Planet Fitness


By Drew

Okay, so I�ve been wanting to start writing stories on here, but haven�t felt up to the task. But like Fantcman told me, there�s nothing to it but getting down to business and writing. I tried Roll Playing for the first time last night. And some guy asked me to make him grow. Now normally, I like to fantasize that I�m on the receiving end of whatever devious growth scheme is happening. But I figured if I could get him off, it�d be a good test of my abilities.

I�m absolutely addicted to Fantcman�s Pleasureboy Series and stories like David Devolving, 12 steps back, and others. And would like to pay some special homage to Absman and all the guys how have helped propagate my fantasies through the Mass X stories, the Adman, and LG lines and the like. We have some amazingly talented authors on here, and I hope to learn from their works and criticsm.

I�ve tried to keep as much extraneous crap out of this as possible, and really all it is is a set up at this point. Sorry its almost all conversation, but remember it was originally a roll play. Enjoy�

�Welcome to Planet Fitness. Can I interest you in a tour of our facility?�

�Uhm yeah sure man.�

The beautiful guy in what looked like a badly stretched muscle shirt walked from around the counter with his hand extended. He could have been a clone of Freddy Prinze, Jr in the face, but with a body that looked like it belonged on Tom Prince instead.

�I�m Kyle.�

�Oh, umm, Josh. Nice to meet you, umm Josh. Tell ya what, fill out this interest form for me, and we�ll get started.�

�Aright, so you�re interested in weight training. Trying to bulk up a bit. Well you know we have a variety of training options here. If you look behind me you�ll see out world class fitness studio � aerobics spinning, martial arts, you name it.�

�I don�t care about all that. I�m here cuz I want to get big man, huge! I want to be the biggest guy on campus!�

�So you�re here from the university? I gotta ask man, why don�t you just use the Student Rec Centre. It has a great gym, even some personal trainers.�

�Nah man, I�ve been there. It�s for pussies. I want to get big! I want to be bigger than all those guys!�

�You sound like one of our Guys Brendan when he first came to see us last year. He was a student too. You�ll have to meet him later.�

�Yeah, I don�t give a shit about all this fitness shit; I�m looking for somewhere where I can get some serious muscle seriously fast!�

�I gotcha man. I had to show you the fitness side of the house, because honestly, it�s what pays the bills around here. Those women in there pay big money to mess around on the stair climbers and drink smoothies. As for more serious guys, we have 3 levels of membership, each with its own specialized gym, trainers, and facilities.�

�That�s what I�m talking about. I want the best you got.�

�Hold your horse�s man. Let me just show you around a little.�

Kyle leads Josh through the fitness studio to a gym. It was the cleanest, most state of the art facility he�d ever seen. All brand new Body Master�s equipment. He saw a few guys in one corner taking turns knocking out what looked to be over 600lbs on a leg press.

�This is our level one facility. It�s for serious amateurs like yourself. No fitness nerds, real guys serious about lifting. We also provide training sessions, and there�s a locker room, sauna and lounge through there.�

Kyle notices Josh�s eyes transfixed upon a wall of photos of their gym patrons.

�You see something you like?�

�Those guys are HUGE! Who the he are they? I think I recognize a couple of them.�

�Probably so, those are some of our Level 2 guys. That�s our level reserved for competitive bodybuilders. They�re a serious lot. They have their own separate set of facilities through there.�

�Then that�s what I want! Let�s go in there!�

�Whoa man. Hold on. Every Level of membership has its own benefits, and requirements. We need to really get you in to talk with one of our professional trainers. It�s a quick interview. We need to know exactly what you�re looking for, and then we can help you plan an appropriate program.�

�I told you man, I want to get Huge!�

�I hear ya, really I do. I think its time you met Brendan. Come with me. I�ll get him in to interview you.�

Josh follows Kyle through a series of hallways to an office in one of the rear sections of the centre.

