Project Atlas


By muscleboy82000

Project Log – Day 0 (Log Open)

This log is to record the events related to the first human test of an anti muscle-wasting compound that we call Muscle Save Five or MS-5. MS-5 is intended to work by stopping the muscle wasting activities of various diseases and support the growth of new muscle. When I say we, I mean myself, Dr Roger Clark, and my lab assistant Josh. I am a professor of Biochemistry at a well-known State University and Josh is my lab assistant and first year grad student. Our research project is funded by several grants and intended to identify either a cure or treatment for muscle wasting diseases. We have had great results in various experiments and some initial tests involving lab animals and until today were not even considering moving towards human testing. I have know that Josh had some family problems but he told me today that his younger brother as a rapid progressing form of Muscular Dystrophy and has been given only a few months to live. He said that this has been hard on the family since an older brother died six years earlier from the same disease. He asked about using MS-5 on his brother as all of the other treatments have failed. I told him that I felt for him but I am concerned about having the first human test on a person who is not healthy. Josh said that he understood and that he and three friends would volunteer to be the first human. After considering all of the information, I advised Josh that I would support the human testing and that for security, we will run the experiment at my parents farm and would begin tomorrow as we needed to gather equipment and supplies.

Project Log – Day 1

With my parents out of the country on vacation, the farm was a perfect place to conduct this experiment as it was away from people and the barn was more of a garage for dad’s car collection, which made a great lab area. It also included a high-end home gym and a small locker room area. As I completed the lab setup, Josh arrived with his three friends. I began to explain the experiment and the risk and they all said that Josh had explained everything and they would do anything to help Josh and his family. All were friends from high school and knew the family for some time and all of them made a videotape last night saying that they volunteered to be part of the experiment and knew the risks. I explained to them that once the experiment began that they needed to stay on the farm and report any signs of problems or ill feelings to me immediately. Before giving them MS-5, I completed a complete physical exam on each of them.

Highlights from Initial Exam

Josh is a 21-year-old male with no history of medical problems. He is 5’9” tall and 195 pounds and 12% body fat. He is nearsighted, 20/100, and requires corrective lens.

Todd is a 20-year-old male with a past history of environmental allergies. He is 5’11, and 210 pounds.

Jason is a 22-year-old male with no medical problems. He is 6’1’ tall and 200 pounds. He is nearsighted, 20/300, and requires corrective leans.

Matt is 19-year-old male with no medical problems. He is 5’8’ tall and 210 pounds.

All four received an injection of 100 ml of MS-5 by an IV over a period of 15 minutes at 20o hours. All of them reported that they felt a “warm” feeling as the fluid flowed into their veins but nothing else. I informed them that I did not want them consuming anything that I did not provide them. This was so that not interfered or changed the outcome of the experiment.

Project Log – Day 2

All four of the subjects reported no problems during the night. They each stated that they slept very well, felt totally rested, full of energy and extremely hunger. For breakfast, they consumed more than a normal amount of food, per statements from each. Following breakfast, I conducted the first of twice-a-day physical exams on each of them. Only difference from the initial exam was a slight increase in body temperature in each subject, less than one degree. Blood samples were taken. Following the exam the subject went to explore the farm.

At lunch (1300 hrs) Josh stated that they had spend the past few hours playing basketball and none of them were a bit tired. Matt reported that it was the most physical game that they had every played and surprised that someone was not hurt. All reported being extremely hungry. I decided that I would begin recording their food intake. Each consumed about 2000 calories of beef, potatoes and salad.

At 1645hrs, Jason came running into the lab and said that something was wrong with Todd in the gym. Found Todd lying on the floor doubled over in pain. He stated it was the worse stomach pain he ever had. Performed a blood sugar test and found it extremely low. As I began to treat him, all the others began to complain of similar pain. Mixed up a batch of a Bodybuilders protein drink, doubled the normal amount of mix and milk, and had each drink a glass. Pain went away almost immediately. Josh advised that they were working out when it started. Matt stated it was the best and hardest workout he ever had and felt the best. He was lifting heavier than ever. Another blood test found that all four of their metabolisms were working at a minimum of 300% of normal and that the pain was from the lack of food. As long as I kept them well fed, they should stay pain free.

