his glass, 15 filet mignons down the hatch, here’s to even more MASS. Lou walked up to the table and said Rasmussen says you can have as many of those shakes as you can handle. I think I can drink two more. Then two more it is, remember these are expensive so you have to drink all of it. He looks like he can handle it, Jeff commented adding I just don’t think his wardrobe can handle it. Chesty was having some trouble finishing the final protein shake, damn I hope I can finish this. What do you mean you hope you can finish this? I thought you were on a never ending quest to inflate your muscles? Bill was trying to motivate Chesty. Come on Chesty, we want to see just how much you can blow up, inflated muscle balloon, Bill was rubbing Chesty’s huge pecs. Chesty drank it down and said I am going to blow up you guys, so big that you won’t believe it. Bill Frank, Aaron and Jeff all were patting Chesty’s pecs. With a proud grin on his face and I can’t believe that you guys are paying me to get huge. And huge I plan on getting, I am going to balloon up so massive, all muscle. Chesty jumped up on top of the table and took of his dress shirt and started posing in the tight white under armour tshirt he wore underneath his dress shirt. Everyone in the Cafeteria started cheering. Chesty went through an entire posing routine. Afterwards a large throng of student crowded him to cop a feel of his muscles. The bell rang so it was time to get to class. Chesty put back on his light blue dress shirt which was far too snug fitting his buttons were straining over his bulbous pecs. On the way to class other students kept on stopping him in the hall. Hey Chesty that was cool you are looking massive dude. Thankfully Chesty only had two classes after lunch because something in the shake was peaking his appetite all he could think about was having some more of those shakes. On the way out of English class Mr. Rasmussen stopped him in the hall with another large shake. Here ya go big boy, drink this. Thanks a lot Mr. Rasmussen I was day dreaming about drinking another shake they tasted so good. These shakes are going to help you become incredibly huge Chesty, and you will be drinking a lot of them for the next couple of months. It was the end of Junior Year next year they were all going to be Seniors and Chesty was excited about graduating. All of the students were talking about which Summer home they were going to be staying at and how they would spend their summer vacation. Chesty was staying at the school, Rasmussen had plans for him. Bill Carnegie asked Chesty, so Chesty were does your family summer? They don’t that’s why I am staying here, I like it here and I really do not like it at home all that much. Well you are welcome to stay at our vacation house, we have a big place in the Caribbean, if you can get away give me a call my dad is rich we will pay for your flight and everything. You know Bill I may just take you up on that offer but it probably won’t be until the end of summer right before school starts. Sounds good that is the best time at the estate it is one big party and the beach is incredible. See you in August Chesty, Bill patted Chesty’s pecs.

Rasmussen’s big plan—Maximum growth training and diet Chesty how big are you willing to get? Rasmussen grabbed Chesty’s arm I want to get as big as I possibly can get, the bigger the better. I love all this weight gain having big muscles is awesome. That’s good Chesty, Rasmussen patted Chesty’s pecs, because this summer you are going to get very big, you will gain a lot of weight and you will be trained by a special staff. Let me introduce you to them, Chesty came into the room in his skintight XL t shirt that showed just how massive he already was. Chesty expected two or 3 other guys but this was a staff of 10 just for him. 4 exercise physiology grad students to spot him in the gym and to study his results and a cookstaff of six just to keep him well fed. Damn Rasmussen, you told us this kid already had good development but damn this kid is incredibly massive. You mean we are going to observe this guy get even bigger? Due to our supplementation Chesty has developed a Myostatin blocking ability, in other words if given the right amount of exercise and nutrition he can gain extreme muscle mass. Chesty this is the staff that is going to make sure you have extreme gains for the next 2 months. Drink this protein shake tomorrow we start. For the first week Chesty was having no trouble getting used to the schedule. He basically lifted, slept and ate while being observed by the team