�Man, this place is bigger than it looks.�

Kyle snickers, �Well you did say you wanted big. Here you go, have a seat and Brendan will be with you shortly.�

Annoyed by Kyle, Josh enters the office to which he has been led. He notices the size of the furniture in the office. It�s huge. The chairs are those big chair-and-a-half leather seats. Way too wide to be practical. Josh thinks to himself �Man, who are they looking to train here, Jocks or Fat asses�sheesh.�

Josh sits in the ridiculously wide chair to which he was directed. The office is nice. Plain, but nice. He notices the art on the walls, they look like real pictures of bodybuilders, but they�d have to be morphs�totally out of proportion. And a few of them�they seem to be photos of just individual body parts, pecs, abs, and one that, well its either a thigh or, could that really be a�no totally deformed�forearm?

Bored, Josh directs his attention to the desk. It�s got pens and notepads, and such from some drug company � like what you see in a doctor�s office. Some company he�s never heard of �MyoPharm.� Who knows?�

�Hmm,� Josh thinks, �these guys are definitely hooked into some stuff here; I just gotta cut through the bullshit and figure out how to get whatever it is.�

Josh�s attention is distracted from the desk by the heavy slow foot steps he hears coming down the hall. He leans back in his chair only to see the site of a guy who blows his mind.

Josh can�t believe it as he sees the mass of this guy come lumbering down the hall toward him. As he turns to enter the room, it seems like his body just continues and continues to move through the doorway.

Realizing his mouth is surely agape, he stares as the massive beast moves past him. How can anyone have that much muscle? Josh can swear he can actually see the individual striations of his monstrous glutes twitching through the strained fabric of his shorts.

Josh can�t believe it when he sits down. His thighs are so thick that they actually fight for space on the seat of the extra-wide chair, more than filling the space. And, is that possible? His lats actually extended beyond the bounds of the chairs overstuffed arms!

The massive god looks down at the sheet Josh had filled out, then looks at him, noticing his stare and smiles. �Hi Josh, I�m Brendan.�


�I�m one of the trainers here at Planet Fitness; I just want to find out a little more about what you�re looking for. Then maybe we can figure out a good fitness plan for you. So what are you looking for? I understand you�re wanting a little more than what the campus centre could offer.�

Josh, annoyed by all the interview crap, snaps out his gaze and quickly retorts, �I told the other guy, I want to get huge! I want to be the biggest guy on campus.�

�So you want to get big like this huh?� Brendan smiles a crooked smile and eyes his bicep as he rotates his wrist between flexes.

�Bigger! I want to be more massive than any of the guys at school. Even bigger than you.�

�Okay, I hear ya man. I was the same way. I wanted to get big, massive. I wanted to become bigger than any of the other guys here, and I did. It took some serious work, and total commitment, but I definitely accomplished my goals. Hell man I loved it so much I never left. I said to hell with school...this is what I enjoy.�

�Yeah, well that�s your loss. I want to get big, but school�s my number one priority.�

�Hey, it takes a serious level of commitment to get this big.� Brendan nonchalantly caresses his bicep with the back of his finger, and allows his and to run down his thunderous chest and cavernous abs.

�I told you what I want! I want to get huge. I know you have something that makes guys huge. That�s what I want, to be a massive!�

�Look man, here�s the deal. This is a serious gym for serious guys. We can build you up to whatever level you�re willing to take it, but it takes commitment, serious commitment. I�m talking 100% all-in commitment to your training. Are you ready to make getting bigger your sole focus in life?�

�What are you saying? Are you gonna help me get big or what?�

�That�s what I�m trying to figure out. How bad do you really want to grow buddy? You said you were in school�that you wanted to be the biggest man on campus. That�s fine and good, but we don�t really have time to play around with someone�s hobby here. We�re serious about training. We give out trainees 100% of our efforts, and we require the same.�

�I told you I want to grow huge, but if you�re trying to tell me I�d have to quit school you�re fucking nuts!�

�I�m not saying you have to quit school. It�s your choice. You can leave, and go back to school and go hang out at the student gym. Go enjoy college, I�m sure you can get in pretty good shape there�you have to go with your priorities.�

�Muscle is my priority! But school is too and my college has to come first! Now are you gonna help me out or what. I have plenty of money. I can pay you��

Brendan laughs and lifts his massive frame from his chair. �Look, your body is obviously not your number one priority. You just don�t have the commitment we require here. Go back to the student gym and enjoy college, but don�t waste my time if you�re not serious.�

�What the fuck man! Who the hell do you think you are?!?�

�I�m sure you can find your way out.� Brendan ignores Josh�s ranting and slowly lumbers his massive frame past him and out of the room.

