Diver Muscle

By elysiumfields

Elysia bobbed up and down on the gentle ocean waves,anchored above the sight of the sunken wreck of the freighter Hephaistion, resting on the ocean bed at around 100 feet down. I sat in the cabin of the Elysia, monitoring the progress of the team of divers i had brought out to the wreck on my boat,catching a chance to relax and enjoy the warm sunshine and the calm shallows 4 miles out from Bermuda's Maritime Point. It was a good business ferrying divers to and from the Hephaistion and to the Sargasso reefs, and i had formed a close freindship with Alex and Jamie, two American buddies, who had just set up a Diving School together just outside of Hamilton and who had saved me from nearly drowning while snorkling near Devils Hole....'Damned Sea Turtles can be so alluring to watch!'.

As a thank you to the two young guys for saving my life, i had formed a partnership with them as the boat operator with hopes of furthering their business and lining my pockets too.

The wreck of the Hephaistion was a main pull for visiting divers. It had sunk nearly 29 years ago in heavy seas after an apparent disastrous fire in the engine room,and i think the main lure for divers to its grave,was the fact that it was rumoured to have had a crate of precious stones in the hold, but did'nt every shipwreck have some hidden treasures in their dark interiors!. As i expected, nothing had ever been found. Then there was the local lore that when the Hephaistion had gone missing in 1973 for 3 weeks,southeast of Bermuda in the Sargasso sea, it had been sucked into the Bermuda Triangle and not because it suffered damage in a storm. I had heard an urban legend, that if you stood at the very eastern tip of the island, at a turret in the National Maritime Fort,your watch would stop and run backwards for a while..'Bullshit!'.. i had tried it and nothing happened. One or two old maritimers had even said that the Hephaistion was deliberately sunk because the real killers of the islands Governor General back in 1973 were on board,and that the two men executed in 1976 which led to violent racial riots on the island,were innocent,and the British government and its Bermudian puppets, wanted to cover it up.

Conspiracy theories bored me..As long as i had my boat and my beautiful idyllic life, i was fine.... Well,at least the Greek owners of Hephaistion had a sense of humour in naming it after Alexander the Greats gay lover...Full of happy sailors i guess,laughing to myself.

I just sat in the cabin,my legs stretched out on the sideboard,taking in the sun and tranquility as the Elysia swayed gently on the ocean.

Jamie and Alex had taken a group of 6 divers down to the wreck..All rich male college students from Boston on holiday, just a few years younger than my two buds, and all eager to learn how to dive.

They were in two groups of 4 and had been down in the depths for a fair while now.

I had a communication link to both Jamie and Alex,who had connections with the rest of the group,and both had undersea cameras with them,but i could not exactly retrieve a perfect signal on the monitor from them all the time.Too murky at times,other times too blurry,but sometimes i could see what they were doing crystal clear.

I looked at the clock..2.50pm and then at the counters that kept an accurate digital reading of the air the group had in their tanks.They were going to have to come up soon.

I picked up the microphone and sat forward to look at the monitor as it switched between Alex and Jamie.

"Jamie,you'll have to come up soon,..you'll be running out of air."

After a few moments of watching Jamie swimming along the freighters barnacle encrusted hull,he crackled back a response. "Yeah,no probs,Gilligan..i'm just looking for Hayden and Greg and we'll start back up."

I gritted my teeth because i hated Jamie for keeping calling me Gilligan..joking about being shipwrecked on some desert island with some professor..I had not a clue what he was going on about?.

'It was Gilliam, and even better, just Gill !' .

Jamie turned the camera to point at his face,and gave me the thumbs up, his sparkling blue eyes framed by the clear goggle mask, nearly the same colour as the sea.

I checked upon Alex. He was swimming close behind two of the other college students.I could see their flippers waving up and down as they swam in front of him. "Its nearly time to come topside,Alex"

"Yeah,i know." he replied, then a Barracuda suddenly swam close through his camera view,startling both Alex and myself.

"Fucking fish..i nearly crapped in my suit" Alex said.

I stifled a laugh as i got up to prepare to help the guys up on board.