of four grad students. He lifted really heavy and he slept more often and eat boy did Chesty eat. The weight gain shakes had an appetite stimulant in them that worked incredibly well. Every meal 9 of them per day resembled thanksgiving, in between meals Chesty was always sucking down another protein shake. He worked out harder than ever before and two weeks in the results were becoming obvious. In the gym Chesty was cranking out his third set of weighted dips with 100lb dumbells attached to his belt. Look at how strong he is George one of the grad students commented. Then something interesting started to happen, Rasmussen was prepared for this but the grad students were quite surprised. Chesty started getting incredibly pumped up. His pecs started ballooning up, at first it was just an awesome pump. Damn my pecs are pumped, Chesty was ogling himself in the mirror. Mike the one graduate student with some muscle on his frame, rubbed Chesty’s pecs. Let’s measure your chest. Chesty’s shirt was a tight 50/50 light blue t shirt that said perma-pumped on it. Let me do another set first. Now Chesty’s pecs really started to inflate like balloons. Holy shit this is awesome, Chesty decided to continue on with a set of heavy weight dumbell flys. I want to pump these babies up even more. With each rep Chesty’s pecs blew up bigger, and bigger, the four grad students jaws were on the floor, they were simply amazed at the size of Chesty’s pecs. He walked over to the mirror to get a good look at himself. Oh my God! My pecs look like balloons, this is so awesome. My chest is so big it’s ridiculous, I love it. Rasmussen walked up patted Chesty’s pectoral, get used to it because this is the perma-pump we were talking about. After the workout Chesty was measured and photographed for about an hour, it was time to eat again. Chesty you are fucking massive, Tom one of the grad students commented. These have got to be the biggest pecs I have ever seen in my life. Damn you have an incredible chest. Tom had to cop a feel. Thanks, Rasmussen says I am going to get a hell of a lot bigger. I love it I look and feel like I am going to explode my muscles are so ballooned up. I just cant wait until heavy squats, my legs will hopefully blow up like my chest. That’s why you are not working out tomorrow, it will be a day of eating lots of eating, because the next day is heavy, heavy squats and ab work. That’s good because I am starving. I am so hungry I can’t stand it. Bring on the food! Chesty went to the lunch room in his workout clothes looking ready to pop he was so pumped up. Chesty ate a huge dinner and Rasmussen came up to him with the four grad students in tow. Stand up Chesty, Rasmussen patted Chesty’s chest, I’ll bet you are still hungry. Actually I am starving even after all of that food. That’s because you are in the ballooning phase of the supplements in those milkshakes. Your extreme perma-pumps Rasmussen pointed at Chesty’s pecs, will require lots of protein and other nutrients to sustain that growth. That’s why you are going to feel like you are starving because you will be blowing up bigger than you have ever imagined. Now he directed his comments to the graduate students, Notice the extreme muscle mass in his pecs. As you can see his muscles are ballooning up beyond was ever thought possible. Mike asked Chesty while patting Chesty’s pecs, it must feel awesome to be this huge? Chesty bobbed his pecs up and down, awesome doesn’t begin to describe how cool it is to be this big. I feel like a muscular balloon and I love it. I want you to drink as many of these shakes as you are able before you go to bed. One after another Chesty downed shake after shake. Chesty was a bottomless pit. Chesty went to bed feeling as overinflated as he looked. The next morning Chesty woke up famished again, he put on a tight Polish Power t shirt, everything he had was tight, as were his pants. His chest seemed even more inflated than yesterday, it looked amazing in his shirt. He sauntered down to the lunch room and everyone was there it looked like a party was being planned. What’s all this for? It’s mostly for you balloon boy, Mike patted Chesty’s pecs. I am really hungry but this is a banquet. As Chesty ate he seemed to get hungrier, the staff kept on bringing him more food and more shakes. From 8am to 2pm Chesty consumed food until he could not eat anymore then it was time for a nap. They woke him up at 5pm for dinner which lasted til 9pm stuffed Chesty went to bed the next day was leg day. •

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