Project Atlas


By muscleboy82000

Project Log – Day 7

The guys report this morning that they could not sleep much last night and spent most of the time doing the “usual”, which is their code for lifting, eating and fucking. They continue to grow in height, weight and muscle size/mass and quality of muscle definition. All four have great 8-pack abs with crevices that could take a nickel and their cocks are large and thick. Each of them has huge chests with nipple area the size of silver dollars pointing straight down. No increase in body hair observed but the hair on their head is now well beyond shoulder length. Each consumed at least 2000 calories of food for breakfast. Because of the amount of calories needed, they have shifted from “human” food to meal replacements drinks with extra protein powder added that is the thickness of “pudding”. I think it must taste like shit but they think that it taste great. After breakfast, the decided to take a break from the “usual” and go lay around the lake and grab some rays. I told them that my Dad had a large library in the house and that they should grab a book to read. They agreed and left the barn.

Once in the lab, I received the various lab reports on Josh and was shocked at what I learned. Seems that the genetic testing from the baseline sample to the latest showed some major changes to his DNA, about 0.5% of his DNA has changed. All of the other tests showed massive changes. I called the lab and requested a complete genetic workup. As I was going over the results, Matt stuck his head in the lab to see what was up. Seems that they had finished the books they took down and he ran up to get some more. I asked why not just switch and he said that they already finished all four books they took. He grabbed a large box from the trash and said he better get moving before the guys missed him. I looked at the clock and saw that they had only been at the lake for about an hour and I should head down to see what books they were reading, maybe some of Mom’s “light” reading instead of Dad’s novels and text books.

When I got to the lake, it was an interesting sight of four huge musclemen sunning themselves with a large pile of books stacked around them. I was an interesting sight to see four muscle gods lying on their backs, reading with mammoth dicks flapping in the wind. I asked Jason what was going on and he said that they were craving mental stimulation, similar to their need to be stimulated physically and sexually. He said that he had finished 8 of the books since they came down. I was shocked when I saw that they were my Dad’s technical and engineering text and reference books and wanted to test their IQ’ as soon as possible. I asked them how their craving from sexual satisfaction was and desires and Jason said that the “animal” desire seems to be transforming to a passion/spiritual desire and that it seemed to be under control, for now.

Once back at the barn, I sent Todd and Jason to go work out while Josh and Matt took an on-line IQ test. The test was a 200-question test so they should be occupied for a couple of hours. I decided to check on Todd and Jason and found them just getting starting in the gym and asked if they mind if I observed them. They were excited about showing off and decided to start with an 800 pound bench press and add 100 pounds after each 10 reps until one of them wimped out. Jason climbed under the bar and pressed out 10 reps as if it weighted nothing and the same with Todd. They continued 900, 1000, 1100, 1200 pounds which barely causing a sweat. As Jason started his 1300 set, his cock went from being its “normal” semi-head to fully erect and I was totally shocked at the sight. I still did not know how they fucked each other with these improved cocks of theirs but part of me wanted to try. The only word to describe Jason’s cock was awesome. His dick was as thick as a soft drink can and long enough for the head to reach into the crevice between his pecs. Once he finished, the same thing occurred during Todd’s 1300 pound set. As they switched, I asked what was different this time and Todd said that they were finally getting to enough weight to start to “work” their muscles. As Jason started on his 1400 pound set, he began to pour pre-cum from his cock at a steady flow. I looked at Todd and saw a strange look on his face like he was fighting to maintain control of himself. Once Jason finished his set, he yelled at Todd to stop standing their and take care of his cock. Todd placed another 200 pounds on the bar, walked to Jason’s cock and swallowed the entire thing. As Todd moved up and down sucking on Jason’s cock, Jason began to pump out his next set with 1600 pounds. The more he pumped, the more pre-cum flowed and the harder and faster that Todd worked on sucking Jason’s dick and playing with his balls. As Jason hit his 12th rep, he screamed as he was coming and pumped and pumped and pumped a large amount of cum into Todd’s mouth. Todd was able to swallow every drop. Once Jason was finished blowing his load, Todd climbed up Jason’s mammoth body and they began kissing each other. It was a very passionate and loving kiss with lots of tongue. Todd told Jason that it was his turn and they began to change places when Josh and Matt entered the lab. I asked why they were not taking the test and Josh said that they both were finished with the entire test. The test was a 200 question multiple-choice test that they completed in about 45 minutes. I was surprised that they finished so quickly and thought they just wanted to get back to lifting and fucking.

We left Josh and Matt in the gym and I took Todd and Jason to the lab for testing. I got then started and went to check my email to see if the automated results of Josh’s and Matt’s test were back yet. I had an email from the testing site that stated that I needed to call the company as they had problems with the test. On calling the firm, they informed me that they had a problem because the results had them with an IQ of over the ability of the test to determine, based on the number of correct answers over such a short period of time. Watching Todd and Jason taking the test and saw them flying through the test. They were answering the questions as soon as it appeared on the screen. Went back to the gym and found Matt riding Josh’s cock as Josh was pumping out 1700 pound sets. Matt looks like he was on another planet as he moved up and down Josh’s dick and masturbating himself. As I walked closer to them, Josh set the weights down and let at a loud scream and began pumping his cum into Matt’s ass, followed quickly by Matt blowing his load all over Josh. For the first time, I noticed the sweet smell of there cum and noticed that my dick was becoming hard.

