Jake Joins the Polo Club

By Polodude

Jake was 5’7’’ and 130 lbs. The senior jocks, Tucker and Spence, had forced him into the strange metal chair in the basement of their dorm at Halston prep. They handed him the white Ralph Lauren polo shirt and said “Put it on.” Jake was trying not to stare at the older boys’ bulging muscles straining out of the fronts of their identical white Ralph Lauren polo’s. Tucker’s biceps were veined and thick and stretched against his sleeves. Both of the seniors, varsity athletes, had baseball caps on backwards and bulges in their khaki cargo shorts.

“We’re gonna make you grow, dude,” smiled Spence. “You’re gonna get massive like us.”

Jake was scared and his eyes were full of tears, even as he started to get a raging hard-on in the khaki shorts they’d forced him to put on. His boner stood up like a tentpole and Tucker smiled.

“I think little gayboy likes the idea, dude.”


“Fuck yeah, dude, gonna make this little dude GROW.”

Jake was silent, just hoping that these buff senior guys wouldn’t hurt him.

Then Tucker pulled out the syringe, with a glowing blue liquid in it.

“Oh fuck, please! Don’t! Don’t!” Jake yelped, but it was too late. The needle plunged into his thigh as Spence held him down.

“Relax and enjoy it dude,” said Spence. “It’s gonna feel amazing.”

Jake was shaking with fear but also excitement. What was the polo shirt for? What was that stuff they’d injected him with? Why had they dressed him just like them? Could they really make him big?

“What’s the matter, don’t you wanna look like US?” Tucker said, flexing his big pecs through his polo and getting them in Jake’s face. Jake got massively turned on by the older boy’s buff muscles and clean-cut polo shirt.

“Am I really gonna get big?” he asked sheepishly, as a wave of warm tingling from the blue drug started pulsing through his leg and then throughout his bloodstream.

“Is that what you want, dude?” Tucker smiled arrogantly,

“I…yeah…I wanna be huge like you guys,” Jake said, his voice shaking with excitement. “Make me huge! I would do anything to be buff and preppy like you!”

“Turn it on,” said Tucker to Spence, who switched on the machine.

Spence and Tucker took out their cocks and started stroking as they watched the younger teen’s body seize up. Every muscle in Jake’s body was contracted, and squeezing. He looked like a fish taken out of the water, fighting for air. His face wore an expression of shock, like he was being electrocuted, and the low hum of the machine sounded like a power transformer. He couldn’t breathe and his body seized up even stiffer.

“You’re gonna become one of us now, dude.” Spence said with a smirk, “Fuck yeah, kid, grow that muscle…Polo, dude," said Tucker with excitement as he jacked himself and watched the small teen's body start to change.

The twitching increased and Spence turned up the power. Jake could barely gasp the words out,

“What’s happening to me?”

“You’re growing, you’re becoming a member of the Polo Club dude….fuckin’ jacked and preppy and huge….”

Jake’s pecs were contracting again and again, and he started to feel the blood pumping into them…he could feel his arms engorging with blood and the power of the machine and the strange chemical pulsing through his body like an electric current. His cock throbbed with each electrical pulse from the power beam that was shooting out of the machine.

It was in his shoulders that he first started to feel it. His traps felt swollen and huge and he realized they were expanding and widening under the white Polo, which was now stretching out as his muscles expanded.

"Can you feel it?" said Tucker, "Aw, fuck, Spence, look how wide his shoulders are getting."

Jake felt his shoulders broaden and stretch against the polo. “What’s happening to me?” Jake started to feel his dick get harder and harder. “Fuck. Fuck! What’s happening to me?”

“Aw fuck yeah… grow dude…” moaned Tucker, who was stroking himself faster and faster at the sight of the smaller teen’s muscles expanding… “Fill out that Polo dude…get muscular…yeah bro…”

There was a mirror across from the machine and behind the two buff, prepster jocks who were stroking themselves, Jake could see his own reflection and the two muscle jocks's thick wide backs, baseball caps and upturned collars of their polo's. He could see his own neck in his own polo, no longer skinny but starting to get thick like a football player's. His muscled neck and thick traps against the upturned collar of his polo made him start to look like a jock stud...

He was strapped into the contraption, hooked up to electrodes, and wearing the white polo with the collar up.

