Project Atlas


By muscleboy82000

Project Log – 14-Day Summary Report

It has been 14 days since being this phase of the experiment. Currently the four subjects continue to be in good health and have now negative effects from the experiment. Their physical structure has stabilized with an average increase in height of 30%, weight by 200%, all being muscle and bone, and body fat decreasing on less than 2%. General Physical appearance would be described a large bodybuilder type. Enlarge muscle mass and definition. All of them have required a large increase in food, especially protein, to prevent an almost debilitating hunger from developing. I have created a protein paste that each subject carries and use in a similar manner of a diabetic would use glucose paste for low blood sugar. Each subject has reported a decrease need for sleep, down from the normal 8 to 10 hours to only 3 to 4 hours. One of the most remarkable effects has been that each subject’s strength has increased as least 15 times. They have exceeded the capability of the equipment available and currently determining a solution to continue testing their strength. Subjects report an increased level of pleasure while exercising their muscles. Neurological testing has shown an increase in neurological functions and capabilities. I.Q. testing shows a 20% increase from the subject’s baseline tests.

We are still working on properly identifying and testing their new abilities and enhancements as they continued to mature. Some of these new abilities could be described as something that a comic book superhero might have. All of their senses have been enhanced. An example is that to of the subjects required corrective lens prior to beginning the experiment and now all four have vision-exceeding 20/5. The one enhancement that was a total surprise was the increase in the size of their genitals. Each of them now has a penis at least 24 inches in length and with balls the size of oranges. All have reported the need to ejaculate at least 4 times a day or they report massive pain due to swelling of their balls. Each ejaculation is producing over 400ml of fluid. All of the subjects initial stated that they were “straight” with no homosexual desires or tendencies. This changed following the start of the program has they shifted to needing and desiring man-to-man sex. They all have reported that they no longer find females attractive sexually and the strength and pleasure from orgasms is beyond belief. They have stated that sex is 100 times better since the program has started. I was shocked, at first, when I saw two of the subjects engaged in hot sex and seeing such a large penis being inserted into an ass or mouth but now I am beginning to enjoy seeing the four of them pleasing each other.

While the outcome of this experiment did not lead to a feasible treatment for Muscular Dystrophy or other muscle degeneration type diseases, it has produced some fantastic results that must be continued to explore. To protect the subjects, we will continue to keep the experiment and subject secret from anyone outside the team to prevent the government from taking over. One concern is that as the subjects continue to “grow” or evolve, how much longer will we be able to control their actions. I do somewhat regret allowing my assistant to talk me into allowing him and his three roommates from serving as the subjects of this experiment. While his goal of trying to save the life of his brother with Muscular Dystrophy, I am not sure that he has yet understood the results of his rush but he does seem to be enjoying his improvements •

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