"See you in a mo.." muffled Alex. I acknowledged him as i walked to the back of the boat. Suddenly,the boat rocked heavily on a swell that seemed to come out from nowhere, and i nearly fell over the side,clinging hard on a side rung to stop me from going overboard. I stood up as the boat settled back down again, but at least 10 feet or so from behind the boat,i could see a wide circle of foaming,bubbling white water as if there had been an undersea explosion,..or the beast from 20,000 fathoms was about to rise its head out of the water!

I felt my ears pop as if there was a sudden change in pressure,then a brief spell of dizziness,that i had to sit down to allow to pass. 'What the fuck was all that',

i was'nt the one diving up from the depths and at risk of experiencing pressure change?. I watched as the foaming maelstrom on the ocean surface broke and dissipated as quickly as it came, returning to its tranquil rolling calm.

"Oh shit..the divers!" i remembered. I rushed over to the monitor and literally shouted into the microphone. "Jamie,Alex, are you guys all OK down there?"

i said with clear alarm in my voice. A few seconds of anxious waiting and for the camera footage to clear from a murkiness into dappled light, and Alex crackled onto his mike. "Yeah, why,..whats up?" Alex seemed calm as if he had'nt experienced anything that i had just gone through.

"I just experienced a heavy wake as if something had happened down there with you guys.I nearly went overboard!".

"Nah, nothings happened down here,not even turbulance of currents..Mind you,my wetsuits feeling a little tight though.."

I sat back on the seat,both relieved that everything with Alex and his team seemed Ok,but perplexed by his odd comment on his wetsuit. I had helped him, and all the others into their neoprene wetsuits after applying the lubricating wax over their bodies, and being openly gay,i must admit i had found it mildly erotic rubbing the lean muscles and trim torso's of the better looking guys in the group.

I shuddered myself out of an image of Alex peeling off his wetsiut to unveil his muscular smooth torso,before i got an erection.

Jamie came on over the mike.."Whats up Gill, not becoming seasick after all the time in your boat,are ya?".

"Very funny" i replied, as i watched him focus his camera a little too long on the firm arse of the student swimming close in front of him.

"Why you looking at his arse,Jamie. I'm the gay one here?".

"He's got such a nice full muscled butt, and i dunno why i ain't noticed how a guys butt looks so sexy in the first place!".

I thought the camera was playing tricks on me as Jamie followed the guy upwards towards the surface,intermittently telling him and the others to ascend at a calm pace to avoid the bends, but it looked as if the young mans arse was expanding in his tight wetsuit.. The vision fuzzed as i caught a glimpse of the hull of the Elysia from below,the surounding surface waters dappled in sunlight.

I got back preparing to haul up the divers onto the flat back deck of the boat.

There was a break in the waters near the bow and a head popped up.

It was Cody,one of the student divers. When i reached down to haul off his oxygen tanks, i could not help but notice that he seemed much broader in the shoulders and the arms much thicker beneath the sleek skin tight long sleeves. I shrugged it off as just tiredness as he clambered onto the boat, followed by his bud,Hayden. I scooped off the owygen tanks and secured them into a nearby racking and offered a hand down to pull up the cute young college jock with the golden blonde hair, azure blue eyes and tanned surfer boy looks.'Shit!' he felt heavy that i had to grip the side rungs to help him up. "Cheers bud" he said,grinning a perfect smile at me.his black and blue wetsuit looking un-naturally tight on a too thick physique. He had'nt been this built before he went into the water,..surely?

Then Jamie surfaced and helped himself up onto the deck.

I saw a definate change in his physique. He had been tall and thin when he had gone down to the wreck. Now he returned,still standing his 6 feet,but his wetsuit filled with a bulging curved shape of a powerful chest, and thick bulging arms. He looked at me staring at him and raised his arms up in a double bicep, the skin tight neoprene conforming to biceps that if it were possible,were expanding and stretching his long red and black sleeves."You like what you see,Gill?" he said teasingly.

My cock stirred in my khaki boardshorts. There was a creaking groaning sound coming from my left, and i turned around to see Hayden with his arms up and hands clasped behind his head.His lats were swelling out a little too rapidly beneath his wetsuit and even the strong neoprene could not contain his burgeoning muscles as they grew bigger and bigger to the soze of a bodybuilders and then beyond!. His biceps really showed their growth,filling up his black sleeves making them look like bowling balls forming into fat near spherical mounds squeezing against thickening delts and traps.The sounds were coming from a rip spreading from under his arms,showing off the hairy arm-pits.