�Fuck him,� Josh mumbles under his breath. He thinks �if that fucker won�t help me, I�ll figure out what they got here myself. There has to be something in this place.�

Josh fumbles around Brendan�s desk looking for the secret stash of roids or whatever these guys are using. There�s something there, he�s sure of it. Finding nothing, Josh leans over the desk and yanks open the drawer. There it is. He finds a lone syringe � one of those pressure injectors. It�s labelled Initial Entry-phase #1 � Induction.

�I knew it!� exclaims Josh. �Stupid fucker wouldn�t help me�arrogant son of a bitch. At least I�m getting something out of this crap!�

Without pause, Josh grabs the syringe, presses the gun to his forearm and releases the injection. He feels the injection rush into his arm, just then he turns as he hears a noise...its Brendan coming back down the hall.

Josh hustles to put the syringe back, but before he can put it back he hears Brendan.

"Look man, I wanted to apologise for being a little short with..."

Brendan stops dead in his tracks as he turns into the room and sees you with the empty syringe. Josh notices the shocked look on his face.

�Shit!� he thinks. �I�m umm, I�m sorry man!�


�What the hell possessed you to go rooting around in there?�

�I wanna get big man, and you wouldn�t help me so�I just want to get really huge and��

�Well, I guess you're in the right place for that now, but what about... You'd better sit back down...� Brendan pushes past him and sits back into his chair.

�Why?� Josh exclaims the anxious indignation and fear showing through his tough demeanour.


Josh just looks at him scared and freaked out.

�Look man would ya just sit down so I can think for a minute.� Josh notices that Brendan seems less pissed off, but notices his frustration.

�You'd better sit back down.�

�Dude, what is it?�

Brendan takes the syringe from Josh and looks at it, ignoring his nervous query �You go ahead and sit back down.�

�So I thought school was the most important thing to you?�

It is! But I told u I want to be big!�

�Well, you're going to definitely be getting big now.�

�Why is that?�

�You thought you were being smart with the syringe didn�t you?�

�Yeah,� Josh smugly retorts, crossing his arms like a pouting child.

�Saw the label, going to make yourself big with or without us huh?�


�Man you think you're hot shit don�t you?�

No just determined.�

�Yeah, well when I asked you how determined you were earlier, you said school was the thing that had to come first.�

�It is, but so is my size man. Not gonna be a dumb muscle head!�

�Well, you're going to get your size, but you can pretty much forget about school now.�


�Well, let me try to explain this while you can still understand it...�


�When you found this syringe, you were right. This is the stuff we use to start our level 3 customers on their way. It's the first step to a training program that makes your whole life revolve around muscle and the gym. But you didn�t want that, you just wanted to be big.�

�You don't even have the commitment to be a level 3!�


�Yeah now do you want to be a level 3? Do you want to dedicate 100% of everything to nothing but building your body?�

�No man, but I want the size!�

�You still worried about school?�


Brendan picks p the syringe, looks at it head on, and runs his fingers around the rim of the injector.

�What is that?�

�You see these numbers? They're batch numbers. Every time the formula is made, it�s assigned a unique batch number.�


�This syringe was in my desk drawer so I would have the batch number handy. Did you really think I'd just keep the formulas we use sitting in my desk drawer?�

�Umm�well I��

�God Damn! For a college student you don't have much common fucking sense!�

�I do! I figured u didn't��

�Well, forget about anything else, and get used to being here, because this is about to become your home.�

Josh shoots up from his chair and quickly run down the hall. He gets to the end of the hall only to find that the doors he came in are locked. As he fumbles with the door, panicking, he hears Brendan�s calm nonchalant voice "Don't you want to know WHY I needed that batch number Collegeboy?"