Then it happened. His chest was beginning to balloon out. Jake groaned loudly as he felt his muscle expand…he flexed as Tucker ran his hand down the deepening crevice between his newly minted pecs, and then rubbed Jake’s nipple which was hard under the preppy polo player logo on his jock uniform…

“I feel like I’m cumming in all my muscles!!” Jake was breathing hard, flexing and relaxing again and again…he started laughing and his eyes were wide with shock.

“Yeah bro, do it! Cum and grow! Fuckin’ Polo dude, you’re getting so massive little bro!”

“I want more! Make me huge!”

Spence turned the power up on the machine and Jake’s body throbbed with the electrical pulse. “AWWW FUCKK!!” Jake groaned, his eyes wide with the pleasure of seeing his triceps and lats bursting wider in his reflection in the mirror across from him. “Fuckin’ Polo jock stud!”

Tucker unzipped Jake’s cargo shorts and went down on Jake’s throbbing meat. Jake was red and flushed all over his body, and Tucker held Jake’s expanding thighs, which were becoming cut and huge like a bodybuilder’s, with diamond shaped muscles and veins straining against the confines of his cargo shorts. His hams were beginning to push his legs up away from the chair. His calves were ballooning like softballs, veined and thick. Even Jake’s dick was 3 or 4 inches longer, and somewhere in the back of Jake’s mind he knew that he was growing a package like his new jock companions.

The machine’s power dipped for a moment and Jake gasped in gulps of oxygen.

“POLO, FUCK YEAH. MORE POWER!” Jake shouted. He flexed his arms and forearms. As he flexed them they expanded with another pulse of power from the machine. His growing, ripped muscle was straining against the straps that held him into the chair. He was incredible!

He looked across at the mirror and saw how wide his shoulders had become, and how slim his waist was…Tucker pulled up for air and lifted Jake’s shirt to reveal an 8-pack of glistening, chiseled abs. His forearms were throbbing with veins and chiseled, thick muscle.

“Fuck yeah, Polo muscle stud…” Tucker groaned and ran his fingers along Jake’s abs in worshipful awe. “Grow, dude, keep growing, keep growing…”

Jake could feel his thickening, widening back pushing against the back of the chair part of the machine, and now understood why they had given him the oversized Polo shirt….the generously large shirt was becoming taut against his ripped, expanding muscles…his pecs were groaning out, almost to the point of explosion. He looked like an awesome prepster jock muscle stud.

“More!” Jake roared. “POLO!” and flexed again, the throbbing of his balls and cock was as violent as the rapid expansion of his muscles… "Look at me in this polo, I looks so fucking awesome..."

Spence moved to stop the machine, but Tucker ran and pushed him off the dial.

“No dude, I want him bigger. Bigger than us.” He pulled the dial off and used his fingers to push the power level up beyond the stop-lever at maximum. The lights in the room dimmed and crackeld as the machine sucked more power.

Jake began laughing, flexing and growing, crazed with masculine, animal excitement, “YEAH…BIGGER AND BIGGER AND BIGGER!!!” he shouted in ecstacy, thrusting his pelvis with his now 12-inch cock throbbing out of his cargo shorts—I want more, make me cum, make me grow!!! His pecs throbbed with more and more expansion.

Spence and Tucker watched in awe as the young teen’s arms, chest and shoulders burst out of the metal straps of the machine. The machine’s power beam increased in intensity as Tucker turned the dial up even further past MAXIMUM.

“MORE POWER!! FUCK YEAH!!!” Jake screamed his balls began to tingle as he hit a most muscular pose. He was about to cum!

He threw his head back and felt his thick muscled neck rubbing against the upturned collar of the preppy shirt. His eyes rolled up into the back of his head as the power from the machine surged for a final time

“POLO!!! MUSCLE!!! POWER!!!” Jake’s muscles didn’t rip, but EXPLODED the polo shirt. Jake shouted out loud as he began to shoot his cum with violent spurt after spurt, waves and waves of unbelievable pleasure. “POLO, FUCK YEAH!” The veins in his chest were like hissing snakes, the sweat poured off his body and he came and came, expanding into a muscle giant. “BIGGER AND BIGGER AND BIGGER!! MORE MUSCLE!!!” He was a muscle god now and the seniors were his worshippers.

He looked down at them and screamed a primal, masculine, violent scream of pleasure as the final load of his cum erupted and he flexed his now-enormous muscles like a pro bodybuilder. The other boys’ muscles seemed puny now in their tight white polo’s, their eyes were scared and in awe, as they looked up at him and stroked themselves, finally cumming and groaning, “Polo…muscle…”

The Polo club had a new member. •

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