I caught sight of another head rising out from the back of the boat.

Greg..The short red haired and freckled kid. He rose up out of the water like the kraken at the end of Clash of the Titans,throwing his mask onto the deck, already huge with muscles,already his black and blue wetsuit ripped by biceps bulging through and rippled with veins, and heaving swelling pecs splitting open the front and busting the zipper,matted with thick stubbly red tinged hair.As he rose up,the strap over his shoulder,holding his oxygen tanks,snapped, and they tanks clanged onto the deck.

I was too distracted by the huge thick shape of what could only be an oversized cock pushing his crotch obscenely.Turning to look at Hayden,then Cody, i could see huge bulges bloating their crotches as obscenely as Gregs..and Jamies. My own cock responded by throbbing into a prominant erection leaking pre-cum as i gazed upon them with fear mixed with lust.

Jamie stomped towards me,just as Alex surfaced,again his yellow and dark blue wetsuit showing signs of a body growing massively muscled.

Jamie blocked my view,glaring at me with glazed hungry eyes and groping

an inhumanly large bulging cock. "Looks like something definately did

happen below,..hey Gilligan".,emphasising the name to try an annoy me,but his growing size intimidated me more like!. The other guys laughed behind him,as i heard the sounds of their wetsuits ripping from swelling muscles.

Jamie kept advancing towards me and i backed towards the steps and nearly fell down them if it had not been for Jamie to catch me in his powerful hands and lift me up by my waist as if i weighed nothing.

"You ain't got nowhere to hide little man." Truth is, i had nowhere to hide.I was stuck on my boat 4 miles out from Bermuda in open sea.!

Jamie carried me back outside,ripping off my clothes like they were made of paper and slumped me down naked with my pathetic little 6 inch erection,onto the deck.

The Diving team had all come up now and had hauled themselves on board my boat. Each and every one of them, now grown or growing still, into hugely muscled hunks much more bigger than even the biggest bodybuilder.

And they gathered around in a circle like hungry giants ready to eat me up.

Crouched on the deck in the centre,i could only look up at their huge pecs bloated and filling out their wetsuits like painted mounds or ripping out of them,so big that it partially blocked the views of their grinning faces above.

"How about a circle jerk over this little wimp" grunted Ben,once a tall wiry muscled student and now hulking over me,his massive chest densly covered with dark matted hair,heaving with each breath.

I watched in mixture of desire and fear as the guys fumbled desperately with their obscenely stuffed crotches and whipped out huge fat cocks,as thick as beercans and all pretty close to,or over two foot in length..

Alex moved a little closer to me,grasping his gigantic pre-cum slick cock with both hands and began to beat off hard,grunting and huffing loudly,the fat flaring red cockhead already oozing pre-cum in thick globs.

Matt,another student quickly joined in and began to beat his cock furiously,spitting and grunting like an animalon heat,his cock shaft throbbing with pulsing veins.

Jamie spat on his hands and then pointed his huge vein streaked cock very close to my face and then banged away on it as wild as the others.

I just sat there,naked and stiffly erect and began to stroke my own little dick,looking up at the hunks,their massive biceps flexing and bulging from ripped wetsuits,pecs heaving and juddering as they wanked over me bukkake style.

Greg slapped me across the top of my head nearly sending me flying if it had'nt been for Hayden propping me back up.

"Open your mouth Gill..,time for a cum shower."

I lifted my head upskywards and gaped open my mouth just as the first of the muscleguys climaxed.Cum rained down impossibly thick globs and spattered into my mouth, signalling for the others to cum too. I gulped and swallowed as much as i could as i was literally soaked by their abnormally heavy loads.

Ben and Alex leaned in towards each other and began to kiss passionately as they continued to whack off over me.

Through cum soaked hair matting my face, i saw Jamie glaring down at me,his cock still spewing cum in torrents onto a slick deck..

"Its just us out here so why don't we have a little fun with you before we head back to port., hey Gill.!"

I was at their mercy..but there was something else....

I had not noticed that my watch had stopped,or that the compass on the Elysia was going all haywire.. Are we gonna be out here for 3 hours or 3 weeks..?

It seemed that the ghost of Hephaistion was laughing in the depths below..


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