Project Log – Day 3

Seems that none of the four can go without food for more that a couple of hours without the development of severe pain. The four have consumed enough food for a week in just two days. The best solution found so far has been to make pudding like mixture of double amounts of meal replacements powders and milk. Each of them is consuming 16oz of this stuff every two to three hours. As for physically, each has gained no less than 20 pounds and appears to adding muscle mass. Jason has reported that a ring he normally wears is now too small. Josh reports that when he is lifting, that he has the same feeling as when coming during sex and he has the desire to masturbate more than usual. Blood samples were taken that were sent to the local hospital for testing. It seems that all the four want to do is eat, sleep and exercise. The length of sleep is limited to the amount of time between feedings.

Project Log – Day 4

I am becoming very concerned about the reaction of the four subjects to MS-5. Todd stated this morning at I might need to order more weights for the gym as they are running out of weights to exercise properly. He said that he has added 100 pounds to his bench press and a like amount to all of his exercises. They all stated that something strange is going on with them as their clothes are getting too small for them and they need to masturbate. Josh, being the scientist of the group reported that his dick and balls are becoming bigger, he is becoming constantly horny, his strength is increasing and he seems to be growing.

After completing a physical exam I learned that they all are growing in height and weight. The blood work showed that everything in their bodies is working at 3 to 4 times normal. I informed Josh that I was becoming concerned and that I would begin looking for a way to slow things down. He said that I should not because he felt great and wanted to see how far things would go. I suggested that we send a muscle sample to a lab to see what was going on. For some reason, it was difficult to insert the needle into Josh’s leg to collect the sample. He did suggest that I should get some additional weights for the gyms to help keep the troops happy.

I talked with Josh following the evening meal as the rest of the guys cleaned up. Josh said that he has never felt this energized before. He said that he is starting to feel like he has the power to take on the world and win. He said that it felt wonderful but he is concerned about some new and strange feels towards the guys. He is being drawn to then sexually. He said that he had never felt anything towards a man but he is seeing is buddies as attractive and desirable. Every time he jacks off, which is a lot, he feels more powerful and stronger

Project Log – Day 5

The subjects continued their cycle of sleep, food and working out. Their physical appearance has changed to that of professional bodybuilders as the amount of body fat has continued to decrease and large muscles continue to develop and cover their bodies. They report the need to masturbate at least four times a day to keep their balls form hurting and the amount of semen is two to three times normal. I asked them to provide a sample that showed that their sperm count was 10 times normal. Food intake is close to 10,000 calories-a-day. Following their morning assessments, Josh has reported that he is having strange urges towards fucking anything that moves and is starting to feel attracted to Todd, Jason and Matt. He said that last night after their evening workout that they all jerked off in the shower together. Josh also started that he is enjoying the feeling of power and strength that was flowing throughout is body.

While observing their morning workout session, Matt broke the 500 lbs bench press. He said that this was double his previous best before the experiment. Since I had not observed one of their workout sessions in, it was a very interesting experience. All for became like animals and pushing each other to lift more and more weight. Each had to leave the gym and jack off as their balls became enlarged. It appears that semen production and genital growth is equal to their muscle growth. It also seemed as they were holding back since I was watching them. I contacted a friend in the security business to install cameras so that I could observe them and still allow privacy.

A surprise occurred during their afternoon workout. Jason was bench-pressing 485 pounds during a fifth set when is dick ripped through his gym shorts. It was the largest cock I had ever seen, larger that 12 inches in length had the head was as big as a lemon and pre-cum was leaking out of it. Matt, who was spotting for Jason, began to acting like he was in a tracing. While Jason continued to lift, Matt moved to the side of the bench and began jacking off Jason. As Matt quit lifting, Jason dropped to his knees and inserted Matt’s dick into his mouth. For someone that had no experience, Jason sucked Matt off and took the entire dick into his mouth. Within a few minutes, Matt came with a force that I have never seen before. He had been holding onto the bar when he came and when he removed his hands, I saw imprints of his fingers on the bar. I turned my head a saw that Josh and Todd were standing naked and jacking each other off. The remains of their clothes were on the ground and appeared to have been ripped from their bodies. They both then kissed each other with the most affectionate manner I had ever seen and feeling each other’s muscles. Their eyes were glazed over, as they seemed to be lost in a lust and passion. Jason had pushed Matt to the floor and was giving Matt a blowjob and swallowing his entire cock. I called Josh’s name out three times until he pulled off of Todd’s cock and told me to leave them before I was injured. He immediately returned to sucking the huge cock attached to Matt

I am deeply concerned as to what I have done to these young men. Sitting in the lab, I can hear sounds of raw animal passion from the gym. I do not know how far this will go or if I can stop what is happening to the guys. •

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