Realizing the helplessness of his immediate situation, and dire to know what he�s gotten himself into Josh turns around. �Ok fine, why?�

�The reason I needed THAT syringe, is because there was a problem with the formula. Normally, we get guys into the program with the starter injection, it just gets things primed for training; allows them to clear their minds, helps them take the instructions of their trainer to heart, concentrate on training. It also alters, the chemical balances of their bodies, primes their bodies for the main phase of training.�

�Okay, but what did I take?�

�We don't know exactly. We only found out something was wrong with it yesterday...�

�What was wrong?!?�

�Well, you see, the program requires five injections, one to start it, one for the each training segment, and a final to end the process. The trick is that all five shots have to come from the same batch. That�s just the way it works.�

�That's why I wanted to really know your goals, and know whether it was really that important to you, to make sure you could even handle it all...�

�Well so far I am fine.�

�Oh right, your syringe.�

�Yeah! What about it?�

�Well, we just got that delivery yesterday. And our first trainee started yesterday morning. He had already made all the right arrangements to join us, so we gave him the initial treatment. Normally, you don't see much change in the first treatment, but with this guy...�

�What?!!!? What fucking happened to him?!?�

�Like I said, nothing much normally happens in the first phase, its all prep. But this guy, by lunch time, he was all freaked out. We had our first run through in the gym, and he just seemed to be mad about the weights, he hit them like a mad man, and bam, he starts growing right then and there. Like a fucking addict. Next thing you know he�s fucking pumping away and boned up as hell. He fucking jumps right on one of the other trainees and starts fucking the hell out of him. Don�t get me wrong, it�s not like the other guy wouldn�t have liked it, but he was insane. So anyway, he basically fucks this guy like a rabid animal until he finally cums. It must�ve been a hell of an orgasm, because he just absolutely passed out afterwards.�

�So did he get bigger or what?!?�

�Damn, you just don�t grasp what�s going on here do you collegeboy?�

�Hey I just want be the biggest man on campus, and you need to tell me what the fuck was in that syringe.�

�Like I was saying, that�s not normal behavior. We went ahead and secured him while he was asleep and had our staff physician examine him. His readings were off the scale, every chemical process in his body was on overload. Within a few hours he had gained 30 pounds and we hadn�t even started the growth phase.�

�So I�m gonna grow?�

�Shut the fuck up.�

Josh does as he�s told, and for a brief flash wonders why he did it.

�We had the doc administer some meds to temporarily suspend the effects of the formula. Finally the guy woke up, totally out of it. We told him what happened, that we didn�t know what went wrong, but that the only way stop the process was to go ahead and take him through the entire series one after the other to cancel everything out. Unfortunately, the guy refused, he wouldn�t let us continue the series.�

�I don�t fucking blame him! You already fucked up his brain. At least he got 30 lbs off you! What does this have to do with me?�

�Well, he should have let us take him to the finish, like I told you, the entire series has to come from the same batch, and he wouldn�t let us give him anything else. Anyway, so I left him to consult with the lab, and by the time I got back that dumb fucker was dead.�

�What the fuck? You just gave me fucking poison?!?�

�Hey I didn�t give you shit! You took it. Now shut up and listen.�

Again Josh did as he was told, �what the fuck?� his mind flashed.

�I told you the series has to be completed, he didn�t complete his series. Apparently this flawed batch is more powerful and works on an accelerated schedule. As long as we give you the next injection soon, you�ll be fine.�

�Then give me the fucking shot! Where�s the fucking antidote?�

�Well, there isn�t exactly an antidote. What you�ve started is a training program. Normally it�s a several month program, but with you it�s obviously going to be different.�

�So fucking hurry up and give me the shot!�

�Don�t you want to know what is going to happen to you? It�s surely not going to be college anymore.�

�Why the fuck do you keep saying that?!? Just give me the fucking shots so I can leave!�

�Look, once I give you the next shot, things won�t be in your hands anymore, and with this altered formula I can�t even promise you I know what will happen.�

�If you�ll just listen, I�ve been trying to explain that to you. Our program focuses on a few areas to help our trainees reach their body goals. We require our trainees to fully commit to the program for the duration of their training. They live, eat, sleep, workout, everything here in the center. The formula allows us to make their time here absolutely efficient in accomplishing their goals. A lot of guys want to get huge, but they just don�t have the self control it really takes to go all in on a training regimen.

So, we use these drugs. They let us put our trainees into an enhanced bodybuilding mode. Like I said, the first injection primes you for the process. It clears the mind of any extraneous thoughts and distractions, allowing for full focus on training. It also cleanses the body of anything that would inhibit growth, and preps the body for phase 2.