Once they finished and spent some time kissing, we began to talk about all of the changes. Josh stated that they were evolving and becoming better than a normal human, if they were even human anymore. Bigger, stronger, smarter than anyone else and that they were not finished evolving. Matt said that he and Josh both became self-aware of this evolution while fucking each other in the lab after taking the IQ test. It was like the fog had cleared and you can see everything clearly. Josh said that MS-5 must have triggered some type of genetic mutation and suggested that we do an Internet search for anything similar to this in ancient history. Josh then came over and hugged me and said that I should not blame myself for this and everything will be fine, if not better than fine. Todd and Jason returned to the gym saying that they completed the test. They were covered from head-to-toe in cum and said that they now understood what was going on. I was about ready to ask Jason how he felt and Jason just said that he never felt better and thanks for asking. I said I did not ask him and he said that he just knew that I was going to ask the question. I asked Josh to see if he could read my mind to and said yes and that they were now able to communicate with each other mentally. He said it just started.

We all went back to the lab and the guys consumed another 3000 to 4000 calories as we began to talk about what was occurring. Josh said that we must have activated a dormant gene that is resulting in this mutation. It seems that the more calories “fuel” is consumed, the faster the mutation is occurring. The need/desire for sex is because there cum is now a very protein rich substance and was being directly absorbed into the body. Matt suggested that we try to identify a way to bombard them with fuel to move the mutation process to completion. After a length discussion, Jason came up with a possible way of delivering enough “fuel” to them to complete the mutation, electrical energy. We discuss the risk and benefit and decided that we would try this out on one of them, just incase something terrible happened. Josh said that since he got everyone involved in this project, that he would be the one.

Before beginning this phase, we sent Josh to the showers to clean up while we set up the lab. We decided that we would use three, 30 amp 110-volt services (extension cords with one end exposed to make skin contact) and that we would start with one to see how it affected him. If things went well, then we would increase the duration and number used. When Josh returned, we did a complete assessment to develop his baseline.

Findings: Height is 7’5” and 630 pounds. Measurements are 39" arms, 87" chest, 34" waist, 53" thighs, 30" calves, and a dick of 31” long (Hard) and 12” in diameter. He had no body hair except for around his gentiles and his head, which was now long and flowing down to his mid back.

I asked Josh if he was ready and still wanted to complete this and he said that he had to know how far this mutation would go. We started with one cord with one minute of exposure. Josh said that he felt a tingling sensation but no pain. We repeated this process five times before stopping to check Josh. He said he felt fine and a little stronger and wanted to lift something. We went to the gym and he walked up to the bar that they had been benching, picked up the bar and began doing barbell arm curls with 1800 pounds. He pumped out twenty one-armed curls and said that he felt the weight but it was too light and he needed more weight. He walked outside and up to the farms Ford F-150 pickup truck. After looking at it for a minute, he reached down began to pick up the truck. It took some effort but he finally pressed the truck over his head and did it five times before setting it back on the ground. He smiled and said that is what a workout should feel like and began doing some bodybuilding poses. He looked bigger but he would not let us measure him has he wanted more. I increased the treatment to two sources and after five, one-minute treatments, Josh said he needed more and we added the third source. Once the third source was added, Josh’s eyes rolled back and he screamed in pure joy. His dick became hard and he exploded with cum flying all over the lab and with such force as it broke a window. I told the guys to disconnect Josh and he commanded in a deep voice to not to stop and keep it going. He said he felt himself growing, enhancing and evolving and did not want it to stop. His body began to shake and take on a deep dark brown color like a great suntan. His eyes began to glow like a light bulb and after about ten minutes, he said that he was done.

We disconnected everything and he rested on the floor for a minute before asking us how does he look. Matt said that he was simply gorgeous and that he was beyond huge. Josh said that once we connected all three, that the real change within him started. He said he felt himself changing and evolving, growing bigger and stronger. He stood and I now reached only to mid chest level. He said to measure him to see how much he grew. Josh’s measurements were now somewhat unbelievable: Height is 9 feet and 882 pounds. Measurements are 54" arms, 121" chest, 52" waist, 74" thighs, 42" calves, and a dick of 40” long (Hard) and 18” in diameter. Josh grew or changed by about 40% and his appearance was a close to perfection as possible. He said that he needed to see how strong he was and started from the door. He tried the Ford F-150 after doing 20 overhead presses and said that the truck was way too light for a proper workout. He saw the large farm tractor and walked over towards it. John asked how much did it weigh and I said at least 8 to 10 tons. Josh said that might be enough for a proper workout has he reached down and overhead pressed the tractor 10 times. After setting/dropping it to the ground, Josh said that it was ok but not close to providing a good workout. He looked at the other guys and said that it was incredible and they needed to mutate now because he needed to fuck someone that could handle his super cock and he needed a super cock shoved up is ass and down his throat.

Over the next hour, Jason, Matt and Todd all completed their mutation and became an equal to Josh. They all ended up within 10% of each other in height, weight and size. They came together and began to feel each other’s muscles and passionately kiss each other. The animal sexual desires and needs from a few days ago had turned into true passion. Josh came over to me, picked me up so that we were face-to-face and began to passionately kiss me. He thanked be for the helping him and his friends evolve and did not know how they could possibly replay me. Matt came over and kissed me too and suggested that I needed take some MS-5 and transform like them. I considered it for a few minutes but told them that I might later but right now, one of us needed to remain human. They all laughed and said that it was a good ideal. Jason said it was time for fucking and lets get it on. As they walked out of the lab, Matt said that I was welcome to come watch or play with them. I thanked them for thinking of me but I did not want to interfere with their fun and I was concerned that they might accidentally hurt me with their size and strength. Besides, it would be impossible for me to take one of their pricks, either anally or orally without serious physical injury or death. Todd said that is true but it would be a trip to die while taking their cocks up my ass and down by throat. Anyway, I was planning on watching them from the lab on the video system. •

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