Fat Camp

Friday Night


By mlp1983

After Friday night’s dinner, Don and I began the massive cleanup job to which we had grown accustomed. I loaded the dishwasher while he scrubbed pots and pans in the sink. I watched his muscular buns in the white pants that clung tightly to his in credible thighs and ass. I made sure he didn’t catch me lusting for him as we did our work. Once completed, Don promised that he would do some measurements on me after our workout to see how I had progressed. I started boning in my jeans at the thought of him measuring me.

In the dining hall, I could overhear the counselors mention that the guys would be taking a trip into Portland the next morning. I asked Don about it and he said that we would have to pack lunches for the guys beginning around 5 AM as we made breakfast.

We went to they gym as they councilors discussed the plans with the campers. While we were there, Don decided to take some of my measurements. “We have a weight baseline, but we need to take measurements of you body parts. You’ll see how quickly you develop with my help,” he said with a wink.

He pulled out the measuring tape and measure my chest (35”), arms (10”), forearms (8”), waist (28”), thighs (15”) and calves (12”). My body weight was 152 lbs. (up 2 since Tuesday!) and height 5 feet, 10 inches.

“Boy, you are thin!” Don said with a grin, “But your body fat is very low, given your height and weight.”

“Well, I try to watch my figure,” I replied, with a flirty smile. Goad I was so awkward!

“We better get going on our workout,” he said, becoming all business. I had gotten used to the tortures he put me through, and afterward dragged my sore and tired ass back to my bed.

Around one in the morning, I heard a scratching sound at the window. I thought at first it might have been a bear so I moved slowly from the side to look outside. I managed to discover that the “bear” was Davey, who had an odd look on his face.

I unlatched the window and opened it wide. “Davey! What the hell are you doing out this late?”

He was looking even better than before. His t-shirt showed no gut at all any more and he even showed some good muscular bulges in his arms and chest. He was standing in the cool June air with his hand down around his crotch, dancing almost like he needed to pee.

“Damn, Mickey, but I need you right now,” he said with some urgency. “I don’t know what else to do or who else to see.”

“What’s wrong?” I asked, looking at what appeared to be panic in his eyes.

“Mickey, I am so fucking horny right now and I didn’t want to talk with anyone about it. Mickey you’ve got to help me.”

“Help you!? What can I do to help? Why don’t you just jerk off?” I replied with a look that said “It’s so obvious.”

Davey looked even more terror-stricken. “I’ve done that! Six times tonight already and it doesn’t help! I need you to – uh- release me!”

“What does THAT mean?” I replied with a start. Did he want me for something sexual?

“Dude, you’re gay – you told me so. Listen, I know I need to release myself soon with someone else and I want it to be you, dude!”

I looked at my best friend and understood what he wanted. “Davey, I’m a virgin and I wouldn’t know what to do.” I felt myself getting hard in my pj’s.

“Leave it to me dude. I’ll be gentle, I promise. I just know that I want you right now. I need you right now!” and he began to climb into my room through the window.

Davey looked a couple of inches taller than I remembered and his face had lost most of the chubbiness he had when he arrived. It was a handsome face framed by dark hair and a hint of maturity that wasn’t there once before.

He came close to me and grabbed me behind the head and pressed his lips to mine, thrusting his tongue deep into my mouth, searching and exploring my mouth. I soon returned the action and began to wrap my arms around his back and pulled his body close to mine. Our cocks began to rub against each other and I could feel the wetness we both began pouring out.

I began pulling his gym shorts down and put my hands around two hard globes of muscle. His ass had already started forming a sweet, bubbled mass of tissue that was thrilling to feel. He placed his hands on my shoulders and caused me to drop to my knees. I pulled his shorts all the way down and saw his cock. In never knew he had such a pretty dick, and at six inches of length it was also larger than mine.

I leaned forward and took the head into my mouth and began to run my tongue all over it, getting it wet, savoring the sweet taste of his precum. I looked up and saw his face in the dim light from outside. He let his head fall back and let out a soft “Ahhh!” as I placed my hand between my mouth and his body and stroked him rapidly.

I decided to try to take more of him in me and licked his dick down to the root. Then I took a deep breath and pretended I was going to swallow him whole- and I did.

I could feel his cock in my throat and I wanted him so much. I feel his chest and stomach and could feel strong contractions coming from his muscles, almost as if they were pulsing. I pulled back on the cock and looked up to see his muscles looking defined in the dimness. Was this helping him grow?

I became so turned on that I doubled my efforts on his cock and suddenly I felt him tense, followed by a warm, sweet and salty fluid filling my mouth. I realized that he was cumming in me and I drank every drop of my best friend’s cum that I could. A little drooled over my lips and I caught it with my fingers. I licked it up once he stopped shooting in me.

He pulled me off my knees and kissed me again, tasting his own cum in my mouth. I felt me cock grow harder than ever, and he suddenly leaned down and started sucking ME off!

The thought of this hot stud being my best friend and also giving me my first blow job was too much for me. I quickly began shooting into HIS mouth but I didn’t feel him swallow. Instead, when I finished, he stood upright and gave me my cum back orally. And I drank it all down.

When he pulled back, he looked down at me and smiled.

Down at me?

He had grown to almost 6 feet tall. And I was right—he WAS more muscular.

“Thanks, Mick. You have no idea how much I needed that,” he said smiling. God he had gotten even MORE handsome!

“No problem, buddy,” I replied with an evil grin. “I’m glad we were the first for each other.”

“I agree --- I’m so glad it was you who took my first load,” re said. The he looked oddly back at me. “What’s happening --- to YOU?”

I felt myself flushing and suddenly there was some pain in my muscles. I felt my muscles pulsing like Davey’s did when I sucked him off, but the contractions were stronger.

Suddenly they stopped and I looked down. Were my chest and arms larger than before??? •

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