The second injection actually begins the process of growth and training. It�s a combination of mind-altering drugs and growth enhancers teamed with a specially designed retrovirus that causes all of the body�s systems to go into a type of ultra-puberty mode. It turns the trainee into a mindless, muscle-sponge. Basically, it�s a robot-like state of hypnosis that allows us to force training into overdrive � the trainee has no choice but to do everything exactly as we say, and at the intensity we tell them, there�s not even any will to do otherwise.

The 3rd and fourth injections just amplify and accelerate the process. They�re administered as growth plateaus are reached. We of course supplement this with ultra-high quality protein-rich foods, and more androgens than you could imagine. And with nothing to interfere with training, growth is fast, results exact, and the muscle huge.

The last injection just stops the process. A second retrovirus returns the DNA to a stable state, just like before, but adjusted to allow the body to support the new growth. The trainee regains his self-will and awareness, and has his dream body. He gets to experience the whole process like a spectator in his own body, and walks away a god.

It�s a great program. Hell the only side-effects so far seem to be a greater need for food to fuel all the new muscle, and elevated sexual desire. But, no one�s really complained about the being horny yet. Any questions?�

�So you�re saying I get to grow like those guys did? Can�t you just give me the stuff? I can use it myself. I�m not about to LIVE here and let you people just fuck with me all the time. I got school! I just want the muscle; fuck all that mind control bullshit. I�ll pay you, how much for all the juice?�

�It doesn�t work that way.�

�Well it needs to! You�re not gonna fuck with my brain and shit. Wait, so what the fucks wrong with the shit I took. What did you do to that other guy?�

�We don�t know that there�s anything �wrong� with the formula you took. We just know it�s different. Since the guy that took it wouldn�t let us continue the cycle, we never got the chance to find out what it does.�

�You said it made him grow didn�t you? So I�m gonna grow right? But you�re not gonna fuck up my mind like you did that guy, fuck no! I came here because I want to get huge. I�m cool with that, but I�m not into this fucking muscle zombie bull shit of yours��

�Look! You don�t seem to be grasping this. You don�t get a say in this anymore. We had a contract with the last guy, that�s the only reason he got a say in his future, and look at him, fucking killed himself because he got scared.

You on the other hand fucking stole our property. You don�t get to decide what goes from here. You wanted to get huge, and I guarantee you that that�s definitely going to happen, and if you�re lucky you might even come through the process in tact. But, other than the fact that you�re gonna get your wish to grow huge, you don�t get a say in anything anymore.�

�The hell I don�t! Fuck you man!! If you don�t give me those other��


Josh immediately quits speaking. �What the hell?� He can hear himself think the words, but can�t speak them; doesn�t even seem to have the will to speak them.

�That�s right. You quit talking didn�t you? That�s because the first shot has taken effect. Hmm, funny, the effects on the mind are way stronger in this batch too.�

The intercom speaker activates: �Brendan the rep from MyoPharm is on line 1 for you.�

�Thanks, Kyle.� Brendan picks up his handset. �Dane! Yeah, that�s right, we had an issue with the latest shipment. One death. No we didn�t get to observe much, one set of tests, that all. No, no problems. Shipped him out as a heart attack. Nah, no investigation it�s done.�

�Yeah I�ve got the batch number here for you. Let�s see it�s�hey man hold on a sec.�


Josh feels himself suddenly able and more than ready to speak. �Hey what the fuck is going on? What the fuck was that? And��

�Josh Sleep.�

Like a switch josh felt his body go immediately to sleep, his conscious mind turns off like a switch. He managed to get out a single �What the fuck� thought just before his mind switched to an immediate REM cycle.

�Sorry, didn�t want any distractions man. Okay this is the 5 shot series. It reads MyoPharm Labs � Malibu, Batch# MG2473. Oh yeah man, and we�ve got another issue. Some fucking punk managed to inject himself with the other induction dose.�

�That�s right. Well so far he seems okay, but it�s only been about half an hour. No physical effects yet, but he�s already completely suggestible.�

�Yeah I know that doesn�t usually happen in the 1st phase. You already know about the last guy. He was fucking insane, that�s why I�m just letting this fucker sleep until we figure out what to do with him. At least that other poor trainee didn�t even know he got raped. Hell, he won�t even realize it happened till next month when his cycle�s through, and hell he won�t care then�probably get off on it.�

�Nah, no contract. Nobody even knows he�s here. Some snotty ass college punk who walked in looking for a shortcut to �get big�.�

�I�m with you man. If we don�t do anything we�ll have another corpse on our hands, and I don�t really think I can claim 2 heart attacks in 2 days. �I say we send him through the whole cycle, see what happens. You pull up anything on that batch# yet?�

�Holy shit, you trying to tell me that fucking Adman crap is true? Wait, but even in the stories they destroyed it all. So you mean to tell me you guys are considering reintroducing the raw stuff?�

�So this is like a mix, huh. Well I don�t guess it matters that we weren�t supposed to get the stuff, we got it now, at least one guy�s surely got it. So what do you want to do?�

�Yeah, I can handle it. How long should I wait? Now, well okay man�are you heading down here or what?�

�Okay man, I�ll have him in the weight room and going at it by the time you land. See you in a few hours. Yeah, hell yeah I�ll take a free sample�the shit you guys debuted in San Fran, hell yeah. If it�s as good as you said� Alright man, see you then.�

Josh! Wake up!

Josh awakens to see Brendan returning his desk phone to its receiver, a mischievous smirk across his face. Josh�s thoughts flood his hazy mind for a second. He can�t decide if he just woke up, or did he just open his eyes. Wait a minute were they even closed?�

�Okay College boy, it�s time to begin your training. Come with me�

Josh wants to protest. He isn�t going to any fucking training. He has school tomorrow, he� But instead he just finds himself following the massive god in front of him.

They walk down a series of hallways, passing through the Level 2 gym. Josh notices that it�s filled with bodybuilders grunting and screaming as they shred their hot bodies. �Definitely some pro-cards in there,� he thinks. For some though, instead of stopping to watch, he finds himself only willing follow Brendan.

Another set of hallways and they enter a much larger gym. It�s filled with equipment that looks more industrial than athletic, and�

�What the hell?� Josh mumbled, or at least he thinks he mumbled it.

Brendan stops and turns back to see his dumbfounded companion. �That�s right Josh, their huge, humongous in some cases, and they�re still in training. Don�t worry, you�ll be part of the gang real soon.�

Josh just stares at the unreal monsters he sees destroying themselves on these sadistic looking machines. They look like they�re in pain, no, they don�t look like anything. Like a bunch of fucking zombie behemoths.

Josh finds himself feeling weirdly turned-on, and stricken with absolute fear, and hot, and �whoa, dizzy� That time he�s sure he said something because he felt Brendan�s massive muscles cradle him as he fell into the god in front of him.

�Alright collegeboy, we�d better get you into the Doc.�

The next thing Josh knows, he�s strapped to some metal table. The cold must have snapped him awake. He can hear Brendan�s voice. He�s talking to somebody. Josh�s only thought he can muster is one of wondering why he doesn�t seem to care or why he isn�t asking why he�s strapped down.

�Yeah Doc, he just got a little exited in there.�

�I thought you were going to return that crap to the lab?�

�I was. I was. This little fuck stole the other injector out of my desk and shot himself up. I called Myopharm. They said to send him through the process. Dane�ll be here in a few hours.�

�We�re working against a timeline here. How long has it been? I can�t have another fucking body you know? We�re going to have to monitor everything. The minute things start looking iffy, we�ll have to go to the next injection. I don�t care how stupidly big these dumb fucks want to get, but it�s my job to make sure they come out of it alive. How long has it been?�

�Less than an hour, we�re going to skip the usual preliminaries so that we avoid another mishap like yesterday. Dane seems to think it will be safer to get him straight into the growth phase. The systems are all more stable at that point he said.�

�Well let�s get to it. You have the #2 syringe ready?�

�Yeah Doc, here you go.�

�Well let�s wake him up and watch the ride�

�Josh, Awake!�

Josh sees a lot of light and focuses on the faces of Brendan and somebody else over him. �Awake,� he thinks �was I asleep, what the hell is going��

Alright man, you wanted to grow so here you go. See you on the other side punk! Bye bye Josh!�

Just then Josh feels a sharp pain in his groin. He recognized the sound he heard from the injection he had given himself earlier. Suddenly the entire room seemed to go cloudy, then grey, then black�so dizzy, spinning� •

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