Project Atlas


By muscleboy82000

Project Log – Day 5 (Second Entry)

The sounds of the wild sex finally ended after 5 hours. Between the various sounds of sex (grunts, moaning and yells of pleasure) and weights slamming on the floor, I was scared to look in on the group. A few minutes after the silence started, I was getting ready to check on them when Josh walked into the lab totally naked. The only thing that I could thing is that he looked like a god. He asked me if I liked his new look as he did a couple bodybuilder poses. Before I could say anything, he said that we needed to talk about everything. Josh apologized for kicking me out of the gym but he was concerned that I would be injured by one of them forcing their mammoth cock up my ass during the frenzy. He reported that for the past few days, their needs and desire for sex kept growing and growing. Late last night they were in the kitchen eating when Todd just pulled his dick out and started to masturbate. They all become so excited that they went to the gym and spent two hours jacking off in the shower. At first it was just individually but their desires for each other expanded and started feeling each other up and jacking each other off. They each came at least 10 times during the two hours. Josh said that the more that they worked out, the stronger the need and desire for sex became. The more they ejaculated, the stronger and more powerful they felt. Once they progressed to sex, the sensation of strength and power just kept increasing and the taste of their cum was the sweetest, most wonderful thing that he every had. Josh said that they spent the past five hours between sucking, fucking and lifting weights and that all of them have reached new limits, he proudly stated that he broke the 800 pound bench press but that Jason had the best of the group at 875 pounds. He said that the best was Todd fucking him up his ass, while Matt sucked his cock, while Jason shoved his dick down his throat as he was bench-pressing over 700 hundred pounds. They each took turns “lifting”. He said the feeling of Todd’s huge cock sliding in and out of his ass was wonderful and he could feel all of the ridges and veins that run along his mighty shaft.

I asked Josh about the others and he said that they were finally sleeping in the gym. He said that the guys were just too tired to lift or fuck anymore that the Todd was sleeping with Matt’s cock up his ass. I asked him why was he not sleeping and he said he wanted to advise me of what was occurring. After all, this is a scientific experiment. I told him that I wanted to do a complete physical on him to see his current status.

Findings: Height is 6’8” and 450 pounds. Measurements are 30 1/2" arms, 67 1/4" chest, 34" waist, 38 3/8" thighs and 23 3/4" calves. He said that we should measure his cock, which was 24” long (Hard) and 9” around after a few minutes of jacking. Unable to determine body fat, as his skin was so tight that the calipers would not work. Vision is now 20/40, without corrective lens. Pulse was 54 beats-per-minute and respirations were 10 breaths-per-minutes. Unable to check his blood pressure, as I did not have a cuff large enough to go around any part of his arms or legs. His hair on his head seems to be growing faster than normal and was now shoulder length. Collected urine, semen and blood samples for lab testing, getting the blood sample was interesting as his skin is becoming very tough and Josh had to force the needle into his arm. Josh reported that he could hear truck air horns but the closest major road was five miles away. I asked him if their was anything else and he said that he felt a new awareness of his surroundings and environment.

Once we finished, Josh made a couple of suggestion. One was that they needed more weights to lift as they max out everything in the gym. Second was that we should convert the garage part of the barn into a communal bedroom as they are going to need room to sleep and fuck and he was afraid that they would destroy the inside of the house. Third was that we need to come up with a better way for them to refuel because normal food just was not going to cut it because of the amount they needed to eat. I asked Josh about his new choice of words and conversion to man-on-man sex. He said that he never wanted to have sex with a woman again that only this group could properly address his new manly needs. With that he said he was going to bed, walked over to the refrigerator, drank one gallon of the meal replacement “pudding” mixture and headed to the gym. I had been given them 8 oz of the mixture and here Josh drank a gallon.

Made arrangements for a variety of bodybuilding supplements, additional weights, 8 king size mattresses and a some other supplies to help with the guys.

Project Log – Day 6

Completed the lab workup of the blood, urine and semen samples that I took from Josh last night. All test reported everything at three to four times normal levels, except for sperm count and hormonal levels were at ten times normal.

Todd walked into the lab, naked, and asked if I had any of the “pudding” mixed up. He drank an entire gallon of the stuff in about three gulps. Performed a physical exam, similar to Josh’s last night. Found Todd to be in no distress, height was 6’ 10”, weight was 495 pounds and rest of the findings were similar to Josh’s. Todd said he has never felt this good in his life and thanked me for allowing him to be part of the experiment. Asked him about the male-to-male sex and he replied that if being homosexual was this great a feeling that he would have tried it earlier. He said the sex last night was great and sent chills throughout his body each time he came. Asked him about walking around without clothes on and he said that when you have a body like this, why would you want to wear anything to cover it. Told him that he and the guys needed to either head over to the house or the lake for a few hours as I had people coming to deliver new weights and equipment for the gym, food stuff and new bedding. He said that he would take the guys down to the lake for some swimming and sun but they would clean up the gym before they left.

After all of the deliveries and the installation of the camera system were completed, I headed down to the lake to see what the guys were up to. I should not have been surprised when I found Jason lying on the ground with Josh riding his cock and jacking himself. Just as I was getting close, Josh let out a scream and shot ropes of cum into the air. It hot at least 20 feet into the air and landed about 50 feet away. It seemed that he shot for 5 minute. Just as he finished Jason screamed a pumped his man seed into Josh’s ass. I was surprised that none of it flowed out of his ass. Once Jason was finished they collapsed and rested for about 10 minutes and passionately kissed each other. Once they became aware that I was watching them; I asked them what happened to the other two. Josh said that they went for a walk looking for something heavy to lift. Just then Matt and Todd surfaced from the lake and said that they just swan across the lake underwater. The lake is 1000 meters across and they said that they could swim underwater without coming up for air. I said that could not be true and Matt said that he would prove it and dove underwater. I started to become concerned after a couple of minutes and Jason said to just sit tight and watch. He stayed underwater for over 10 minutes and surfaced without being short of breath. I asked him how he felt and reported that he felt fine and just did not seem to need air.

I am concerned of what have I done to these kids. I have no ideal of how this experiment will end and what effect these changes to them will impact their health and lives. The muscle growth and strength was one thing but things like increased height, improvements in vision and the long periods they can survive without oxygen leads me to believe that I may be creating monsters. I am hopeful that I will get the extensive test back on Josh that I sent to the lab yesterday and that the results may help explain what is going on. •

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